TWD Construction Phase 1: Demolition

Written by: Kristy

Who knew renovations could be so much work?  (This is coming from someone who clearly has not done construction/renovations before…)  I definitely have a new-found respect for anyone who does manual labor!

The first phase of renovations included climbing up and down ladders, taking down ceiling tiles, pulling out carpets, scrubbing windows, and tearing down walls.  So (hard) hats off to you if this sounds like an easy job!  All I know is that after sitting at a cubical desk for the first part of my career, renovations are a tough job for this gal.  And to be totally honest, being just one person on a team of many helpers, I really didn’t do too much of the hard work.

But the point is progress is being made – yay!

So what type of progress has taken place, you may wonder?  Well, if you ever visited the previous shop at 209 Main Street, Next Generation, you may recall a walkway through the center of the building, dividing up the few stores that were located on the first floor.

{Say goodbye to the hallway…}

While that layout worked swell for the previous shops at 209, The White Dress needs a wee bit more space.  As such, we are opening up the first floor, which means removing the hallway.  So, apologies for those of you that used to cut through the building from city parking to Main Street.  It had to be done in order to give our girls enough room to prance, twirl, and flaunt about in their wedding dress!  Please forgive us?

Now onto some photos!

{Taking down the previous shop’s dressing rooms.}

{A view of the storefront windows after taking down
the wall that blocked them off from the store.}

{This is the other side of the store, again, showing the construction in progress as we tear down the walls in front of the store front windows.  This is the future entrance to The White Dress!}

And just to give a shout out to all of the ah-mazing helpers, here are some of the worker-bees!


That’s it this time ‘round.  Be sure to come back soon for more updates!  In the meantime, we will continue to keep up the hard work!