There is so much information to take in when planning a wedding.  And we understand that sometimes you just want someone else to take over!  The White Dress wants to make it easy on you.  That is why we have gathered a list of common questions about wedding dress shopping, so you don’t have to think of them all by yourself.

Wedding Dress FAQs

Like just about everything you shop for, there is a range of costs for wedding dresses.  Some cost multiple thousands, some are under $1,000.  At The White Dress, we feel most comfortable keeping our prices right around the average cost of a wedding dress, $1,700.  We believe that this price point hits the sweet spot of getting the highest quality dress without breaking the bank. Bottom line, we offer ah-mazing dresses from $1,200 to $3,000.  (Also, please keep in mind that bridal sample sale online prices are generally much lower!)

For our wedding dresses, we carry a variety of sizes.  Many of the samples range in size from 10 to 18, though overall we have dresses from a size 6 to size 30 in our shop.  If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!  We are happy to look up sizing on any dress in our boutique for you.

Please keep in mind that when trying on wedding dresses at The White Dress, you will be trying wedding gown samples, which rarely fit a bride perfectly.  So that is where the TWD Bridal Style Experts come in – to help fit and clip the sample gown so you can get an idea on how each dress will look on your figure.  {When you find your dream dress, that is when we actually take measurements to order a brand new gown in as close to your size as possible.}

We also recommend browsing our online Wedding Dress Gallery if you are concerned about a size of a particular gown.  We are happy to fill you in on the size of a dress we have in shop and discuss options with you too.  If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are happy to go into more specifics, especially if you have a particular style or silhouette you are drawn to.

That depends.  First, some background.  At The White Dress, we carry the collections from a select set of designers.  From their collections, we get to pick and choose which dresses we want to show in our store.  Therefore, it is quite possible that you may fall in love with a dress from one of our designers, but we may not have it in-store to try on.  If you fall into this category, please contact us for the next steps.  We can sometimes borrow a specific dress from a designer (though there is typically a fee associated with this) so you can see the dress of your dreams in person.

If you happen to be shopping at another bridal store that carries one of our wedding gown designers, you may also find a dress there that we don’t have at TWD.  Please note that if you would still like to order from TWD, follow this rule of thumb:  if a dress is from a designer we carry at TWD, then the answer is yes we are likely able to order it for you!  But if it is from a designer that we don’t carry, we will not be able to order that specific gown.  Always feel free to reach out to us in these scenarios – we are happy to fill you in on the answers to your specific questions!

This is a great question, and one that requires a little background information.  First off, all bridal retailers are allowed to set the prices of their wedding dresses.  However, each wedding gown designer has a price that they recommend it be sold for.  As such, two different bridal shops may carry the same dress, but at two different price points.  At The White Dress, it is our policy to never sell any of our dresses lower than what the designer’s standard is.  (To be frank, we hold ourselves to a high level of professional ethics and never discount a dress lower than what a designer allows.)

All of this being said, we do sometimes have a little wiggle room to negotiate a price – but we do it on a dress by dress basis.  We do encourage anyone that has visited The White Dress to call with any questions on this policy, especially if you are seeing one of our dresses listed at a lower price at another bridal salon.

And of course, we do want to mention that at The White Dress, we offer lots of items free of charge – including the pressing of your wedding dress (usually multiple times), a free and unlimited time frame in which to store your gown, no shipping charges or service fees when you place your order, a garment bag to protect your dress, and a nice wooden hanger on which to hang your gown!  (And of course, we can’t fail to mention that we think we provide a pretty awesome experience from the day you find your gown to the day  we say goodbye before your big day!)

We are sure you have heard this a million times – start early!  And we don’t want to sound repetitive, but it’s true.  The earlier you start your search, the smoother the entire process will be.  (And who really needs to add more stress to wedding planning?)  Straight up though – we recommend you start your search 9 to 12 months before your wedding, and order your dress at least 8 months beforehand to ensure that the dress arrives and there is enough time for alterations to do their magic.

