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Best Bridal Dresses by Venue for 2022

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Your bridal venue has a big impact on the dress you choose.

For most brides, the two biggest decisions they must make in the immediate aftermath of their engagement are their dress and their venue. Given that the demand for beautiful event spaces means booking at least a full year in advance, most brides begin wedding dress shopping after their venue has already been chosen.

This is actually a huge advantage, because some wedding dresses work better than others at different venues. For instance, a voluminous ballgown might not be the best choice for a beach, and a lacy boho dress might not fit a ballroom.

So, if you’ve found the venue of your dreams and are looking for the perfect dress to match, here’s what to take into account.

Chapel: Long sleeves, long trains, and traditional styles.

If you’re having your wedding ceremony in a church or other religious location, you may want to check to see if they have any guidelines. Even beyond religious considerations, many brides like having a more traditional look for their gown if they’re getting married in a church. After all, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle got married in long-sleeved gowns.

Our picks:

3 brides in chapel wedding dresses

  • Griffin. We love the sheer flowing sleeves, while the illusion plunge at the front keeps this gown from being too demure.
  • Halona. All over lace, with long sleeves and a long train, this gown ticks every box for the perfect chapel gown.
  • Anabelle. Ready for something truly regal? Anabelle is simple at first glance, but with its lustrous mikado silk and long row of buttons down the back, it will definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle.


Ballroom: Big, bold, and princess-perfect.

For brides who have chosen a grand ballroom for their ceremony, be sure to pick a dress that can hold its own. Now is not the time for simplicity—it’s time to be dramatic! Think sparkly ballgowns and voluminous trumpet silhouettes, and get ready to stop the show!

Our picks:

3 brides in ballroom wedding dresses

  • Hanah. The all-over shimmer on this dress is dazzling enough to catch the eye from a distance, while the long train fills up the space.
  • Rashida. What could be more glamourous than this bodycon dress as it blooms into a full tulle trumpet silhouette? This gown is an absolute stunner for the fashion-forward bride.
  • Galinda. If you’re ready to go full-on princess, you couldn’t do better than Galinda. With its tiered ruffle skirt and beaded fitted top, you’ll have a wonderful evening twirling your way through every dance.


Garden: Lace, flowers, and boho gowns.

Gardens are a beautiful, romantic location for a wedding, but they can also be hot on a sunny day, and even some well-placed shade won’t save you from the humidity of a Michigan summer. For these venues, keep your dress as weightless as possible, and consider carrying the garden theme through the design by choosing lace florals.

Our picks:

3 brides in Garden wedding dresses

  • Ariya. A flowing chiffon dress with a hemline that dissolves into lace botanicals—what’s not to love?
  • Rissa. With a low back and thin straps, Rissa is sure to keep you cool during the day, while the sheath silhouette and long lace train add more than a touch of elegance.
  • Katina. The floaty skirt on Katina will have you feeling like you’re walking on air, while the off-the-shoulder sleeves and dimensional lace of the bodice amp up the romance.


Beach: Breezy, beautiful boho.

Michiganders know that our beaches are both beautiful and underrated, which is why they make a perfect choice for (not too far) destination weddings. The one catch is that, unlike the sunny beaches of California or Florida, Michigan weather can be temperamental, windy, and (depending on the time of year) cold. Consider the usual weather for your time of year, and avoid tight-fitting gowns that will make it difficult to walk across sand.

Our picks:

3 brides wearing beach wedding dresses

  • Yvonna. We love how the layers on this gown give it a breezy look while still providing the volume we always want from a ballgown, while the sandy-colored underdress means you don’t have to worry too much about staining it.
  • Miley. If you’re planning a summer wedding, Miley offers something a little lighter, with a lace overskirt that will look stunning as it catches the breeze.
  • North. Finally, who could say no to North, with its boned bodice, thigh-high slit, and net overskirt. You’ll be giving off mermaid vibes without having to worry about a restrictive skirt.


Barn: Vintage chic and rustic elegance.

The popularity of barn weddings in Michigan is still running strong, and for good reason. The lofted ceilings create a cavernous space that provides plenty of room for eating and dancing, while the grounds offer a quiet space for anyone who wants a break from the crowds. Given the more rustic setting, it’s probably best to avoid anything too full or too chic, but it is perfect for many boho and vintage-inspired gowns.

Our picks:

3 brides wearing barn wedding dresses

  • Venus. We love the country chic vibe of Venus, and the way its more traditional applique lace design pairs with a fitted bodice with a plunge sweetheart neckline.
  • Nataleigh. Looking for something a little more modern? The flowing chiffon on Nataleigh, combined with the bell sleeves and the high slit, will make for easy movement, while the lace bodice creates plenty of romance.
  • Briar. There’s so much charm to Briar that it’s hard to put our finger on our favorite detail. Maybe it’s the square neckline, or the way the lace trails down from the bodice to meet the lace climbing up from the hem. No matter what way you look, this laid back beauty will keep you comfortable all day, regardless of the weather.


Vineyard: Elegant and graceful.

Anyone who has spent a weekend touring Michigan’s vineyards knows that a more gorgeous location can be hard to come by. That said, vineyards vary greatly in style, with some taking a more rustic approach, and others choosing designs that are chic and modern. Depending on your venue, you could follow our recommendations for a garden or a barn wedding, but we also think a sophisticated sheath gown would pair beautifully with a vineyard setting.

Our picks:

3 brides wearing vineyard wedding dresses

  • Darby. With a smooth crepe finish, thin straps, and a plunge neckline, Darby hits all the right notes. And if you’re sold on the front, stay tuned for the low, illusion lace back.
  • Normani. If you’re interested in something more vintage, the embroidered sequin lace and off-the-shoulder straps of Normani strikes the perfect balance between old tastes and new.
  • Iona. With a sheer cape falling like a cascade of champagne bubbles, Iona is the perfect choice for anyone interested in making a fashion statement.


Our TWD-ettes are ready with style advice based on your venue to help you find your dream dress.

No matter your venue, our lovely team of TWD-ettes is ready to help you find a wedding gown that will match. We can talk to you about your favorite styles, possible modifications, and options for accessorizing. Schedule an appointment today to get started.