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Our Favorite Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2022

High-profile weddings set trends and establish the style of an era. Here are our favorites from the past year.

Celebrity weddings have been a source of public curiosity ever since famous people started getting married. Human beings just love to celebrate, and what better reason to throw a big, expensive party than when two people who love each other exchange vows? So it should come as no surprise that these weddings often come to exemplify the fashions of the era, with designers going all out to create a look that will be talked about and imitated by others for years to come.


8 Popular Wedding Aesthetics (and Why You Should Pick One)

If you feel like you’re drowning in options, making this decision FIRST can help.

Theme, style, aesthetic… pick your word. Nuances aside, they mostly boil down to one question: What is the unifying look of your wedding? While this may seem like just another question on a pile of big decisions, settling on an aesthetic early in your decision process can make a lot of your other decisions easier, help you stick to a budget, and leave you with a wedding that looks and feels exactly as you’d always dreamed.