Yes – you can still shop at The White Dress! We use a pretty conservative estimate when giving a timeline; however many of our designers have dresses ready to ship or can provide a rush order to have a dress arrive in a much shorter time frame.  So don’t worry.  We can definitely make your dream dress happen!  Oh, and from time to time, we have sample wedding dresses and extra stock that are ready to go that day!  {Please note that if you are working with a shorter time period, you will likely have a more limited selection from which to choose.}

That number is always changing as we sell off sample dresses and get more dresses in.  (Yay!)  But, we like to keep our number above 500 wedding dresses.  Though when we have a trunk show, we have a substantial amount of extra dresses in the shop!

A 60% deposit is due with all wedding dress purchases.  Then, the remainder is required to be paid in full upon the arrival of your perfect dress in our boutique.  So, in other words, the entire amount of the dress must be paid before it leaves our shop.

Now, what about other items that are available at The White Dress – like accessories and veils?  These items are required to be paid in full at the time of  purchase.

What about bridesmaid dresses?  We also only require a deposit of 60% of the cost of the dress for the order.  If you choose this option (and many girls do!), the final balance is just due before your dress leaves the shop.

Oh, and at The White Dress, we accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), checks and cash.  And, we do offer an online payment option using PayPal if you would like!

Well since we adore TWD brides, we want to be sure to give you the royal treatment!  All TWD brides are eligible for the following discounts:

  • 15% off jewelry, headpieces, and veils – when a bride says yes and purchases her dress!
  • 10% off jewelry, headpieces, and veils – starting the day after the brides says yes, through her wedding day!
  • 15% off bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.

We also offer a monthly drawing to potentially win 50% off jewelry, headpieces, and veils at TWD.  To find out how to enter, just contact the shop!

And though this is not technically a “discount”, please know that all brides who find their perfect dress at TWD automatically get pressing and steaming services for her wedding dress at no additional charge.  Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

Bridesmaid Dress FAQs

Absolutely!  And though our shop’s name certainly shows how much we care about the bride, we love working with her girls too!  The White Dress offers a selection of over 150 different (and fabulous) frocks for the bride’s very important ladies.

We find it easiest to browse our bridesmaid dresses by clicking through to the designer’s website, Sorella Vita.  Because we have the entire collection from this designer, you can easily browse their selection, and even change the color of the dresses so you are able to get a vision of what it looks like in your own wedding colors!

And we can’t forget to mention, all TWD brides and most large bridal parties can offer a 15% discount off their party dress.  It can’t get sweeter than that!

Styling your bridesmaids adds a fun design element to a wedding and there are so. many. options!  Don’t read this wrong; we are all about the traditional every-bridesmaid-wears-the-same-dress style route.  But we also like to be as creative as you want when it comes to the bridesmaid dress.  Open up to the possibilities:

  • Different dresses, same color?  Lovely!
  • Different shades of the same color, same dress?  Pretty!
  • Different dresses, all coordinating in the same color palette – perfect!

We could continue on, but we don’t want to overload you.  The point is – we love working with the bride and her girls.  And we have fun while doing it.

Most of our bridesmaid sample dresses range from a size 8 to size 16 but we also have a limited selection of size 18 to 28.  Please note that like our wedding dresses, we generally only carry one of each style in our store for sample purposes.  After a dress is selected, we order each dress to a bridesmaid’s particular measurements.  Most all of our bridesmaid dresses can be ordered up to a size 24 to 30, depending on the dress designer.

If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


There are several different ways to answer these questions, largely dependent upon your bridesmaid dress selection and personal preference for how you want to handle getting the dresses to your girls.  But, first thing first, right?

  • Once you decide on a dress (or dresses!) for your girls, the next step is to get their measurements.  If they are able to make it to The White Dress to be measured, we prefer to measure each girl, to ensure accurate measurements.  But, if they are out of town, we only ask that they go to an experienced seamstress.  Once they have those measurements, they can submit those via our Bridesmaid Measurements Portal and we will walk them through the rest of the process to determine size and pay their deposit.
  • Bridesmaids are welcome to use our online payment system via PayPal to make payments on their dress.  (You can also give us a call and give credit card information over the phone if that works better for you.)
  • And when your dresses arrive, there are lots of options for getting the dresses to your maids.  We can ship the dresses to your girls (though we do charge a$20 shipping fee for that service).  But what happens most often is that the bride picks up her bridesmaid’s dresses and arranges to deliver them to her girls (especially since there are lots of opportunities to do that with the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and other fun wedding related activities around the time most bridesmaid dresses arrive).

