Gorgeous plus-sized wedding gowns

Gorgeous plus-sized wedding gowns

Our selection of plus-sized wedding dresses holds nothing back. No matter the silhouette, style, fabric, or trend, we have the glamour you’re craving.

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There’s one word that sums up our collection of plus-sized bridal gowns: variety.

We put a lot of thought into our bridal selection to ensure that it has the range to satisfy the unique tastes and fierce individuality of our brides. We carry plus-sized wedding gowns that check every box:

  • Silhouettes: including trumpet, ballroom, and flowy A-line.
  • Styles: from boho to traditional, minimalist to maximalist.
  • Fabrics: floaty organza, luxurious satin, and embellished lace.
  • Trends: new gowns every season.
“I was truly dreading wedding dress shopping since I’m a plus size woman, but there were a wide variety of dresses at The White Dress in my size range that looked beautiful! By the end of the visit, I couldn’t believe I was so worried about dress shopping. Can’t recommend TWD enough!” Rena, Ohio

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  • So first things first – how much is a wedding dress going to cost me?

    Like just about everything you shop for, there is a range of costs for wedding dresses.  Some cost multiple thousands, some are under $1,000.  At The White Dress, we feel most comfortable keeping our prices right around the average cost of a wedding dress, $1,700.  We believe that this price point hits the sweet spot of getting the highest quality dress without breaking the bank. Bottom line, we offer ah-mazing dresses from $1,200 to $3,000.  (Also, please keep in mind that bridal sample sale online prices are generally much lower!)

  • What is the size range for wedding gowns at The White Dress? How do I try on dresses that are not in my size?

    For our wedding dresses, we carry a variety of sizes.  Many of the samples range in size from 10 to 18, though overall we have dresses from a size 6 to size 30 in our shop.  If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!  We are happy to look up sizing on any dress in our boutique for you.

    Please keep in mind that when trying on wedding dresses at The White Dress, you will be trying wedding gown samples, which rarely fit a bride perfectly.  So that is where the TWD Bridal Style Experts come in – to help fit and clip the sample gown so you can get an idea on how each dress will look on your figure.  {When you find your dream dress, that is when we actually take measurements to order a brand new gown in as close to your size as possible.}

    We also recommend browsing our online Wedding Dress Gallery if you are concerned about a size of a particular gown.  We are happy to fill you in on the size of a dress we have in shop and discuss options with you too.  If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are happy to go into more specifics, especially if you have a particular style or silhouette you are drawn to.

  • Am I able to order my wedding dress through TWD if you don't have the dress in your store?

    That depends.  First, some background.  At The White Dress, we carry the collections from a select set of designers.  From their collections, we get to pick and choose which dresses we want to show in our store.  Therefore, it is quite possible that you may fall in love with a dress from one of our designers, but we may not have it in-store to try on.  If you fall into this category, please contact us for the next steps.  We can sometimes borrow a specific dress from a designer (though there is typically a fee associated with this) so you can see the dress of your dreams in person.

    If you happen to be shopping at another bridal store that carries one of our wedding gown designers, you may also find a dress there that we don’t have at TWD.  Please note that if you would still like to order from TWD, follow this rule of thumb:  if a dress is from a designer we carry at TWD, then the answer is yes we are likely able to order it for you!  But if it is from a designer that we don’t carry, we will not be able to order that specific gown.  Always feel free to reach out to us in these scenarios – we are happy to fill you in on the answers to your specific questions!

  • Does The White Dress offer a price matching program?

    This is a great question, and one that requires a little background information.  First off, all bridal retailers are allowed to set the prices of their wedding dresses.  However, each wedding gown designer has a price that they recommend it be sold for.  As such, two different bridal shops may carry the same dress, but at two different price points.  At The White Dress, it is our policy to never sell any of our dresses lower than what the designer’s standard is.  (To be frank, we hold ourselves to a high level of professional ethics and never discount a dress lower than what a designer allows.)

    All of this being said, we do sometimes have a little wiggle room to negotiate a price – but we do it on a dress by dress basis.  We do encourage anyone that has visited The White Dress to call with any questions on this policy, especially if you are seeing one of our dresses listed at a lower price at another bridal salon.

    And of course, we do want to mention that at The White Dress, we offer lots of items free of charge – including the pressing of your wedding dress (usually multiple times), a free and unlimited time frame in which to store your gown, no shipping charges or service fees when you place your order, a garment bag to protect your dress, and a nice wooden hanger on which to hang your gown!  (And of course, we can’t fail to mention that we think we provide a pretty awesome experience from the day you find your gown to the day  we say goodbye before your big day!)

  • When should I buy my dress? How long does it take for the dress to arrive?

    We are sure you have heard this a million times – start early!  And we don’t want to sound repetitive, but it’s true.  The earlier you start your search, the smoother the entire process will be.  (And who really needs to add more stress to wedding planning?)  Straight up though – we recommend you start your search 9 to 12 months before your wedding, and order your dress at least 8 months beforehand to ensure that the dress arrives and there is enough time for alterations to do their magic.

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We’re here to help you every step of the way, including figuring out which silhouettes will best flatter your figure!

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  • What is an appointment at The White Dress like?

    At The White Dress, we’re committed to making sure that each bride feels comfortable and confident during her time in our boutique.

    We promise a no-pressure environment where our TWD-ette rock stars put all their stylistic expertise to work to make you look and feel your best.

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  • Not sure what to bring to your bridal appointment?

    While none of these are absolutely required, here are our top tips to feel comfortable while trying on wedding dresses.

    • Bring a strapless bra and other “day of” undergarments.
    • Bring wedding day shoes and other meaningful accessories.
    • Keep your hair simple and wear light makeup.
    • Come with pictures of your favorite dresses, or share your Pinterest page with us!
    • An open mind!  You just never know when you’ll put it on or what it’ll look like, but finding “the one” is a special moment that happens here every day!
  • Is there a dress living rent free in your mind?

    It’s a story we’ve heard before: A bride saw her perfect gown while browsing wedding sites, and now she just can’t move on until she sees it for herself.

    Well, we have good news: our close relationship with our designers means we can often order in dresses from their catalogs, even if they’re not gowns we typically carry in our store.

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Get ready to feel fabulous!

Nothing brings a smile to our face like watching a bride try on a dress and realize it’s the one. So what are you waiting for? Your dress awaits.

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