• A bride and her bridesmaids celebrate a bachelorette weekend in Brighton, MI.

    How to Spend a Bachelorette Weekend in Brighton, MI

    Planning a bachelorette getaway trip with your gals? Brighton, MI has plenty to offer.

    When it comes to destination vacations, bachelorette hot spots like Nashville or Vegas may be the first to spring to mind. But for our Michigan girlies who want to plan a weekend together without breaking the bank, there’s locations much closer to home that can promise a great time—and don’t require booking a flight!

    We’ve had our bridal boutique in Brighton for over a decade now, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what our town has to offer. Whether you’ll only be in town for a night or want to make a full weekend out of it, here are our top bachelorette weekend recommendations.

    Browse our breweries!

    It’s no secret that Michigan is a great state for beer lovers. Brighton has several downtown options, many of which offer special events during different nights of the week including live music, charcuterie board classes, and pub quizzes. Why not have a pub crawl!

    • Brewery Becker. A microbrewery with a tap room and biergarten, Brewery Becker offers an excellent selection of artisanal beers. Enjoy their bill of fare, or order from one of the downtown restaurants, many of which will deliver right to your table.
    • Four Circles. Did charcuterie board classes pique your interest? Four Circles has a lively event calendar that’s worth checking out before you commit to a date.
    • Block Brewing. Looking for a larger venue? Block Brewing boasts plenty of space for a bustling craft brewing scene. Great if you want to book for a large party.
    • Coming Soon… Grand River Brewery! A brewery and gastropub featuring live music, we’re excited about this newest addition to the downtown Brighton pub scene, which is just 2 doors down from The White Dress!

    Relax with a self-care day!

    Wedding planning is stressful, so why not step away from it all with some thorough pampering? Whether your ideal self-care involves a massage, a yoga session, or green time among your favorite plants, we have something to refresh your soul.

    • London Beauty. Ready for a spa day? Rent the space and treat yourself to facials or a makeup party. They also regularly host events, so take a look at their calendar!
    • Buff City. Why not bring spa day home with you? At Buff City, you can host a party where you make your own bath bombs and go home with a custom bar of soap!
    • Planning a big night? Start out by getting blowouts or having your nails done at Tribute or Studio FRWD. Check out their full services for other options, like facials or massages.
    • Why not book a yoga studio for a private group glass? Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, as well as a fun group activity that is inclusive of a range of fitness levels. Check out Brighton Yoga Center or Yoga Center for Healthy Living as a couple local options.
    • The Succulents Shoppe. Who doesn’t love a good succulent: charming, easy to care for, and great for bringing a little of nature into your home! The Succulents Shoppe offers private parties with group projects where you can create a living decoration to bring home.
    • Permanent Jewelry Bar with Lolly Ella. Want to combine a spa day with a permanent jewelry experience? Lolly Ella offers a party package that includes cocktails, 30-minute facials, and a ring or bracelet.

    Plan an activity!

    Looking for something more high-energy? Prepare to mix it up with group activities of all sorts. From vintage throwbacks to modern classics, you won’t be short of entertainment!

    • The Arcade. A must-visit for all lovers of classic arcade video games, The Arcade also includes coin-operated pinball machines.
    • Rollerama & Zap Zone. From skating to laser tag, Brighton’s Zap Zone complex has it all. Contact them to learn more about party options.
    • Ice Skating at Kensington Valley Ice House. Ice skating remains a popular hobby in Michigan, making it a great activity for your group.
    • Escape Room Brighton. Perfect for more intimate groups of 2–8 people, choose from five different themed rooms and work together to find a way out before your hour is up!
    • Rent MJR Theater. Have a group of 30 or more? You can rent the theater to watch the latest blockbuster, or bring your own movie to watch it on the big screen!

    Enjoy the outdoors!

    They don’t call us #PureMichigan for nothing! If you’re a nature lover, we have plenty of outdoor sports to suit your fancy, no matter the time of year. From kayaking to hiking, paddle boarding to horseback riding—even skiing!—there’s plenty to do in our area for you and your bachelorettes!

    • Brighton Recreation Area. This beautiful park includes nine lakes, campsites, and thirty-five miles of trails for a day of hiking, boating, and horseback riding.
    • Bishop Lake. Part of the Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake deserves a special shout out for being a great swimming location for anyone keen on a day of lying around in the sun.
    • Planning a winter getaway? The Mount Brighton Ski Resort features not just skiing slopes, but also plenty of restaurants for a cozy trip.

    Explore Downtown Brighton Nightlife!

    Of course, no matter how you spend your day, you’ll still want to make evening plans! Despite our small town charm, Brighton also has a lively night life, with a number of bars—and even one with dueling pianos!

    • The Pound. In case you can’t tell from the name, this is the place to go to for all you burger lovers out there!
    • Jameson’s. A classic Irish pub, this spot takes it up a notch by featuring dueling piano performances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
    • Lu + Carls. A beloved Brighton hangout with live music and DJs, the decor is spot-on for the dog lovers out there.
    • Looking for something more elevated? Label promises a satisfying mix of authentic comfort food and craft cocktails.
    • Voted the best burgers in Livingston County, Champs also offers exotic burgers for adventurous eaters including turkey, buffalo, elk, and venison.

    Go farther afield!

    Much as there is to do in Brighton, there’s also plenty of other nearby attractions here in Michigan. Some of our favorites include:

    Don’t forget to book a visit to The White Dress!

    Finally, if you’re in town, why not make shopping part of your trip! Much like our town, our bridal boutique boasts a depth and breadth of gowns and other items that my surprise you. From the latest trends fresh from Bridal Market and lots of off the rack jewelry, to a body inclusive range of sample dresses, we’re committed to providing small-town service with big-city selection. Book an appointment with us today to get started.

  • A bride in a strapless wedding gown spins in a spring field.

    TWD-ette Pick: Favorite Gowns for Spring Weddings

    Are you planning a spring wedding? Our bridal stylist and manager, Annie, talks about the latest trends and style tips for Michigan brides.

    Spring is perhaps the most romantic—and most challenging—season to plan a wedding. On the one hand, it symbolizes new beginnings, and the flowers just coming into bloom practically set the tone. On the other hand, it’s the most volatile season, especially in Michigan’s northern climate: you can enjoy a sunny, 70-degree day in February followed by a snowstorm in May.

    Spring brides need to be comfortable in any kind of weather. In general, you’ll want to keep the vibe bright, light, and airy, while still allowing yourself options to cover up. Off-the-shoulder straps are often really popular in spring, because they’re in between long sleeves and strapless styles. Slits are also a growing trend, and can be a fun option for late spring as the weather grows more predictably warm. Spring is also the perfect season for brides who want to move away from winter whites and ivories and begin incorporating some color into their gowns.

    With these tips in mind, I’ve gone through our collection and pulled my top 7 picks for spring wedding dresses. If you’re planning a wedding for this season, here’s a good place to start!

    Blond woman in wedding dress with thigh-high slit and beaded lace

    Angelina: a thigh-high slit with beaded lace.

    I love the slit on Angelina. This trend is up-and-coming and bold, but the flowy outside layer still gives you a sense of coverage and safety. I also love how it’s not super-fitted, allowing the tulle to create a more airy effect. However, my favorite detail is the intricate beading on the bodice that trails into the skirt. This is a good option for brides who don’t want to go straight to floral lace. The wavy pattern lightens the overall look without overpowering the dress.

    Blond woman in wedding gown featuring statement neckline and oversized lace

    Memphis: a statement neckline with oversized lace.

    It’s not often you see a really unique neckline like Memphis: straight across and strapless, but with a deep plunge for dramatic effect. Despite the plunge, the structure of the bodice is very secure, so you can enjoy having a different and beautiful design feature without worrying about showing too much cleavage. The bold floral lace is a new twist on the full blooms of springtime. While some brides are sometimes hesitant about a ballgown for a spring/summer dress, this one is surprisingly light on the body and doesn’t feel heavy at all. We carry it in ivory but it also comes in a soft warm color.

    Blond woman in wedding gown, form fitting trumpet silhouette with thick shoulder straps and cherry blossom lace pattern detail

    Monika: form fitting yet flowy.

    If you’re looking for more of a trumpet silhouette, Monika is more fitted than the others. I love that she offers a thicker strap with more lace details, which can be worn on the shoulder, or draping off. Speaking of the lace, it comes with a delicate, cherry blossom pattern that is particularly appropriate for spring. At the bottom, the dress flares out with pleated tulle, which helps give the whole style an airy feeling. And, if you’re looking for that hint of color, ours comes in a rosy light pink with ivory over top.

    Brunette in lace bodice gown

    Natasha: sweet and simple.

    While we love a striking neckline and bold lace, Natasha is a reminder that simplicity can make a statement, too. She features a sweetheart lace top with pretty blossoms which once again remind me of freshly blooming spring gardens. Contrasting the details of the top, the bottom is all soft chiffon. While some fabrics can feel dense or heavy like satin, this fabric keeps it light and clean, which is a great trend for late spring. You can easily imagine the skirt blowing in the breeze and feeling beautiful. And for one last detail, this gown features a cutout lace train in the back, adding interest to the back hemline.

    Brunette in wedding gown, covered in lace, featuring cap sleeves, narrow bow at waistline and keyhole back

    Clementina: one for the lace lovers.

    If you love lace, Clementina is the gown for you. The all-over pattern certainly makes her stand out, but what I think makes her perfect for spring in particular is her cap sleeves. These add a super feminine touch and can give you a little extra warmth if it is a little cool that day. I also love all her other dainty details, from the narrow bow at her waistline to the beautiful keyhole back—there’s just little surprises everywhere!

    Blond woman in wedding gown with dimensional lace, off-the-shoulder neckline, and bow at the back.

    Charmaine: the showstopper.

    Oh, she is dramatic. Charmaine features three-dimensional lace, and an alterable neckline that can be either off-the-shoulders or strapless. However, the statement piece that sets this gown apart is the bow at the back. I love how this gives a little something extra for brides who don’t plan to wear a veil or who don’t want a lot of accessories. This gown offers a compromise by giving a dramatic flourish to the back of the dress while keeping your hair veil-free, if the bride so chooses.

    Blond woman in wedding gown featuring off the shoulder straps, optional sleeves, intricate lace and bead details and sparkling tulle

    Elara: the dress that has it all.

    For those who want to have plenty of styling options, Elara is your dress. She’s got off-the-shoulder straps, to which you can also attach long lace sleeves. Or, you can remove both for a fully strapless look. Switching between the styles is as easy as snapping them on or off, so you can wear the sleeves for your ceremony, the off-the-shoulder straps for photos, and then go strap-free when you’re ready to dance at the reception. As for the dress itself, I love how the small, intricate lace and the beaded details make it pop. There’s also a whole under layer of sparkle tulle that will do wonders in the springtime light. Best of all? It has pockets!

    Your personal style never goes out of season.

    At the end of the day, your wedding is your day, no matter the season. Along the way you will make so many individualized choices based on your venue and your personal aesthetic, which is why I am of the mindset that the time of year doesn’t have to determine what you do or don’t do. If you want to wear a veil down to the floor even though it’s raining outside because it’s spring, do it anyway! You will regret it if you don’t.

    Be vocal with your consultant about what you want, and try it on! Figure out what you like and what you won’t like. Even if you think it will feel more like winter, try it anyway! It might feel different from what you expected, and you’re not committing to anything just by giving it a test run. At The White Dress, we’re here to help you realize your vision. So if you’re ready to explore your possibilities, book an appointment with us today!

  • A bride wearing a wedding dress with text overlay that reads “What Is a Trunk Show?”

    What Is a Trunk Show? The Bridal Insider Event You Don’t Want to Miss

    Trunk shows are a special opportunity to see more of a designer’s collection.

    If you’ve been around the bridal world for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard someone mention the words “trunk show” in mixed tones of awe and excitement—and you may be wondering what they are and whether you should go to one! Well, let us let you in on one of bridal’s open secrets: trunk shows are your best opportunity to see a designer’s collection, where the majority of the dresses showcased are not regularly available at the bridal shop.

    If you have your heart set on a particular designer, know your ideal aesthetic, or are just interested in every single dress you see from that designer, a trunk show might just make your dream a reality. So, if you’re interested in learning more about trunk shows, here are our top six FAQs to help you make up your mind.

    1. Why attend a trunk show?

    In any given year, a bridal designer will come out with a collection featuring a dozen or more (and in some cases, many more) new gowns. Of those, bridal boutiques will carry only a portion, which they select based on what’s popular in their area and among their clientele. For instance, as a Michigan bridal shop, we know many of our brides have outdoor weddings in the summer, so we may pick up more dresses that are suitable for that style of wedding, and as such we prioritize selecting for those dresses from a range of designers.

    However, at a trunk show, the featured designer brings their full collection, which means that brides are able to try on gowns that wouldn’t otherwise be carried in the store. In some special cases, the designer or a designer representative is even in attendance at the trunk show, and is available to discuss special alterations to a gown, like switching out sleeves or incorporating a detail from a different dress in the collection. If you have something special in mind, a trunk show is the time to come and ask!

    2. Are trunk shows like any other bridal appointment?

    Yes…and no. Trunk shows feature one particular designer, so if you aren’t interested in that designer, it may be best to schedule your appointment for a different time. But just because you’re at a certain designer’s trunk show doesn’t mean you can’t try on dresses from other collections! It’s best to think of trunk shows as a bridal appointment with more dresses from one designer available, but it won’t be exclusive to that designer.

    At The White Dress, our full collection of dresses is still available even during a trunk show, and our stylists will always consider offering options from the full collection here at TWD, not just what the trunk show may have. It may even help you come to a decision if you’re able to compare the trunk show gowns to some of your runners up.

    3. How often does The White Dress throw a trunk show?

    We usually throw one or two trunk shows a year, so if you see us post about one, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss! For the last few years we’ve done shows with the designer Stella York. If they’re a designer you follow, it’s likely we’ll feature their collection at some point in the coming months!

    This year we’re looking into the possibility of throwing a plus-sized show, which would be truly unique for many brides in our area. We’re already proud of our plus-sized wedding dress collection, and love being able to give women a more representative range of gown sizes to try on. Keep an eye on our social channels if we’re able to pull it off!

    4. What makes trunk shows at The White Dress so special?

    We tend to host Stella York trunk shows once or twice a year, and these ones tend to be really unique! Unlike a normal trunk show where the designer is featuring their current collection, our preview shows are for collections that don’t yet exist. Instead, they’re a work in progress. The designer is in the store to gather feedback from brides about what they do or don’t like, and that feedback is taken into consideration as the designer finalizes their collection.

    Many of the gowns you see at a preview trunk show won’t make it to the final collection. In fact, it’s likely that they’ll already be altered before the next preview show. This means that if you say yes to your dress at a preview show, you may be getting the only version of that gown to exist!

    5. Is there anything I should do to prepare for a trunk show?

    Do your research! It’s always good to have a general idea of what you’re interested in so you can make the most of your time. We recommend checking out the designer’s page so that you can see which dresses they will bring with them. You may also want to book an appointment with your bridal boutique ahead of a trunk show so that you can get a sense of their collection and make some early decisions about what you do or don’t like. That way you can be more focused for the trunk show itself.

    6. Are trunk shows a sale?

    Most of the time, trunk shows are not a sale. Especially for our Stella York shows, because the designer is still putting so much work into developing the collection, the bargain comes from finding something unique rather than cutting a good deal. On occasion, a trunk show purchase may come with a discount so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    If you’re looking for a discounted dress, try hitting up a sample sale! Sample sales are when bridal shops sell off some of their old inventory to make way for new gowns. Sample sales dresses are also the only types of dresses that you can buy directly off the rack to take home with you—ideal for brides on a tight timeline.

    Trunk shows: the ultimate win-win-win for brides, boutiques, and designers!

    Trunk shows definitely live up to their hype. As a bridal shop, we love being able to offer our brides an exclusive look at our designer’s collections, and of course the designers benefit from hearing your feedback as well. Trunk shows are also just a fun day to be in the store. There’s a lot of buzz and excitement going around, and that energy may be just the confidence boost you need to say yes to your dress! If you’re convinced that a trunk show is right for you, follow us on Instagram and Facebook so that you don’t miss out—especially as appointments often go quickly.

    And if you can’t wait or want to explore our collection before a trunk show comes around, go ahead and set up an appointment! Your dream dress may already be ready and waiting.

  • Prom 2024: Find Your Dress at The White Dress

    Our first official season of prom dress shopping starts soon!

    The calendar has flipped over to a new year, and that can only mean one thing: prom is on the horizon! It may be a freezing, gray Michigan winter outside, but you can bet that we’re already thinking of springtime, bright colors, ruffles, and sparkle.

    So much so, in fact, that we already have dresses matching all of those descriptions in our shop. The White Dress is preparing to kick off our first official prom shopping season in style, and our launch party is just around the corner, on January 21st—be sure to mark your calendar!

    So whether you’ve been dreaming about your perfect dress for months, or you’re still looking for a little inspiration, let us help. We’ve pulled together a wide array of designers and dresses for you to choose from, and we’re ready and waiting to match you with your favorite. Here’s everything you need to know about The White Dress’ prom options in 2024.
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  • 7 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Look

    On a day defined by tradition, there are plenty of ways to break the mold.

    When it comes to weddings, brides can sometimes feel surprised by how many decisions are hemmed in by social etiquette and family expectations. Fortunately, many of these rules are loosening—if not being disregarded altogether. These days, you can wear a black wedding dress if you prefer, or throw a (subtly…or not so subtly) themed ceremony. And if those options aren’t your cup of tea, many others are, running the gamut from bold to minimal. Here are some of our favorites.
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  • How to Choose a Fandom Wedding Dress

    Themed weddings can feel bridal, and fandom wedding dresses don’t have to look like cosplay.

    Some of the most creative weddings we’ve seen over the years have been ones where the couple chose to celebrate their love for a particular fandom as the main theme of the day. Fandoms hold a special place in the hearts of many. They can be places of community and belonging, where strangers bond over worlds and characters and stories—and sometimes find their own love stories in the process.

    That said, throwing a wedding themed around a fandom does come with one major risk: that the bride and groom will end up looking like they’re wearing costumes rather than wedding clothes.

    Avoiding this faux pas usually lands on the bride’s shoulders, as her dress is the star of the show as far as the theme is concerned. Fortunately, we believe that navigating this scenario is more than possible. We’ll take it a step further: we believe that the right dress can nail the fandom theme while also elevating the look of the ceremony.

    To prove it, we’ve selected seven of our recent gowns that we believe would be a gorgeous match for some of the most popular fandoms out there. Take a look at our choices and let us know what you think!

    Harry Potter

    Starting off bold, may we introduce you to Bellatrix? This gown charmed us from the start with its black dimensional lace that is highlighted with champagne undertones. The floral lace appliques climbing up from the hemline make this gown look enchanted, while black is of course the most appropriate choice for a witchy wedding.

    A fun behind the scenes fact: we know we are in the presence of a true HP lover after we announce the name of the dress as any true fan immediately identifies with the name of the gown! Let’s just say that many bonds have been formed in-store over Bellatrix and our brides who have said yes to her!

    We especially love this choice for a winter wedding, where we think it would pair nicely with a cloak and a scarf in your Hogwarts colors. And of course, leading the opening dance of your very own Yule Ball in this gown would be absolutely magical.

    Game of Thrones

    Few shows have ever given us such a rich array of powerful women dressed in every variation of noble attire, so picking one dress to sum them all up is a trick. Nevertheless, we believe Ravette is the top contender. This sultry, body-hugging silhouette is the perfect power move for any bride who wants to give queen more than princess. And is it just us, or does its elaborate lace pattern mimic many of the intricate braided hairstyles seen throughout the show?

    This gown comes with a floor-length underskirt which snaps off to miniskirt length for brides who want a surprise reveal for their wedding.

    Dr. Who

    For us, a fandom based around a star-traveling Time Lord had to have two key elements: it had to feel both timeless and quirky. Hudson solves the puzzle. With a dramatic trumpet silhouette, this dress has an iconic design that can transcend any era. Plus, we love the detachable train and so-extra arm cuffs which give the gown lots of reincarnations. We think these add on features nicely represent the constantly evolving Dr. Who.

    We think the clean lines of this gown provide the perfect palette to customize according to your whim—be it opera gloves or an extra long scarf or even a pair of trainers. The true quirk of this gown is the arm cuffs, however, which feature an oversized bow (a fitting nod to one of the Doctor’s favorite accessories).

    Star Wars

    Star Wars has always drawn inspiration from an eclectic range of sources, which is perhaps why we’re drawn to the dark side of Onyx. We have to say there is nothing so essential to the Star Wars story than Darth Vader himself. Plus, the bold pattern of this gown is on theme as well—reminding us perfectly of hyperspace.

    To accessorize, you might consider some subtle jewelry options indicating your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance. Just be sure to have your tissues ready when you and your partner exchange “I love you” and “I know” at the altar.

    Star Trek

    While their uniforms may be iconic, Star Trek is not known for its eveningwear. Nevertheless, we felt Marina fit the bill on two levels: first, the corseting on the bodice felt clean and well-tailored—perhaps a stylistic friend to a sharp uniform. But mostly, we were sold on the fabric—we think it goes boldly where no gown has gone before.

    If you dream of embarking upon a romantic mission of discovery and exploration through the stars, then we’re sure you’ll be drawn to the sparkle of this shimmer tulle just as we were. It will certainly have you lighting up the room as you greet guests and give them your best wishes to live long and prosper.

    The Lord of the Rings

    This wouldn’t be our first pick if your style inspiration is Eowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan. But if your wedding goals are to shine with the unmarred light of the two trees of Valinor, then few gowns give off elven radiance quite like Lainey.

    We adore the leafy floral motif on the lace throughout, which is embellished with sequins for that little extra sparkle. The long sleeves on this gown make it an especially elegant choice for a church wedding, and for an added otherworldly effect, we recommend pairing with a cathedral-length veil.


    We’re not going to wade into a Marvel vs. DC battle here (besides, do we need to choose?). What we will say is that whether you want to feel like Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, Collins is the dress that will have you look ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice.

    The figure-fitting bodice recalls many a crime-fighting bodysuit, while the thigh-high slit allows for plenty of movement. If you’re looking to accessorize for photos, we think this design would match well with a utility belt.

    Let your inner nerd out of the closet—and introduce it to ours!

    Who are we kidding. If you’re planning a fandom wedding, we doubt your inner nerd is very well hidden. Nevertheless, we’d love to be the ones to make your fantasy wedding a reality. No matter your fandom, come to our store in downtown Brighton, MI, and let us dream with you. Bring pictures and any other inspo, and we’ll cheerfully search our selection for the gown that brings your vision into focus. Book an appointment with us today.

  • Make Homecoming Special at The White Dress

    The White Dress is rolling out a new collection of special occasion dresses for Homecoming. Come try them on!

    Fall is here, and that means Homecoming is nearly upon us! As a tradition, homecoming is both an opportunity for alumni to revisit their old stomping grounds, and a chance to build school spirit through big social events such as a prep rally, the homecoming football game, and crowning of the homecoming court. But of course, the big event is the dance.

    Unlike prom, which is a formal event mostly for seniors and sometimes juniors, homecoming is for the whole school. It also tends to be a little less formal. The rule of thumb is that prom dresses are long, while homecoming dresses are short. We’ve focused our collection on offering gowns that are a step above what you’d be able to find at the mall, with strappy details and a lot of sparkle. Here’s what you need to know!
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  • Cancellation Lists: What If I Can’t Get an Appointment?

    Here’s our tips for making sure you can book an appointment during our busy season.

    Amidst all the arrangements brides make in the early stages of wedding planning, “buying the dress” is usually pretty high on the list. However, it’s all too easy for brides to make a list of the boutiques they want to visit, but put off booking an appointment until later. Maybe they’re traveling, or they want to be sure a certain friend or family member can make it, and it isn’t until they go to schedule their visit that they realize their chosen date has filled up.
    No one wants this kind of headache. Fortunately, there are steps brides can take both to avoid getting on the list in the first place, and to work with the situation if you find yourself on the cancellation list.
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  • Which Taylor Swift Era Is Your Wedding Dress?

    This Swifty summer, come find the gown that makes your heart sing while you and your partner say “forever and always.”

    For Swifties, the Eras era has been a whirlwind of self-discovery and self-presentation as we’ve revisited the re-released albums that defined our coming-of-age and found new ways to identify with them. Whether you were lucky enough to land tickets to her latest tour or not, you probably pulled together an outfit based on your favorite era—or at least you thought about it a lot.

    And if you happen to be planning a wedding during all of this, then we bet you’ve had a playlist of Taylor’s most starry-eyed, hopelessly romantic love songs running on repeat. (We know we would!) So, with that inspiration in mind, we’ve gone through our Look Book to find the gowns we believe are the best fit for every Taylor Swift era. Take a look at our choices, and once you’re done, tell us yours!

    1. Debut

    Taylor knew everything when she was young, which is why the innocence of even her earliest tracks always stops just short of naïve. That’s how we feel about Winny, a flowing A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline that exudes country charm without looking childish. If the panels of sequined lace weren’t perfect enough, we also love how the low back pairs with the illusion plunge in the front.

    Winny Wedding Dress

    2. Fearless

    If you’re ready to pick out a white dress for your love story, nothing will have you feeling more  like a princess than Katina. The layers of tulle in the skirt make this ballgown look like it’s straight out of a fairytale, while the off-the-shoulder straps and sheer boning in the back will have you feeling fearless as you walk down the aisle.

    3. Speak Now

    Fewer dresses leave us wonderstruck and blushing quite like Thea. With its billowing sleeves and layers of chiffon, it will have you feeling enchanted for your flawless night. We can’t think of a better wedding gown to represent the Speak Now era—short of wearing a purple dress. (Inspiration for the bridesmaids, maybe?)

    4. Red

    While the Red era may have been better defined by T-shirts and tailcoats, we can’t help but feel that Cami also fits the brief. We love how the lace on the bodice reminds us of autumn leaves falling into place, while the ethereal train will have you feeling in a state of grace. With a deep plunge neckline, this dress will have your partner thinking “I knew you were trouble” when you walk down the aisle.

    5. 1989

    1989 marked Taylor’s transition from country star to pop icon, and given the soft, flowy vibe of this album, we believe Nova is the perfect dress to represent her new cool girl aesthetic. Nothing says “nice to meet you, where you been?” quite like a chic sheath silhouette, while the spaghetti straps and lace bodice are like something from our wildest dreams. One thing’s for sure, this dress will never go out of style.

    6. Reputation

    Are you ready for it? When it comes to a dress that says “I don’t want you like a best friend,” Carmen is our endgame. You can start a big conversation with this gown, with its corset-style strapless neckline and statement silhouette. Featuring a figure-hugging construction of Mikado satin, this is one dress you won’t want to take off.

    7. Lover

    There’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about Iggy, our Lover-era choice by virtue of incorporating every romantic detail we could imagine. Clouds of billowing tulle? Check. A corset-boned bodice covered in lace flowers? You got it. Gauzy lantern sleeves with an off-the-shoulder neckline? Absolutely. You won’t want to look at anything else.