Appointments FAQs

The stylists do not work on commission at The White Dress.  We believe in working as a cohesive team, in a positive environment, and we all love to help each other find that perfect dress for every bride that comes to TWD, without worrying about a paycheck.  That being said, tips are certainly always appreciated, but never required.  Do what feels right for you and the service you received.  If you decide to tip, it can be done when you pay for your perfect dress, or it can be paid in cash, if you wish!

Appointments are preferred at The White Dress in order to give you the best service and experience.  And as much as we want to be able to work with every girl that enters the shop, priority is always given to our appointments.  Remember, appointments can sometimes be made the same day!  Just give us a call before you plan to come in and see what time might work best for us to pamper you!

Need a few helpful hints for scheduling appointments?  Sure you do!  If you are looking for a Saturday appointment, you may want to schedule that at least 3-4 weeks in advance as that is our busiest day of the week and it books out pretty far in advance!  If you are looking to come visit the store on an evening, TWD is open until 7 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.  Those are also pretty coveted time slots, so be sure to plan at least a few weeks in advance for those appointments.  And finally, if you are hoping for a quiet appointment when the shop isn’t hopping, be sure to consider a weekday appointment!

And don’t forget that you can always schedule your visit with The White Dress right here on our website – just click on the link in the right side bar, or click here to request your visit!  A TWD Bridal Style Expert will call or text you to confirm your visit shortly.

Cancellation Fee Policy

We do not have appointment fees for any day of the week!  Please note that as our Saturday appointments are the most desired, we do require a credit card upon booking your visit.  This card will only be charged if you do not come to your visit or have not given us a 24-hour notice of your cancellation.  The cancellation fee (without 24 hour notice) is $50.

Confirmation Policy

Please note that for our Saturday appointments, we also do require a verbal or text confirmation from each client to verify their time slot.  We typically contact each client on the Wednesday before their Saturday appointment to aid in this process.  So if you get a text or voicemail from a friendly TWD-ette to confirm your Saturday visit, we do need to be contacted back to officially confirm your appointment.  If we do not hear back from our Saturday clients by Friday afternoon, we will make the assumption that the appointment is no longer needed and we will fill the appointment with a client on our waiting list.

That depends!  For during the week appointments, we recommend calling at least 1-2 weeks in advance to book your visit.  Please note however, that if you are planning on a Saturday visit, it is best to book that at least 3-4 weeks in advance as that is our most desired day.  Also, we do often have a cancellation list for Saturday appointments.  This is an option if we are booked for the day and time you are hoping for.

First and foremost, an open mind!  For most girls, wedding dress shopping is the first time they will try on full-length all-white(ish) dresses, so it is best to keep your mind open to all the wonderful wedding dress possibilities.  You just never know which dress could be it!

In terms of tangible items though, you can use the following list as a guideline, but please keep in mind that none of these items are absolutely necessary for your visit!

  • Any undergarments you plan to wear on your big day (shape wear, strapless bra, bustier, etc.)
  • Wedding day shoes

Also, don’t forget to bring photos of bridal dresses you love, if you haven’t already shared your Pinterest page with us!  We absolutely love to hear and see our bride’s visions for their big days and their wedding dresses!

Depending on the number in your entourage, we can probably accommodate you and your guests.  If you have a very large group (over 6 people), we recommend calling ahead so we can plan for your group.  You can also consider renting out the entire salon for a larger group – check out this fun option on our Appointments page!

Each visit typically takes about an hour and a half.  We hate to rush the process (we’d love to play dress up all day if we could!) but during busy days, we try to remain on schedule in order to give each girl enough time to get the full TWD experience.  That being said, on days in which we aren’t as busy (i.e., weekdays) our appointments can sometimes last longer!  Oh, and we never place a limit on the number of dresses you can try on!  However, most brides are able to try on 10-15 dresses in this time frame, ultimately finding “the one”!

