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Please read if you are planning to visit The White Dress in the coming months, or if you are just curious what we plan to do:

Social Distancing while at TWD

First and foremost, we want to be as cautious as we can when it comes to social distancing while out in public.  We feel lucky that TWD is pretty spacious and has completely private reveal and fitting rooms for each bride and her guests.  That gives everyone who visits the chance to enjoy wedding dress shopping in their own space, while not having to worry about staying away from other guests/staff at TWD. Still, to be precautionary, we are planning to keep our guest count down to State of Michigan mandates as well as CDC recommendations.  This means a few things:

  • We will be asking our brides to limit guests with them.  Currently if visiting on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the bride can bring up to 5 guests with her.  For Thursday, Friday, and Saturday appointments, the bride can bring up to 4 guests with her.
  • We will be operating “by appointment only” so we will not be accepting any walk in appointments until it is safe to do so (as mandated by the State of Michigan).
  • We will be sure to keep number of TWD staff down to just the essentials.
  • We will be asking our guests to keep to their designated rooms for the majority of the time at TWD.  (This will also help us with sanitizing the shop when our next round of appointments arrive.)  If the bride would like to browse the racks, she may walk around with her stylist (after some hand sanitizer) where the two of them can discuss styles and get some preliminary ideas on dresses to pull.  (We also invite the bride to check out our dress selection online prior to her appointment and to bring in a list of styles that she is drawn to visually.)

Keeping TWD Clean

While we think this goes without saying, we want to ensure our guests feel comfortable knowing that the shop cleanliness is a priority – as it always has been, but perhaps more so now!  There are many aspects to cover when it comes to keeping our boutique as “germ-free” as possible, so here we go!

  • Face masks – As long as it is recommended, our team plans to wear face masks while working near customers where a distance of 6 feet can not be maintained.  We are asking our guests to also wear them.  As the bride, you may wonder how exactly you will get to “see” your look with a mask on.  We don’t disagree with you!  That is why, if you feel safe to do so, you are welcome to take your mask off when you are in the dressing room by yourself, as well as for that all important “I said yes to the dress!” photo.
  • Santization of Shop – After each appointment visits TWD, we will be going through to clean and sanitize the spaces that customers come in contact with (light switches, doorknobs, seating areas, counters, the bathroom, even wedding dresses and hangers, and more!)  We are thrilled to be able to offer a top-of-the-line cleaner that even some hospitals use, called Force of Nature.  (If you want to read about it, feel free to click the link.  On a personal note, TWD Owner Kristy, has been using this at her home because it is so effective, and nontoxic too, without the strong smell of chemicals and scents that can be irritating to some.  She’s excited to share the awesomeness at TWD too!)
  • Gown Cleaning – Another lucky tool we have in our arsenal?  High powered, high/dry heat steamers!  Who knew that the professional-grade steamers we use to make our bride’s gown look gorgeous would also come with an added benefit to help kill germs?  We will take it!
  • Anti-microbial gloves – We will have several pairs of washable, anti-microbial gloves and the TWDettes will be wearing them, as appropriate.

Virtual Options at TWD

For those of you that want some options for gown shopping, or even gown viewing, without actually coming to TWD, this one is for you!  We started to offer a virtual consultation appointment when the forced closure began back in March of 2020 and we have had a great success with it so far.  While, at this time, we are not offering a “try the dress on at home” experience, a virtual consultation is a great way to get your appointment started, especially if you are unable to come to TWD!  (Read all about it here.) And as always, if you need to use technology to have someone be present, but who is unable, you are welcome to Zoom/FaceTime/Skype at TWD so they can be a part of your magic moment!

The Main Street Reveal Window!

We know that limiting the entourage is going to be a challenge – it is hard to share in that excitement of finding “the one” without all of your people with you.  If that sounds like you, then consider taking advantage of our Main Street Reveal Window!  Normally, we’d be displaying mannequins in all of our shop windows, but for a short period (while we are required to keep our guest count down to a minimum), we will be using one of the windows for our brides to show off their gowns to their friends/family, who can safely social distance outside our shop window!  We will provide the signs (or they can bring their own) and they can cheer you on!  For this option, please note that most of them would likely be joining the appointment virtually, so that way you can communicate when you’ll be up in the window so they can see you in real life!  If you have any questions, please ask away!

Please Read our Covid-19 Requirements Before Visiting TWD!Click Here to Learn More!