5 tips for matching your bridal bouquet to your dress

5 Tips for Matching Your Bridal Bouquet to Your Dress

Let your dress inspire the perfect arrangement of flowers for your wedding day.

You put so much thought into choosing the perfect wedding dress – the one that was simply meant for you. So it should come as no surprise to learn that there are also many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect bridal bouquet to match your gown.

To find the perfect dress, you thought about things like choosing a style that matches your personality and picking fabrics and cuts that would be flattering to your body type. You considered the time of year, the venue, and your own personal flair.

You’ll take all of this into consideration when designing the perfect bouquet as well, but the most impactful element will be the inspiration that comes from your dress.

Matching your bouquet to your dress is about following through with all the instincts that you used to find your way to the perfect gown. But there are also some basic guidelines that you can follow. To ensure your whole look is picture perfect, try these 5 great tips for matching your bridal bouquet to your dress.

1. Complete the look of your dress, don’t compete with it.

Your wedding dress more than likely has certain features that stand out above others. Consider these details and be careful not to choose a size or shape for your bouquet that overshadows or competes with it.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a chic gown with sheer long sleeves and a beautifully buttoned cuff, like our Aisla gown from Allure Bridals. You don’t want to choose a medium or large cascading arrangement that covers the details of the cuff. Be sure your arrangement works with your dress, not against it.

Beautiful detailed wedding dresses.

2. Create balance between shapes and sizes.

There are no hard and fast rules about which shape and size bouquet to choose for specific dress styles. But it’s important to be mindful about balance. Your dress will give you the clues you need.

If you opted to make a grand entrance in an opulent ballgown like Astrid Ann, your choice of bouquet should match the magnitude of the ballgown. If you’re concerned the arrangement will be too much, scale back on another detail of the bouquet. Choose a classic cascading arrangement, but keep the color scheme to one or two. Or choose domed arrangement, but fill it with lush and colorful flowers like a variety of roses, peonies, lily and protea.

For an A-line like Ilana or form-fitting sheath dress like Nicole, try to match the simplicity of the dress’s silhouette with a smaller size and shape. Choose a small to medium tightly rounded arrangement, or something that is visually bold, but not bold in size. You can explore some of the dramatic colors that are trending in 2022, such as bright pinks, purples, reds and oranges.

When considering the shape and size or your bouquet, consider also how they will match your own proportions as well. If you’re very petite, will an oversized bouquet be too overbearing? Or will a delicate nosegay feel diminutive in your hands?Create balance between shapes and sizes in your wedding dress choices.

3. Mirror an accent color from your gown.

Muted earthy tones are also a popular influence for this year’s bridal color palette. If you’re not drawn to the bold, statement colors that are trending this year, try pulling an accent color form your dress. Mirror the amber tones of a sash, or the mocha hue of your dress’s lining. You can do this with the color of the flowers, tinted leaves, or simply wrap the handle in a matched satin. When your dress is being made, if you can get a piece of leftover fabric, incorporate that as a wrap or a draping ribbon. The effect should be subtle, but polished.

4. Take a cue from your dress’s texture and detail.

With the huge array of options of flowers, foliage (and even feathers!) that can go into a bouquet, it’s not hard to match your arrangement to the textures and fabric of your dress. You just need to know what to observe and what to work off of. Depending on the dress, you might opt to enhance a detail through a contrasting texture or by mimicking it.

Imagine walking through your garden wedding in a lovely A-line gown with an eye-catching, spring-inspired floral applique (Katina or Luca would be great options!). A light and airy bouquet with daintily dangling white and pink cosmos not only compliments the seasonal vibe of the venue, but it also accentuates the primary detail of the dress by delicately mirroring it. If, instead, you wanted to bring attention to the detail of the dress through contrast, you could choose a larger, more impactful flower, like cala lilies, and carry a single-flower bouquet.Pay attention to texture and detail in wedding dresses.

5. Try a strategically chosen contrast.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, make a statement with a striking contrast. Pair a simple, flowy, A-line chiffon gown with a bountiful arm-full of colors and textures, filled with wildflower foliage, luscious peonies and greenery. Spotlight your strikingly sexy lace boho gown with a small bouquet of white roses and pampas grass and eucalyptus. Or perhaps a single velvety, fully bloomed red rose against the silhouette of an elegantly beaded fit and flare with a daringly plunging neckline – oh, be still our beating hearts!

Bonus tip: Spend time with your floral expert.

The more your floral designer knows about you, the better they can help you navigate how to best match your bridal bouquet to your wedding dress. Be sure to bring pictures, not just of your dress, but of your venue if possible. Take time to talk about your style. Why and how did you choose the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Is there a significance to the season for the overall theme of your wedding? Is there an overall effect you are hoping to achieve? These questions will help you achieve the perfect look with your floral arrangement.

Your wedding dress is a reflection of who you are. Using the tips and guidelines we’ve outlined for you here, you’ll walk down the aisle on your special day with a bridal bouquet that not only matches your dress, but it will also match you.