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Can we just say how excited we are for our next Bride of the Month?!  The lovely and oh-so bubbly Emma visited TWD almost two years ago on the search for her perfect dress, and find it she did!  Her beautiful Liz Fields tulle gown was light-weight and had just enough whimsy to match Emma’s personality perfectly!  We had such a fun time with Emma each time she visited TWD – she even came back for a Real TWD Bride Fashion Show so she could wear her lovely dress again!  Her wedding was a lovely affair, and we just can’t wait to share it with you.  So, let us get started.  Oh, and before we forget to mention it, all the photos below were taken by Dick’s Studio of Ithaca.

E&T 1004.1

{Meet Emma.}

august 3

{Love this adorable photo.}

So let’s talk about your Mr. – how did you meet Tony?

I met Tony in high school at band camp.  (Insert band camp joke here.)  He was actually a senior and I was freshman…it was quite the scandal.  We had lots of senior girls trying to push us together, but Tony was just not into it because I was “too young”.  So instead, we became close friends throughout the year and then he decided I was an “ok person” and we started dating.  We have been together ever since!  I would have laughed at you if you told me I would marry my first serious boyfriend, but he is my person.


{Matching robes – so super cute!}

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{Mix and match mint green bridesmaid dresses.}

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{Emma’s shoes.}

E&T 007

{Wedding day bracelet.}


{Wedding stationary.}


{That gorgeous bouquet!}

So, let’s chat about your planning process – what was your most favorite part of wedding planning?

I loved seeing my vision come to life!  My wedding venue was AWESOME (The Rosewood Inn) and did so much of the work; I basically told them what I was thinking and they made it happen.  Giving them a lot of the responsibility left me time to work on all the crafty things I wanted to do.  Tony was awesome throughout the whole thing; he is regularly a pretty chill guy and he knew  how much I really wanted things to be a certain way so he let me run free and helped with whatever I asked.  The one thing he really had a hand in was the music.  Music is really important to Tony and he picked our first dance song, “Thick and Thin” by Tom Keifer.  We have such different styles in music but the lyrics fit perfectly.  I think I really liked that too though – stepping back and seeing Tony get into things that were important to him.

E&T 015

{If you are a TWD bride, you have seen this before!}

E&T 030


{Emma gets ready for her big day.}

E&T 220

{Sharing a moment with the flower girls.}

E&T 416

{Tony gets ready.}

E&T 078

{Hey, men can do the shoe shoot too!  Love these classics.}

E&T 079

{The men.}

Ok, now what was the most difficult part of wedding planning? 

UGH – The guest list (aka. the worst thing ever)!  I absolutely hated having to cut people out.  Plus I didn’t want to offend anyone either.  Oh, and then there was all the calling people who never responded by the deadline.  Oh, and then figuring out the seating chart.  I just really wanted everyone to have a great time, and not have to worry about upsetting anyone because I didn’t invite them. Sadly, we really had to be kind of cutthroat.  I really wish we had an unlimited budget so we could have invited everyone and we could have had a big, fun party of happiness!  However, everyone who was at our wedding made our day so special, so I know we made all the right choices!

E&T 972

 {Emma and her mom.}

E&T 1183

{We adore these little cuties!}

Ok, now onto our favorite part!  How did you know your white dress was the one?

I had gone to three dress shops before The White Dress and had tried on a variety of silhouettes and styles.  At the previous stores, I just never got the feeling of ‘Oh! I love this place! It’s happening here!’.  When I walked in to TWD, I could immediately tell that it was special. MAD PROPS to my step mom for finding your boutique online and booking the appointment! I knew that I would find my dream dress there… at least, I really hoped I would. I made my way over to the sample sale rack at TWD and saw one that looked kind of… interesting. I didn’t honestly know if it was my style, but decided ‘Hey! Why not?’. When I put it on, I couldn’t stop smiling. I mean, HUGE smile. I really loved it! To add to the decision making drama: there was another dress that I really liked too. I felt like I couldn’t make the decision without my mom there. I asked Kristy to reserve the sample dress for me and returned later with my posse in tow. I had been thinking about the sample dress a lot since I had left and I thought it just might be the one. I did end up trying the other dress on first and everyone loved it, but when I walked out in MY dress, there was a definite feeling in the room. Everyone was silent at first, but they were all smiling so big. I told them that I thought this might be the one and they all agreed.  And before I go any further, I must state this disclaimer – I love Disney!  (Like really, really, really love!)  So when my friend, Kaitlynn, said ‘Emma, this is the dress Rapunzel would wear’, that was the moment I knew without a doubt that I had found my dress!

E&T 018

{The dress!}

E&T 027

{A close up – aren’t these flower petals just beautiful?!}

E&T 215

{Seriously adorable.}

 So, If you could relive your day all over again, what would you do differently?

Get a videographer! I guess it was fine that we didn’t have one, but I still think it would have been fun.  Oh, and I would have actually looked at our candy bar. I never even saw it!!!

Candy Photo

{The candy bar!}

E&T 180

{Emma’s maiden name started with an “M”…so Emma M.  How appropriate!}


{A close up of “Tony and Emma Ms”.}

What advice would you give to future brides?

I would say… focus on exactly what pictures you want.  Give your photographer a list and do not let the special moments go undocumented!  But, I would also say, make time for other things… there is SO MUCH PICTURE TAKING!

And speaking of photos…here we go with a bunch of them!

E&T 498

{The wedding begins.  Also, we basically can’t get enough of these flower girls!}

E&T 284

{The exchanging of rings.}

E&T 509

{Almost official!}


{Family love.}

E&T 198

{Proud parents with the bride and groom.}

E&T 583

E&T 585

 {The bridal party pose on the porch at the Rosewood Inn.}

E&T 592

{Another cute group photo.}

E&T 1101

{Family photo love.}


{Sisterly love!  Also, how gorgeous is Emma’s hair?!}

E&T 1210

{Enjoying being the new Mr. and Mrs.!}

E&T 1215

{The ever-popular jumping photo!}

Why do you want to be a TWD bride of the month?

I LOVE TWD!  Finding my dress was one of my favorite experiences from the whole wedding!  And honestly… I thought our wedding was something pretty special!

E&T 645

{The reception begins with the speeches.}

E&T 182

{We love little details like this.}

E&T 370

{Little cake topper which also includes their cat, Stormbringer.}

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{Digging in!}

E&T 394

E&T 392

{More little details.}

E&T 753

{First dance love.}

E&T 1351

{Enjoying time alone and soaking in the love.}

So what was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Definitely our lantern launch – it felt like a moment straight out of Tangled!  (Again, huge Disney fan here!)  I think a close runner-up was my first look with Tony.  Everything Tony did was adorable and perfect in those moments!  I will definitely cherish those memories forever.

E&T 055

{The launch begins.}

E&T 077

{Lovely lanterns floating in the air!}

E&T 361.1

{Congratulations Emma and Tony!}

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