    8. Folklore

    If you’re ready to say “yes” instead of “no,” can we introduce you to Farren? The illusion lace on this gown combined with the long lace train are our idea of glamour. And while the long sleeves add elegance, the open back makes this dress anything but demure. The devil’s in the details, but we think this will be your favorite.

    9. Evermore

    If folklore began Taylor’s exploration of lyrical storytelling, evermore introduced mystical woodland themes that we think are perfectly captured in August. The oversized lace pattern matched with the champagne underdress gives this dress Celtic princess vibes—perfect for any bride ready to wreck plans or put roots into dreamlands. As they say: forever is the sweetest con.

    10. Midnights

    If you want to walk into a room and make the whole place shimmer, then we’d like you to meet Gaia. This gown features an all-over sparkle created by oversized sequins that glitter like snow on the beach—or like diamonds in your eyes. So if you’re ready to get lost in a love spiral, this is the dress for you.

    Which Taylor Swift Era Is Your Wedding Dress?

    Let us help you find (Your Version).

    In our minds, there’s no era that isn’t wedding appropriate—whether you take to the dance floor with your besties the moment “Our Song” comes on, slow dance to “New Year’s Day,” or pop (real) champagne to “Paris” at the end of the night. Whichever era resonates, make it yours!

    And if finding your wedding dress via Taylor Swift era helps you form a picture in your mind of how you want to look and feel on your wedding day, we can help! Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll help you find the dress to match. Book your appointment today!

  • Matching Your Wedding Makeup to Your Aesthetic

    Matching Your Wedding Makeup to Your Aesthetic

    Brides are finding wedding inspiration in all sorts of places. Why not makeup?

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  • Wedding Shoe Style: Pairing the Perfect Pair with Your Dress!

    Wedding Shoe Style: Pairing the Perfect Pair with Your Dress!

    Your shoes will determine how you look and feel on your big day. Here’s how to pick the right ones!

    There are so many elements that determine your final wedding looks, from your hairpiece to your accessories. But if we could pick the one with the most impact on your wedding day (after your dress, of course), it would be your shoes. After all, your shoes, if visible, will surely draw attention, and even when they aren’t visible, they will determine your comfort for most of the day.

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  • Pride Month: Tips for Picking Wedding Dresses

    Pride Month: Tips for Picking Wedding Dresses

    Hello, ladies and they-dies! Wondering how to shop for a double-bride wedding? We got you!

    When it comes to LGBTQ+ weddings, couples have a beautiful opportunity to revisit old traditions and give them a modern twist or invent new ones. We’re seeing this in the venues couples choose, the ceremonies they create and—of course—in the clothing they wear!

    We love helping members of the queer community here in Michigan find their dream dress, but when both parties plan to wear a wedding dress, it can create some unusual scheduling situations! Here’s a few ways we’ve seen brides shop:

    Read the rest…

  • Brighton Streetscape Update: How to Reach Our Boutique!

    Brighton Streetscape Update: How to Reach Our Boutique!

    Downtown Brighton is undergoing a major streetscape overhaul. Here’s what you need to know!

    As the old joke goes, there are only two seasons here in Michigan: winter and road construction. As it happens, road construction season is coming heavy for us in Brighton, and although we’re excited for the results, we’re also aware that the process will cause some necessary disruption for our business and customers.

    We’re aware that many of our brides may have questions about how the road construction will impact our boutique. The good news is that we are open and accepting appointments. However, accessing our building will be a bit different for the next few months, and we want to make sure all our brides know what to expect. So, if you’re wondering how to reach us, or if you’re simply curious about what all the roadwork is about, here are the details!

    Read the rest…

  • Our top 6 elopement dresses for 2023

    Our Top 6 Elopement Dresses for 2023

    Looking for a wedding dress with a short turnaround? Here are our top picks.

    Elopements aren’t what they once were. In the past, elopements were decisions made in haste—like a Vegas wedding. Today, eloping couples are more often motivated by a desire to cut back on expenses. Large, lavish weddings are on their way out, and smaller, more intimate affairs have gained in popularity.

    Just because a wedding is small, however, doesn’t mean it’s poorly planned. Many couples are still committed to a celebration, and while they don’t want to pour tens of thousands of dollars into a venue and wedding dinner, they do want the day to be special—and that often means having a dress and beautiful photos to commemorate it.

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  • 6 Wedding Photography Trends and How to Pick a Dress to Match

    6 Wedding Photography Trends and How to Pick a Dress to Match

    Your choice of dress can enhance how your photographs turn out. Here’s how.

    From disposable cameras to editorial shoots that look like they’re straight from a lifestyle magazine, photography trends are changing. Couples are foregoing a setlist of overly posed photographs and instead embracing a more natural approach that better reflects the spirit of the day.

    The latest photography trends are in line with this ethos, with more candid shots taking precedence over the usual collection of posed bridal party photos. Many wedding parties are even inviting guests to participate by passing out disposable cameras or ones that use Polaroid-style film.

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  • What undergarments should you wear dress shopping?

    What Undergarments Should You Wear Wedding Dress Shopping?

    What you have on underneath your gown will affect its fit and appearance. Here’s what to know.

    As you’re getting ready to shop for your wedding dress, you’ve probably spent a lot of time looking at styles, considering your aesthetic, or thinking about how your dress should match your venue. So when the day comes to finally show up for your first bridal appointment, you may feel like you’re all prepared—until you start thinking about what that appointment will actually entail.

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  • Don’t Miss Our March Sample Sale!

    Don’t Miss Our March Sample Sale!

    Through April 7th, we’re offering amazing deals on off-the-rack dresses.

    Spring is nearly here, and that means a new season of bridal gowns is about to drop. We’re looking forward to shopping the collections and bringing in a fresh selection of dresses for our store, but before we can do that, we need to make room. And you know what that means: it’s time for a sample sale!

    Here are the details:

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  • How to Pull Off the Two-Wedding-Dress Trend

    How to Pull Off the Two-Wedding-Dress Trend

    Can’t settle on just one look for your wedding? Good news: You don’t have to.

    Wedding traditions are in a state of flux. As couples reconsider how to create an experience during their day that reflects their values and priorities, they are also turning a critical eye toward assumptions about where and how to prioritize their wedding budgets.

    For many couples, the most expedient way to cut down on expenses has been to reduce the size of their guest list. By focusing on a smaller ceremony, they are able to put more toward making each element of that ceremony more special. As it turns out, many brides are using those savings to invest in a second wedding dress!

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  • How Gen Z Is Changing Wedding Culture

    How Gen Z Is Changing Wedding Culture

    For this generation, it’s all about vibes.

    Every generation makes their own mark on wedding culture. With the rise of reality television in the early 00s, weddings became huge, blow-out affairs with guest lists large enough to fill a banquet hall. As Millennials hit their stride in the 2010s, the boho took hold. Weddings became more whimsical and more personal, with a larger portion of the budget put toward photography—and videography—than previous generations. Now it’s Gen Z’s turn, and the impact of their cultural influences is making itself known.

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  • Our Favorite Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2022

    Our Favorite Celebrity Wedding Dresses of 2022

    High-profile weddings set trends and establish the style of an era. Here are our favorites from the past year.

    Celebrity weddings have been a source of public curiosity ever since famous people started getting married. Human beings just love to celebrate, and what better reason to throw a big, expensive party than when two people who love each other exchange vows? So it should come as no surprise that these weddings often come to exemplify the fashions of the era, with designers going all out to create a look that will be talked about and imitated by others for years to come.

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  • 8 Popular Wedding Aesthetics (and Why You Should Pick One)

    8 Popular Wedding Aesthetics (and Why You Should Pick One)

    If you feel like you’re drowning in options, making this decision FIRST can help.

    Theme, style, aesthetic… pick your word. Nuances aside, they mostly boil down to one question: What is the unifying look of your wedding? While this may seem like just another question on a pile of big decisions, settling on an aesthetic early in your decision process can make a lot of your other decisions easier, help you stick to a budget, and leave you with a wedding that looks and feels exactly as you’d always dreamed.

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  • I just got engaged! When should I shop for my dress?

    I Just Got Engaged! When Should I Shop for My Dress?

    Engagement season is between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but be careful of shopping too soon!

    Between Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, the next few months mark a special season when many couples choose to take their relationships to the next level. For many newly engaged brides, the list of to-dos that lands on their plate in the immediate aftermath of announcing their plans to family and friends can quickly feel overwhelming. Of these decisions, the one they are asked most is: have you found your dress?

    Wedding dress shopping is fun, so it’s no surprise that so many brides are excited to get started. But shopping too early—or before you’ve made some other major decisions—can lead to problems down the road. Here are three big things you should have pinned down before you start shopping for a wedding dress, and three decisions you can save till later.

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  • Featured Collection: Adore by Justin Alexander

    Featured Collection: Adore by Justin Alexander

    One of our favorite designers is back with gowns more stunning than ever before. Check out the latest from Adore by Justin Alexander.

    As you can easily imagine, we love a good wedding! And this fall featured a spectacular one between Justin Warshaw, the President and Lead Designer of Justin Alexander, and his bride, Kelsey Anne Turchi. Of course, all of Kelsey’s looks were fabulous, and designed by the team at Justin Alexander. We thought we’d take this as an opportunity to share with you some of the latest designs we carry in our store—plus a few that evoke a similar vibe to the looks Kelsey chose for her nuptials.

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  • Get Ready for The White Dress WHITE Friday Sale!

    White Friday Sale

    PLUS, don’t miss our hyper sale deals on sample dresses, running Nov. 29–Dec. 30.

    We know that holiday season means many brides are shopping sales, hoping to find gifts for all their friends and family without bursting their budget. And, while wedding planning doesn’t usually fall in the same expense category, we know that a good deal is always a welcome surprise—especially if it leaves you with a little left over to put toward a special gift for your fiancé.

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  • How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

    How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

    Your guide to the classic silhouettes and how to find the right style for you.

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  • 5 Reasons to Choose a Black Wedding Dress

    5 Reasons to Choose a Black Wedding Dress

    There’s a lot to love about this growing trend.

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  • This Is Not a Drill: Stella York Trunk Show, October 14–15!

    This Is Not a Drill: Stella York Trunk Show, October 14–15!

    This isn’t the first time we’ve hosted Stella York for a trunk show, but it never stops being exciting.

    It’s that time of year again: we’re hosting a Stella York trunk show, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Only thirty shops in the world take part in Stella York’s trunk show circuit, and while we’ve hosted them before, we’re always honored to be part of that select few. More importantly, we love being able to offer our brides this inside look at one of our industry’s leading labels.

    Trunk shows are when designers preview their upcoming collections with brides, but this Trunk Show is even more! Stella York uses her Designer Preview Trunk Shows to collect brides’ first impressions and incorporate that feedback into the next iteration of the collection. They’re high-energy events, so you’ll want to be as prepared as possible if you plan to attend. (Read about our last Stella York trunk show for more details!)

    To make the most of our upcoming trunk show, check out these 4 tips and 5 reminders.

    shiffon and lace wedding dress with two options of sleaves

    Tip 1: Expect things to be moving quickly!

    Trunk shows are obviously an incredibly popular event. Because of this, our appointments have a strict 90 minute limit and are booked back to back. While we don’t want to pressure you or make you feel rushed, you should also set your expectations with that time limit in mind.

    Instead, when you find your dress, be prepared for a quick celebration before changing back into your regular clothes. If you’re concerned that the hustle will disrupt your big moment, never fear. We do have an area set aside in the boutique apart from the dressing room area where you will be able to sip champagne and bask in the glow of bridal success while we proceed with the checkout process.

    Beautiful v-neck wedding dress with thin floral sleeves

    Tip 2: Come ready to say yes!

    When we say trunk shows are exclusive, we really mean it. The dresses that come into our store only stay in that form for that weekend and that weekend only. After they leave our shop, they undergo alterations based on feedback and are modified before the next trunk show—which is generally the very next weekend.

    This is part of why trunk shows are so thrilling to experience. If you find a dress you love, it will be a one-of-a-kind gown. But because the dresses change so fast, you have to be decisive. You won’t have another opportunity to try it on!

    close up on a floral lace wedding dress

    Tip 3: Come ready to give feedback directly to the designer.

    Stella York designs the trunk shows so that they can see how brides react to their dresses in person and modify their collection accordingly. Designers are mostly focused on your immediate reaction: does this dress strike wedding bells in your heart or not? So don’t feel pressured to offer a lot of detailed feedback.

    Instead, make it your goal to try on as many gowns as you can. Remember, trunk shows are a fast-paced environment. The longer you linger, the fewer dresses you’ll be able to try in order to find “the one.”

    collage of photos showing a beautiful bride in an elegant dress and the team of The White Dress happy, throwing confetti in celebration

    Tip 4: Be prepared for LOTS of people (and dresses!) to come in and out of your room.

    Because this is such an important part of Stella York’s design process, there will be more people than usual in the shop at that day. We try to give as many brides as possible a chance to try on these dresses, and then of course there are Stella York’s team and our own TWD-ettes, who are all running full steam ahead.

    We will always do our best not to invade your privacy, but with so many people coming and going, and with the dresses passing between so many hands, there will be more people entering and exiting your room than usual.

    collage of beautiful lace and beaded bridal dress

    Reminder 1: No photos to protect the designs of Stella York.

    No matter how excited you are to show off you trying on dresses to friends and family, remember that these are still early designs. These gowns truly are a sneak peek at the collection, so it’s up to you to protect the secret! However, that all changes if you say yes! You are welcome to take any and all photos you need in the dress you said yes to!

    Reminder 2: Let the stylist bring the dresses to you.

    Trunk shows are always days when there’s a lot of bustling around the shop, so it’s not a good time for you or your entourage to have a look around. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we do ask our guests to remain in the room and let the stylist do the hard work and heavy lifting.

    Reminder 3: The wedding date must be after 5/14/2023.

    This is a longer than usual order timeline for our trunk show dresses, so we are not able to work with a shorter time frame. Seven full months are needed, which as all readers of our bridal timelines article know, is already pretty tight. We cannot accept any orders for a shorter turnaround time, especially as this timeframe is built to allow for two months of alterations.

    Reminder 4: We don’t choose the sizes that come to us.

    We do our best to stock a range of sample sizes in our store, but when it comes to a trunk show, what comes in is entirely up to the designer. In the past we have seen many size 10s, with a few in larger sizes.

    Reminder 5: Trunk shows are not a sale!

    However, the prices are GOOD. They always increase by the time the collection comes out, so this is a chance to get a great deal on two fronts: an exclusive dress at a comfortable cost.

    collage of a beautiful wedding dress with chiffon and lace corset and low back

    Come and join us at the heart of the action!

    There’s really nothing like an event like this to build up the bridal hype. With all the excitement in the air, we like to think it’s easier for brides to step beyond some of their wedding jitters and instead immerse themselves in the fun of it all.

    To be part of the trunk show, book an appointment with us on October 14–15th (that’s a Friday and Saturday). We’ll be thrilled to have you in our store, and we hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes glimpse of what life as a bridal designer is like!

  • 6 trends we saw at the Fall 2022 Bridal Market

    6 Trends We Saw at the Fall 2022 Bridal Market

    Bridal fashion is undergoing a big shift. Here are the top six design trends we noticed at Chicago’s Fall 2022 Bridal Market.

    Fashion is always changing, but it’s fairly common to see certain trends take hold and settle in to become a defining feature of an era. Waistlines rise and fall, pant legs go from flared to skinny to relaxed, strapless gowns give way to long lace sleeves, and so on and so forth. But there are times when a major fashion shift seems to happen all at once, when the trends aren’t just riffing on current ideas, but introducing completely new elements, and when staying stylish isn’t just a matter of replacing your jeans when they wear out, but of updating your entire wardrobe.

    Every Bridal Market is a sneak peek at where the industry is headed, and for the past few shows we’ve noticed small shifts that have indicated an upcoming change in direction. This fall, it was clear that the change had arrived.

    While many of the most popular wedding styles are still running strong (boho gowns aren’t going anywhere anytime soon), the new trends dominated almost every designer we saw. If you’re interested in where bridal is headed, here’s what to keep an eye out for.

    bride wearing a wedding dress with a corset top and pearls against a close up of pearls and sequins

    1. Pearls.

    For the past few years, the subtle sheen of pearls has sat back seat to the more dramatic bling of diamonds, crystals, and sequins. Pearls were present, but understated—cascading down the edge of a veil, for instance. This year, we saw pearls everywhere, often sewn onto the dresses as the stand out bead work, or to enhance three-dimensional lace.

    two slim wedding dresses with small sequins that create a beautiful shimmering look

    2. Solid sequin sparkle.

    The emergence of pearls doesn’t mean dresses are becoming less sparkly. In fact, this year every designer seemed to have at least one dress that was head-to-toe sequin sparkle. What set these gowns apart was how integrated the sequins were with the actual fabric of the dress. Many brides have some hesitation when it comes to sequins, because even those who are looking for a show-stopping dress don’t want to look like they’re part of a beauty pageant (especially if they’re planning to wear a tiara!). However, we felt these gowns kept the bridal feel while also amping up the glamour.

    We thought this trend was just too good so we have ordered our samples in two sizes so everyone can give them a try! We are excited to have them in our store in the coming months.

    two beautiful wedding dresses with floral lace that creates a detailed, deep texture

    3. Floral lace: Oversized or miniaturized.

    Lace has been a ubiquitous part of bridal fashion for years, especially lace designs that incorporate unique patterns or botanical motifs. The lace we’re seeing now is trending in three different directions: larger, smaller, or dimensional.

    First off, we’re seeing more large scale floral—patterns so large that from a distance they look almost like a print. We’re also seeing more dimensional lace, where the lacework is appliquéd with beaded elements to create a design with more depth. Finally, we’re seeing micro lace, where the pattern creates more of a texture than a design.

    3 bridal gloves. 2 of them are sheer with small lace detail and another that is plain classy silk

    4. Gloves.

    If there’s one trend that gives us a thrill of excitement, it’s the way gloves have taken over the bridal scene. As an accessory, long gloves have often lingered on the border of being either charmingly vintage or awkwardly costume-like. One way to make an accessory seem more genuine and less like an article of dress-up is to bring it into the modern era with a new twist. This is what we’re currently seeing with gloves.

    While the classic satin gloves can be seen in abundance, the new trend also includes sheer gloves and ones embellished with pearls, rhinestones, and beading. Tiaras also continue to be in vogue, so feel free to channel Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to your heart’s delight.

    manequins wearing black gowns of different styles

    5. Black wedding dresses.

    If the trends so far have seemed a touch dramatic, wait till you see the new black dresses. Black dresses have been available—although rare—for a few years now. There have been signs of growing interest in black wedding gowns (their frequent presence on Pinterest boards, for instance), but in most cases, the black dresses we’ve seen have been custom gowns. Rather than full black, it’s been more common for dresses to have black details, such as a champagne-colored dress that we carry in our store which has a black lace overlay. It hasn’t been until this year that we’ve truly seen black dresses come into their own.

    At Bridal Market, we were excited to see an entire display dedicated to black wedding dresses. We also saw black gowns in a range of styles, from flowing boho gowns with large organic lace, to voluminous tulle dresses with cinched-in waists that looked like they could have come straight from a 1950s Dior catalogue. All of which is to say that if you’ve ever dreamed of a black wedding dress, your time has come: you have options.

    2 sleek wedding dresses with a little shine and beautiful geometric outline

    6. Clean fabric.

    Last but not least, sleek, unembellished styles are also settling in as one of the popular new looks. Many of the dresses we saw at this year’s show managed to embrace the minimalism of a smooth look, whether it be with satin, chiffon, organza, or crepe, in a way that still felt romantic enough for a wedding. Many designers are taking their clean gown designs up a level, through seam placements, cutout lace in the train, or a unique back strap, so that gowns that appear simple at first glance actually do have a standout feature on closer inspection.

    In particular, Mikado satin—which is a thicker, more luxurious weave of fabric than traditional satin—has become especially trendy. We bought one of our gowns in black Mikado satin, and can’t wait for it to arrive in our store.

    collage of different dresses from the 2022 Fall bridal market

    New trends coming soon to The White Dress!

    One of the main reasons we attend Bridal Market is to see gowns in person and put in orders for what we’d like to have in our boutique. We’re very selective with what we stock in our Michigan bridal store, because we know that not every trend is a good fit for our brides. We also know that keeping up on all the emerging styles is part of what sets us apart. Brides who come to our shop know that they can try on dresses that are hot off the runway, so to speak.

    There’s typically a delay of 6-8 months between seeing a gown at Bridal Market and getting it in our stores, because designers need time to fill the sample orders. However, we frequently post about new arrivals in our store, so keep an eye on this space if you’re interested in trying on these dresses.

    In the meantime, the gowns we carry in store currently include ones we discovered during our trip to Bridal Market this past spring, as well as wedding dresses from the most recent collections of all our designers. If your wedding date is less than a year away, we encourage you not to put off scheduling an appointment. Wedding dress timelines being what they are, it’s essential to get your dress order placed early so you aren’t limited in your selection. Book an appointment with us today!

  • What makes a wedding dress so expensive?

    What Makes a Wedding Dress So Expensive?

    Wedding dresses carry a hefty price tag, but there’s a reason they cost what they do.

    For most brides, their wedding dress will be the most expensive item of clothing they ever purchase. No garment is as anticipated or romanticized, and at this point, thanks to the popularity of shows like Say Yes to the Dress, most brides walk into a wedding boutique with at least some idea of what the dress will cost. (However, lucky for us, all the gowns in our shop are well under the price tag that you see at Kleinfelds.)

    That said, understanding why wedding dresses cost what they do can help a bride feel more confident in her purchase. If you’re a bride shopping on a budget, being aware of the factors most likely to drive up the cost of your gown can help you start with a vision that is more within your price range. And if you’re a bride with a generous budget, knowing where that money is going can help you appreciate the quality of the dress you purchase.

    Most of all, it’s important to realize that a high-quality dress is about more than the dollar amount on the price tag. A simple dress made of good materials can cost less than a more expensive dress with lots of embellishments but be of higher quality based on the workmanship that went into it. So, if you want to be a savvy shopper, here are the factors you should consider when trying to understand the cost of your wedding dress.

    3 wedding dresses with different fabric, chiffon, silk and lace make a difference in the price of a dress

    1. Quality of fabric.

    Let’s start with the most obvious factor: the fabric. Wedding dress fabrics can range from lightweight chiffon to luxurious Mikado silk to intricate Venetian lace. While you will probably never see the cost per yard of these fabrics written down, some of these materials can cost over a hundred dollars a yard, and a dress with a full skirt or a long train might easily require over ten yards of fabric.

    close up on three different, beautiful wedding dresses to show the details in the beading and lace which makes a dress more expensive

    2. Level of detail.

    Fabric isn’t the only material to consider, however. If you’re envisioning a gown with a lot of crystals, beading, or hand-placed appliqués, these will also drive up the price tag of your gown. This isn’t just because the beads and crystals themselves cost money. It’s also because the placement of these design elements has to be adjusted to match the measurements and proportions of each gown, which can also require a lot of work by hand.

    3 beautiful wedding dresses of different style that accentuate the silhouette of the bride

    3. Structure and silhouette.

    The ballgown silhouette is one of the most popular styles among brides—after all, how many opportunities do you have to wear a gown that voluminous! But the volume can sometimes come with a price tag. It’s not just that the layers of fabric add up, it’s that the structure required to keep everything in place is more labor intensive than a simple slip dress. This isn’t to say that ballgowns are the only style of dress that can get pricey, though. Any style that requires a lot of careful fitting and tailoring will generally cost more than looser, free-flowing silhouettes.

    two beautiful wedding dresses that show how much labor go into a dress, one with a long lace train and another lace dress with low sleeves

    4. Cost of labor.

    So far, a lot of what we’ve talked about has had to do with the cost of materials. But wedding dresses also require a lot more work done by hand than the garments you are used to purchasing off the rack. Remember that your wedding gown will be sewn, at least in some capacity, by hand. While designers have software to assist them in adjusting their patterns to those measurements, they still rely on skilled workers to position those pattern pieces on the fabric, cut everything out, and sew it all together.

    3 designer wedding dresses in an aesthetic setting. Designer dresses are more expensive

    5. Designer.

    Just like in the fashion world at large, some labels are more prestigious than others. If you’re buying a gown from a well-known design house, some of the cost of your dress will come down to the name. Now, designers don’t get their reputation from nowhere. If you’re purchasing from a high-end label, it’s likely because they’re using top-shelf fabrics, or have incorporated a lot of labor-intensive details into their designs. That quality will come through in your final gown, and we won’t pretend it’s not satisfying to have a gown designed by a household name, either!

    3 beautiful lace wedding dresses with custom sleeves of different lengths. Custom dresses are more costly than off the rack dresses

    6. Customization.

    Finally, many brides find gowns that are almost their dream dress—they just need a little bit of custom work to get there. Many designers are willing to work with brides to make those alterations, such as turning a scoop neckline into a sweetheart, or adding fabric to fill in a sheer panel, or creating straps for a strapless dress. After all, if they’re already making your dress by order, just for you, minor adjustments aren’t too difficult to include. And if a designer isn’t willing or able to make the adjustments, the seamstress who’s helping you with your final fittings may be able to do them for you. But custom work does add to the price of your gown, and the more of it you want, the more it will be.

    Your wedding dress is a labor of love—and a work of art.

    The bottom line is that, while expensive, your wedding gown also reflects an incredible amount of craftsmanship, from the artistic vision of the designer, to the production quality of the textile manufacturers, to the skill and dedication of the sewers and embroiderers. Bringing all that together into the dress that you wear on your wedding day is an incredibly special achievement.

    Even if you have a limited budget, you can still enjoy the luxury of a designer wedding dress. Look for styles that have a simpler design and that don’t require a lot of embellishments. A flowing A-line chiffon dress, or a minimalist satin sheath can look just as romantic or stylish as a more elaborate gown. You can also keep an eye out for sample sales, where you can buy a gown off the rack at a discount, and work with a seamstress on alterations.

    And if you aren’t yet sure what you’re looking for in your wedding dress, book an appointment with us in our boutique! Not only do the TWD-ettes love nothing more than to talk about bridal fashion with you, we always keep your budget in mind and ensure the dresses we pull are within a range you are comfortable with. We are here to guide you toward a gown that perfectly balances your dreams with your budget. Contact us today to get started.

  • Should You Shop for a Wedding Dress If You Aren't Ready to Buy?

    Should You Shop for a Wedding Dress If You Aren’t Ready to Buy?

    Will early wedding dress shopping help you explore options or set false expectations?

    One of the best parts of running a bridal boutique is helping brides find their perfect dress for one of the most exciting and emotional days of their lives. Finding just the right dress is a huge decision, so it’s only natural that brides want to be as prepared as possible when the time comes.

    Some brides (or brides-to-be) are so eager to find their dress that they start wedding dress shopping before they’re ready to buy a gown. Maybe they’re engaged but haven’t yet set a wedding date, or they’ve planned a long engagement and their wedding is still a couple years away, or they’re saving up money and don’t have the budget yet to make a purchase. (Or maybe they aren’t engaged yet but just can’t wait to start shopping!)

