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We are back with another installment featuring one of TWD’s beautiful brides – Katie!  (Did we ever say how much we love our jobs?  Who wouldn’t want to swoon over gorgeous wedding photos?  And the best part is that we have had such a long term relationship with each and every bride that we feature, that seeing the wedding photos make us a little teary eyed.)  And I digress again…

Now back to our Bride of the Month.  We met the very lovely Katie in one of our first months of being open!  She worked with one of TWD’s bridal gown sample sale and very talented bridal style experts, Aleksandra.  In her words…

  • “Katie and her family were sweet to work with.  The first dress she tried on was just so stunning on her, I knew it was the one…but of course we stress to our brides that they just have to be 100% positive when picking their wedding dress.  So, I was pretty excited to find out she was coming back – it was like the dress was meant for her!”

(You will soon see evidence of this in the below photos…eeks!)  And speaking of photos…all the photo credits go to the ah-mazing Tamara of Silver Thumb Photography.  So without delaying any further, let’s hear all about her day from Katie’s perspective.

{Meet Katie.}

First things first, how did you meet your husband?

Well technically, Justin and I met in preschool…though I don’t remember him at all!  Officially, however, we met in high school and our very first real date was Senior Prom.  During college, we went in different directions – I went to Eastern Michigan University and Justin headed to Michigan State.  Thankfully, he came home to visit me every weekend.  I think that commitment made early on in our relation ship made us both realize that we were perfect for each other.

 {What. a. gorgeous. photo.}

{We think this is true love.  Captured in a photo.  Sigh…}

Let’s hear it from someone who’s been through it before – what advice would you give to future brides?

A few things…if it is possible, I’d recommend having hair and makeup done at your own home.  It is so much less stressful (and time consuming) than going to the salon.  Also – make sure you love your photographer!

{Katie gets ready at home.  Doesn’t she look relaxed!?}

{The final lip check!}

Now onto the planning!  What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

Being done!  It was a great sense of relief to finally have all the choices made.  I loved checking things off our wedding planning list.  But really, being done to me represented that we were finally ready to get married!  You see, Justin and I had been together for over 11 years!  We had dated for nine years when we bought our first home together.  And then we saved up for two years for an engagement ring and the wedding itself.  We knew all along that we would get married so it was a long time coming!

 {The wedding ceremony begins.}

 {We love when we get to see the groom’s first glance at his bride.}

 {Enjoying their ceremony to the fullest.}

{Can’t you just feel their happiness?!}

 {The kiss.}

{Mr. and Mrs.}

{Making it official.}

What did you find to be the most difficult part of wedding planning?

For me, the hardest part was choosing who would get an invitation.  We had a slightly smaller venue, a large family, and limited funds.  So that meant that we just couldn’t invite everyone that we wanted to.  We just hoped that no one felt left out.

{Posing by a historic covered bride at Greenfield Village.}

{We are SO in love with this one – too cute!}

{Even the squirrels were amazed by Katie and Justin’s love!}

{Their love glows…}

{…and glows.}

Ok, now onto the wedding day itself!  What part of the day do you wish you could just put on “repeat” and live over and over again?

Goodness, there are just too many to choose from: finally marrying my best friend, watching my Dad ring the chapel bell, and getting to see my wonderful family and friends together in the same place.  But if I really had to narrow it down, my repeat moment would be riding in the Model T!  After our ceremony at the Martha-Mary Chapel in Greenfield Village, we went for a Model T ride around the village.  It was a beautiful ride…and we got some great photos!  It was really nice to spend some time alone with my brand new husband!

{Here, Katie and Justin ring the bell.}

{Time with Dad.}

{Model T time!}

{Justin takes a turn at the wheel.}

{Everyone gets a ride.}

{Some alone time together.}

 {A beautiful bouquet.}

{Enjoying the wedded bliss.}

{The beautiful bride strikes a pose.}

We know it is kind of like asking the same thing twice, but if you had to narrow it down to one or two things, what would you say was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Easy – finally marrying my best friend.  And seeing all of our wonderful friends and family!

{The bride and her maids!}

{Gotta love the shoe shot!}

{The wedding cake.}

 {The first dance.  The song – Look After You by The Fray.}

 {Can you feel the love?}

Now, we have to ask – how did you know that your “white dress” was the one?!

I know you have heard it before, but my “white dress” was the very first one I tried on!  I remember liking it a lot, but of course, had to see what else was out there.  As I kept searching, I found myself comparing all the subsequent dresses to that first dress.  So, that is when I knew it was the one.  I finally went back to The White Dress to put it back on again, and that was it!

{Isn’t it purdy?!} 

{A close up of the bodice.  Katie even incorporated the lace from her mother’s wedding dress for a special touch.}

(And who can forget that gorgeous train?}

Why did you want to be a TWD Bride of the Month?

The White Dress is an AWESOME place and I want to let future brides know it!  Kristy and her staff are great and I found the most perfect dress for my wedding.  I can’t say it enough – thank you TWD!!


{Together as one at last.}

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