Don’t Miss the Every Body Every Bride Trunk Show, June 14–15!

Don’t Miss the EveryBody/EveryBride Trunk Show!

We’re hosting a body-inclusive trunk show with Essense of Australia, June 14–15. Come see the collection!

It’s that time again! Once or twice a year, our bridal salon has the great pleasure of hosting a trunk show with one of our designers. We’re excited to announce that this summer’s trunk show has an extra special twist: a plus-sized collection from Essense of Australia.

For two days, we’ll have twenty additional dresses in sizes 20–34 alongside our regular plus-sized collection. If you’ve always wanted to try on a style but have struggled to find it in anything but a straight sample size, this is a fabulous opportunity to indulge your curiosity!

Wondering if this event is for you? Read on for more details.

What is a trunk show?

A trunk show is like having greater access to a designer’s new collection. They bring dresses that are so new, we haven’t received them as a shop… and sometimes they bring in dresses that we did not pick up for the TWD collection, which is all great news to our brides who will get to shop the selection during the trunk show. We love the energy in our store on trunk show days, and the general excitement that comes from bride’s saying yes to dresses—all at a great prices. If you’ve never been to one, it’s certainly worth making a priority!

We’ve written a whole article on trunk shows, and it’s worth reading if you want to know more! In the meantime, the highlights are:

  • You’ll get to see a wider range of dresses than we regularly carry in store.
  • You’ll be able to try the freshest of the fresh styles.
  • These dresses are only available while they’re in our store! It’s a love at first sight sort of situation, so if you see a dress that makes your heart sing, don’t wait!

Okay, so what is EveryBody/EveryBride about?

You can think of EveryBody/EveryBride as a collection within a collection. As a label, Essense of Australia specializes in modern gowns with a romantic flair. However, for this particular collection, instead of just taking a straight-sized gown and scaling it up, these gowns have been designed to put the needs of plus-sized brides foremost.

That means better support where you need it, a fit that is both more flattering and more comfortable, and sexy design details that love and celebrate bodies of all sizes. Whether you want show-stopping sparkle, a daring low back, slinky lace, or a maximalist ballgown, this collection says “yes” to it all.

How are plus-sized gowns designed differently?

Many plus-sized brides have specific desires when it comes to the structure and design of their gowns and Essense of Australia adds all of that to their plus-size dresses. So as opposed to just scaling up by a few inches as you go up the size chart, they specifically look at what is needed to support and enhance a figure, size by size – by adding more boning, changing the cup, modifying lace placement – all while making sure the dress looks exactly the same, regardless of size.

For instance, if you have a larger bust, you’ll want to be sure the dress can provide the right support without uncomfortable digging or poking. Long sleeves have been a major trend for the past few years, but they can also be hot and restricting—which is why newer styles have focused more on looser sleeves or off-the-shoulder looks.

Overall, the difference is one of mindset. Rather than start from assumptions that rule out certain styles, these gowns assume that making a particular style or trend work is the job of the designer. Brides shouldn’t have to change their vision to meet the limitations of their gown selection. Ultimately, that’s what EveryBody/EveryBride is about.

I can’t make the trunk show. Do you carry plus-sized samples the rest of the year?


We recognized several years ago that the lack of plus-sized sample gowns was under-serving the brides in our community. Of course, sample sizes never fit anyone perfectly, which is why we use clips and extenders to help brides get a sense for how the gown will look. But these can only go so far, and for brides who have specific concerns about how a style will look on them, there’s not much they can learn from holding a dress up in front of a mirror.

Accordingly, we’ve expanded our selection of plus-sized wedding dresses to encompass a broad range of fabrics, silhouettes, styles, and trends. Whether you want to try a lacy boho look, long sleeves, or a glamorous style with lots of bling, we’ve got your back.

Reserve your trunk show spot today!

We’d say we’re living in the golden age of plus-sized bridal fashion, but honestly, we hope this is just the beginning. There’s so much to enjoy with these looks, and we’re excited to see what more designers can do with their gowns by embracing more inclusive designs.

We’re incredibly impressed with the range of designs Essense of Australia has put together, and we can’t wait to have them in our store so that our brides can see them for themselves. Book your appointment today to reserve your slot!