    Whatever their situation, many of these brides seem hopeful that taking a peek at possible wedding dresses now will help them come to a decision later. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

    As much as you may want to start searching for your dress, don’t get carried away! Shopping for a dress before you’re ready to buy usually creates painful mixed emotions that will make it even harder to find your dress when you are ready. If you’re tempted to begin the process early, here are four good reasons to wait.

    3 photos of a beautiful bride wearing a deep v-neck dress with flower lace and shiffon

    1. Don’t go just to try dresses on.

    Let’s start with etiquette. Whenever you go wedding dress shopping, you will need to make an appointment with a boutique. Bridal shops only have a set number of appointments available, so if you have no serious intention of purchasing a wedding dress, you may be taking up a spot that would otherwise go to a paying customer.

    Now, on a slow day this doesn’t matter so much, which may lead you to believe that you could always schedule to come in on a weekday without it being a problem. But even if it’s not inconvenient for the boutique, it’s not a good idea for you.

    Wedding dress shopping is a special time. The emotions that you feel when trying on a dress for the first time can be surprising, and you don’t want to stir them up when you aren’t ready for them. Not only can this turn what seemed like a fun idea into a difficult experience, it can also take away some of the special feeling that comes when you’re ready to go shopping for real.

    beautiful bride wearing a backless wedding dress with lace flowers and ribbons on the shoulders

    2. Remember that most people find a dress they love at their first store.

    As crazy as it sounds, this is the truth and we see it every day! A lot of brides have spent months—if not years—thinking about their dream dress before they even walk into a store. They’ve made a number of important decisions regarding their dress ahead of time (sleeves or no sleeves, lace or a more simplistic fabric, sparkle or no sparkle) and sometimes have only to try on a few gowns to find one that matches their vision. Even if that’s not the case, we do our best at TWD to get you in every silhouette and style so you are exposed to seeing yourself in a variety of ways. As a result, most brides find their dress at the first store they go to.

    In other words, while you may think that finding a dress is a process that will require going to a lot of stores and trying on a lot of dresses, the truth is that you will probably find your dress a lot faster than you expected—and if you aren’t ready to buy it, that could leave you in a tough position.

    Then again, this strategy can also backfire. You may go to one store thinking that you just want a taste, only to feel confused if none of the dresses you try on give you a bridal feeling. This in turn could lead you to want to schedule more appointments at more boutiques, all to search for a dress you have no intention of buying. Like any slippery slope, it’s best not to get started.

    bride wearing a beautiful beaded mermaid style wedding dress

    3. Trying on dresses outside your budget or timeline will only lead to heartbreak.

    This applies to all brides, but it’s especially true for those who are just window shopping: You should never try on a dress you can’t buy! Now, most brides, when they’re ready to purchase a gown, have a good idea of what their budget is.

    But a bride who isn’t ready to buy yet may not have given their budget any real consideration. Or they may be thinking of it with rose-tinted glasses, hoping that by the time they are ready to buy a gown they will be able to afford a more generous budget. This pie-in-the-sky thinking can lead them to start trying on dresses that are well beyond what they could ever buy.

    Fast forward to the day they’re actually ready to buy a gown and have to come to terms with the constraints of their budget. The dress they can afford will now invariably be contrasted with the dress they truly want—a nightmare scenario for any bride. No one wants to be in this position, and the best way to avoid it is to not start shopping until you know your budget.

    3 beautiful brides in their wedding dresses in different styles and sizes

    4. Styles change, so dress shopping too early won’t give you a clear idea of your options.

    Finally, while you may think that early shopping will help you gain a better sense of what you really want, the reality is that you’ll only be learning about the options available to you at that time. By the time you are ready to purchase your actual dress, new styles will be out, and new trends will have emerged. Decisions you made before will be entirely upended by the new market.

    For instance, not so long ago, finding a dress with sleeves was a real challenge. These days, your options for sleeved dresses are much wider, but there’s no guarantee that will last. Similarly, the boho trend is in full swing, but in a few more years something new may come along to replace it. Or you may change! As much as your heart may be set on boho now, a couple years from now you may be ready for something different. Either way, the research you do now won’t help you later.

    A happy bride wearing an elegant wedding dress with lace on the chest and silky fabric on the bottom

    Don’t let the excitement of searching for your wedding dress lead you to disappointment.

    The bottom line is that pre-shopping is not a productive way to prepare for your wedding. As eager as you may be to start the process, it’s best to wait until you’re ready to make a purchase to try on dresses. Otherwise, you may find yourself having “The Moment” with a beautiful gown that you can’t buy.

    That said, there are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for finding your special dress, even if you aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. You can:

    • Research designers. Wedding dress designers put a lot of thought and care into their dresses. Knowing more about a designer can make your eventual dress choice even more meaningful.
    • Choose an aesthetic. Do you want a romantic garden theme? Or are you going for a vintage vibe? Do you want something dramatic or minimal? Extravagant or simple?
    • Decide your must-haves and deal-breakers. It’s important to keep an open mind, but you should also know what your budget is, and a few things you definitely do or don’t want in a dress.
    • Think about your silhouette. Sometimes a silhouette surprises you, but having an idea whether you want a ballgown or trumpet dress can help narrow down your options.
    • Plan that shopping trip. The best time to schedule your wedding dress shopping trip is about one year out from your big day, once you have your venue and wedding dress budget finalized.

    When you are ready to buy a wedding dress, we’re ready to help you find the one. Whether you’re nervous, giddy, overwhelmed, or overjoyed, our TWD-ettes are here to be trusted guides and emotional supports throughout your bridal journey. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

  • 6 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping in Michigan

    6 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping in Michigan

    Michigan is full of charming, small-town bridal shops. Here’s how you should prepare to make the most of your time!

    Michigan is a state of small towns. While there are definitely some cities that make for popular bridal shopping destinations (Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing), no city holds pride of place as the obvious spot to find The Dress.

    This gives brides plenty of range when they’re searching for a good bridal boutique, which is especially great for brides who want to enjoy the charm of small town shopping. Our bridal shop in Brighton, MI is a perfect spot for any bride who wants to combine her dress shopping with a stroll around our charming downtown location, which includes a number of cute cafes and restaurants that are perfect for a celebratory dinner, or a pre-appointment brunch or lunch for those who want to make a day of it.

    Bridal shopping is the perfect time to make beautiful memories with loved ones, but forethought is important to ensure that your time is stress free. If you’re planning to do some wedding shopping in Michigan, here are our top tips for planning your time.

    1. Consider where you purchase your dress.

    We frequently see brides come into our Brighton shop from as far away as Alpena or Traverse City, because they have family in town and want to go shopping with their mom. Or maybe they’ve been living here for a while, but are planning to go back up north for the wedding. Either way, we have found that most brides are looking for a Michigan bridal shop either close to where they live, or close to where they plan to be married.

    While neither of these options is necessarily better than the other, both can also lead to some practical inconveniences. Whichever option the bride chooses, she’ll be traveling either with her dress to her wedding location, or traveling to her dress for alterations. If the bride is getting married in the winter and is worried about a snowstorm blocking up the roads, we would recommend making sure she has her dress with her a few weeks ahead of her wedding to avoid disaster.

    bride and groom wearing coats outdoor

    2. Think about Michigan weather when choosing your dress.

    Anyone who has spent more than a week or two in Michigan knows how fickle the weather can be. While we do have four distinct seasons, it’s common for summer weather to extend well into the fall, or for a surprise snowstorm to hit in mid May.

    This may lead you to think that bridal shops carry special dresses for winter or summer. In fact, most dresses work for every season, and making any gown season-appropriate is more about how you style it. You’ll probably want to avoid long sleeves for summer dresses, or choose gowns with heavier fabric in the winter, but mostly you’ll want to plan for the weather by picking a beautiful coat to go with your dress for outdoor pictures, or bringing a pair of umbrellas if the day looks like rain.

    While we don’t have seasonal dresses in our store, we do update the inventory with new gowns whenever one of our designers comes out with a new collection, which is usually twice a year.

    2 designer wedding dresses

    3. Make sure your boutique carries your designer.

    Speaking of designers, if you’ve done your research and have a favorite designer, you should also make sure that the boutiques where you plan to shop carry that designer. Most wedding dress shops are selective in the designers they have in their store, as well as which dresses from each designer they stock. 

    Some designers may be easier to find in Michigan than others, and some dress styles are more popular as well. Because of this, it’s important to check with your bridal boutique ahead of time to be sure they have what you’re looking for. If a boutique carries your designer but doesn’t have your dress, be sure to ask if they have a sample program. Some wedding shops, like ours, can order in a sample of a dress from one of their designers, even if it’s not one of the ones they usually carry in their store. Also keep an eye on sample sales and trunk shows, which can give you a chance to find a special deal.

    4. Think about how many trips you want to do in one day.

    Some brides want to do all their wedding dress shopping in one day, while others prefer to take their time. Either option is fine, but you should plan your trips carefully. We recommend not planning to visit more than two or three boutiques, as this is more likely to leave you feeling conflicted. Instead, you may decide to visit one boutique in the morning, take a leisurely lunch to think over what you saw, and then schedule another boutique for the afternoon.

    Or you may want to only do one boutique per weekend so that if you find your dress at one boutique you aren’t having to cancel other appointments. This option works best if you’re planning to go shopping on your own, or if you have a couple people who want to go shopping with you but you also want to keep your entourage small. Which brings us to another point…

    bride and groom with bride maids behind them

    5. Plan your entourage.

    Some people prefer to go shopping on their own so that they can make their decision without outside pressure. Others feel like they can’t say yes to a dress without key people in their life present—their mother, their grandmother, their sister, or their maid of honor.

    The problem is that the more people you have with you when you go bridal shopping, the more likely you are to have conflicting opinions. Because of this, we often recommend that a bride only bring one or two people with her at a time. If you do want to bring more people with you, consider bringing them in for a celebratory appointment where you try on your top favorites and say yes all together, or even plan a separate appointment for picking out accessories with everyone present. The point is that there are many appointments at which you’ll be in your dress, so there are many opportunities to bring all the people you need to enjoy the fun and show off your gorgeous gown!

    6. Know when to stop shopping.

    Finally, you can’t keep shopping forever. We’ve seen many brides who feel hesitant about saying yes to their dress for any number of reasons, from being worried about the cost to feeling anxiety over coming to a final decision. Brides have come into our store as their first stop out of a dozen, or as their fourth or fifth stop with more to go.

    Unfortunately, this strategy is bound to leave a bride torn between multiple dresses. If you’ve already found two dresses that you love at two different stores, it’s time to stop. Going to more stores will only leave you with more dresses you love.

    The White Dress team in the boutique

    Ready to go wedding dress shopping in Michigan?

    If you’re looking for a bridal boutique in Michigan, our Brighton store is ready and waiting. Located less than half an hour north of Ann Arbor and forty-five minutes west of Detroit, we’re a perfect stop for anyone who wants to enjoy small town shopping in the region. Make an appointment with us today to get started.

  • 5 Wedding dress shopping tips for plus sized brides

    5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus-Sized Brides

    How plus-sized brides can feel comfortable at their bridal appointments and find the bombshell dress of their dreams.

    Let’s be frank. Wedding dress shopping is both an exciting and vulnerable time for almost every bride. Bodies are different, and not every dress will look good on every body type. Most of us will have some parts of our bodies which we want to flatter, and other areas about which we feel uncertain. This makes talking about our bodies and what we do or don’t find flattering a personal and sensitive subject for all of us.

    But most of us also don’t have the rest of the world regularly weighing in on what we should or shouldn’t be wearing. For plus-sized brides, a history of dealing with frequent and unsolicited advice on this front can make wedding dress shopping an even more challenging experience. It can even make searching for style advice more difficult, because so much of that advice is couched in language about “hiding” or “covering up,” and not about feeling beautiful and looking your best.

    At The White Dress, we’d like to throw that vibe in the trash, where it belongs.

    Our best advice to any bride—but especially to plus-sized brides—is to keep your focus off whatever it is that makes you feel insecure and on the things that make you excited. We also recommend that you set aside any hard and fast “rules” you may have heard about what types of dress are or aren’t off-limits to plus-sized brides. Too many of those rules are based in long traditions of body shaming (subtle or otherwise), and many do not take into account that there is more than one kind of plus-sized body, and that wedding gowns are not made like other dresses.

    Few of us have the body confidence of Lizzo (much as we would like to!), but if there’s one day where we should be channeling that spirit, it is on our wedding day. Here are our top tips for plus-sized brides to help them find dresses that will flatter their figures so that they can walk down the aisle feeling like the stunning queens they are.

    two bridal dresses with wide wastebands

    1. Wide waistbands highlight and lengthen the waist.

    Many plus-sized women assume that their waist is something that needs to be covered or de-emphasized, but actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. It helps to know that the natural waistline for many women is higher than they think—below the bust but a few inches above the belly button. This is the narrowest portion of the torso, so drawing attention to it creates more of a visual hourglass effect, which emphasizes curves.

    Our favorites for this look are Frieda, from Essense of Australia, and Liv, by Stella York. Frieda is full glam, with plenty of sparkling lace and a daring plunge neckline. We also love how the waistband is semi-sheer, which calls attention to the corset-like boning in the waist. Liv offers a simpler, sleeker look, with wider straps and gorgeous square backline.

    3 beautiful lace and chiffon wedding dresses with v-neck and wide straps

    2. Wide straps with a V neck to support the bust and elongate the neck.

    Any bride with a fuller bust has well-founded reservations about going for a strapless gown. Fortunately, one of the current bridal trends combines wider straps with deep V necklines—a particularly flattering combination on plus-sized gowns as the straps provide support while the deep V creates the visual illusion of a longer neck.

    Marcie by Stella York is a particularly good example of this trend, but we also love it for the illusion lace detail in the back. Emerson boasts an even deeper plunge neckline in the front, while illusion tulle cutouts on the side give it a flirty feel without sacrificing support.

    3 beautiful mermaid style bridal dresses

    3. Dresses with structure to show off curves.

    If you’ve always dreamed of a glamorous, figure-hugging gown, we’re here to tell you that your heart’s desire is within your reach. In fact, the benefit of trumpet silhouettes or structured A-line gowns is that the close fit and added boning make these gowns an ultra-slimming choice for many brides. As is so often the case with plus-sized gowns, the instinct to cover up or hide is actually the exact opposite of what would be most flattering!

    There could not be a better example of this than Iskra, by Justin Alexander. This ultra-glam trumpet gown pulls out all the stops, featuring a sweetheart neckline and a dramatic skirt of tulle and organza. For a simpler option, the all-over lace on Kenzie elevates the look and gives it a graceful, flowing quality. Finally, while the flared skirt on Val may not be as bold as Iskra, the delicate beaded straps bring plenty of romance.

    3 flowy bridal dresses with and without sleeves

    4. To sleeve or not to sleeve? (We have options!)

    So many plus-sized brides come into our boutique looking for long-sleeved gowns because they feel insecure about their arms. Now, we love a long-sleeved wedding gown as much as the next person, but we strongly recommend brides only go for this option if they actually like the look of sleeves. For one thing, sleeves draw attention to the arms, which is often the opposite of what a self-conscious bride wants. But more importantly, sleeves can be very hot in the summer and be hard to move in, depending on the cut of the dress.

    Instead, we recommend an off-the-shoulder sleeve for brides who feel safer with something on their arms, but which isn’t as hot or constricting as a full sleeve. Even better? The off-the-shoulder neckline is stunning on almost every bride.

    For brides who have their hearts set on sleeves, Hallie by Stella York combines tattoo lace with fabric-covered buttons at the wrists for an elegant finish. Halona, also from Stella York, comes in both sleeved and sleeveless versions, so you can see both and decide which you like better.

    If you’re interested in the off-the-shoulder look, might we suggest Kateri? Don’t be fooled by the simple fabric. The plunge neckline gives it a sultry allure that has us head over heels. Or if you’re in love with the boho trend (aren’t we all?), Constance is an unforgettable gown which unmistakably channels Brigitte Bardot.

    3 boho style bridal dresses that are elegant and playful

    5. Your vision is not out of reach, but achieving it may take some creativity.

    Finally—and this is true for all our brides—it’s never good to think too narrowly about your vision for a dream gown. For instance, we would always encourage a bride to have a general idea for the look she’s trying to achieve, but not to get too hung-up on the specifics. You should know whether you want a boho dress or a princess ballgown, for instance, but it’s best not to arrive with a long checklist, because you may inadvertently be cutting your dream gown from your search simply because it doesn’t have the long sleeves you thought you wanted.

    For instance, a couple of our favorite plus-sized gowns include Cambry, from Essense of Australia, and Neve, from Lis Simon. Cambry combines a sweetheart neckline with the off-the-shoulder sleeves that we love, as well as a fitted bodice that provides support as well as flattering definition. Meanwhile, the straps on Neve provide just the right amount of support while the plunging neckline and low back will have you feeling like a million bucks!

    Our TWD-ettes are ready to help you find the perfect plus-sized wedding dress.

    If you’re ready to try on plus-sized gowns for your wedding, set up an appointment with us. We carry a selection of plus-sized wedding gowns in our store, in sizes ranging from 18–22, and can answer all your questions about how to style or alter your dress to achieve your perfect look. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

  • Best Bridal Dresses by Venue for 2022

    header image "Best bridal dresses by venue for 2022"

    Your bridal venue has a big impact on the dress you choose.

    For most brides, the two biggest decisions they must make in the immediate aftermath of their engagement are their dress and their venue. Given that the demand for beautiful event spaces means booking at least a full year in advance, most brides begin wedding dress shopping after their venue has already been chosen.

    This is actually a huge advantage, because some wedding dresses work better than others at different venues. For instance, a voluminous ballgown might not be the best choice for a beach, and a lacy boho dress might not fit a ballroom.

    So, if you’ve found the venue of your dreams and are looking for the perfect dress to match, here’s what to take into account.

    Chapel: Long sleeves, long trains, and traditional styles.

    If you’re having your wedding ceremony in a church or other religious location, you may want to check to see if they have any guidelines. Even beyond religious considerations, many brides like having a more traditional look for their gown if they’re getting married in a church. After all, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle got married in long-sleeved gowns.

    Our picks:

    3 brides in chapel wedding dresses

    • Griffin. We love the sheer flowing sleeves, while the illusion plunge at the front keeps this gown from being too demure.
    • Halona. All over lace, with long sleeves and a long train, this gown ticks every box for the perfect chapel gown.
    • Anabelle. Ready for something truly regal? Anabelle is simple at first glance, but with its lustrous mikado silk and long row of buttons down the back, it will definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle.


    Ballroom: Big, bold, and princess-perfect.

    For brides who have chosen a grand ballroom for their ceremony, be sure to pick a dress that can hold its own. Now is not the time for simplicity—it’s time to be dramatic! Think sparkly ballgowns and voluminous trumpet silhouettes, and get ready to stop the show!

    Our picks:

    3 brides in ballroom wedding dresses

    • Hanah. The all-over shimmer on this dress is dazzling enough to catch the eye from a distance, while the long train fills up the space.
    • Rashida. What could be more glamourous than this bodycon dress as it blooms into a full tulle trumpet silhouette? This gown is an absolute stunner for the fashion-forward bride.
    • Galinda. If you’re ready to go full-on princess, you couldn’t do better than Galinda. With its tiered ruffle skirt and beaded fitted top, you’ll have a wonderful evening twirling your way through every dance.


    Garden: Lace, flowers, and boho gowns.

    Gardens are a beautiful, romantic location for a wedding, but they can also be hot on a sunny day, and even some well-placed shade won’t save you from the humidity of a Michigan summer. For these venues, keep your dress as weightless as possible, and consider carrying the garden theme through the design by choosing lace florals.

    Our picks:

    3 brides in Garden wedding dresses

    • Ariya. A flowing chiffon dress with a hemline that dissolves into lace botanicals—what’s not to love?
    • Rissa. With a low back and thin straps, Rissa is sure to keep you cool during the day, while the sheath silhouette and long lace train add more than a touch of elegance.
    • Katina. The floaty skirt on Katina will have you feeling like you’re walking on air, while the off-the-shoulder sleeves and dimensional lace of the bodice amp up the romance.


    Beach: Breezy, beautiful boho.

    Michiganders know that our beaches are both beautiful and underrated, which is why they make a perfect choice for (not too far) destination weddings. The one catch is that, unlike the sunny beaches of California or Florida, Michigan weather can be temperamental, windy, and (depending on the time of year) cold. Consider the usual weather for your time of year, and avoid tight-fitting gowns that will make it difficult to walk across sand.

    Our picks:

    3 brides wearing beach wedding dresses

    • Yvonna. We love how the layers on this gown give it a breezy look while still providing the volume we always want from a ballgown, while the sandy-colored underdress means you don’t have to worry too much about staining it.
    • Miley. If you’re planning a summer wedding, Miley offers something a little lighter, with a lace overskirt that will look stunning as it catches the breeze.
    • North. Finally, who could say no to North, with its boned bodice, thigh-high slit, and net overskirt. You’ll be giving off mermaid vibes without having to worry about a restrictive skirt.


    Barn: Vintage chic and rustic elegance.

    The popularity of barn weddings in Michigan is still running strong, and for good reason. The lofted ceilings create a cavernous space that provides plenty of room for eating and dancing, while the grounds offer a quiet space for anyone who wants a break from the crowds. Given the more rustic setting, it’s probably best to avoid anything too full or too chic, but it is perfect for many boho and vintage-inspired gowns.

    Our picks:

    3 brides wearing barn wedding dresses

    • Venus. We love the country chic vibe of Venus, and the way its more traditional applique lace design pairs with a fitted bodice with a plunge sweetheart neckline.
    • Nataleigh. Looking for something a little more modern? The flowing chiffon on Nataleigh, combined with the bell sleeves and the high slit, will make for easy movement, while the lace bodice creates plenty of romance.
    • Briar. There’s so much charm to Briar that it’s hard to put our finger on our favorite detail. Maybe it’s the square neckline, or the way the lace trails down from the bodice to meet the lace climbing up from the hem. No matter what way you look, this laid back beauty will keep you comfortable all day, regardless of the weather.


    Vineyard: Elegant and graceful.

    Anyone who has spent a weekend touring Michigan’s vineyards knows that a more gorgeous location can be hard to come by. That said, vineyards vary greatly in style, with some taking a more rustic approach, and others choosing designs that are chic and modern. Depending on your venue, you could follow our recommendations for a garden or a barn wedding, but we also think a sophisticated sheath gown would pair beautifully with a vineyard setting.

    Our picks:

    3 brides wearing vineyard wedding dresses

    • Darby. With a smooth crepe finish, thin straps, and a plunge neckline, Darby hits all the right notes. And if you’re sold on the front, stay tuned for the low, illusion lace back.
    • Normani. If you’re interested in something more vintage, the embroidered sequin lace and off-the-shoulder straps of Normani strikes the perfect balance between old tastes and new.
    • Iona. With a sheer cape falling like a cascade of champagne bubbles, Iona is the perfect choice for anyone interested in making a fashion statement.


    Our TWD-ettes are ready with style advice based on your venue to help you find your dream dress.

    No matter your venue, our lovely team of TWD-ettes is ready to help you find a wedding gown that will match. We can talk to you about your favorite styles, possible modifications, and options for accessorizing. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

  • photo of The White Dress team

    What to Expect When Shopping at The White Dress

    Wondering what it’s like to visit our boutique? Here are 7 ways The White Dress is not your typical bridal store.

    When many brides start shopping for their wedding dress, they naturally spend the most time focused on the dress itself: what silhouette they want, what style will go with their wedding theme, which gowns fit into their budget, and which designers have an aesthetic or an ethos that resonates with their own preferences.

    However, where you shop for your wedding dress is just as important a consideration. It will affect which designers you will be able to try on, how broad your selection of gowns is, and (most importantly) how comfortable you feel in the store.

    Most brides expect to have their big bridal moment when they try on their dream dress. But we know that the environment we create in our store is the number one factor in helping brides have that moment. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the experience brides have in our store, and have identified six factors that we believe set us apart. If you’re looking for a bridal boutique, these are some of the factors you should think about!

    1. We promise a no-pressure environment.

    Nothing stifles a bride’s ability to have a comfortable experience in the store more than a pushy consultant trying to make a commission. Even bridal boutiques who are trying to do right by their brides can unintentionally undermine their efforts by incentivizing their staff to focus on sales.

    That’s why we don’t operate on commission. We want our TWD-ettes to be able to devote their full attention to what’s best for the bride. That means we’ll always respect your budget and we’ll never pressure you to make a decision before you’re ready.

    We’ve seen over and over again how this approach changes a bride’s experience in our store. When a bride knows that our TWD-ettes aren’t trying to upsell her on her gown, it puts her more at ease to look at dresses with an open mind—and that’s the best space to be in if you’re hoping to capture that “wow” moment when you find THE dress.

    2. We run a new promotion almost every month (and they’re super fun!).

    If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we love a good promotion. For us, it’s not just a sales technique to encourage brides to come through the door—it’s also a way we keep things fresh and fun around our boutique.

    Case in point? For the past two months we’ve been running an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” promo, where every time a bride says yes to her dress, we ask her to pick either from a glass of little cocktail umbrellas or from a bouquet of roses. Each umbrella or rose comes with a discount on the dress, ranging from $50 to $150.

    Our brides appreciate the discount, but it’s also fun for our team, and leads to an overall more positive experience in our store. We’ve had any number of promotions over the years, with prizes ranging from free jewelry to a sample sale giveaway.

    3. We’re not a chain.

    Not to name names, but it’s hard to have the personal, intimate experience you’re looking for when wedding dress shopping at a chain wedding dress store. While these shops have brand recognition, they’re also operating at scale across a broader geographical region, which means they don’t have the same feel for the local market that we do.

    We spend a lot of time talking to our brides and paying attention to what’s on trend for our area. Michigan is a state known for its natural beauty, with an abundance of orchards, vineyards and lakes making outdoor venues especially popular.

    Many brides also plan fall weddings, hoping to take advantage of the changing leaves. And while beach weddings are certainly a destination in our state, getting married with the Great Lakes as your backdrop isn’t the same as standing on a beach in California.

    As for our lovely Detroit brides, we know that one of the popular trends is to match the classic Art Deco theme of downtown venues with a gown that has a more vintage bohemian look.

    We know these things, and spend a lot of time tailoring our selection to meet local needs in a way that larger stores who have to appeal to tastes around the country can’t.

    Wedding dresses from a woman owned store

    4. We’re woman-owned!

    Hey, ladies! Did you know that we’re a woman-owned business? It’s true. Being woman-owned means that the decisions being made in our store all come from someone who has been in your shoes before and understands first-hand what it takes to make a bridal shop feel comfortable and relaxing for visitors.

    In fact, it’s because we have had this experience that we place such a high value on things like a pressure free environment and on keeping our collection up to date. It’s more than just good business—it’s how we would want to have the experience ourselves.

    Building relationships in the wedding dress industry

    5. We’re proactive about building relationships in our industry.

    If you read our recent post about our trip out to Chicago for the semi-annual Bridal Market, you know how dedicated we are to going the extra mile (or in this case, two-hundred and sixty miles) to stay at the top of our industry. Bridal Market is where we see the latest collections of dresses, but it’s also where we meet designers and make the connections we need to host trunk shows and designer spotlights throughout the year.

