done with demo

TWD Construction Phase 2: Done with Demo!

Written by: Kristy

The one thing about renovations that I love? That every day it gets closer to actually looking like my vision for The White Dress! As I worked my last days at my current job, I looked forward to the daily text messages containing photos of the work being done at the shop. It was so thrilling to see it all come together – and of course, to imagine the time that it will actually become a bustling shop filled with hopeful brides. Eeks, so exciting!

So as I daydreamed and worked far, far away from the shop, here is what has been happening at The White Dress…

{The White Dress blue prints!}

The final demolition work has been completed! The last thing that had to be done was to remove part of the structure in the front windows displays, which will now open up to the shop.

{Yay – natural light!}

The next step was to tape out the layout of the shop on the floor. This was done to give us a better idea for spacing and to make sure that our design on paper was also good in real life. And perhaps this doesn’t sound quite so exciting to you, but this was a huge deal for me since I am such a visual person! It was a very real moment standing in the area that will be The White Dress reception and imagining the shop that it will soon become.

{Can you see the tape lines here?}

Ok, sorry to get all emotional on you guys…

And my other favorite part? That I finally get to start picking out fabric, paint colors, and furniture for The White Dress! Believe you me; I have been creating inspiration board after inspiration board overflowing with ideas for the boutique. (Please tell me I am not the only Pinterest lover out there!) To finally be able to make real decisions about the décor and interior has been so amazing. Really, truly, this has been the best part of the process. Ok, well I guess it is my second favorite part – I’m not sure anything will top actually picking out the dresses!

{One of my inspiration boards!}

So, any guesses out there for The White Dress décor colors?  Ok, ok, I am sure it is obvious now.  But, just to make extra sure, you better drive by the shop to verify you are correct!  (Then feel free to comment on our Facebook page or here!  I know, I am shamefully asking for commentary – but I love hearing from you!)

And one more final note – with the exception of my inspiration board, all photo credits go to the wonderful Laura Vernon.  Since we just love her artsy view of our construction world, the next update will be filled with her work!  (Thanks Laura!)

Until next time…