Well, there are lots of words of advice on this one, and we are sure you have read all of it before. But we do have a few pointers that we think make any visit and bridal appointment to The White Dress easier:

  • Be ready to climb into and out of dresses for an hour or so.  This may sound like silly advice – especially if you are like us and can’t imagine a better time spent than trying on lovely white gowns – but it is true that trying on one dress after another can be tiring.  So if you know that you are the type of gal who has a short attention span when you are thirsty, for example… well let’s just say that it doesn’t hurt to come prepared.
  • Keep it simple.  Remember that trying on a bunch of dresses sometimes entails getting a little bit messy.  For example, your makeup will likely smudge and your hair may get a bit ruffled.  So it is best to keep hair and makeup simple for trying on gowns.
  • Have an open mind.  Ok, we admit it – we have said this already.  But we felt it important enough to mention again!  We encourage our brides to try on things they may not have thought about; you just never know what your dream dress will be until you try it on!  And remember that our bridal style experts are there to help guide your appointment and help narrow down dress options and pull from our inventory of dresses that suit your best features!
  • Bring the VIPs.  Many of our brides are surprised to find “the one” on their first visit to TWD, so it is important to have the people you need with you to say yes comfortably!  It is impossible to create that magical moment of finding your wedding dress and we don’t want any bride to not miss out on that moment just because someone important to her is not here.  We fully encourage the use of technology (Facetime, Zoom, etc.) if you have a VIP not present when you find “the one”!  And then bring him/her back so he/she can see the dress in person at a later date.
  • And if you are looking for even more advice, be sure to check this article out!

Sometimes.  When shopping at The White Dress during the winter months and on rainy days, we do ask our guests to take off their shoes before stepping out onto the main floor where our wedding dresses are located.  This small gesture helps keep the shop – and therefore the wedding dresses – much cleaner and nicer for all of our girls who come in to try on the gowns.  (Some of our guests prefer to bring their own slippers or cozy socks to wear while they are here.)  If you are unable to remove your shoes, just let us know – we also provide shoe booties if so desired.

Many thanks for your willingness to help us out!

Of course the most important part of your wedding day look is the dress itself.  Of course!  And you can’t very well style a look without the all-important dress.  (Well, unless you are the type of girl that likes to buy shoes first, outfit second.  Hey, sometimes we do it too!)  However, we also think that the fun shouldn’t stop after you find your perfect dress!

Remember playing dress-up when you were a little girl?  Well, we liken the time post-wedding-dress-search to that, but just more grown up.  And of course, a whole lot more fun since you will actually get to wear your “dress up” looks!   The moral of the story?  Our Bridal Style Experts are there to help you every step of the way – from landing your amazing dress, to finding that perfect veil, those statement earrings, or a fabulous bracelet.  Because every girl knows that accessories are the one way to make an outfit truly yours.

Alterations FAQs

In a word, no.  Instead, we have a great list of recommended seamstresses that many of our brides use for their gowns, one of which is located right in Downtown Brighton.  Also keep in mind that many of our brides who live far away tend to get alterations done closer to home.  If you have any specific questions about alterations, please let us know!  We have seen a LOT over the years and know our fair share about how wedding dresses get altered!

While we can’t give you exact pricing, it seems that most of our brides spend anywhere from $300-$900 on wedding gown alterations from our preferred seamstresses.  And we can certainly guide you (and even write down) on what specifically would need to be altered on your wedding gown.  The perfect time to chat about this is when you come back to TWD to try on your actual gown – we LOVE to see our brides in the gowns they’ve ordered!