    In particular, we believe that trunk shows are the best way our brides can truly experience a designer’s collection—and maybe even score a completely unique gown. But having a close relationship with our designers is valuable in other ways as well, especially when it comes to bespoke alterations or ordering in a sample dress through our loaner program that we don’t usually carry in our store.

    Wedding dresses in a local store

    6. We carry a broad selection of plus-sized sample gowns in our store.

    Gowns can be ordered in almost any size, but it’s hard to get an idea for what that gown will actually look like on your body if the sample sizes available aren’t even close to your shape. Well, we wouldn’t be serious about our desire to make each and every bride in our boutique feel comfortable if we weren’t also dedicated to offering a generous selection of plus-sized sample gowns to try on.

    We also firmly believe that every woman’s body is different, and that there are no rules for which dresses you can or can’t try on. Our plus-sized collection carries a full range of silhouettes and styles, so whether you want a princess ballgown or a slinky lace boho dress, you will have options in our store.

    Plus-size beautiful wedding dresses

    7. Our TWD-ettes are absolute rock stars.

    Last but not least, we truly wouldn’t be who we are without our fabulous team of TWD-ettes. So many customers have commented on how working with our TWD-ettes made them feel instantly at ease. That feedback is something we take to heart, and it inspires us to always do our best to put our brides first. 

    The women in our store are truly indispensable for creating the kind of environment we want for our guests. They know our collection of dresses front to back, have a near encyclopedic knowledge of the latest bridal trends, and are ready to offer style advice to any bride who can’t decide between a veil or tiara.

    So if you have any doubts, anxieties, hesitations, or questions, come on in and talk to our team! By the time you leave you’ll feel at peace in your heart and confident in your choices.

    Schedule a visit to experience our store for yourself!

    At The White Dress, we’re committed to two things: providing a first-class selection of wedding dresses for our brides here in Michigan, and making sure that each bride feels comfortable and confident during her time in our boutique. Book your appointment with us, and let us make your wedding dress experience just as special and magical as you always imagined.

  • We Went to Bridal Market!

    National Bridal Market is one of our industry’s premier trade shows. Here’s why that matters for you.

    Of the pre-Covid traditions we missed as a bridal boutique, one of the biggest was our regular trip to Chicago for National Bridal Market. For the past few years, industry disruptions and Covid precautions have made it difficult to attend. So this year, making the trip in person was a big moment for our whole team.

    Bridal Market is a semi-annual event that brings designers from all around the world together to the trade floor where they showcase their wares for industry buyers. Of course, for many designers, packing up trunk-loads of dresses and traveling hundreds of miles is only worthwhile if they know that those attending are qualified resellers. For this reason, Bridal Market is not open to the general public. To attend, buyers not only need to register, they must also demonstrate that they are active resellers within the bridal industry.

    Bridal Market isn’t just for wedding dresses. It’s also for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, headpieces and veils, men’s formalwear, footwear, and even bridal lingerie. And it isn’t just a time to look at products on display. We also have a chance to attend industry seminars and even see the latest gowns modeled on the runway.

    We love Bridal Market. It’s a time for our team to bond over a weekend trip to Chicago filled with gorgeous wedding dresses by day and cocktails by night. But as fun as Bridal Market is to attend, it’s also important for our brides. Not every bridal boutique makes the trip, but we truly believe that in order to provide a first-class experience for our customers, we need to be at the forefront of industry trends. Bridal Market lets us do that. Here’s why.

    1. We get up close and personal with hundreds of dresses.

    Over a hundred and fifty brands attend Bridal Market, so when we say it gives us a chance to experience the best the industry has to offer, that’s no exaggeration. It’s also an essential opportunity for us to see for ourselves what dresses look like. There’s only so much you can gather from a product description or a photograph. Only by seeing the dresses for ourselves can we get a good sense of  their production quality and how they move when worn.

    For example, one of the bridal lines we’ve been most excited about in recent years has been the Abella collection from Allure Bridals. The fabrics used for these dresses shimmered in a way that we had never seen before, and their true beauty is hard to appreciate until you’ve seen them in motion.

    Bridal Market is our first opportunity to preview new collections and select sample dresses to carry in our store. While we continue to carry many of our sample dresses for several years, Bridal Market also allows us to add new dresses to our boutique each year.

    2. We keep an eye on emerging trends and what’s hot.

    Bridal Market is the Fashion Week of the bridal industry. Many of the dresses we’re seeing are so new that they aren’t even offered in stores yet—some may never make it into production. As we walk the trade floor, we’re keeping our eyes out for the newest ideas so that by the time a bride spots a trend she would like to try, we already have a dress waiting in our store for her to try on.

    That said, trend spotting isn’t just about finding what’s popular—it’s also about knowing what our brides in Michigan want to buy. We’re keenly aware of what styles will be popular among our brides, and are ready to take a deeper dive into those collections. As a result, we can present a wider array of gowns in the trend our brides care about (hello, boho!), so that no one feels like they’re limited to the same selection.

    We’re also happy to order in a sample gown through our loaner program from any of our designers. So if you see a gown on one of our designers’ websites that you just love, we can still get it for you, even if it’s not one we usually carry in our store.

    3. We meet designers and learn more about their collections.

    If you’ve ever heard about trunk shows and been interested in attending one, than you should know that Bridal Market is where we make the networking connections that make these events possible. We’re very selective about which designers we work with at our boutique. We only carry a certain number of labels, and we want to be sure that each designer is one our brides will love.

    At Bridal Market, we not only get to see the gowns up close, we’re also able to talk to the designers about their collections—where they find their inspiration, what their design ethos is, and how they choose their fabrics and embellishments. Sometimes, learning these extra details is just what we need to hear to decide carry a new line of dresses in our store or invite a designer for a trunk show.

    For example, we just love the unique angle  the design team Lis Simon takes on their collections. Along with their more traditional collection, they also offer separate tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched and sewn together to create a complete look. Or there’s the Adore line by Justin Alexander, which offers simple, affordable dresses on a faster timeline. By meeting designers and talking with them about their collections, we gain a better understanding of why those gowns were designed a certain way and what makes them special.

    Bridal Market lets us be certain we’re giving our brides the latest and greatest gown selection.

    We may be based in small-town Michigan, but there’s nothing provincial about our boutique. You can be sure when you visit our store that our collection contains the latest styles. And, if you have any questions about possibilities for alteration, we can discuss those changes directly with the designer to see what can be done.

    Finally, while this may be an unsung part of the experience, we also find that making the trip to Bridal Market is important for our team. Those of us who go are able to learn first-hand about the industry and gain the kind of insights that let us help our brides find their perfect gown. We’re also able to share our thoughts with each other about the latest trends and become closer-knit as a team.

    So if you’re on the hunt for your perfect gown, there’s no better time to book an appointment. With the season’s latest trends fresh on their minds, our bridal team is bursting with inspiration.. Schedule your visit with us today.

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

    New Bridal Promotions: April Showers Bring May Flowers!

    Choose a dress from us in April or May and win a special surprise.

    Spring is well and truly here, and we expect many of our newly-engaged brides are experiencing a storm of emotions equal to the season. Amid the whirlwind of excitement and anxiety, one of the earliest and biggest decisions brides have to make is, of course, the dress. For some brides, shopping for the dress is an experience they’ve been looking forward to for years. For others, it’s a nerve-wracking event that fills them with equal parts joy and trepidation.

    We want all our brides to feel like finding their dress is a highlight of their wedding planning journey. So, to add a spot of sunshine to the experience, we’ve planned something special for our spring brides.

    Umbrellas and bouquets—oh my!

    For the months of April and May, we’re running a special promotion to celebrate the change of seasons and make everyone’s appointments that much more fun. Each month, brides who choose their dream dress and place an order with us will have a chance to earn a prize.

    In April, we will offer brides a selection of cocktail umbrellas. Brides will make their selection and pop the umbrella open to reveal her  special discount, with savings ranging from $50 to $150 off. In May, we will be offering brides a flower from a bouquet which will offer  similar savings.

    Umbrellas and bouquets and Spring Weddings

    Make the most of your bridal appointment.

    As exciting as wedding dress shopping can be, it can be equally exhausting. No bride wants to go to a dozen stores and try on a hundred gowns before she finds the one. This kind of experience just adds to the stress of shopping and can make the bride second-guess every decision she makes. That’s why a huge part of a good bridal experience begins before the bride even arrives. Here are three tips to help you feel confident and prepared before you even set foot in the door.

    Beautiful Spring Wedding Dresses and Flowers

    1. Be familiar with bridal timelines.

    Pre-COVID, brides could order their dress nine months in advance and be assured it would arrive on time. With supply chain delays and other pandemic disruptions, this is no longer enough time. We currently recommend our brides order their dress at least twelve months in advance to be sure it arrives on time for necessary alterations.

    Spring Weddings and Wedding Dresses

    2. Take a look at our gown selection ahead of time.

    Our TWD-ettes know our entire collection front to back and can guide you toward the dress of your dreams. But it also helps to come to your appointment with an idea of what you would like—especially the silhouette and style. Fortunately, we have all our dresses up in our Look Book so you can see what we have available and pick some favorites before you arrive. Check out some of the latest spring trends if you’re planning a wedding for Spring 2023.

    Wedding Gowns for Spring Weddings

    3. Come relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself.

    We know that just telling you to relax isn’t enough in itself. This is a big decision, and it’s almost impossible you’ll be able to approach it without your emotions running high. That’s why we promise all our brides a pressure-free appointment. When you’re with us, your attention should be entirely focused on your own experience—not on whether we want you to buy a dress.

    Start your wedding dress search with us.

    Between the sunshine and snowflakes, springtime in Michigan can be a rollercoaster—but wedding dress shopping doesn’t have to be. Schedule a visit at our bridal boutique in Brighton, MI, and see just how easy and breezy finding your perfect gown can be. We look forward to seeing you.

  • 13 Beautiful Dresses for a Spring Wedding Blog

    13 Beautiful Dresses for a 2023 Spring Wedding

    Explore the best new fashions for spring-inspired bridal gowns.

    As one of the premier bridal stores in Michigan, we know that springtime in the Midwest is an exciting time to be a bride. The gloom of winter is lifting, a full summer of lush, lazy days lies ahead, and the first crocuses to push their way through the snow hold the promise of a beautiful year. Who wouldn’t want to get married?

    In the past, bridal timelines didn’t line up neatly with the seasons. A bride planning a wedding in the spring of 2023 might not be shopping for her dress until pumpkin spice latte season was just around the corner. This is no longer the case. As we covered in a recent post, bridal dress timelines are longer than usual because of complications from the pandemic and the current global supply chain crisis. For all you brides out there, this means that the time to start looking for a dress is now.

    So, if you’re feeling that spring fever, breathe it in and let that inspire you as you explore our selection of gorgeous wedding dresses, each of which would be a perfect choice for a 2023 spring wedding.

    1. Aniella: soft and sexy boho gown.

    Float like butterfly in this boho wedding dress by Lillian West. This stunning jersey fit and flare style features a low-cut back and illusion side cutouts. If you prefer more coverage, you also have the option of lined sides.

    2. Laken: stand apart in allover lace.

    You have lovely curves and you’re not afraid of a gown that hugs them. This bold fit and flare gown features a unique allover Guipure lace and illusion jewel neckline. A soft line of tulle-covered buttons trickles down the sexy illusion back and draws the eye to the chapel-length train.

    Fresh Air with Neve Wedding Dress for Spring

    3. Neve: easy-breezy breath of fresh air.

    This lovely fit and flare by Lis Simon truly embodies the spirit of a spring wedding. Feel the season with a leaf-patterned, 3D-lace applique over Swiss-dot tulle. The sheer bodice is enhanced by the deep-plunging neckline in the front and the open V-cut of the back. The lining is available in ivory, white, almond, mocha, or oyster, and all are designed with the lace in ivory.

    4. Lulu: beauty in full bloom.

    Breathe new life into a classic bridal beauty with this stunning plus-sized wedding gown by Stella York. Inspired by traditional glamour, this lace and soft crepe dream features a voluptuous V-neckline and sheer back detail. Fabric colors for this dress are available in ivory or white, and tulle plunge options are available in ivory, mocha, porcelain and white.

    Verona for beautiful spring wedding

    5. Verona: she walks in beauty.

    You’ll be walking poetry in this unbelievably beautiful beaded sheath Justin Alexander wedding gown. The daring neckline and sheer bodice is accented with illusion side insets and a V-back. Exquisite appliques combining sequins, beads, and 3D laser-cut chiffon float throughout the dress to give it a dreamy and ethereal feel. The stylish tulle shoulder bows, which are removable, add a delicately feminine detail.

    6. Kasey: flower power.

    Let love bloom in this romantically pretty spaghetti strap sheath gown. The 3D floral lace and crystal tulle is lovely enough for any season, but it’s especially delightful for the spring bride.

    Be the main event during your spring wedding with with Michelle

    7. Michele: the main event.

    Make the entrance of a lifetime in this vintage-inspired, yet modern, floral-lace ballgown wedding dress. The shimmering beadwork and voluminous layers of the tulle skirt will dance with light as you walk through the sunbeams of your spring wedding venue.

    Own the isle with Zinedine

    8. Zinedine: own the aisle.

    Irresistibly romantic, this A-line Adore by Justin Alexander wedding dress in soft sequined chenille features a spring-inspired allover floral motif that will have you walking on air. From the tops of your delicate tulle straps to the tip of your lovely chapel-length train, you’ll embody the essence of spring.

    9. Maisy: simplicity is genius.

    The timeless glamour of this classic ballgown wedding dress is fit for a princess. The flattering voluminous skirt and wide straps of the halter neckline are simultaneously traditional and modern. While the silhouette may be simple and chic, the full train brings all the magnificent drama.

    Easy, breezy beauty with Rachel

    10. Rachel: easy, breezy beauty.

    Take their breath away with this flowy A-line gown in delicate Chantilly lace. Beautiful trim defines the neckline, straps and waist above an airy chiffon skirt that glides like clouds in a springtime sky. Enjoy the easy-to-wear casual elegance of this gown from Adore by Justin Alexander.

    Be the boho princess bride with Raine

    11. Raine: the boho princess bride.

    Can’t decide between the romance of a long sleeve bridal gown or the drama of a strapless sweetheart neckline? Get the best of both worlds with this lace and tulle A-line boho wedding gown. The romance of the organic-shaped leaves and dainty blooms give gorgeous movement to the voluminous bell sleeves of the Neve jacket, while adding figure-flattering patterns to the sheer bodice underneath.

    Romance for days with Rhiannon

    12. Rhiannon: romance for days.

    Catch every eye for miles around in this beaded boho wedding dress with glitter tulle. Dreamy and dramatic, a slightly sheer bodice features a gorgeous, leafy lace design. The classic scoop back and beaded elements of the 3D floral applique over glitter tulle give the style a magical flair.

    13. Freya: fashion-forward, floral masterpiece.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite element on this sheer lace halter dress by Stella York. The distinct center front plunge neckline accents the stylish high halter neckline, while the subtle ruching of the sheer organza creates flattering and interesting detail. The flowing skirt of lace and French tulle give you a floating, weightless beauty.

    Your wedding may be a year away, but spring is just around the corner.

    Planning a wedding is such a big ordeal, that the big date can seem at once too far away to be real and on you before you know it. But for many brides, finding their dress and knowing that, at least, has been taken care of takes a lot of the stress of planning off their shoulders.

    So don’t put off shopping any longer. Instead, let the changing season inspire you! Set up an appointment today, and let our expert team help you find your spring wedding dream dress.

  • 5 tips for matching your bridal bouquet to your dress

    5 Tips for Matching Your Bridal Bouquet to Your Dress

    Let your dress inspire the perfect arrangement of flowers for your wedding day.

    You put so much thought into choosing the perfect wedding dress – the one that was simply meant for you. So it should come as no surprise to learn that there are also many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect bridal bouquet to match your gown.

    To find the perfect dress, you thought about things like choosing a style that matches your personality and picking fabrics and cuts that would be flattering to your body type. You considered the time of year, the venue, and your own personal flair.

    You’ll take all of this into consideration when designing the perfect bouquet as well, but the most impactful element will be the inspiration that comes from your dress.

    Matching your bouquet to your dress is about following through with all the instincts that you used to find your way to the perfect gown. But there are also some basic guidelines that you can follow. To ensure your whole look is picture perfect, try these 5 great tips for matching your bridal bouquet to your dress.

    1. Complete the look of your dress, don’t compete with it.

    Your wedding dress more than likely has certain features that stand out above others. Consider these details and be careful not to choose a size or shape for your bouquet that overshadows or competes with it.

    Let’s say you’ve chosen a chic gown with sheer long sleeves and a beautifully buttoned cuff, like our Aisla gown from Allure Bridals. You don’t want to choose a medium or large cascading arrangement that covers the details of the cuff. Be sure your arrangement works with your dress, not against it.

    Beautiful detailed wedding dresses.

    2. Create balance between shapes and sizes.

    There are no hard and fast rules about which shape and size bouquet to choose for specific dress styles. But it’s important to be mindful about balance. Your dress will give you the clues you need.

    If you opted to make a grand entrance in an opulent ballgown like Astrid Ann, your choice of bouquet should match the magnitude of the ballgown. If you’re concerned the arrangement will be too much, scale back on another detail of the bouquet. Choose a classic cascading arrangement, but keep the color scheme to one or two. Or choose domed arrangement, but fill it with lush and colorful flowers like a variety of roses, peonies, lily and protea.

    For an A-line like Ilana or form-fitting sheath dress like Nicole, try to match the simplicity of the dress’s silhouette with a smaller size and shape. Choose a small to medium tightly rounded arrangement, or something that is visually bold, but not bold in size. You can explore some of the dramatic colors that are trending in 2022, such as bright pinks, purples, reds and oranges.

    When considering the shape and size or your bouquet, consider also how they will match your own proportions as well. If you’re very petite, will an oversized bouquet be too overbearing? Or will a delicate nosegay feel diminutive in your hands?Create balance between shapes and sizes in your wedding dress choices.

    3. Mirror an accent color from your gown.

    Muted earthy tones are also a popular influence for this year’s bridal color palette. If you’re not drawn to the bold, statement colors that are trending this year, try pulling an accent color form your dress. Mirror the amber tones of a sash, or the mocha hue of your dress’s lining. You can do this with the color of the flowers, tinted leaves, or simply wrap the handle in a matched satin. When your dress is being made, if you can get a piece of leftover fabric, incorporate that as a wrap or a draping ribbon. The effect should be subtle, but polished.

    4. Take a cue from your dress’s texture and detail.

    With the huge array of options of flowers, foliage (and even feathers!) that can go into a bouquet, it’s not hard to match your arrangement to the textures and fabric of your dress. You just need to know what to observe and what to work off of. Depending on the dress, you might opt to enhance a detail through a contrasting texture or by mimicking it.

    Imagine walking through your garden wedding in a lovely A-line gown with an eye-catching, spring-inspired floral applique (Katina or Luca would be great options!). A light and airy bouquet with daintily dangling white and pink cosmos not only compliments the seasonal vibe of the venue, but it also accentuates the primary detail of the dress by delicately mirroring it. If, instead, you wanted to bring attention to the detail of the dress through contrast, you could choose a larger, more impactful flower, like cala lilies, and carry a single-flower bouquet.Pay attention to texture and detail in wedding dresses.

    5. Try a strategically chosen contrast.

    If you have a flair for the dramatic, make a statement with a striking contrast. Pair a simple, flowy, A-line chiffon gown with a bountiful arm-full of colors and textures, filled with wildflower foliage, luscious peonies and greenery. Spotlight your strikingly sexy lace boho gown with a small bouquet of white roses and pampas grass and eucalyptus. Or perhaps a single velvety, fully bloomed red rose against the silhouette of an elegantly beaded fit and flare with a daringly plunging neckline – oh, be still our beating hearts!

    Bonus tip: Spend time with your floral expert.

    The more your floral designer knows about you, the better they can help you navigate how to best match your bridal bouquet to your wedding dress. Be sure to bring pictures, not just of your dress, but of your venue if possible. Take time to talk about your style. Why and how did you choose the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Is there a significance to the season for the overall theme of your wedding? Is there an overall effect you are hoping to achieve? These questions will help you achieve the perfect look with your floral arrangement.

    Your wedding dress is a reflection of who you are. Using the tips and guidelines we’ve outlined for you here, you’ll walk down the aisle on your special day with a bridal bouquet that not only matches your dress, but it will also match you.

  • Bridal Trends Through The Decades

    Bridal Trends through the Decades

    Searching for a timeless style to add elegance to your wedding theme? History is full of gorgeous designs to choose from.

    Some brides want the most up-to-the-minute wedding gown, while others want to draw upon their favorite design trend from bygone decades. We love both, and are firm believers in the idea that good designs are timeless. In fact, many of the gowns we carry in our boutique show obvious fashion influences from styles of earlier decades.

    If you’re hoping to add a vintage or retro flare to your wedding, but don’t want to go so far that you feel like you’re dressing up for a period drama, we have the selection for you. Each of these dresses is currently in production from our favorite designers, while also showing design trends from previous decades. Take a look and see if any speak to you!

    1920s: Drop waists, straight silhouettes, and beaded lace.

    Wedding dresses in drop waists, straight silhouettes, and beaded lace.

    Do the 1920s even need an introduction? The loose silhouettes, geometric lace, and swinging fringe are some of the most recognizable of the past century. Their influence made itself known in the 60s and 70s, when short, A-line mod dresses and breezy, carefree styles came back into fashion, and have even made a revival a century later with many of today’s boho styles.

    Perhaps the most direct 1920s throwback in our store collection is the Caydence gown, from Lis Simon. The low V neckline, scalloped lace, and sheath silhouette are a direct homage, while the low back gives it a modern edge. For a more subtle reference, Lannie has many of those same style elements, this time with more floral lace. (Imagine how this dress would look with your hair done up in a bob with finger waves, and we think you’ll see what we mean.)

    For a slightly more “out there” twist on the decade, consider Asher. The silhouette and all-over lace have a little of that 20s look, but what really wins us over are the fringe straps.

    1930s & 40s: Hollywood glamour and wartime austerity.

    Hollywood glamour and wartime austerity. in wedding dress styles.

    The 1930s is a strange decade for fashion. The Great Depression meant that many women were unable to afford new gowns, and instead wore their nicest dress. But in contrast, the decade also saw the emergence of glamorous Hollywood styles—a spirit which we believe Iona captures perfectly. The clean, figure-hugging lines evoke the bias cut dresses popularized by Madeleine Vionnet, which were iconic for their era.

    By the time the 1930s ended, Word War II led to boxier silhouettes, utilitarian styles, and fabric rationing that once more restricted the kinds of dresses women could buy. While it’s hard to find a dress these days that hits those exact style points, there’s something about Josey that gives us that feel, especially with its illusion sweetheart neckline and lace cap sleeves.

    1950s: Dior’s “New Look,” strapless dresses, and sweetheart necklines.

    Dior’s “New Look,” strapless dresses, and sweetheart necklines in wedding dresses.

    At the end of the 40s, Cristian Dior came out with something utterly different: an exaggerated hourglass silhouette that paired full skirts with cinched waists. By 1951, when Princess Margaret was photographed wearing just such a Dior dress for her 21st birthday, it was clear the style would define the decade.

    For our 50s picks, Ferrah drew our attention for the full skirt and double banding at the waist. Meanwhile, if you’re keen to imitate Princes Margaret’s gown, Hanah is an excellent option, with its sweetheart neckline and romantic, off-the-shoulder sleeves. But, if you’re looking for a gown that brings it all together while still looking absolutely modern, Octavia hits all the right notes: full skirt, strapless bodice, and a plunging sweetheart neckline.

    1960s: High necklines, princess seams, and clean lines.

    High necklines, princess seams, and clean lines in wedding dresses.

    When many of us think the 60s, the dresses which spring to mind are probably short: mod dresses and mini skirts were raising hemlines to unprecedented heights. But those short hemlines didn’t necessarily make it into bridal trends. Instead, gowns tended to favor simple cuts, with boat necklines being a common feature.

    Edie is a perfect choice for brides that want to embrace the minimalist side of the 60s. With its empire waist and princess seamed bodice, it has the look of a shift dress while still being wedding-appropriate. If you’re looking for something more glamorous, the beaded boatneck on Pearl combined with the cap sleeves gives it an Italian vibe while retaining that 60s feel.

    Finally, the 60s wasn’t all high necklines. Two of Jackie Kennedy’s most iconic gowns were strapless sheath dresses, a look which you can imitate with Pippi.

    1970s: Bohemian flower power.

    Bohemian flower power and wedding dresses

    The boho trend has 70s fashion in full revival mode right now, so if you want a gown with that free-loving feel, you won’t be short on options. One thing that was particularly common from the era: extravagant sleeves. Bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, batwing sleeves, you name it: if they were long and flowing, they were in.

    We love the off-the-shoulder blouson sleeves on Nataleigh, which combine with a thigh-high slit and a flowing chiffon skirt for a dress you’ll be able to dance all night in. For oversized bell sleeves, try Lenox, which will have you feeling like a medieval princess. (Definitely pair with a flower crown!) Or, if you absolutely must have some fringe, the removable sleeves on Reece are just what you’re looking for.

    1980s: Oversized everything.

    Oversized everything in wedding dress styles.

    Unfortunately for 80s lovers, two of the decade’s most iconic design features—puff sleeves and power shoulders—have yet to find their way back into bridal trends. But that isn’t all the decade had to offer, and if what you really loved from this era was the unabashedly oversized statement elements, there are plenty of gowns that can satisfy your cravings.

    Let’s start with Riah. After Princess Diana’s wedding, long trains became an obsession, and Riah’s is certainly a showstopper. But what really brings the wow factor is the oversized detachable bow in the back. Not to be outdone, Blythe also features a long train and oversized bow, both paired with a keyhole back. For a different take on the 80s, try Sigrid. While it may not stand out as an 80s dress at first, it is a true princess gown. The long lace sleeves also give it a bit of a retro vibe.

    1990s: Minimalism, slip dresses, and understated chic.

    Minimalism, slip dresses, and understated chic in wedding dresses

    Nothing comes back stronger than a 90s trend, amiright? And of all the 90s trends, nothing was stronger than the slip dress. After the extravagance of the 80s, this decade pushed hard for simplicity. Spaghetti straps were everywhere, and embellishments went on hiatus.

    Case in point: Drew. While this gown technically comes with a lace overdress (for those who are in love with boho), you can order the charmeuse slip separately for a sexy 90s look that is perfectly on point. Looking for a dress with more of a twist to it? Luana keeps it simple while also adding a bit of flare with a ruched bodice. Finally, kick things up a notch with Spencer: a scoop neck A-line with pockets and a thigh-high slit. If you’re hoping for a 90s rocker girl aesthetic at your reception, try swapping your heels out for boots.

    2000s: Strapless necklines, embellishments, and ball gowns.

    Strapless necklines, embellishments, and ball gowns in wedding dresses.

