5 Reasons to Choose a Black Wedding Dress

5 Reasons to Choose a Black Wedding Dress

There’s a lot to love about this growing trend.

Listen—we know we’re The White Dress, but that doesn’t mean we limit ourselves when it comes to bridal fashion. In fact, the trend away from white has been around for years and we’re constantly going the extra mile to stay on top of emerging trends so that our brides have all the latest options. (Fun fact: we have only 2 actual real white dresses at our shop! Our boutique name is really an ode to the color that brides have been wearing since the 1800s.) Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of styles come in and out of fashion, but if there’s one that has us truly surprised (and excited!), it’s the new black wedding dress look which we saw taking over the Fall 2022 Bridal Market in Chicago.

With the days growing shorter and the chill air setting in, we can’t think of a better time to talk about this trend. Autumn naturally makes us think of more cozy aesthetics, whether that be a plushy velvet or a richer, warmer color palette. For many others, this time of year also feels more moody, and so conjuring a darker or more sultry vibe for their wedding seems more in keeping with the season.

Now, we know that for many, a black wedding dress may seem like a gothy gimmick. However, we think that once you see these gowns, thoughts of Morticia Addams will be far from your mind! Whether you’re looking for a fashion-forward gown, or you’re reveling in a dark romantic theme, there are as many reasons as there are brides to choose a black wedding dress.

If you’ve ever thought about trying on a black gown, here are a few great reasons to give it a shot!

3 different non-traditional wedding dresses

1.   Redefine “traditional.”

If there is one thing that we know to be true, it’s this: your wedding, and your dress, should represent you. And if that means challenging some norms, well, we say—so much the better! If wearing the traditional white on your special day doesn’t fit your personality or your vision for the main event, then by all means, go off-script—and enjoy it. We’re all for forging your own path, and if the growing popularity of black wedding dresses is any indication, so are a lot of folks.

However, it may also interest you (or members of your family) to realize that wearing a white wedding dress is a tradition with more recent origins than many realize. It was Queen Victoria who made white the go-to choice at her wedding in 1840, firmly establishing it in Western cultures as the go-to color for subsequent generations. However, before the Victorian era, brides wore rich fabrics in bold colors—and in plenty of cultures worldwide, that’s still the case.

The beautiful Molly wedding dress in three romantic photos

2.   Amp up the moody romance.

Maybe your dream wedding has a little more of an edge. We’ve seen dark romantic wedding themes cropping up a lot lately, and we get why: who doesn’t love a little danger, a little mystery, a lot of passion? If your aesthetic trends toward romance with a twist, opting for a black wedding dress might be just the thing to add that ambience.

One of our favorite romantic looks is Molly by Allure Bridals, a sweet ballgown with bows on the shoulders and miles of gleaming Mikado satin. And it’s also available in all black, so you can enjoy all the romance—with some added mystique.

Beatiful Carmen dress in 3 different photos

3.   Black is the new black.

We all know the value of a little black dress—that piece that looks elegant in any context, from the office cocktail party to the club. A black dress says effortless sophistication, and that’s a vibe that’s never out of place.

There are a ton of designers creating gorgeous, fashion-forward wedding dresses. In particular, we love Carmen for its clean lines and dramatic, structured neckline. Now picture the all-black version, and the impression you’ll make in it.

Allure Bridal dress in two colors, white and white with black floral lace

4.   Experiment with bold colors and textures.

There’s no law that says wedding decor has to be pastel! If you’re feeling maroons or deep greens, then a black dress may be just the thing to cap off your design choices. Even with a lighter palette, a dusky rose or soft violet may be just what you need to set your black gown off to perfection.

A black dress can accentuate bold elements like dark makeup, and add drama to textures like velvet or lace. It also gives you an opportunity to explore richer autumn colors like burnt orange or dark brown in your floral arrangements, or to experiment with metal tones like old gold or hammered silver.

Style 9808 from Allure Bridal is a perfectly classic sheath with an illusion back. But in all black, the lacy patterns carry a totally different—and gorgeously intriguing—vibe. This stunning style will be in our shop soon and we can’t wait to not only see it in all black, but also to come up with a uniquely creative name for the gown at TWD!

Bellatrix dress in black and white

5.   Create some contrast.

Another trend we spotted at Bridal Market was the integration of pearls and solid sequins into bridal fabric. A black dress adds a whole new background for these lustrous elements, making them stand out in a unique way. High-contrast patterns like white on black, or black lace over nude layers, are also eye-catching and will fit right in with vintage-inspired style.

One great example is Bellatrix, pictured in both all-black (with sequins!) and all-white. We have Bellatrix in champagne and black, so that the roses on the gauzy skirt stand out in all their glory.

black dresses in different styles on mannequins

Let our TWD-ettes help you find the dress that says you.

The traditional white or ivory dress isn’t for everyone. If you’ve had your doubts about it, we think you should explore! Nothing beats trying a dress on in person and seeing if it sparks that special something. We currently have Bellatrix in our store in the champagne-and-black combo, and it can also be ordered in all black. We also have the ivory version of Carmen in our store, with an all-black version available for order.

“Molly,” from Abella, and the yet-to-be-named Style 9808 are on their way, both in all-black version. However, given the length of current bridal timelines due to supply chain disruptions, we urge you not to wait! There’s no better time than the present to schedule an appointment with our expert TWD-ettes, who can show you the current black options available in our store, and help you determine whether this trend is right for you.

Knowing that you have your perfect dress brings peace of mind, and lets you focus on building the rest of your wedding around your personal style, whether that’s dark and moody, or distinctive and chic. So don’t wait—book an appointment today!