There are a few things that you will absolutely need – your shoes and undergarments – and a few other recommended items:

  • Wedding jewelry and veil – so you can see your complete look.  {Remember all TWD brides get a 10% discount on jewelry, veils, and headpieces at TWD!}
  • Maybe a person or two.  Remember, fittings are not the same as a wedding dress shopping appointment – the seamstress usually wants your undivided attention and it is best not to bring a distracting group.
  • A positive attitude.  Let’s face it – fittings can be downright stressful.  While we make every possible effort to ensure that our dresses are ordered as close to your body size as possible, most every bride needs some form of alterations.  Remember, your first fitting is the first chance to make the fit perfect, so don’t panic when you try on your dress for the first time and it isn’t an automatic perfect fit.  {After all, that is what fittings are for.}  We stand by our preferred seamstresses and know that their goal is to ensure that your dress fits you perfectly and that you are completely satisfied with your final wedding dress look.

Most seamstresses recommend starting fittings 8-12 weeks before your big day, but it is best to touch base with them to ensure you are working within their preferences.  Here is a sample timeline:

  • First fitting – about 8-12 weeks before your wedding day.  At this fitting, the initial pinning will take place and the bustle will be determined.  Remember, now is the time to speak up!  If you see something you want changed {placement of applique, removal of beading, adding a belt or bra cups, etc.} this first fitting is the time to do it!
  • Second fitting – about one month before your wedding day.  This fitting is to check the initial pinning and fit and to make minor adjustments.  Keep in mind that this may be a final fitting for you if all feels and looks good with your dress.
  • Third and fourth fittings – anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks before your wedding day.  Many brides will have a third fitting but fourth fittings are pretty rare.  These fittings are to ensure the minor tweaks that have been made are done to your liking.

This just depends on each individual bride and dress!  Most brides will have 2-3 fittings.  Some brides will have 4 fittings.  Be sure to talk specifics with your seamstress!

As you may suspect, this largely depends on what is being altered on your dress, along with the style of dress, how it fits initially, the fabric it is made of, and if there is beading or lace on it.  And of course, another large factor is, who is working on it.  (As a reminder, we are happy to give you our list of recommended outside seamstresses.)

A general range to expect to pay is $400-$900.  On occasion a seamstress may have a fitting fee as well.  We think it is perfectly acceptable to gather quotes from a few places (if you feel so inclined) so you have some comparable prices to work with.  This will also give you the chance to meet/chat with the people who will be conducting the work on your dress, so you can also gauge how comfortable you are with him/her.  Just like all wedding vendors, you’ll want to make sure you are satisfied working with them!

Other FAQs

We are sure you have heard the phrase “sample sale” before.  So why do brides get so excited when they hear these two words?  Well, it is because a bridal Sample Sale is where the dresses in our shop get discounted and sold off the rack!  Each year, the TWD-ettes go through the inventory and determine which dresses make it into the sale.  Still not feeling excited?  Hang tight.  These dresses get marked down – sometimes up to 75% off – and are available to take with you same day!  And because we take great care of all of our dresses here, you can bet that these dresses are in great condition.

So, if you are in a time crunch or a budget blunder, TWD’s Sample Sale dresses are for you!


As we previously mentioned, the TWD Wedding Sample Sale is a great way to score a beautiful designer gown at a great price…but not without first understanding fully what a sample sale is and what to expect.  Here are a few of our thoughts and tips:

  • It may not be the best place to start your wedding dress shopping.  That’s because the sample sale gowns are just a selection of gowns from our shop, so not every silhouette, fabric type, and style is represented.
  • Sample sale gowns are the stock pieces in the store that one would normally try on during an appointment when shopping for a gown.  Therefore, some of the gowns do have a bit of wear and tear.  We would never sell a gown that was beyond repair, but most gowns do need a bit of cleaning and we can definitely help to arrange that.
  • Sample wedding dresses for sale in our shop typically range from a size 10 to 18.  These sizes roughly translate into a standard size 6 to 16 and a bra cup size of a B/C/D.  The standard length of a gown typically does not work well for someone that is shorter than 5′ or taller than 5’10”.  Bridal gowns can typically be tailored down 2-3 sizes, however they are much more difficult to go up in size.
  • Bring the helpful decision makers and come ready to commit if you are serious about finding your gown at a sample sale.  Gowns cannot be held for you to think it over or have someone else chime in with their opinion at a later date.  Sales are a love at first sight kind of event so be prepared to buy if you fall in love with THE gown and can’t stand the idea of walking away from it.