    There was a while in the early 2000s when it seemed like straps were nowhere to be seen. Embellishments also made a comeback, and the blush wedding gown trend began to pick up steam, with Gwen Stefani (2002), Portia de Rossi (2008), and Reese Witherspoon (2011) all choosing pink for their big day.

    In our minds, nothing epitomizes 2000s style more than Glenna, which combines a strapless sweetheart neckline with an embroidered, beaded bodice, and a soft champagne coloring for a dress that would make Reese proud. If that isn’t enough sparkle for you, try Anastacia, which features another early 2000s trend: tiered ruffle skirts. Last but not least, Claudine brings in a touch of boho with its organic lace details. We love the off-the-shoulder sleeves (for those who don’t want to go completely strapless), and would definitely order it in moscato.

    2010s: Bodycon dresses, illusion backs, and the Kate Middleton dress.

    Bodycon dresses, illusion backs, and the Kate Middleton dress in wedding dresses.

    It’s often most difficult to spot trends that are closest to you, but if there’s one all of us could see coming a mile away, it was the craze for Kate Middleton’s dress after the Royal Wedding in 2011. But on the opposite end of the dress spectrum, Kim Kardashian was leading a trend of bodycon dresses that hugged through the hips and showed off every curve.

    For those who want a regal dress for themselves, Martha has everything you’re looking for: lace sleeves, a full princess skirt, and cloth covered buttons down the back. For a sleek, fashion forward piece, Iskra combines a form-fitting top with a dramatic flare of organza and tulle. Last but not least, Lavinia combines a sleek, understated front with a jaw-dropping illusion back.

    Trends change, but the best dresses stand the test of time.

    As we move into the 2020s, wedding dress trends favor organic lace, airy fabrics, and subtle sparkle. But throwback dresses are also in vogue, which just goes to show that there are no hard and fast rules about what styles you should draw on for your gown. Whether you long for the dress you fell in love with as a girl, or a style your mother or grandmother wore before you, there are plenty of dresses that can fill those dreams and make your heart sing.

    And if any of these dresses looks like the perfect match for your big day, get in touch. We have all these gowns—and more—in our store. Schedule an appointment with us to try them on for yourself.

  • How Soon Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress in 2022?

    How Soon Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress in 2022?

    Don’t let COVID-related delays, bridal gown supply chain issues, and other pandemic disruptions get in the way of your big day.

    Planning a wedding is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have, but it can also be one of the most stressful. In pre-pandemic years, most brides could follow a pretty typical timeline and feel assured that their dresses, veil and accessories would arrive on time. But that was before complications from the pandemic, the current global supply chain crisis, and a surge in couples planning weddings dramatically affected timeline expectations.

    To avoid the stresses of unexpected delays, it’s important to realize that the pre-pandemic timeline that was typically recommended is no longer reliable. If you want to ensure your wedding planning experience is as wonderful and memorable as your big day, follow this guide for hitting your important dream-dress milestones.

    Milestone 1: The Wedding Dress

    Finding the perfect dress is one of the most fun and exhilarating parts of the wedding planning experience. You’ve done your research. You’ve poured over hundreds of pages of bridal magazines. You’ve tried on styles that make your figure sing—and maybe some that hit a sour note—but at last, you  found it! This is your dream dress. Now seal the deal. Don’t risk unexpected delays that could affect you and your perfect dress from spending your perfect day together.

    Before COVID, you could typically have ordered your dress nine to 12 months before your wedding date. Now, you should plan to say “yes” to the dress at 12 to 18 months before your wedding date. If you can order it with even more time, do it. The bigger the buffer the better. You want to ensure your dream dress arrives according to your timeline and with enough time to schedule fittings and alterations. Even if you get it early, that just leaves you more time to sneak into the closet to take peeks at it and dream about your big day.

    Milestone 2: The Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Part of the fun of picking out your bridal party’s dresses is exploring the many colors, fabrics, and styles. The look of your bridal party is an essential part of setting the tone of this very special event. Whether you choose dresses to accent a themed wedding, or decide on a style that makes a dramatic statement, or simply opt for letting each of your bridesmaids express their own personal flair while showcasing your favorite color, you don’t want to have to pass on the perfect choice because it isn’t going to work with your timeline.

    Before COVID, you could typically have ordered your bridesmaids’ dresses six months before your wedding date. Now, you and your party should plan to order dresses at nine to 12 months before your wedding date.

    Milestone 3: Veil and Accessories

    The crowning touch to your perfect wedding-day look is going to be your choice of veil and accessories. You want to give as much attention to these important details as you do to your wedding gown choice. Whether you choose to order your veil and accessories at the same time as your wedding dress, or wait until after you’ve ordered your gown, keep in mind that you should plan on leaving enough time so that you can do at least one fitting with the complete ensemble.

    Before COVID, you could typically have ordered your veil and accessories three to six months before your wedding date. Now, you should plan to order your veil and any other accessories at least six months before your wedding date.

    Milestone 4: Alterations

    Nothing ruins the perfect dress like an imperfect fit. To ensure you have enough time to get all the necessary alterations and fittings, you have to plan ahead. This milestone is tricky because it’s obviously contingent on the dress’s arrival date, which highlights the importance of sticking to the guidelines of your other milestones.

    Before COVID, you could typically have scheduled a fitting and started alterations for you and your bridal party about two to three months before your wedding date. This would require calling to schedule about a month in advance in most cases. Now, you should plan on scheduling a fitting and starting alterations for your dress and any of your bridal party’s dresses three to four months before your wedding date. Ideally, you should call to reserve any alteration appointments as soon as you know the dress’s arrival date.

    Make memories while meeting milestones.

    If the last two years has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be ready for the unexpected. When you’re planning for your perfect day, it’s important to keep some perspective about what matters most. The memories you make during your wedding planning experience will outlive everything else.

    You may find yourself facing challenges outside of your control, which is why using an updated timeline like this will help get you to the alter with every needed stitch. But it’s equally important to work with an experienced team that can help you and your bridal party navigate life’s unexpected curve balls.

    At The White Dress, we are committed to giving you a pressure-free bridal appointment. The last thing we want to do is make you feel like you have to buy a dress because of a tight timeline. But we also know that the best way to avoid stress of all kinds is to start shopping early.

    If you’re planning a wedding but haven’t found your dress, we are here for you. Whether you’ve looked at a dozen dresses or none, we can listen to your wish list and guide you toward a dress you’ll be confident in saying “yes” to. Set up an appointment today to get started.

  • 11 Fashions for Gorgeous Plus-Size Brides in 2022

    11 Fashions for Gorgeous Plus-Size Brides in 2022

    Which wedding gown best reveals your personal style?

    There are countless wedding fashions to explore when you’re shopping for a wedding gown, but how do you find the dress that best reflects your personal style—the one that not only looks beautiful on the outside, but also makes your confidence shine and your inner beauty sing?

    It’s helpful to go into the experience with some introspection. Ask yourself a few questions, such as what are you looking for in a dress? Are you conventional or a risk taker? Is your style big and dramatic, subtle and elegant, or somewhere in between? Perhaps you’re willing to let your search for the perfect wedding dress become an exercise in self-discovery itself.

    Whichever road to the dress you land on, one thing is certain—the more beautiful options available for you to choose from, the better your chances are of finding that “perfect for you” dress.

    But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve already got some of the best fashions for 2022 ready for you to try on in plus sizes—and we’ll continue to have more coming in through March.

    Here’s a sampling of our 2022 Spring fashions.

    1. Rashida: a modern take on the classic fit and flare.

    Rashida: a wedding dress with a modern take on the classic fit and flare.

    Whether you’re swaying romantically through your first dance as a married couple or walking it out to the Cupid Shuffle, this stunner was made for your moves on the dance floor. Lovely floral-patterned lace along the sleeves, bodice and over the upper legs gives you a flatteringly elongated line, while a flare of voluminous tulle below the hips adds a splash of drama to your every step. Go ahead, twirl! Sample size available in size 22.

    2. Mary Ann: softly flowing and utterly romantic.

    Mary Ann, softly flowing and utterly romantic wedding dress.

    If you’re planning the perfect fairytale wedding, you need the perfect fairytale dress. Mary Ann is beautifully embroidered with delicately patterned sequins and swirling floral lace from the bodice on through an enchantingly full and flowing skirt. Get ready to shimmer with romanticism in this dreamy gown. Sample size available in size 18.

    3. Kenna: dramatic in all the right ways.

    Kenna: dramatic wedding dress in all the right ways.

    You’ll be a vision of timeless glamour when you walk into a room in this stunningly beautiful fit and flare gown. From the flattering cap sleeves to the elegance of the scalloped train, you’ll be ready for the spotlight. The illusion lace give this mermaid gown an extra va-va-voom that will set your curves off to perfection. Sample size available in size 20.

    4. Mari: simple A-line elegance and beauty.

    Mari: simple A-line elegance and beauty in a wedding dress

    Your quiet sophistication in this deceivingly simple A-line gown is balanced by effortlessly striking details. Voluminous layers of tulle under the skirt create body in the dress’s silhouette while the plunging neckline and sheer details on the bodice will give you elegance with just a hint of sexy. Sample size available in size 22.

    5. Fawna: flowing A-line with a modern slit.

    Fawna: flowing A-line wedding dress with a modern slit.

    Sometimes less is more, as with this simply gorgeous flowy A-line gown. This dress features sparse but striking details to keep you looking and feeling sleek and modern, including the delicate beading and illusion tulle of the bodice, a plunging neckline, and sexy slit in the skirt. Sample size available in size 20.

    6. Bellatrix: stunning lace over tulle.

    Bellatrix: a wedding dress with stunning lace over tulle.

    You’ll look and feel stunning in this off the shoulder beautifully embroidered gown. Our favorite details are the visible boning, which brings to mind corsetry, and the way the oversize lace trails into the skirt. Try it in classic ivory or champagne, or for a truly bold look, go full-on dramatic in black. Sample size available in size 20.

    7. Alma: gorgeous lace over English net and organza.

    Alma: a wedding dress with gorgeous lace over English net and organza.

    With beautiful lace and off-the-shoulder straps, this champagne and ivory fit and flare style dress is perfect for summer. Exquisite lace detail over English net and organza accentuates the flattering lines of this dress. Sample size available in size 22.

    8. Emery: tulle and lace A-line with lots of movement.

    Emery: tulle and lace A-line wedding dress with lots of movement.

    Float into the room in this sumptuously airy A-line gown with a sexy illusion back. The thinly plunging neckline accentuates the delicate bodice without overshadowing its detail. Sample size available in size 18.

    9. Oceane: a wave of beauty and delicate detail.

    Oceane: a wave of beauty and delicate detail in a wedding dress.

    This gown is otherworldly with its subtle floral appliqués across the bodice and train. The delicately embroidered straps add yet another layer of visual interest to an already breathtaking fashion. Sample size available in size 22.

    10. Allure Bridals, style 9912: timeless shimmering lace ballgown.

    Allure Bridals, style 9912: timeless shimmering lace ballgown-style wedding dress

    Make an entrance they’ll never forget in this divine two-toned ballgown of lace and tulle. If it didn’t already have a date with you, this showstopper looks like it could stroll across a stage in search of an Oscar. Sample size available in size 18.

    11. Suyana: delicately layered bodice and sequined tulle underlay.

    Suyana: delicately layered bodice and sequined tulle underlay wedding dress.

    Shine bright like diamond in this heavenly A-line gown. Airy and pretty, it features a delicately draped layer of sequined lace appliqués on the bodice, and a sequined tulle underlay to catch light that will leave you shimmering through your big day. Sample size available in size 20.

    No bride should feel limited in the fashions she can choose from.

    If there’s anything we love more than helping our brides try on a beautiful dress, it’s seeing the look on their face when they finally get to see themselves in a sample gown that shows off exactly how beautiful they will look on their big day. If any of these gowns strike your fancy, we carry them all the dresses in plus-size samples. Many of these gowns are brand new for 2022, and we expect more to come in over the course of the spring, so there may be more by the time you’re ready to come looking.

    So don’t hesitate! Schedule an appointment today, and come discover your dream wedding dress with us! 

  • Sample Sale Announcement + White Friday & Saturday!

    Sample Sale Announcement + White Friday & Saturday!

    Winter sale season is here. Stop into our boutique to check out our Sample Sale (November 16th–27th) PLUS our White Friday & Saturday sale (November 26th-27th only)!

    We can hardly believe 2021 is nearly over, but with the close of the year we’re running two exciting sales to kick off the holiday season. The coming weeks are a big shopping season, and who doesn’t love finding a bargain?

    This is especially true for brides on a budget. Wedding dresses are expensive, and sometimes that means brides have to make difficult decisions. But a sale means your budget can stretch just a little farther, putting your perfect dress just within reach. There’s a lot of opportunities this month to find your wedding gown, so schedule your appointment while slots last!

    Sample Sale: November 16th–27th

    First off, we’re excited to announce our latest Sample Sale, which will be running through November 27th. Sample dresses are ones we order into the store at the beginning of a season for our brides to try on. But as the end of a season nears, we need to clear out our inventory to make way for the next round of designs.

    The good news for our brides is that we offer deeper discounts than usual on these gowns. Plus, because designers discontinue their old designs after a certain period, this may be your last chance to find a classic dress from one of your favorite designers. Finally, we sell sample dresses off the rack, so if you’re looking for a dress on a short timeline, this is an opportunity to still have a classic wedding dress.

    White Friday & Saturday Sale: November 26th-27th

    Next up, we know that the days directly after Thanksgiving are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. That’s why we’re hosting our WHITE Friday & Saturday sale, where every bride gets $150 off ordered gowns. (Note: Does not apply to Sample Sale gowns, which are off the rack, but our Sample Sale will still be going on, so you can still get a great discount!)

    Schedule an appointment with us to break up a busy day of shopping! What better way to start the holidays than finding your wedding gown.

    Sales are a great time to score a deal, but if you’re not ready to make a decision, just come and enjoy the experience!

    One of the joys of running a bridal shop is being part of our brides’ big day. We love listening to our brides, consulting with them about the best style, and guiding them toward a gown that will make them feel perfect as they walk down the aisle.

    But we also know there are big emotions attached to that decision. Sometimes, amidst all the expenses of wedding planning, finding a gown at just the right price point can be a big win—just a little bit of savings to help put your mind at ease. But other times, the pressure to find a good deal can leave a bride feeling conflicted. No bride wants to feel like they chose their gown just because it was on sale.

    That’s why we at The White Dress are absolutely committed to making our space a “pressure free” zone. We want you to be able to come in and shop our sales to your heart’s content, but if you aren’t ready to make your decision, you are still free to walk away and come back later.

    Sometimes, you need to try on a few dresses to know what you really want. If you find your dream dress at one of our sales, then everyone wins! And if you need longer to think about it, come in and enjoy the big start to the holiday season. That’s a win, too.

  • Meet Our Favorite Wedding Dress Designers

    Meet Our Favorite Wedding Dress Designers

    We’re passionate about wedding gowns, which means we’re passionate about the designers who make them. Meet our favorites.

    One of the most exciting things about working in bridal is the opportunity to build connections with designers from across the country—and around the world. Every designer we work with is someone we’ve selected based on the quality of their designs and the uniqueness of their style. Through establishing relationships with a select group of bridal labels, we can bring our brides a selection of gowns to meet any style, silhouette, or price point.

    Finding the perfect dress is an emotional decision. Brides are searching for a dress that doesn’t just look good, but that speaks to their personal style, or expresses something about their values and interests. Taking some time before your first bridal appointment to learn about a designer and see their latest collection can help you find a gown you connect with on that deeper level.

    We’re proud of the range of designers we carry at our boutique. More designers means we have more options to offer brides who are still trying to find their vision. And for brides who are already in love with a designer, we can match them with their dream dress. Ready to learn more about the designers we carry? Here (in no particular order) are our favorites.

    Lillian West

    A collage of dresses from the wedding dress designer Lillian West.

    If you’ve ever wanted to feel like your biggest romantic fantasies had been pulled from your head and turned into a wedding gown, Lillian West is the designer for you. Breezy, lacy, soft, and stylish, these dresses check all the boxes.

    Many, but not all, of these gowns fall into the boho trend, so if you want to try something of that nature without going all the way, this is a great designer to check out.

    Essense of Australia

    Lacy and romantic wedding dresses from the designer Essense of Australia

    The word Essense of Australia likes to use to describe themselves is “epic,” and we certainly see that in their designs. These gowns are truly sensational, showcasing modern takes on timeless dresses.

    Whether you are yearning for sparkle, desperate for lace, or have your heart set on a striking minimalist design, there’s a dress here for everyone.

    Stella York

    Images of brides wearing styles of wedding dresses from Stella York

    For brides who aspire to be trend setters, Stella York is the designer to watch. These gowns typically reflect up-to-the-minute design trends, from glamorous fashion statements to lacy boho gowns.

    We often host trunk shows with Stella York, so if you’re eager to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind dress, keep an eye on out for our next announcement.

    All Who Wander

    Boho wedding dresses with detachable sleeves from wedding gown designer All Who Wander

    While other labels flirt with boho, All Who Wander goes all in. Get ready for detachable sleeves, tassels, and oversized lace—all on dresses breezy enough to take a hike in. These gowns are for adventurous spirits, fierce women who aren’t afraid to make a statement.

    You won’t be short of variety, either. While these dresses all fit the boho theme, you won’t be at a loss for details to obsess over, whether it’s the low back, the cutaway side panels, or the removable cape.

    Adore by Justin Alexander

    Simple and sweet wedding gowns from the Adore line by Justin Alexander

    Sometimes a designer comes out with a collection that is so prescient, you wonder if they can see the future. That’s what it felt like when Justin Alexander released their new Adore collection. What could be more perfect than a line of simple wedding dresses at affordable price points with fast turn-around times at a time when many brides were re-arranging their weddings and planning elopements.

    The best part? Like their name implies, these dresses are adorable. This is truly a case of a designer responding to what the market needed without compromising quality or style.

    Lis Simon

    Romantic and modern wedding gowns from designer Lis Simon

    Based in Calgary, Lis Simon is a husband and wife duo who started out of their apartment and grew into an international bridal label. They’re the perfect choice for brides who want stylish gowns that blend the modern and traditional.

    We’ve been ultra fans of Lis Simon for years due to their unique take on bridal fashion. Along with their regular line of dresses, they also offer separates that can be sewn together for a mix-and-match gown that is all your own.

    Allure Bridals

    A collection of stylish and trendy wedding gowns from Allure Bridals.

    Allure Bridals has been among of our most requested designers for years. Their gowns are a breathtaking combination of decadence and romance, with luxurious fabrics, intricate beading, and delicate lace.

    Above all, Allure has embraced variety in their collections, with a style and silhouette to suite every bride. Their creativity frequently comes through on their special collections, which often feature unique fabrics or designs that take their inspiration from a special source.


    A selection of princess ball gowns from Abella

    Our designers often come out with new lines meant to deliver a specific look or appeal to a certain kind of bride. Their new line, Abella, has truly blown us away. Their designs bring together traditional silhouettes, exquisite construction details, and modern fabrics to create ethereal gowns that are absolutely unforgettable.

    We’re proud to be one of the select boutiques carrying this line of dresses, so if you want to try them on, we can make your dreams come true!

    A boutique with a variety of designers can help you find your dream gown.

    If you aren’t sure what kind of dress you’re looking for, knowing your designer can help you shop within an esthetic even if you haven’t picked a silhouette. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you want at all, the more designers a boutique carries, the more options you’ll have.

    Shopping for a dress is one of the most emotionally involved decisions a bride makes before her wedding. We want to be sure you can have the best experience possible. If there are any dresses from our designers which you would like to try on, we can order them in for you through our loaner program, even if they aren’t ones we usually carry in our boutique.

    And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for trunk shows! We sometimes have the opportunity to showcase a specific designer while they’re still fine-tuning their newest collection. It’s a chance to buy a dress that is truly one of a kind.

  • TWD Turns 10!

    Written by: Kristy

    I can hardly believe that we are less than one month away from the 10 year anniversary of The White Dress – December 1, 2021!  What once was a figment of my imagination – a hope and dream – has come into fruition and has evolved and grown in ways in which I never could have even imagined all those years ago!  It truly brings me such joy to go to “work” on a daily basis with an incredible team by my side, all while being able to create amazing memories for our brides – as they say yes to their dream wedding dress!

    So, as you may imagine, we have A LOT in store for December – social media contests, giveaways, in-store promotions and savings, a special window display – basically a month long celebration!   This is the THE post that gives you the break down of what you need to know to win, save, and celebrate with TWD!

    Read the rest…

  • 4 Tips for a Pressure Free Bridal Appointment

    4 Tips for a Pressure Free Bridal Appointment

    Trying on your wedding dress should be a time of excitement—not stress.

    Between the proposal and the wedding day, one of the most exciting moments for many brides is finding her perfect wedding dress. So much gets built around this moment that it often becomes not a time of joy, but one of extreme anxiety and stress. Every bride wants to find “the one,” and to have it be as beautiful and perfect as she has always dreamed. But with so much riding on this decision, how can she relax enough to enjoy the experience?

    We know it’s a big decision, and relaxing is easier said than done. So to help you out, we’ve put together five tips to help your bridal appointment run smoothly so that you can have the wonderful time you always imagined.

    1. Don’t worry about other people’s expectations.

    Many brides walk into their bridal appointment with a list of rules in their head about what kind of dress they should wear, what kind of experience they should expect, or how they should behave to avoid breaching bridal etiquette. And while some of those rules exist for a reason, it’s easy for them to get between the bride and her vision.

    The dress you wear at your wedding is, first and foremost, your dress, so you want to focus on what will make you happy, and not someone else. Your bridal consultant is there to make you feel comfortable, so you should be able to ask questions and try on as many dresses as you please, for as long as your appointment lasts.

    2. Come prepared with ideas and an open mind.

    Trying on your first wedding dress can upend a lot of your expectations. At the same time, not having any idea what you want can make it hard to know where to start.

    We recommend looking at our look book and finding some gowns that speak to you. You should also think about your venue and the time/location of your wedding. What time of year are you getting married? Will it be an indoor or outdoor ceremony? Have you chosen any themes or aesthetics? One fun option is to create a mood board that includes your favorite looks and styles, as this will give your bridal consultants more ideas to draw from.

    That said, in our experience, brides have the most success when they come into our shop with an idea of what they want, but willing to try on dresses our bridal consultants suggest. It’s our job to listen to you, but we also know the selection of gowns in our store really well—including how they look when they’re off the hanger and on the bride. As you describe a dress, it may remind us of a gown that fits the bill, even if it’s not what you initially had in mind.

    3. Keep your group small and supportive.

    Many brides want to involve their friends and family in their wedding planning, but picking out the dress is not the time to bring a huge group. Instead, it’s more likely that everyone’s conflicting opinions will make it harder for you to trust your own judgment.

    Focus on the one or two people you need to have with you to make your selection. Talk to them beforehand about what you have in mind, and make sure you’re on the same page. If someone doesn’t seem on board with your plan, it may be a better idea to come alone the first time, and bring them on a second trip once you’ve had a chance to know your own opinions more.

    4. Be honest with your bridal consultant.

    Finally, it’s important that you trust your bridal consultant, and believe that she has your best interests at heart. For that matter, if you don’t trust your bridal consultant, it’s time to walk out of the boutique and try somewhere new!

    Your bridal consultant is there to listen and help you realize your vision, and she can’t do that if she doesn’t know what you have in mind. Be honest with your budget, and speak up about what you do or don’t like about a dress. While it’s not considered good manners to trash a dress (someone else may be in love with it!), it’s absolutely appropriate to be vocal about whether or not a style, cut, color, or pattern isn’t for you.

    The more you’re able to tell your consultant during your bridal appointment about what you do or don’t like, the more readily they can guide you toward the dress that meets your vision.

    We believe in putting our brides first—and that means creating a pressure-free environment.

    We know that for many a bride, the biggest obstacle to finding her perfect dress is letting her butterflies settle enough to trust her gut. In fact, we believe that one of the most important things we can do for our brides is to provide a space for her where she feels confident, happy, and in control.

    That’s why we work hard to make sure that we never push a bride in any direction she doesn’t want to go. If you aren’t 100% confident that you have found your dress, there’s no obligation to buy it with us today. Go home and think on it. Come back with your sister, or grandma, or best friend before you make the final choice. We’ll still be here for you.

    Ready to schedule your first appointment? Contact us today to set a date.

  • Is your bridal style timeless or trendy

    Is Your Bridal Style Timeless or Trendy?

    It’s a fine line between the look of the moment and a style that transcends. Here’s some tips to find your way to what you truly want.

    When choosing a wedding dress, many brides are conscious that their choice will be one of the most visible style decisions they ever make. Not only is it the dress they will wear on their big day, it’s also the one which will end up in all their wedding photos. They may even dream of preserving their dress as a family heirloom. Naturally, they want to make a choice that will stand the test of time.

    But bridal gowns—more than most other dresses—are drawing on a lot of shared cultural references. And with trends constantly turning to the past to bring back popular styles, it can be all too easy for your own vision to get lost in the mix.

    We want all our brides to walk down the aisle confident in their decision. So, to help you find your way, here are four tips to guide you toward a statement gown that you’ll never grow tired of looking at.

    1. Look to the past for inspiration, not imitation.

    It seems like every few years another decade comes back into style. That’s no surprise. The past is a catalog of iconic styles, and it would be a shame to let a good idea die. But if you’re going for a retro look, avoid copying too much. If your gown looks like an exact replica of the era it came from, you may feel like you’re wearing a costume on your wedding day.

    designer wedding dress

    The full skirt on Tawny gives it a 1950s silhouette, while the illusion lace bodice is a distinctly modern twist.

    You want your look to feel cohesive and harmonious, so it will be natural to accessorize in ways that fit the period as well. But look for ways—from your makeup to your hairstyle to your shoes—to modernize your style.

    2. Pick one style element to anchor your look.

    Another trick to keep you from going overboard is to find one style element that follows a trend that you love and incorporate that with more minimalist or traditional elements. If you love the 1980s, choose a dress with power shoulders, but with more modern details.

    boho bridal gown

    Leta combines a minimalist bodice with an overskirt in a modern lace pattern for an effortless, slightly bohemian vibe.

    This can work in reverse as well. If you prefer a traditional look but don’t want to play it too safe, find one area of your style where you’ll intentionally push yourself.

    3. When in doubt, find a minimalist ideal of your desired style.

    Sometimes, brides have a hard time identifying what they want in a dress because a single era can mean so many things. If you love 60s fashion, are you thinking about Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, or Sophia Lauren? When you think about the 1920s, do you want a drop waist, art deco beading, or finger curls in your hair?

    designer wedding dress

    For a dress with such clean lines, Kyla makes a big impact. The Bardot neckline is a self-contained fashion statement that lets the rest of the gown speak for itself.

    If you can pick the one element that represents the ideal you have in your mind, that can help you identify a dress that fits that trend without going overboard on a retro look that may look out of place a few years down the road.

