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At The White Dress, we take extra effort to make sure that your wedding dress shopping experience is everything you dreamed of.  And hopefully more.  The moment you walk into The White Dress, you will feel that things are different here.  The reason?  We designed it 100% thinking about the bride, her entourage, and how best to enhance that once-in-a-lifetime experience of shopping for her perfect wedding dress.  Here is what The White Dress experience is all about:

  • We believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.  (So did Audrey Hepburn.) What makes a happy girl?  A lovely shop in which to spend some of the most memorable moments of her life.  Did we mention that we have that?
  • Who wants to dig through dresses that are squashed on the rack?  How are you supposed to tell what a dress looks like under that thick plastic bag?  We couldn’t agree more.  That is why The White Dress keeps its inventory out in the open and easy to view.  You shouldn’t have to break a sweat on your wedding dress hunt!
  • And speaking of dresses, we totally understand that your wedding dress needs to be perfectly you.  That is why we hand pick each frock that comes into our boutique.  You can bet that only the most stylish, and dare we say it – stunning – dresses make it to our racks.
  • We like to socialize as much as the next gal.  But strutting your fabulous self in every dress you try on just isn’t the time to socialize!  That is why our girls adore The White Dress’s private fitting rooms, which provide a comfy spot for you and your group to relax and take in one pretty dress after the other, refreshments included.
  • Dress Consultant?  That job title sounds so formal.  We prefer Style Expert.  And our fabulous and super friendly Style Expert team will effortlessly guide your entire shopping experience.  They love wedding dresses.  They love fashion.  And they love to help you create your perfect wedding day look that is uniquely yours.
  • The wedding dress shopping experience of a lifetime is at The White Dress.  We truly believe that once you find your dress, you are part of the TWD family!  The entire journey – from the first day you step foot in our boutique to the day we hug you goodbye a few days before your wedding – is all about you!  We strive to make each bride’s wedding dress journey positive, fun, and unique!

And that is just the icing on the (wedding) cake.  Come in and see for yourself just how different wedding dress shopping at The White Dress can be.  Request your visit to our bridal shop today!


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