A trunk show is a great way to see an entire collection of dresses from one particular designer.  All trunk shows are a little bit different, but the general idea is that The White Dress will have a designer’s entire current collection of wedding dresses on hand.  These dresses are in our shop just for the trunk show, and will only be around for a limited time – sometimes a few weeks, sometimes just one weekend.  In some cases, a representative (or the designer him/herself!) will be at the shop so you can actually meet the genius behind the fancy frock.  And good news – for some trunk shows, the designers grant a discount for anyone that purchases a dress during their trunk show.

Of course!  We just ask that cost of shipping is covered.  For bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother dresses, there is a flat rate of $20 to ship a dress.  For wedding gowns, the price varies depending on a lot of factors – the weight of the dress, the cost of the dress, and where the dress will be going.  If you need more information, just reach out to the shop and we can give you more specifics!

Certainly!  And some of them even come in color options to match some of our party dresses for your bridesmaids.

Price points vary widely by designer line, but flower girl dresses generally start at $100 and junior bridesmaid dresses typically run between $200 to $250.

The ordering time for these dresses also vary widely.  Some take as long as a bridesmaid dress – up to 6 months; while some are available within a month.  Please inquire if you have specific timing needs or budget guidelines.

This one is tricky.  We LOVE kids.  And what little girl wouldn’t want to come see all the gorgeous “princess” dresses at TWD?  (We know we would’ve wanted to as little girls!)  And while children are more than welcome to tag along with Mom and Pop, we do ask that they are watched over during their visit here as the merchandise is expensive and our shop is definitely not child proof.  (Read: lots of things for the little ones to grab and break.)  Also it may be helpful to have someone around to entertain the children should hanging out in a bridal shop not be their thing.  Especially since we know sitting on a couch with nothing to do for a few hours may not be the easiest thing for most kids to endure.  And though we hate to do this and this rarely happens, please know that if your child is being disruptive to our other shop clients (after all, we do want every one to come here and have the best TWD experience possible), we may have to ask you to reschedule your visit to a later date.  Of course, if you have any questions about this topic, just reach for the phone and give us a call!

First off, let’s define those crazy acronyms MOB and MOG.  If you have a child getting married, we’re talking to you Mother of the Bride (MOB) and Mother of the Groom (MOG)!  The White Dress (TWD) does not carry a dedicated line of mother dresses but we do carry bridesmaid dresses and, in some cases, that works for a mother.  This collection is not out on the racks of the shop however; we keep it in our back storage room and bring it forward as needed.  Our collection is viewable online here.

The next question we usually get – what exactly is our selection like?  The majority of the dresses are long and in a chiffon fabric, and can be ordered in a variety of color options.  Please note however, that we do not carry any dresses that come with a dress-jacket combination nor do we carry many dresses with actual sleeves that many mothers are hoping to wear.

Please also keep in mind that many of our dresses do require some lead time for the order and it is our recommendation that an order be placed 6 months prior to the date the dress is needed.

And a final note, please be sure to request your visit to ensure a TWD Bridal Style Expert will be around to help you enjoy your MOB/MOG dress shopping experience.

For all dresses purchased at The White Dress, we give you the 5-star treatment and make sure your dress is pressed to perfection, free of charge.  (Just one of the many ways we say thanks to you for becoming one of our lovely clients!)

For outside dresses, the answer to this question is not quite as easy.  Generally, the answer is yes.  However, it does largely depend on the time of year and the workload of the ladies who work their magic in our steaming room.  (These are the ladies who make each TWD bride’s dress look perfect for her big day!)  Oh, and we do charge a fee for these services.  Please give us a call for availability and pricing.


We have hopped on the latest glove trend and have a few glove options in our shop for order!

As of 2023, yes!  We began our first prom collection this season with a kick-off event on April 16, 2023, and from then through the end of May, you are welcome to shop our walk-in prom hours:

  • Tuesday: 3-5 pm
  • Wednesday: 3-7 pm
  • Thursday: 3-7 pm
  • Friday: 3-5 pm
  • All Saturdays in April and May from 11am – 5pm

In terms of Homecoming, please check back soon for more details!

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