    4. Throw the rulebook out and follow your heart.

    Feeling like all these rules are getting between you and the dress of your dreams? Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. The heart wants what it wants. When you find a dress that sparks joy in your life, stop worrying about what others will think, and go for it.

    boho wedding dress

    Unapologetic: Lennox is the epitome of 1970s bohemian flower-child romanticism, from the bell sleeves to the quirky lace. It’s also one of our favorite dresses.

    After all, if your dress is supposed to make a statement, it should be a statement about what you love. If there’s a trend that has successfully tapped into something that gives you butterflies, then that’s what you should choose.

    There’s nothing wrong with chasing trends.

    Trends come and go, but the most resilient trends also define an era. In a decade or two, the dress you choose today that seems trendy may be a vintage showpiece. However, if you’re worried about making a choice you’ll regret later, the most important rule of thumb is: Don’t pick a trend just because it’s trendy.

    Trends can be fun, especially if you want to be able to nail the “in” look of a season. But your gown should represent more than “spring 2022.” If you love a trend, make that choice because it’s what you love, not because it’s what’s on trend.

    Need help navigating the wide array of bridal styles at your finger tips? We’re happy to help. Come in to our bridal boutique, tell us what inspires you, and we’ll help you find a dress that will make you feel like a fashion icon in all your wedding photos.

  • August Promo: Refer a Friend and Share the Love!

    August Promo: Refer a Friend and Share the Love!

    For the month of August, we’re adding a little something extra to our referral program!

    Being in the bridal business is bitter sweet. First we help our brides make one of the most exciting and emotional decisions of their wedding, then we see their faces when their dress finally arrives and they try it on for the first time. But once the fittings are over, the last we see from many of our brides are the joyful pictures on their wedding day. Unlike many other businesses, we’re not hoping for repeat customers!

    That’s why there’s nothing we love more than when our brides remember us when their friends are getting married. We’ve had a long-standing referral program in place, where if one of our brides refers another bride to us, we send them a little gift in the mail. This month, we’re extending our referral program to the friends they refer as well!

    Our referring brides will still get a gift in the mail, but for this month, if the referred bride says yes to a dress from our store, we will take $100 off her ordered gowns. (Sample sale wedding dresses and off-the-rack gowns are not included in the promotion.) And, to sweeten things a little more, we’re also sending both brides our signature T-shirts!

    Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

    Want to stay up to date on all our exciting news? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we post updates on each month’s special promotions as well as other announcements. We also share the latest posts from our blog, where we cover bridal design trends and the latest collections from our favorite designers. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re planning a wedding, feeling nostalgic about your big day, or simply love everything bridal. Follow us and don’t miss out!

  • 4 Timeless Bridal Trends for 2021

    4 Timeless Bridal Trends for 2021

    We love a good trend, and the styles that are hot right now are some of our all-time faves.

    Bridal styles are ever changing. For many brides, keeping up with what’s new is a way to have a look that feels fresh and different, while also hopefully landing on a style that will go on to represent an era. We love keeping track of how bridal trends change over the years, and some of the styles that are popular now are high up on our list of all-time favorite looks. Here’s four trends we’ve spotted this year that check all our boxes for being stylish, trendy, and timeless.

    TREND – Sleeves: For a touch of elegance that enhances drama.

    Ever since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle, it seems that sleeves have been having a moment. And while Middleton’s gown decisions may have had more to do with choosing an appropriate dress for a cathedral, we love how a long sleeve can set off more daring choices elsewhere. Paired with an open back, plunging neckline, or illusion bodice, there’s nothing demure about this bridal trend.

    Zara, from Lillian West

    Zara, from Lillian West

    The lace pattern on this dress is stunning, so it’s only appropriate to extend it into full-length sleeves, which – fun fact – are removable!  (Perfect for a sleeved look that you can remove for late night dancing at your reception!)  We also love how the open back on this dress balances the high illusion neckline in the front. Paired with a veil, this gown is the epitome of chic.

    Elianne, from Lillian West

    Elianne from Lillian West

    Long sleeves are a trend, but a trend within that trends is to have illusion sleeves with lace appliqués that give a tattoo effect. We love how this gown pairs that look with illusion panels along the bodice.

    Martha, from Adore by Justin Alexander

    Martha from Adore by Justin Alexander

    For anyone who really wants that Kate Middleton look, Martha is a regal gown sure to satisfy anyone’s ballgown dreams. The low plunging front and the covered buttons down the back add flare to this look.

    Farren, from Essence of Australia

    Farren, from Essence of Australia

    If your heart is set on a sleek and sexy look for your wedding, Farren is the perfect choice. The illusion lace on the sleeves extends through the bodice and transitions perfectly into a lace overlay on a rum-colored underskirt.

    TREND – Leafy lace: For a botanical twist that goes beyond traditional floral patterns.

    Lacework has traditionally featured botanical patterns, but modern takes have focused on leafy designs rather than the usual floral work. We love how trailing leaves can add an organic feel to a dress without fitting into the expected mold. Leaf patterns also tend to be delicate and understated, for brides who want a subtle touch.

    Emmaline from Essence of Australia

    Emmaline from Essence of Australia

    Emmaline is the perfect choice for brides who want a traditional silhouette with a modern twist. The leafy lace on the bodice gently trails down into the skirt, giving the dress a simple yet elegant design.

    Raine from All Who Wander

    Raine from All Who Wander

    The Raine gown from All Who Wander combines the best of two trends: Delicate, leafy lace with a separate sheer jacket, named Neve. This is the perfect gown for brides who are planning a wedding in the early spring or late fall, and want a little protection against cooler weather. It’s also a great way to transition from a church wedding to a reception.

    Nessa  from Adore by Justin Alexander

    Nessa from Adore by Justin Alexander

    Nessa shares some design elements with Emmaline, with a few twists of its own. We love how the underlay fabric gives the bodice a delicate illusion look, which is perfectly complemented by the thin straps.

    TREND: Shine, shimmer, and sparkle: For the newest take on bling.

    For many years, “bling” on a wedding dress has meant intense beading, usually with larger crystals and other eye-catching elements. However, the latest trends have incorporated bling into an all-over effect, with fabrics that shimmer all over, sequins that catch the light just so, and dazzling embroidery that adds sparkle to the entire dress.

    Luna Leigh from Abella

    Abella luna Leigh

    Like many gowns on this list, Luna Leigh combines two trends. The seamlines and silhouette of this dress are classically simple, allowing the fabric of this dress to shine—literally—setting off the delicate leaf patterns of the fabric.

    Mikaela from Abella

    Mikaela from Abella

    The only thing subtle about Mikaela is the soft shimmer of the dress fabric, which is made of diamond sparkle tulle. The effect this fabric has on the gown has to be seen to be believed.  While we at TWD are true bow lovers, we do realize that not everyone else is!  We added a snap to this bow so that our brides could see this dress with and without the bow.  Come by our boutique to take a look!

    Nadine from Abella

    Nadine from Abella

    Nadine has the perfect fit-and-flare silhouette for brides who want to show off their figure without sacrificing volume. Featuring sequined lace and sparkle tulle, Nadine is also a stellar choice for brides who want extra glitz and glam.

    Crystella  from Stella York

    Crystella from Stella York

    Finally, if you’re looking for just the right amount of beading in your gown, Crystella is the boho dress of your dreams. We love how this dress features an embossed design that adds shine to an embroidered pattern that reminds us of art deco designs from the 1920s.

    TREND – Large floral appliqués: For an oversized look with a traditional design.

    As we said before, flowers have a long history in lace making. In particular, we love how these gowns use large lace appliqués to draw a pattern from the bodice into the skirt. It’s a way to take a step back from a head-to-toes lace design without having a hard delineation from the areas with lace and those without.

    Eileena  from Lillian West

    Eileena from Lillian West

    If you love lacework but are more drawn to traditional floral designs, large floral appliqués are another way to combine trends with traditional elements. Eileena is a perfect example, featuring oversized appliqués in the skirt along with a low back and plunge neckline.

    Mirabella  from Essense of Australia

    Mirabella from Essense of Australia

    The lace appliqués on Mirabella simply float over the underdress on this gown, which also features a bare back and the most delicate of straps.

    Alaina from Essense of Australia

    Alaina from Essense of Australia

    Finally, we love Alaina not only for the large appliqués, but also for the beautiful beaded straps that mimic lacing at the back. This gown is a true stunner that is just as appropriate in a church as at a more relaxed setting with boho vibes.

    Find the trends that will be timeless.

    We’ve noticed that many people use the word “trendy” to mean “quickly dated.” And for some trends that’s the case. But just as often, a trend that captures its moment in history just right will go on to become iconic for its era.

    Brides should choose whatever dress feels right for them. But if you’re having a hard time deciding whether a trend is right for you, think about how you’ll feel about it in a decade. Do you want your dress choice scream “summer of 2022” (and there’s nothing wrong with capturing that perfect trend!), or do you want a gown that would be the perfect retro inspiration for the future?

    No matter what you want in your gown, we hope you’ll try it on in our boutique! Come check out the latest styles and see if any of them feel right for you. Our TWD-ette stylists can help you find a gown that you’ll love decades from now as much on the day you wear it.

  • join us for our sip and see bridal show

    Join Us for Our Sip & See Bridal Show!

    Don’t miss our special Instagram Live fashion show, July 9th, from 8–9pm!

    Getting ready to go dress shopping but aren’t sure what to look for? There’s no better way to get acquainted with the range of styles and designers out there than through a fashion show! And while we still can’t hold large events in person, we are delighted to be able to bring you our very own Sip & See bridal fashion show, which you can enjoy virtually from the comfort of your own couch.

    Out TWD-ettes will be modeling some of our most popular gowns, from a range of designers, and in a selection of styles and silhouettes. You’ll have a chance to see the way these gowns move, and can ask questions for more info. All you have to do is curl up, pour yourself a glass of wine, and tune in on Instagram!

    Here are the gowns we’ll be featuring, in case you want a sneak peek. 😉

    Princess Ballgowns: For when you want drama and a classic style.

    Ballgowns are a timeless silhouette, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that keeps up with the latest trends! Our Sip  & See will feature three ball gowns, each with their own special details. Lucia features exquisite beading in the bodice, Martha has long lace sleeves for that Kate Middleton look, and Marlowe comes in pink with a textured skirt that looks like a cascade of ruffles.

    Dresses pictured:

    • Lucia, Essense of Australia
    • Martha, Justin Alexander
    • Marlowe, Essense of Australia

    Boho: For when you want a free and easy dress, without compromising on the details.

    Boho styles continue to be a big trend in bridal, and we couldn’t be more pleased. We love how these gowns are light and airy without sacrificing any of the little details that makes a wedding dress special, like beading, clouds of lace, or breath-taking design elements. Above are three of our favorites, but several of the ones pictured below also fall into this style. And of course, there’s more where this came from at our store!

    Dresses pictured:

    • Rivera, Essense of Australia
    • Cairo, Essense of Australia
    • Emmaline, Essense of Australia

    Fit and Flare: For a silhouette with maximum curves.

    If you’re ready to knock ‘em dead, these dresses are real show stoppers. We love the vine lace on Cherise, and the lace back to Lolita is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever had in our store. And as for Cambria, the lace train on this gown is Instagram perfect.

    Dresses pictured:

    • Cherise, Allure
    • Lolita, Justin Alexander
    • Cambria, Allure

    Flowing A-lines: For a flattering silhouette with romantic charm.

    Finally, for brides who want to feel dreamy and romantic in their gowns, we will be showcasing several that will make you feel like an utter goddess. Bristol has the boho vibe we love while also featuring a classic fit-and-flare silhouette. Casia has a plunging sweetheart neckline that is set off by delicate lace straps, and Ellora combines a chiffon skirt with a beaded top for an almost Grecian look.

    Dresses pictured:

    • Bristol, Essense of Autralia
    • Casia, Allure
    • Ellora, Allure

    Spot a dress you like? Come in and try it on.

    Seeing our dress selection virtually can help you get an idea for what you want. But there’s nothing like trying dresses on in person to help you make up your mind. If you spot a dress that makes your heart sing—or even just piques your curiosity—schedule an appointment with us to come try it on. We’d love to give you a closer look!

  • Abella gown collection from Allure Bridals

    Introducing the Abella Gown Collection from Allure Bridals

    The new collection of gowns from Abella are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Come take a look!

    After over a year of staying home, many brides are eager to step out and make a splash. If you want a showstopper of showstoppers, then the Abella collection from Allure Bridals is one you can’t miss.

    What sets these gowns apart is that many of them incorporate glitter and sparkle in a way we’ve never seen done before. They shimmer. They shine. They’re glamorous but in a way you can’t put your finger on. They have a je ne sais quoi that you have to see in person to appreciate.

    These dresses are fresh in, but the reception we’ve gotten from the brides who’ve had a chance to try them on is as enthusiastic as our own. Come in and see for yourself!

    Luna Leigh: A deceptively simple ballgown in glitter lace.

    Abella luna Leigh

    There’s so much to love about Luna Leigh, but we’ll start with the square neckline. We love how clean this is, and it is the perfect silhouette to match the neatly fitted bodice and tailored waistband. The skirt doesn’t have a lot of gathers or pleats at the waist, but flares dramatically into a voluminous skirt. Everything is covered in a glitter lace pattern of delicate vines. If you’re planning your wedding for cooler months, the bodice on this gown would pair perfectly with a fitted jacket.

    Astrid Ann: Multidimensional lace with a deep V neckline and cap sleeves.

    Abella Astrid

    If you’re looking for a gown that makes more of a statement, Astrid Ann is a breath-taking combination of lace and tulle just the right amount of shimmer when it catches the light. The neckline flows smoothly from a deep V in the front to a low scoop in the back. The cap sleeves balance out the bodice and give the gown a traditional look that would be perfect for a large church, although the flower appliques make us long to see it in a garden wedding.

    Mikaela: A bombshell silhouette with diamond sparkle tulle.

    Abella Mikaela

    Inspired by vintage French styles, Mikaela has so many amazing details to recommend it. The most eye-catching, after the hourglass silhouette, is the deep, plunging sweetheart neckline that finishes with a flirty bow at the waist. One of our favorite details, however is that the illusion neckline draws the shimmer from the fabric all the way up to the collarbone, and then sets off by a row of fabric-covered buttons in the back.

    Sigrid: A Bardot neckline with lace appliques.

    Abella Sigrid

    Perhaps the most romantic gown of the collection, Sigrid is a true princess gown. The full-length lace sleeves combine with an off-the-shoulder neckline that dips into a sweetheart in the front and a wide V in the back. Boning in the bodice gives this dress a fitted look at the top, while the pleats at the waistline give the skirt instant volume. Lace appliques bring old world elegance to this gown which finishes off in a long train. We see this as a perfect choice for brides planning a wedding in the fall or the early spring.

    Gita Marie: A flowing gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves.

    Abella Gita Marie

    Gita Marie is a dream. It’s rare to find a dress with so many layers of fabric that still manages to look and feel weightless. The corset boning in the bodice, which is covered by transparent pleats of sparkle tulle, adds structure to an otherwise flowing silhouette. The draped, off-the-shoulder sleeves add the final romantic touch to this fairytale dress. The lightness of this dress makes it a good choice for warm weather, although we love imagining it at a beach wedding, where the wind off the water can let the layers truly billow.

    Nadine: A dazzling mermaid silhouette with a plunging neckline.

    Abella Nadine

    Does your heart skip a beat when you see bling on a wedding gown? Then Nadine may be the dress you can’t miss. The sequins and sparkle on this gown are far from subtle, just like the plunging neckline, which is matched by a deep V in the back and cutouts in the sides. And for brides who want a form-fitting top but don’t want to give up a dramatic skirt, this mermaid silhouette is a dream come true.

    Monia: A beaded sheath with a detachable overskirt.

    Abella Monia

    Have we mentioned before how much we adore detachable overskirts? There’s nothing more fun than a two-in-one dress, especially when both versions are showstoppers on their own. As a sheath dress, Monia stands out for the delicate beading running the full length of the gown, as well as the sheer paneling in the bodice. Paired with the overskirt, the silhouette becomes full and flowing for a ballgown look. We like the idea of making a dramatic entrance in the overskirt for the ceremony before removing layers once it becomes time to dance.

    Come into our boutique to try these gowns on for yourself!

    The Abella collection is truly one-of-a-kind, but you can’t find them just anywhere. The White Dress is one of a select number of boutiques carrying this collection, and we’re delighted to be able to offer our brides an exclusive look at some of these dresses. So if you want to see them up close, book an appointment with us! We will be delighted to show them off.

  • wedding dress fashion show

    Instagram Live: Fashion Show

    Calling all brides-to-be!  Who wants to see  bunch of gorgeous dresses from the comfort of their own home?!   Well get ready, because on the evening of Friday, July 9 – this will happen!  Join us on Instagram Live (@thewhitedressmi) and see one of the most fun Live Events of the year!  We will be showcasing some of our most gorgeous gowns on real people – some members of our very own team!  You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you’d like – about the dress, dress shopping, and whatever else you can think of – and get an answer right then and there!

    So grab a friend, grab a beverage (we may or may not have a glass in our hand as well) and enjoy the wedding dress fashion show!

  • join us for our Stella York designer preview trunk show

    Join Us for Our Stella York Designer Preview Trunk Show!

    From June 25th to 26th we’ll be showcasing Stella York’s newest designs. Come try them on!

    Summer is nearly here, and what better way to kick off the season than by exploring the new collection of gowns at our Stella York trunk show! From June 25th to 26th we’ll be hosting Stella York at our boutique, where brides can come try on a range of gowns including ones we don’t normally carry.

    We love Stella York for their ability to balance high-end details at an affordable price point. The result is that every bride can walk away feeling like they have had a truly designer experience without blowing their budget out of the water.

    Stella York is also flawlessly on point when it comes to the latest trends. Whether you want that boho bride look, a bit of sheer lace paneling, or an intricately beaded bodice, you can find it in the latest collection.

    Needless to say, we’re excited. But if you’re like most brides, you probably haven’t even heard of a “trunk show” before you started gown shopping, but now you’re seeing the term everywhere. You may be wondering what they are, why they’re so special, and whether it makes sense for you to book an appointment at one.

    Those are all valid questions, so to settle your curiosity, here’s the details you need to know.

    1. Try on gowns you might not otherwise get a chance to see.

    As a bridal boutique, we usually carry a selection of gowns from our designers in the store. We choose these gowns carefully, based on the designs we know our brides love, emerging trends, and whatever takes our own fancy. But we don’t have space in our store to carry every gown, and that sometimes means we have to make some hard cuts.

    Not at a trunk show, however! The trunk show is a chance for brides to see a designer’s full range, including gowns that haven’t yet made it into the final collection. The designer will also bring gowns from previous years that may no longer be offered in most stores. It’s a chance for a bride to try on dresses that she otherwise not see, and perhaps walk away with a unique gown.

    And what is even more special about this particular trunk show is that the gowns in our shop are from a collection-in-the-making! The gowns only exist in one spot in the world that weekend – at The White Dress! Which means your dress will truly be unique!

    2. Speak to the Stella York team about possible alterations.

    At a trunk show, the designer or members of the design team are at the boutique to answer questions from the brides. If you’ve ever wanted an inside glimpse into how a designer comes up with ideas for a collection, this is an opportunity to hear about it straight from the source.

    The designer can also talk through ideas you  may have about how to alter a gown if you find one you love that isn’t all the way there. In some cases, the alteration you have in mind might not be difficult to achieve, and the designer can discuss it with you while you still have the gown on. It’s a chance to share your vision directly with someone who can make it come to life.

    Unfortunately, due to the travel restriction with the designer at the moment, this will not be something we can do live and in person, but our Stella York representative will be available to FaceTime and communicate with our brides on that day as much as possible!

    3. Get insights on how to accessorize and style your favorite gowns.

    The designer can also help you with other decisions you’re making when it comes to your wedding. Torn between a tiara and a veil? Worried that the neckline won’t work with the heirloom necklace you wanted to wear? Secretly suspecting you have too much jewelry picked out and don’t know what piece to cut?

    Our own TWD-ettes are always available to help you work through a difficult style choice, but a designer can give you some additional insights into the vision they had in mind when they designed a specific gown. If ever you needed an expert opinion, a trunk show would be the day to get it.

    4. Be a part of the design process and score a one-of-a-kind gown.

    Possibly the best part about the Stella York Designer Preview Trunk Show is that it is an important moment for the designer as well, because the trunk show allows them to get in-the-moment feedback from brides as they try on gowns. Because these gowns in particular are still in the design process, they haven’t yet made it into the official collection. So the gowns go “on tour” first, to gather feedback from real life brides which will be incorporated into the final collection once it is released.

    This gives you a chance to be right in the center of the design process and possibly even snag a completely one-of-a-kind gown from Stella York! Any bride that says yes to a trunk show gown is guaranteed that it will look just like she saw it at the trunk show, but if it gets cut from the collection-in-the-making, then your gown will truly be the only gown like it in the world! This sounds wildly rare, but the fact is that this exact scenario has happened each of the 10 times we have hosted this trunk show over the years!

    Reserve your spot today before all the slots are taken!

    As you can tell, trunk shows are special occasions for everyone involved, and the Stella York Designer Preview Trunk Show is even more unique and special! Because of this, spots tend to go fast. If you’re dying to try on the latest collection from Stella York, don’t wait to save your place.

    If you have questions about a specific gown, feel free to call our store to ask. We’re always happy to answer questions about what styles will be part of the trunk show. If there’s a gown you particularly want to try on, we can also check to see if we can borrow it from the designer so that you can try it on when you’re in the store.

    And if you want to try on a style from another designer in our shop, you’re welcome to as well! Sometimes that’s the best way to decide if a designer is for you. Call us today to reserve your appointment!

  • Introducing Our New Collection from Essense of Australia

    Introducing Our New Collection from Essense of Australia

    Six new dresses from Essense of Australia bring lace, glamour, and bohemian styles to our boutique.

    There’s few things we love more than introducing a brand new line of dresses, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that the latest collection to grace our stores comes from Essense of Australia. Essense is known for delivering bohemian styles with a daring twist. (Fair warning: They may raise some eyebrows if you’re planning a church wedding!)

    This designer also delights in details, giving these gowns plenty of luxurious embellishments. If you’re looking for a high-end gown that lets you indulge all your wedding day fantasies, this is a collection not to be missed.

    Even better, the gowns we have in our store right now isn’t your standard release. Essense has selected our boutique to be part of their testing program, where they send new designs to see how brides respond to them. Four of the gowns in our store now are part of this testing period, meaning the brides who come try them on are some of the first to wear them this season!

    We’ll have more dresses coming in the coming months, but we encourage our brides to come in sooner rather than later so they have enough time to order the dress and have it come in time for the wedding. It takes a few months for these dresses to be sewn, so if you’re planning a wedding for late 2021 or early 2022, don’t wait to come try these dresses on.

    D3023: A plunging V neckline with organic leaf appliqués.

    Essense of Australia D3023: A plunging V neckline with organic leaf appliqués

    This gown features beautiful lace in an unusual leaf pattern, making it an ideal choice for non-traditional bride. The deep V on this neckline is repeated at the sides of the dress, as well as in the back, drawing attention to the sheer paneling. This dress comes with a Moscato tulle option for brides who want shades of blush in their wedding gown.

    D2770: A stunning backless gown with a trumpet silhouette.

    Essense of Australia D2770: A stunning backless gown with a trumpet silhouette.

    We said these dresses were daring, and this backless gown is not for the faint of heart. The low cut is set off with narrow, beaded straps, which crisscross right at the small of the back. Not to be outdone, the front of this dress brings plenty of drama by combining a low, plunging neckline with sheer side panels. It’s a stunning gown that is sure to leave your partner speechless.

    D2771: A fit-and-flare gown with a delicate beaded back.

    Essense of Australia D2771: A fit-and-flare gown with a delicate beaded back.

    In a collection that prominently features low-cut backs, this dress still stands out. The delicate lines of beading at the back of this dress add to its bohemian style, which features plenty of embellishments throughout. We love how the double rows of scalloped lace at the hem of this dress look like waves breaking against a beach—the perfect complement to a mermaid silhouette!

    D3247: A romantic, off-the-shoulder neckline accented by floral lace.

    Essense of Australia D3247: A romantic, off-the-shoulder neckline accented by floral lace.

    We always love a good Bardot neckline, and this gown delivers. The deep sweetheart cut of the  neckline flows perfectly into the off-the-shoulder straps, giving this gown an ultra-romantic vibe that we just can’t get enough of. But that’s not all: The back of this dress features a row of fabric covered buttons that run all the way to the edge of the long train.

    D3094: A flowing A-line with a statement back.

    Essense of Australia D3094: A flowing A-line with a statement back.

    There’s a lot to love about this dress, from the relaxed silhouette to the sweetheart neckline. The bold choice of graphic lace has a slightly art deco look to it as well, which is perfect for brides who want to harken back to the roaring twenties with their wedding look. We also love the back detail on this dress, where the long, beaded straps unite with the horizontal banding, perfectly framing the open back. The fabric of this dress has a subtle shimmer, adding to the opulence of this design.

    D3284: Long sleeves and sheer lace for an unforgettable look.

    Essense of Australia D3284: Long sleeves and sheer lace for an unforgettable look.

    From a distance, this gown with its long sleeves gives the illusion of a more traditional gown, but a closer look will make you think twice. Not only does this dress showcase an open back with an off-the-shoulder neckline, but the sheer fabric of the bodice gives the lace a tattoo effect.

    Everything about this dress is tastefully positioned to provide just the right amount of coverage. Our favorite detail? The short row of fabric buttons emphasizing the small of the back. This dress is a true show-stopper for a modern bride looking for an edgy gown to amaze her guests. While it is not yet in our store, it will be arriving soon, so let us know when you book your appointment if you’re interested in trying it on!

    Head to our Instagram for our dress naming contest!

    You’ve probably noticed that these dresses are still going by their design number. We always like to give our gowns names, as it makes it easier for our brides to remember their favorites (and it’s fun!). This time round, we’re letting our brides take part in naming our gowns by participating in our Instagram contest, starting this May!

    The rules are simple:

    • We will post a question box on IG stories where you can submit names for our new gowns.
    • We will take all the names and determine a top four for each gown.
    • Then we will go back to IG to announce the top four submissions and will announce winners. (If multiple people submit the same name, then the winner is the first person who submitted the name.)
    • The winner will win an olive + piper jewelry item from our selection!

    There’s a lot coming in the next few months, so keep your eyes on our social channels as well as our blog for more announcements. In the meantime, we hope to see you in our boutique soon!

  • plus sized gowns for spring brides

    10 Plus Sized Gowns for Spring Brides

    The new line of plus sized gowns from Stella York has something for every bride.

    Spring is here, the most romantic time of the year, and what better way to celebrate than by coming in and trying on a wedding gown? When we think of spring gowns, we imagine lace and tulle, flowing silhouettes and romantic details. We also think about dresses that can work with the weather: long sleeves, or sleek styles that could be paired with a jacket, bolero, or cape.

    Below are our selection of spring gowns, all of which we carry at our store in plus-sized wedding dress samples. Book an appointment with us, and our TWD-ettes will be happy to help you try on gowns and give you styling tips for how to handle unpredictable spring weather!

    1. Halona: a voluminous gown with a hint of corsetry boning.

    Plus-sized Halona gown from Stella York, with lace sleeves and a full train.

    Yas queen! If you want to feel regal on your wedding day, this gown will have you holding your head high. From the subtle boning in the bodice to the optional long sleeves, it’s hard to pick one favorite detail in this dress. It’s the ideal gown for brides who want to combine romance and drama as they walk down the aisle.

    2. Luella: a slinky gown with a deep plunge neckline.

    The Luella gown in plus-size from Stella York featuring narrow straps and a fitted silhouette.

    This dress is a study in how to make a statement with minimalism. The clean lines of the skirt compliment the thin straps, while the dimensional lace of the bodice adds just enough detail to make the gown feel special. Finished off with a daring plunge neckline, this gown is sure to turn heads on your big day. Give this look an edge by pairing it with a tailored jacket, or keep it romantic with a lace bolero.

    3. Carmel: a glamorous mermaid gown with an off-the-shoulder silhouette.

    The Carmel gown from Stella York featuring a mermaid silhouette and off the shoulder straps.

    We love the glamour of this gown, from the off the shoulder neckline to the cascading train. The mermaid silhouette flatters every curve, making this a show-stopping number for brides of all body types! Worried about a sudden spring chill? We think this gown would pair especially well with a cape.

    4. Marcie: a flowing A-line dress with romantic lace.

    The Marcie gown in plus-size with a flowing, lacy, A-line silhouette.

    If delicate and dreamy is your ideal dress, Marcie is the gown for you. The organic vine pattern of the lace gives this dress a boho vibe, while the option for a Moscato-colored under gown is perfect for brides who want a hint of color.

    5. Arwyn: elegance and grace in this flowing A-line gown.

    The Arwyn gown from Stella York in plus-size, featuring lace sleeves and a flowing skirt.

    Arwyn is demure at first glance, but the subtle plunge at the neckline is just the kind of flirty detail we love in a dress. Combined with the long sleeves and the illusion lace that extends to the back, and we think this dress will be one of the most sought after gowns of the season.

    6. Iris: an utterly romantic gown with an illusion lace back.

    The Iris gown from Stall York in plus size with a sweetheart neckline and illusion lace back.

    From the sweetheart neckline to the illusion lace on the back, it’s hard to find a more romantic dress than Iris. Named after one of our favorite spring flowers, this dress would be the perfect choice for a garden wedding late April or May, and paired with a lace shawl it could easily handle a sudden change in the weather.

    7. Liv: sleek and structured for modern minimalist brides.

    The Liv wedding gown from Stella York in plus size featuring a low scoop back and covered buttons.

    The simplicity of this dress is deceiving. Look closer, and you’ll notice it has all the right details: subtle pleats at the waist, a scooping neckline at the back, a row of covered buttons running all the way to the hem, and pockets! Liv is a timeless gown for brides who want a dress to pass on to her daughters someday.

    8. Eugenie: tiers of tulle for a floating ballgown silhouette.

    Eugenie from Stella York with a full tiered skirt.

    We love how the structured Mikado bodice pairs with the floating layers of tulle in this gown for a silhouette that is modern yet minimalist at the same time. The low V neckline shows off just the right amount of décolletage and is echoed by the low side panels. We carry a plus-sized version of this gown in our store.

    9. Paris: chic and classic for understated style.

    The Paris dress from Stella York featuring a trumpet silhouette and a curved V neckline.

    If you’re looking for a refined gown with sophisticated details, let us introduce you to Paris. From the subtly curved V neckline to the elegantly flaring trumpet silhouette, this dress is a true classic. Pair with a fitted jacket or short cape to guard against chilly days in early spring. We carry this gown in a plus-sized sample for all the brides who want to try it on.

    10. Mallorie: satin and lace for a traditional yet romantic ballgown.

    The Mallorie gown from Stella York in plus size, shown on two real brides at The White Dress

    Finally, we love the graceful volume to Mallorie’s skirt, giving this traditional silhouette a romantic edge with a lace bodice and combining a narrow plunge with a sweetheart neckline. A lacy shawl to keep your shoulders warm would go perfectly with the old-fashioned style of this gown. Mallorie is shown here on two of our gorgeous real brides!

    Come try on your dream wedding dress with us!

    We know that many plus-sized brides struggle to find stores carrying samples of their favorite gowns in a size that is comfortable for their body type. So, we’ve made sure to stock some of the most beautiful gowns from the newest Stella York collection in plus-sized samples so that our brides can see how their gowns will look on their special day. Come on in and take a look!

  • All Who Wander Trunk Show!

    All Who Wander Trunk Show!

    Stop by our trunk show, March 5th and 6th, to indulge your boho wedding dreams with the full range of new All Who Wander gowns!

    Breezy silhouettes, statement lace, and flirty design elements that are sure to make you look twice, there’s a lot to love about boho wedding dresses—and no one does boho like All Who Wander. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting an All Who Wander trunk show at our boutique on March 5th and 6th!

    While we usually only stock a few dresses from each new collection from any of our designers, trunk shows are a chance for brides to try on gowns from the entire new collection. Take a look at the gowns we’re going to have in our shop and see if there are any that spark your imagination.

    1. Tasma: breezy ruffle top over a stunning sheath.

    Tasma boho wedding gown from All Who Wander

    “Minimalist” isn’t a word we often see associated with the boho style, but Tasma manages to combine the two perfectly. A graceful sheath combined with a ruffled top encapsulates the carefree aesthetic of bohemian fashion without going overboard on details.

    2. Thea: A playful gown with plenty of surprises.

    Thea wedding gown with cold shoulder sleeves and midriff cutout from All Who Wander

    Thea has so many cute design details, it’s hard to pick our favorite. From the ruched bodice to the cold shoulder to the mirroring cutouts in front and back, this dress is fun and flirty in all the right ways. Perfect for a summer wedding at the beach.

    3. Bowie: angelic lace in a flowing, effervescent style.

    Bowie wedding gown from All Who Wander with flowing lace sleeves

    If you’re looking for a statement gown, Bowie is an unforgettable choice. With gorgeous botanical lace designs layered over a neutral sheath body, this dress has a multidimensional look even before you add the long flowing sleeves. And if that weren’t enough drama, the low back and narrow plunging front make this dress a show stopper from any angle.

    4. Bodhi: Illusion lace with a voluminous silhouette.

    Bodhi wedding gown from All Who Wander featuring unique lace design

    The under fabric on this dress really makes the top stand out. Choose neutral fabric for an all-over illusion silhouette, or line the skirt in white for a two-piece effect. The relaxed fit of the skirt leaves plenty of volume for brides who want a dramatic look that doesn’t restrict their movement.

    5. Aspen: Voluminous sleeves with oversized lace.

    Apsen wedding gown from All Who wander featuring oversized lace and bell sleeves

    We’re in love with this dress for so many reasons. From the optional puff sleeves to the large print lace of the gown, the details are breathtaking. And that’s not even mentioning the low V neckline supported by delicate straps that frame an exposed back. This dress is one of the ones we stock in our store, so if you miss it during the trunk show it will still be waiting for you!

    6. Arlo: A high slit and tassels for a boho twist on the slip dress.

    Arlo wedding dress from All Who Wander featuring a high slit

    We love how this dress brings us straight back to some of the best looks of the 70s. The simple silhouette lets the lace on this gown hold center stage, while the high slit is perfect for brides who want to stay cool while dancing the night away. Don’t miss the tassel details on the straps of this classic vintage dress.

    7. Alyx: Layers of lace on a gown that epitomizes country chic.

    Alyx wedding gown from All Who Wander with tiered lace

    Do you dream of a rustic barn reception? Then this is the perfect gown for you. We love how the lace on this dress is sewn together to add more and more volume to the skirt without weighing it down. The neutral underdress can be cut to knee or floor lengths depending on your preferences.

    8. Jaden: Graphic lace with an exposed back and side cutouts.

    Jaden wedding gown from All Who Wander featuring crossing back straps and graphic lace

    This dress is for bold brides only. With large print lace, wide, crisscrossing straps, and side cutouts that show a little bit of extra skin, this is a gown perfectly suited for bright blue skies and sultry summer nights.

    9. Delta: Lace windows on an ultra dramatic train.

    Delta wedding gown from All Who Wander featuring lace window cutouts

    We’ve seen a lot in bridal, but Delta has something new, even for us. The lace windows on this gown combined with the unique cutout windows at the waist give this dress a style that few are likely to have seen before. Don’t let those details distract you from the low, scooping neckline in the back or the plunge in the front!

    10. Muse: A weightless gown designed to unleash your inner goddess.

    The Muse wedding gown from All Who Wander with a high slit and flowing layers.

    This ethereal gown is a study in dimensional detail! We love how the sheer layers provide volume and add movement to the skirt, while the delicate lace flowing from the bodice to the skirt create added depth. All together this is a perfect gown to catch the breeze at the beach.

    11. Rory: A form-fitting gown with dramatic cape.

    The Rory wedding gown from All Who Wander featuring a dramatic cape

    Capes are in this year, and we are here for it. We love the drama added by this regal look, and are obsessed with the lace collar, which pairs perfectly with the deep V of Rory’s neckline. A gorgeous look for anyone who wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day.

    Can’t make it to our trunk show? We can help you out.

    If you can’t make it to our trunk show, don’t worry. We carry several of these gowns in stock at our store, and can order in any of the other gowns, for a fee. The gowns we carry in our store include Bowie, Aspen, Jaden, and Delta. For gowns we do not carry, our sample loaner program lets brides order a sample of a dress by any of our designers for a fee of $40 per dress. However, the entire amount you pay in loaner fees is credited toward a purchase if you buy a dress with us (even if it’s not one of the ones you ordered in!).

    During our trunk show, the usual Covid safety requirements will be in place. This means that our brides can bring up to two guests with them to their appointment, and that all members of the party must wear masks for the duration of their visit. Those who want to bring a larger party can reserve the entire store, for a fee.

    The boho wedding gown trend is huge right now, and we expect appointment slots to try on these dresses will fill up fast. Contact us today to schedule yours!

  • Take a Look at the New Stella York Collection for 2021

    Take a Look at the New Stella York Collection for 2021

    Stella York’s new 2021 collection is here, and we are in love with the oversized lace.

    It’s a new year, and that means bridal designers are unveiling their latest collections. One of our absolute favorite designers is Stella York, whose collection we carry at our bridal boutique in Brighton, MI. Her latest collection is full of romantic, boho silhouettes, low backs, and intricate lace. We’ve ordered a substantial number of her gowns for our store, including the ones you see here, so if any catch your eye, come to our store to try them on yourself!

    1. Alba: Open back with tie detail.

    Stella York 7290 with open back and tie detail

    This slinky gown includes a low back, long spaghetti straps, and one of our favorite details from this year’s bridal trends—a long streamer bow. We like how the simplicity of the front saves the drama for the back. A perfect choice for brides who love clean lines.

    2. Luella: Plunging neck with figure-hugging silhouette.

    Stell York 7185 with plunging neck with figure-hugging silhouette

    The plunging neckline and lace detailing on this dress are enough to make anyone fall in love with it. However, we’re also in love with how it nips in at the waist for that bombshell hourglass silhouette. The long train on this gown seals the deal.

    3. Jaymie: SStella York 7291 sleeves with beaded embellishments

    Ready for something more whimsical? Try this gown, with a flowing skirt and beaded embellishments. The sleeves on this dress, in particular, are breathtaking. The trailing floral motifs give this gown all the sparkle and romance you could ask for.

    4. Corrina: Statement lace on a breezy boho gown.

    Stella York 7321 statement lace on a breezy boho gown

    When to comes to boho wedding dresses, nothing says “free spirited” quite like layers of gauzy lace. We particularly love the lace pattern on this piece, with the large floral design running the full length of the dress. This would be a perfect choice for a garden or beach wedding.

    5. Delia: Vintage gown with sweetheart neckline.

    Stella York 7295 vintage gown with sweetheart neckline

    With or without straps, we love the simplicity of this gown. The sweetheart neckline along with the double banded empire waistline give this gown a particularly youthful appearance, while the gauzy tulle layer adds extra movement to the skirt.

    6. Bristol: Oversized lace on a plunging back.

    Stella York 7266 oversized lace on a plunging back

    We’re not sure which we love more about this gown: the breathtaking back, or the large-patterned Chantilly lace. Subtle beads and sequins give this dress a hint of sparkle in just the right places.

    7. Caramel: Off the shoulder sleeves with pearl beaded lace.

    Stella York 7272 off the shoulder sleeves with pearl beaded lace

    The Bardot neckline is one we hope never goes out of style! The off-the-shoulder sleeves combined with the deep neckline give this dress a real punch. Pearl beadwork throughout adds shine and shimmer where you want it most.

    8. Jennifer: Halter neckline with center back statement lace.

    Stella York 7261 halter neckline with center back statement lace

    This gown combines a halter neckline with a beautiful line of lace down the back. While fitted through the hips, the dress flairs at just the right point so that it doesn’t constrict movement to brides who like to dance.

    9. Joye: Free-flowing boho gown tulle lace.

    Stella York 7283 free-flowing boho gown tulle lace

    Looking for an easy-wearing gown that combines minimalism and romance? This gown is deceptive in its simplicity. With a V neckline and low back, it keeps the lines in the bodice clean and modern, while the lace in the skirt add the romantic touch you crave.

    10. Rhiannon: Deep V neckline with dimensional lace.

    Stella York 7263 deep V neckline with dimensional lace

    With its airy skirt and dimensional lace, this gown is fairytale perfect. The free-flowing skirt is made of glitter tulle, adding shine to a gown already packed full of whimsy. The beaded details are the final touch to make this gown a true showstopper.

    11.Kathryn: Beaded glamor for the perfect beach wedding dress.

    Stella York 7328 beaded glamor for the perfect beach wedding dress

    Between the sheer top, the slit skirt, and the beading that looks like sparkling water, we can’t see this dress anywhere other than a beach. We see this as a perfect gown for brides planning a destination wedding to the tropics, or for any bride who wants to stay cool while dancing a summer night away.

    12. Finley: Long-sleeved, statement lace with an open back.

    Stella York 7289 long-sleeved, statement lace with an open back

    It’s hard to say which is making the bigger statement with this dress—the lace, the back, or the sleeves. This is the gown for the bride who wants everything: Romance and glamour, lace and beading, a form-fitting silhouette and a flowing skirt. Why choose when they work together so well?

    13. Marcie: Vine-like lace and soft glitter on a stunning flowy A-line.

    Stella York 7177 vine-like lace and soft glitter on a stunning flowy A-line

    If you’ve been holding out for a dramatic silhouette, your wait hasn’t been in vain. The volume on this skirt is perfect for brides who want to make a statement, but the drama doesn’t stop there. We love how the low backline is echoed by the illusion lace, and the line of cloth-covered buttons are just the dainty touch needed to finish this dress off.

    14. Diana: Pockets and a sheer, over-sized bow.

    Stella York 7211 pockets and a sheer, over-sized bow

    Are pockets an absolute requirement for your wedding dress? Don’t miss this minimalist masterpiece. The clean satin lines of the bodice and skirt give way to a back that is (literally!) tied together by tulle streamers.

    15. Halona: Romantic lace with regency organza.

    Stella York 7169 romantic lace with regency organza

    Now this is a gown that transitions well from church to garden. We love how the neckline is so wide as to be almost off the shoulders. The sleeves add a traditional look to this ultra-romantic design. And with so many layers of tulle, the skirt has a very full A-line silhouette, bordering on a ballgown. We also have a sleeveless version available.

    16. Octavia: Strapless ballgown with large-scale lace details.

    Stella York 7288 strapless ballgown with large-scale lace details

    The sweetheart neckline on this dress gives way to a deceptively deep plunge. Don’t worry though: The high back gives this strapless gown enough support to keep the bride dancing through the night. The large-patterned lace gives this gown a dreamy, romantic touch.

    Schedule your bridal appointment with us today.

    Do any of these gowns catch your fancy? Schedule an appointment with us today for a chance to try them on. We are currently accepting bridal parties of three (the bride and two guests) for appointments in our store.

  • Instagram contest

    Join Our Instagram Contest and Win Some Bling!

    There’s nothing we love more than a little free sparkle.

    You just got engaged, and that means you’re sporting a shiny new ring. Congratulations!

    If you’re anything like us, that new bit of bling is making you want more. You’re probably already thinking about what jewelry you want to wear for your wedding, but maybe you’re also just keen for something to match your ring. Or maybe you’re just thirsty for more sparkle. (We wouldn’t blame you!)

    Well, we hear you loud and clear. That’s why we’re offering a new special this month: a chance to win a piece of jewelry from Olive + Piper! These pieces are great for making a statement, and are sure to add some extra shine to your look.

    Not only that, but one grand prize winner will get a free private wedding dress appointment at our store. This means we’ll book the whole store for your visit so that you can bring a larger party to your appointment. Interested? Here are the details.

    How can you win?

    The rules are simple. To enter, you must follow us on Instagram, and then leave a comment on our contest announcement post telling us the date you got engaged. You can also tag a friend who recently got engaged to enter the contest on their behalf!

    For more entries, you can also like our post and DM us an engagement photo with your fiancé. Each of these gets you one entry, so if you like our post, leave a comment, and send us a pic in our DMs, you can get a max of three entries to the competition.

    When are winners announced?

    We’ll be sending the winners of our jewelry giveaway a DM on each Tuesday in January. If you win a free jewelry item, you can choose your piece from everything we have in stock here at TWD from our Olive + Piper collection. We will mail it to your address, unless you would like to come in and pick it up at our store.

    Our final winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 2nd. We’ll be pooling all entries together, then drawing one name for a private wedding dress appointment. Our private appointments let brides bring up to eight guests, so if you simply can’t imagine picking out your dress without family and friends present, this is a great opportunity for you.

    You can enter at any time before February 2nd to win, so don’t miss out!

    Interested in booking an appointment?

    Even if you don’t win our grand prize, you can still book an appointment at our boutique! The White Dress is taking appointments for groups of three, meaning the bride and two guests. While we do require everyone to wear masks and do not allow brides to browse our gown selection in-store, our bridal stylists know our selection well, and can work with you to find the dress of your dreams.

    Brides can also look at our online catalog to see what dresses we have in-store, and can even request sample gowns from our designers if they have a particular dress they want to try on.

    And as always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about our selection, and we hope to see you in our boutique soon!

  • loaner dress program

    Looking for a Dress? Try Our Sample Loaner Program.

    Won’t know if it’s THE dress until you try on THAT dress? Our sample loaner program can help.

    Buying a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions a bride makes as she plans her wedding. It’s also one brides have probably spent years dreaming about. By the time a bride comes into our boutique, we know she’s probably spent hours looking at pictures of wedding gowns already, and probably has a pretty firm idea of what she wants in mind.

    We love when brides have a clear vision for their dress. But sometimes, while searching, they come across what they believe is the absolute perfect dress. It can be one they love so much that they can’t see themselves picking any dress until they’ve had a chance to try it on.

    Unfortunately, finding a specific dress can be more complicated than booking a bridal appointment. The bride first has to find a boutique that carries that designer—and that dress. And what many brides don’t realize until they start shopping is that not every boutique carries every designer, or every dress from the latest collection.

    So, if she’s having trouble finding her dream dress, what’s a bride to do?

    Our sample loaner program is there when you need it.

    The good news for brides is that many designers will work with their bridal boutiques to make sure that every bride gets to try on her perfect dress. While a boutique may only carry a selection of gowns from each season’s collection, they’ve probably had a chance to see the whole collection in person, and will know how to find the gown you’re looking for. This means they can contact the designer and ask for a sample for one of their brides to try on.

    We have a sample loaner program for our brides, where we will borrow a dress from one of our designers and have it shipped to our store. Simply call us at least two weeks ahead of your appointment to ask about the dresses we carry, and to request a sample loaner if necessary. While there is a $40 fee involved, this fee will be credited toward the cost of any dress at TWD, should the bride end up purchasing a dress in our store.

    Don’t know what you want? Our stylists can be your guide.

    Even if you don’t know what dress you want, our stylists can help you find the right gown. Each year, our stylists go to bridal market to see the latest collections from the designers we carry. From the latest line, we will choose which dresses we believe our brides will most like to see.

    We make our choices based on price point, the latest trends, the designs of the gowns themselves, and the types of dresses that are popular for our Michigan brides.

    For instance, we know that the popular wedding locations in Michigan include along the Great Lakes, or in rustic chic venues. We also know how popular winter weddings are—and how cold they can be! We choose our gowns so that our brides can find exactly the right dress, whether they’re planning to get married in a Detroit cathedral or a garden in Kalamazoo.

    We’re open for bridal appointments!

    If you’re interested in booking an appointment at our bridal boutique, contact us! While we have special policies in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can accommodate bridal parties of up to three people. We also offer special reservations for the whole store for those who want to bring in a larger party.

    Call us to set up an appointment and ask about a loaner sample while you’re at it!

  • Top 7 Bridal Trends for 2021

    Top 7 Bridal Trends for 2021

    The next year is bringing new trends in bridal fashion. Here are new looks.

    The pandemic has caused a lot of brides to change their plans this past year, with many putting their ceremonies off entirely, and others pulling together a short-notice mini wedding with plans for a bigger bash when conditions are safe again. Not surprisingly, wedding dress trends are following suit.

    Many of these dresses follow a similar theme, from rompers and mini dresses with removable overskirts, to boleros, capes, and other mix-and-match outfits. Brides are choosing simple styles for their micro weddings, but hoping to wear the same dress—with a switched up style—for their party celebration later.

    In other cases, we’re seeing brides who are using the delay in their plans to save up extra budget for their wedding. After a year of no parties, they’re ready to welcome the post-quarantine world with a bang, and they want a dramatic look to go with it.

    The happy irony is that between these trends with seemingly no middle ground, there are plenty of options for everyone. More budget friendly gowns for micro ceremonies are also perfect for brides who want two dresses, to switch up their looks between the wedding and reception. And versatile dress trends make it easier than ever for a bride to wear an elegant gown with a trailing overskirt for the ceremony, then take it off when it’s time to start dancing.

    There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Here are the top emerging dress styles to engage your imagination.

    wedding gowns with streamers

    1. Capes and streamers.

    Hello drama! A number of runway fashions this year have featured variations on capes, from long, trailing sleeves to sheer shoulder coverings, and we are here for it. Streamers are a statement choice for brides who are planning a winter or fall wedding and want something to keep them warm. They’re also a good choice for brides who want something long and flowing, but don’t want the traditional train.

    Pictured: Lance, by Lis Simon and Bowie, by All Who Wander.

    wedding gowns with romantic sleeves

    2. Full sleeves.

    It used to be difficult to find a dress with sleeves, but in 2021, they’re all the rage. While long, fitted sleeves have been the typical style, the latest trend is for bell sleeves, with their romantic princess vibes, or full bishop sleeves, which gather together at the cuff for an elegant finish. Whether in opaque chiffon or sheer lace, this is a stunning trend we hope sticks around for a while.

    Pictured: Aspen, by Essence of Australia, and Lenox, by All Who Wander.

    little white dresses

    3. The Little White Dress.

    It seems like only a few years ago, the idea of wearing a short wedding dress was nearly unheard of. Now LWDs are all over the runways, in everything from mini dresses to rompers (not technically dresses, we know). We think the tea-length dresses in particular are a cute style that would be perfect for a garden wedding, especially for brides who don’t want to get their trains dirty. LWDs are also a classic choice for rehearsals, receptions, and even bachelorette parties and bridal showers.

    Pictured: Barletta, Minnie, and Rho, from our recent sample sale.

    wedding gowns with high low hemlines and slits

    4. Hemlines that show a bit of leg.

    Many brides can’t seem to choose between a fun and flirty LWD and the drama of a gown with a train. And why should they, when they can have both? High-low hemlines continue to make a showing in many collections this year, as are gowns with a high slit, for brides who want a breezy, causal feel.

    Pictured: 7328 by Stella York, SS110 by Lis Simon, and Marly by All Who Wander.

    Backless wedding dress gowns

    5. Backless.

    We’ve seen a lot of low-cut and illusion backs over the years, but this year they seem to be particularly on-trend—especially when paired with higher necklines in the front and sleeves. It’s another way in which brides seem to be playing with demure and sexy looks in one dress.

    Pictured: 7290 by Stella York.

    wedding gowns with square necklines

    6. Square necklines.

    It seems that the sweetheart neckline finally has some competition! Square necklines are making a strong showing this year, aided by the popularity of sleeves. (After all, you can’t have a square neckline on a strapless dress!) This is a great choice for brides who have a special necklace they would like to frame.

    Pictured: Lena, by Lis Simon, and 7130 by Stella York.

    minimalist wedding gowns and slip dresses

    7. Slip dresses and minimalism.

    Some styles come in and out of fashion, as brides reach for throwback looks to retro styles that were popular during or just before their childhood. This year, we’re seeing the slip dresses and spaghetti straps of the 90s start to grow in popularity, in sleek, clean fabrics without a lot of adornments. This is in keeping with a minimalist trend that we’ve seen for a few years now, where lace and ruffles and set aside in favor of designs that put the emphasis on dramatic silhouettes or carefully constructed seam lines.

    Pictured: 11159 and 11140 by Adore by Justin Alexander, and 7211 by Stella York.

    2021 is going to see more versatility in bridal gowns that previous years.

    Whatever trend attracts you most, we’re here to help you find a dress that meets your dreams. With a vaccine around the corner, brides are beginning to plan their weddings in earnest, and that means finding their wedding dress.

    While our boutique is still booking bridal appointments, with some covid-19 restrictions in place, we also offer private bookings for brides who want to reserve the entire store for their bridal appointment. The reservation costs $150, but will count toward a wedding gown, should the bride find her dress during her appointment. For a private appointment, the bride can bring up to seven guests for a total party size of eight, although we do still require the bride and her guests to remain masked.

    Contact us today to make a special appointment with one of our stylists.

  • The Best Wedding Dresses for Elopement

    The Best Wedding Dresses for Elopement

    Tiny weddings, elopements, and last-minute ceremonies are on the rise. How can you find the perfect dress for the occasion?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed wedding plans for brides across the country. Many are postponing their ceremonies until they can have the big party they always dreamed of. Others are making more practical decisions—moving their wedding date forward, planning smaller ceremonies, or simply eloping.

    Even before the pandemic began, elopements were becoming a trendy marriage choice, as more and more brides, turned off by the high costs of extravagant weddings, chose a simpler option instead. But, despite the desire to tighten wedding budgets, one area where brides are still willing to make an investment is their wedding dresses.

    This makes sense, if you stop to think about it. The biggest wedding costs are the venue and the catering—each of which are usually several times the cost of a dress. Unlike either, the dress will feature prominently in wedding pictures. And many brides still dream of having a gown that they can pass down as a family heirloom—something their own daughters might want to get married in, or something that might be repurposed into baptismal clothes.

    A bride looking for a wedding dress to elope in usually wants something budget friendly and that can be delivered on a shorter turn-around than the 6 or more months required for a typical wedding dress. This poses a challenge for brides—but not one that can’t be overcome. If you’re a bride planning an elopement—or simply a smaller wedding—here’s what you should look for.

    1. Delivery time: how fast can you get your dress?

    The first and most pressing question most brides have when they begin looking for an elopement dress is: will it arrive on time? Brides who are planning a smaller ceremony on a short timeline can’t wait six or seven months for their dress to arrive. If you’re looking for a dress that needs to be custom ordered for you, this could be a major sticking point.

    Instead, look for dresses that can be delivered more quickly. Some bridal boutiques may have some dresses in stock that they can sell to you that very day. You can also look for sample sales, or ask your boutique about any dresses that could be ordered within your timeframe.

    2. Location: what do you plan to be doing on your elopement day?

    Some brides are very low-key about their elopement. They just want to walk down to the courthouse, sign the wedding registry, and call it a day. But a growing trend among many brides is to choose destination elopements that add an element of adventure to their story. They’re ready to hike five miles down a mountain trail to get married in front of their favorite waterfall at a national park. And they won’t be doing that in a mermaid dress.

    Fortunately, many of the styles that are favored for elopement dresses are also in the more affordable price range, which often also means a faster delivery. If you’re not getting a bling-covered gown with layer upon layer of petticoats, you’ll have a much better chance of finding something that will work for you—and your location.

    3. Style: what does your dress NEED to have that special “wedding” feel?

    Even though elopement dresses tend to be simpler than one a bride might choose for a large wedding, a bride still wants to feel like a bride when she wears one. The wedding is still a real wedding, even if it is an elopement. The wedding dress shouldn’t feel like just another dress.

    For elopements, however, we recommend brides think about what details they need their dress to have to still feel wedding-appropriate. For you, is a sweetheart neckline essential? Is your heart set on a certain style of lace? Is it boho or bust? Determining that essential detail can help you look past dresses that aren’t fitting the bill.

    4. Budget: can you find a good deal on your elopement dress?

    Finally, while many brides are happy to set aside a comfortable budget for their elopement dress, most still aren’t ready to pay multiple thousands of dollars for it. The appeal of an elopement is that it gives the new couple more room to plan for their future life together, after all.

    If you’re looking for a good deal on your wedding dress, keep an eye out for sample sales. These usually happen when boutiques are trying to clear their stock in preparation for the new wedding season. You may be able to find a gorgeous gown, right off the hanger.

    Our recommendation: the Adore line by Justin Alexander.

    bridal gowns for elopement from Justin Alexander

    If you’re starting to feel like finding your perfect dress might be more difficult than you’d first envisioned, let us offer you a lifeline. Wedding dress designer Justin Alexander has recently released a new line of wedding dresses, Adore, that offer the perfect balance of budget, style, and timely delivery for brides who want to elope, but don’t want to compromise on style.

    The gowns are designed with simpler details so that they are more budget friendly and have a faster delivery time. This also makes it easier for boutiques to carry dresses in stock for brides who want to walk out of the store with a dress that same day.

    Choose a wedding dress you want to keep with you for a lifetime.

    You may only wear your wedding dress on your big day, but it will stay with you for a long longer—as an heirloom and as a reminder of the love that brought you and your spouse together. If you’re going to invest in something special, this is it. And you can have a dress that lives up to your dreams without breaking the bank.

  • Introducing Adore by Justin Alexander

    Introducing Adore by Justin Alexander

    The new collection for uncomplicated brides on a deadline.

    Every now and then, a designer releases a collection of gowns that are perfect for the moment. That’s what we believe the new Adore line is, from Justin Alexander. At a time when many brides are rearranging their weddings at the last minute, planning smaller ceremonies, or trying to get married on a tighter budget, this collection offers the perfect solution.

    Adore gowns deliver simple, uncomplicated designs that come in at a very attractive price point—around $1000 for most dresses. And they do this without compromising on quality or delivering anything less than that show-stopping moment every bride dreams of. Wondering what makes these gowns different? Let’s take a closer look.

    Less bling means less budget.

    One thing you may notice if you examine the Adore collection is that it features less beading and bedazzling than other collections. There’s a reason for this! Sewing crystals, sequins, and pearls to a dress is costly. Lots of sparkle on a dress may be a must for some brides, but those who can do without can save themselves a lot of budget.

    Simpler designs mean faster turnaround.

    Another advantage to a less extravagant design? You can get your gown faster. Custom ordering gowns traditionally means waiting six months or more for the dress to be made according to measurements. With simpler sewing lines, most of the Adore gowns have a much faster turnaround.

    Affordable gowns mean more options for elopements and rehearsals.

    One final advantage to this gown collection? By choosing a dress with a lower price point and fast sewing cycle, you have more flexibility in your overall wedding plan. Did you want to order different dresses for the rehearsal and ceremony? Or for the ceremony and reception? Did you want to save expenses with a mini wedding, or did you plan to elope? These dresses let you do whatever you want, without feeling guilty about the price tag.

    Take a look: Our favorite 6 gowns from the Adore collection.

    As great as all this sounds, it still leaves the most important question of all: are they wedding-worthy? As much as you want a good deal, you don’t want to choose a dress that is anything less than perfect for your wedding day.

    To our mind, the answer is a resounding yes! And to prove our point, we selected our favorite six gowns to demonstrate that you really can have it all.

    1. A plunging neckline paired with flirty back.

    A figure-hugging gown with beading and train by Justin Alexander

    If you were in any doubt about these gowns being absolute stunners, set your mind at rest. This gown has everything: a deep plunge at the neckline, lace detailing in the bodice, and a figure-hugging silhouette that will leave jaws on the floor. It’s the perfect spring look for brides who want to combine an elegant and chic aesthetic with just a little bit of fun.

    2. A full ball gown with a deep V neckline.

    A Justin Alexander ball gown with deep V neckline

    Another style that isn’t off the table? The ball gown. That’s right, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a million-dollar silhouette. We love how the structured bodice pairs with the mikado skirt. The buttons down the back give this dress the ultimate princess finish.

    3. English net with a flowing skirt.

    A flowing A-line bridal gown with a deep plunge and low V back neckline from Justin Alexander

    Is light and airy more your style? We love the gauzy look of this English net skirt. With a low V neckline in both the front and back, this dress would be perfect for warm weather—either in the spring or summer, or at a sunny destination. Whether at the beach or in a garden, this gown will make you feel as if you’re walking on air as you float down the aisle.

    4. Off-the-shoulder crepe with figure-flattering silhouette.

    An off-the-shoulder gown from Justin Alexander

    This gown is an absolute bombshell if ever we saw one. With its Bardot sleeves, asymmetrical neckline pleats, and A-line skirt, it flatters every curve. And the best part? It has pockets! It’s the perfect blend of alluring and practical—just what you want for a sultry summer ceremony.

    5. A sheer lace bodice with waist cutouts.

    A Justin Alexander gown with side cutouts and a long train

    This gown packs a punch! With beaded lace on top and a long, crepe train, it presents a traditional silhouette with a sexy modern twist. We think the lace on this gown is especially exquisite, and the designer offers the option to line the bodice to the back for brides who prefer a little more coverage.

    6. Boho lace for vintage glam.

    A figure-hugging gown from Justin Alexander with a deep plunge neckline.

    Do you want to bring a bit of glamour to your rustic chic wedding? We envision this as the perfect choice for brides who want to get married in a garden and dance the night away in a barn. The all-over lace gives this gown a light-weight, bohemian feel that feels both trendy and vintage.

    Simple doesn’t mean boring, and affordable doesn’t mean cheap.

    If there’s anything this collection shows us, it’s that brides can get a lot of bang for their buck without compromising on style. The Adore collection delivers a well-rounded set of gorgeous gowns in every silhouette, complete with delightful details and sumptuous fabrics. It’s a sophisticated collection that savvy brides should seriously investigate.

    One thing we appreciate about these gowns is that their lower price point makes it easier for us to keep a wide range in stock at our store. If you would like to try one on, contact us and let us know! You can view the whole collection on the Justin Alexander website, and if there’s any dress you would like to try on that we don’t happen to have on-hand, just let us know. For a small fee, we can request a dress through the designer’s loaner program, which we then reimburse if you choose to purchase any dress at TWD!

  • Lis Simon

    Lis Simon Trunk Show . October 16-17

    Get ready to have your socks knocked off, the latest Lis Simon Collection is un-believably beautiful!  We are thrilled to host our much-anticipated Lis Simon Trunk Show after it had to be postponed last May.  This collection is for you if you love clean lines, simple elegance, unique boho gown patterns, and whimsical twirly gowns.  Seriously, something for everyone!  Book your visit to reserve your spot!

    Lis Simon

  • Designer Spotlight: Lis Simon

    Designer Spotlight: Lis Simon

    This Canadian designer has an unmistakable esthetic with unique customizations.

    One of the great pleasures of running a bridal boutique comes from getting an inside look at up-and-coming designers who bring with them fresh ideas for bridal wear. We pride ourselves on the care we take in selecting gowns for our store, and when we have an opportunity to cultivate a closer relationship with one of these designers, we take it.

    This is why we’re taking a moment to feature Lis Simon and her gowns. Since 2009, this Calgary-based husband and wife design duo has grown their bridal collection from their small apartment in Canada to a brand with a presence in select bridal boutiques all across North America.

    They’ve accomplished this by blending tradition with modern sensibilities for designs that feel timeless and current at the same time. The results are unforgettable.

    Clean lines with an artistic flourish.

    If there’s anything about a Lis Simon designer wedding dress that makes it stand out from the crowd, it’s the ease with which these dresses can hold the attention of a room—without being too loud or showy in the process. These gowns are graceful, with the emphasis on silhouettes that are striking from a distance and details that only become more absorbing the closer you look.

    The fabrics in Lis Simon’s collections are also exquisite, with lace designs both large and small that are simply beautiful to behold. Soft and dreamy, they’re the perfect choice for brides yearning for a bohemian touch to their special day.

    Separates sewn together for a customizable dress.

    Another thing that separates Lis Simon from other designers is their line of… well, separates! When ordering from Lis Simon, you can customize your wedding look by picking from a range of bodices and skirts, then mixing and matching till you find just the right combination.

    Here’s the twist, though: you don’t have to wear them as separates on the day! Instead, you can have the bodice and skirt sewn together to form a complete gown for the classic wedding look.

    Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix and match tops and bottoms for different looks throughout the day! Try a high-necked bodice for the ceremony but pair it with a lacier top for the reception. Or wear a fitted skirt for your walk down the aisle, but exchange it for a looser number when the time comes to hit the dance floor.

    Separates allow you to switch up your style throughout the day without having to purchase two different dresses. Here are a few of our favorite combinations.

    Boho romantic.

    A lace top paired with a lacy skirt for a breezy spring wedding gown.

    Want a flowing dress in lace? We love how these separates combine a breezy skirt of custom lace with a top that combines a sweetheart neckline with a sheer back. Light and willowy, this style would be a perfect combination for a spring wedding.

    Double the drama.

    A dramatic wedding dress pairing with high-low hems and necklines

    What’s better than a dramatic high-low hemline? Pairing it with a boat neck in the front and a plunging back. We love both the bodice and skirt of this separate pair equally, and could see them each paired with any number of styles.

    French chic.

    A sleek pairing of a bardot top with a fitted skirt featuring a center slit

    This off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline deserves a stylish skirt to match, and we think this skirt delivers. Fitted through the hips with a long slit in the front, this pairing is perfect for a bride that wants a sleek silhouette that doesn’t hinder her movement.

    Come take a look at the 2020 collection in our store.

    Not every Lis Simon design can be divided into separates. The line also offers a range of traditional gowns that are sold as one piece. Here are a few of our favorites.

    Leslie: Long-sleeved spring romance.

    A lacy flowing wedding dress with long sleeves

    We so rarely see long-sleeved dresses that when we see one as perfect as this we can’t help but give it some extra attention. Everything about this dress evokes the light and warmth of a carefree spring day, and the sleeves are perfect for that time of year when the weather could turn suddenly chill while the sky stays sunny.

    Lyon: Ball gown drama with statement lace.

    A bohemian ballgown with exquisite lace details on the bodice.

    Sure, the silhouette on this dress is amazing, but what really takes our breath away is the intricate lace details on the bodice. This dress combines the ethereal grace of the floating tulle skirt with the modern sophistication of the plunging V neckline and square back.

    Lucia: A figure-hugging sheath covered in sparkles.

    A sleek, body-hugging wedding gown by Lis Simon

    Finally, for brides who love a fitted shape, the Lucia gown combines an alluring, low-cut back with a beautiful chapel train. We love the clean, flowing lines on this fit and flare silhouette, and paired with the lace, the results are simply stunning.

    Want to try on a Lis Simon dress that isn’t at our boutique? We can get it for you!

    Eager to try on the 2020 collection or try your hand at mixing and matching separates? We’re ready for you. We have a range of Lis Simon dresses available for you to try on in our boutique, and if you see a dress in her catalog which we don’t carry, we can order a sample direct from the designer! We charge a $40 fee to order in dresses, but it is credited against a purchase in our store.

    We are currently accepting bridal appointments and are taking extra precautions to keep our brides and our staff safe during the pandemic. While the party size is limited to three (including the bride), we do have one of our windows set up for brides to show off their gowns to family and friends waiting outside. And for brides who want more family and friends to join them, we offer a limited number of bookings for brides who want to reserve the whole store for themselves.

    So book your appointment with us today! We can help you find your dream gown from one of our favorite designers.

  • wedding dress giveaway

    Meet the Winners of Our Wedding Dress Giveaway!

    Our crowdfunding event this summer raised enough funds for us to giveaway four dresses to our brides!

    In July, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our bridal boutique and to help keep our lovely TWD-ettes employed during the pandemic. We promised that for every $250 we raised we would be donating a bridal gown to a bride in need. Our event raised over $1000, meaning we were able to give away four dresses to brides who entered our contest!

    We asked our brides to tell us stories about their engagement and the affect Covid-19 as had in their lives. The stories they shared are heartwarming, courageous, and inspiring. We’re so excited to share them with you!

    1. Tara Berenjian: finding and giving support as a front line ICU nurse.

    Tara’s love story sounds like it comes straight from a rom-com! She met her future fiancé, Michael, while sitting in a coffee shop trying to get over a horrible break up with her ex. She and Michael clicked immediately, and the rest is history!

    Tara with her fiancé Michael

    Tara and Michael became engaged in June, shortly after many of the restrictions lifted. Tara works as an ICU nurse, and has been on the front lines for most of the crisis, even though she is only a year out of school. Because she was worried about contracting Covid and passing it on to her family or to Michael, they were not able to see each other during the early weeks of the pandemic. Even though they weren’t physically together, Tara says Michael was her rock through it all, helping her overcome long days in the ICU ward as she comforted patients during their last hours.

    Tara and Michael

    After everything Tara has been through, we were so excited to be able to offer her a dress from our store. For Tara, she knew she had found the perfect wedding dress the moment she tried it on.

    “I knew my dress was the one because it was the first one that actually made me feel like a real life bride! I never wanted to take it off! I loved other dresses I put on too but this one really gave me the bride feel!”


    As for her experience in the store, she said, “my favorite part about wedding dress shopping was all the enthusiasm and excitement of everyone working at TWD! They were all so helpful in helping me find my dream dress & they were equally as excited as my mom and I when I found it!”

    2. Jennifer Lee: bringing her bridal experience to family in Korea.

    Jennifer met her fiancé, Christian, on the dating app Bumble and have been inseparable ever since. Christian popped the question in the middle of a rose garden while they were on a trip to Kansas City to stay with his brother and his wife.

    Jennifer Lee showing off her engagement ring with her fiancé, Christian

    Jennifer’s heritage is Korean, and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many of her culture’s traditions surrounding proposals and engagements. And as Christian’s family is from Trinidad, this moment of their lives has been bittersweet, as they’ve navigated the joy of betrothal amidst the loss of the shared celebrations they might otherwise have had. Because of this, they are planning to hold second ceremony in Korea so that Jennifer’s relatives, and especially her grandmother, can be there with them.

    Jennifer and Christian together at an event.

    Jennifer found her perfect dress while browsing our selection of gowns before the appointment. The moment she saw it, she knew she had to try it on.

    “As soon as I put the dress on, I instantly fell in love with the dress. It fit perfectly on me and knew that it was the ONE. I also knew my mom and my sister knew it was the one the moment I stepped out of the dressing room.”


    We loved having Jennifer in our store, and where happy to help her find her dress. Jennifer said her favorite part about being in the store was “my stylist being the absolute best and bringing me all the dresses that I would’ve never picked out to try on and making everything go smoothly.”

    3. Tori Finazzi: high school sweethearts who have been together through thick and thin.

    Tori’s submission came to us through a friend who knew her story and wanted her to win a dress. Tori and her fiancé, Jordan, have been together since middle school, and they already know what the words “in sickness and in health” mean from first-hand experience. For the last three years, Tori has been battling a tumor in her hip that has limited her mobility, interfered with work and school, and required multiple surgeries.

    Tori and Jordan together on a trip.

    Throughout it all, Jordan has been by her side, sometimes sleeping on a cot next to her couch to be with her after surgery. And despite her struggles, Tori recently completed her undergrad with degrees in both biology and psychology. Unfortunately, Jordan was laid off due to the Covid pandemic, and Tori has been working as a receptionist and medical assistant at a Covid testing center, despite her condition.

    Tori and Jordan pictured together on vacation.

    We clearly felt this couple was deserving of a dress to help them through their difficulties, and we were so excited for Tori when she found her dress at our store:

    “I knew I had found the perfect dress for me when I could not stop smiling in it. I couldn’t stop touching the dress or keep my eyes off of it. I found something new I loved in it every time I looked at it. Plus, the look on the faces of my support I had brought with me just sealed the deal!”


    As for her experience with us, Tori said, “Thanks to my TWD stylist, Meg, I had so much fun trying on so many beautiful dresses! Every time I think about my experience there I smile because I felt really loved and special that day.”

    4. Angela Rizzi: a Tinder love story come true!

    Angela’s fiancé, Maciej, proposed while they were on a romantic holiday in Mexico back in March. By the time they returned to Michigan, the coronavirus pandemic had arrived in full force. As an ICU nurse practitioner, Angela was immediately deployed to work night shifts in a Covid unit. She contracted the virus and became sick, but was fortunate to experience a quick recovery that allowed her to get back to work.

    Angela and Maciej standing together in front of mountains.

    Unfortunately, as a new airline pilot, Maciej was put on furlough, adding stress to their wedding plans. Throughout it all, Angela has been determined to plan a beautiful wedding, without letting fears about Covid or their financial situation interfere with their big day. We were so happy we could relieve one pressure point by helping her find the perfect gown without needing to worry about the price tag!

    When she came to our store, Angela knew she had found the perfect dress when she tried it on:

    “I did the walk to show my guests at the front of the store and when I came back to my fitting room, I stepped right back up on the pedestal and found myself staring into the mirror. I didn’t even realize what I did initially, but I felt really beautiful and did not want to take the dress off! My mom, sister, future sister-in-law and I all cried when I came out in this dress, which I honestly did not expect; however, I had a real bridal moment in this gown, confirming it was the perfect choice!”


    angela and maciej at a party

    As for her time in our store, we were so delighted to hear that Angela had a wonderful experience, despite the Covid requirements:

    “I wanted to take a minute to tell you about how thrilled I was with the entire White Dress experience. Even with all of the COVID restrictions, my guests and I were able to have a very memorable and fun time! All of the staff at TWD was great, but especially my consultant, Mary. She was truly WONDERFUL! I hope you know she is a gem!!”


    (Yes, we do know, and we agree!)

    Yes, our bridal boutique is open!

    Many brides have been hesitant to search for their dress given the uncertainty of the pandemic. However, we want to reassure all our lovely brides that our store is taking every precaution to keep them and their loved ones safe. This has meant creating new store policies for the pandemic, but by doing so, we have been able to keep our boutique open.

    And, despite the uncertainty, now is actually a really good time to look for your wedding dress! It takes months for a wedding gown to be made, as each one is sewn specifically to the bride’s measurements. Brides who are hoping for a Covid-free wedding next summer, but are putting off buying a gown until the pandemic dies down, may not have enough time left to purchase a gown before their wedding. And, once conditions become safe for us all to resume to normal life, we expect a boom of brides booking appointments, which may make it difficult to reserve a slot.

    So go ahead and book your place today! We would love to help you find your dream dress.

  • august promotions

    August Promotions at The White Dress!

    Every Friday and Saturday this month we’re offering special discounts and gift prizes!

    Summer is usually a busy time for our boutique, with brides coming in to search for just the right dress for a spring or summer wedding the next year. It’s a special season, and we always want the moment a bride finds her perfect wedding dress to be a memory she cherishes for the rest of her life. However, this year the coronavirus pandemic is reshaping their experiences, creating bittersweet moments as the excitement of wedding planning is tempered by unexpected compromises.

    Of course we hope brides will come support our boutique as we hold our own against the changes brought on by Covid-19. But we also hope that our events can add to the fun of shopping for a gown, and that our promotions can offer a spot of relief to brides in need. So take a look at what we have planned, and schedule your appointment today!

    August 14–15: Support for students and teachers!

    We know the upcoming school year is going to be a strange one for students and teachers alike. Many of our brides who are college students are looking forward to a semester of online courses, while teachers and school administrators are putting in long hours to make sure they can support their students during the academic year. It’s bound to be a challenging time, which is why we want to do our best to bring some joy to the start of the school year.

    This coming weekend, we’re offering $100 off any of our regularly priced wedding gowns to our brides who are college students, teachers, or education workers. Whether you’re preparing for another semester of hard study, assembling lesson plans for a new grade of remote learners, or creating support resources for parents you deserve to have one less item on your to-do list.

    August 21–22: Honoring our healthcare heroes!

    Perhaps no one deserves a break more than the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who are currently working overtime to treat those who have been affected by the pandemic. Trying to plan for a wedding during a time when you may be called away from your loved ones more than ever before is hard enough on its own. When that work also places you at greater risk for infection, it makes the sacrifice even more laudatory.

    From Friday the 21st to Saturday the 22nd we’ll be offering $100 off any of our regularly priced wedding gowns to those working in the healthcare industry. Come take a look at the selection of gowns we have in our store and see if you can spot your dream dress!

    August 28–29: Surprise pop-up shop weekend!

    While we haven’t been able to have as many trunk shows and featured designers this year as usual, we are hosting a pop-up shop event for the last weekend of August! We will be showcasing select gowns from our designers just for this event, so this is a perfect time for any brides who have their eye on a particular designer to come try something on!

    To celebrate this weekend, we will be offering 10% off our line of Olive + Piper jewelry. We’re also holding a prize drawing for brides to win a free bridal robe for themselves and for three of their bridal party members! It’s sure to be a fun day, so schedule your appointment while we still have spots available!  Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram to see which gowns we will be bringing to the shop that weekend!

    Tag us on Instagram for $50 off!

    If the above weren’t enough, we’re also offering $50 off to any bride who tags us on Instagram when they arrive for their appointment! Simply take a picture, use #thewhitedressmi as your hashtag, and then tag us at @thewhitedressmi! We’ll take $50 off your dress on top of any other discounts you may have already earned.

    Spin our prize wheel to win a special gift!

    Finally, we’re offering a bit of fun to ALL the brides who come to our store on Fridays and Saturdays in August! Before you leave, give our prize wheel a spin! We’re offering special discounts and merchandise, plus an ultimate prize bag filled with goodies to one of our brides.

    Our Prize Wheel will vary each weekend and include:

    • Bride T-shirt
    • Signature pink water bottle
    • Discount on veil/headpiece
    • Discount on jewelry (earrings/necklace/bracelet)
    • Free garter
    • Free coffee mug
    • Special prize each weekend is a Tote Bag, filled with swag!

    Appointment spots are limited, so be sure to claim your place today!

    We want to be sure everyone who comes to our boutique can experience a safe environment while they try on dresses. Because of this, we’ve limited the number of guests who can be in our shop at one time, and have also instituted a $50 booking fee for brides who make a reservation for one of our Saturday slots.

    The booking fee is completely refundable to any bride who arrives for her appointment, or who cancels her appointment with twenty-four hours’ notice—no purchase necessary. The booking fee is not refundable to any bride who does not show up for her appointment, or who cancels with less than twenty-four hours’ notice.

    We want to accommodate as many brides as possible in our appointment schedule. If a bride makes a reservation but forgets to cancel and doesn’t show up, it prevents another bride from scheduling her slot!

    We look forward to seeing more brides this August, and we hope many of them are able to find their special dress in our store. But if you aren’t able to book a slot, don’t worry! September is just around the corner, and we have more events to come. See you soon!

  • bridal appointment etiquette

    Bridal Appointment Etiquette in the Time of Covid-19

    It’s a strange time to be trying on wedding dresses. Here’s how to have a safe and enjoyable appointment.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed bridal plans for many. Some brides have postponed their weddings, hoping to hold their celebration once the crisis has passed. Others have decided to use the pandemic as an excuse to elope and have the scaled down wedding they always wanted in the first place. But regardless of these plans, most brides still want the one unmistakable thing that shows the world that this special day is unlike other days: a wedding dress.

    Fortunately, it is still possible to have a gorgeous gown for your wedding. Our bridal boutique, like many others, is taking appointments during this time. But, due to the pandemic, there are some new etiquette guidelines that brides and their guests should follow to keep themselves and others safe.

    1. Always book an appointment.

    Booking a bridal appointment is always a must, even before Covid-19 happened. However, it is even more essential during a time when appointment slots are limited, and space in the store is tight. Plus, booking an appointment gives our bridal team a chance to learn about your ideal dress and have some options pulled when you arrive.

    2. Text when you arrive—don’t walk in.

    When you come for your appointment, text before you enter the store so that the stylist can prepare the way for you. Your fitting room may still need a few minutes to prepare, or there may be another bridal group in the store preparing to leave.

    3. Wear a mask.

    One of the most important things we have learned about the novel coronavirus since the pandemic began is that many people may be infected without being aware of it or showing any symptoms, and that they can spread the virus to many other people while in his state.

    This is why masks are so essential to slowing the spread. All our TWD-ettes wear masks inside the store to contain the virus, in case any of them are asymptomatic carriers, and we require all our guests to as well, for the same reason. We do keep our boutique well ventilated and cooled as well, to increase comfort.

    4. Only bring one or two guests.

    Large bridal parties—like you may have seen on Say Yes to the Dress—are never a good idea, because people can have so many different opinions, and it can prevent the bride from making the decision for herself. However, during the pandemic, it is even more important to keep your entourage small. If you need your mother, sister, or maid of honor in the room to pick out your dress, that is still acceptable. However, don’t bring your entire bridal party, as the store will have to turn many of them away.

    At The White Dress, our store policy is only to allow the bride plus two other guests into the boutique at a time. While we recognize that many brides may wish to have more guests, we also need to ensure the safety of our TWD-ettes, as well as that of other brides in our store.

    5. Let your stylist pick out the dresses.

    When you first arrive for your appointment, you may be tempted to browse the dresses to see if anything catches your eye. Unfortunately, part of restricting the spread of the virus means limiting the opportunities it has to come into contact with others, and having brides perusing the gown selection increases the possibility of transmission.

    Fortunately our TWD-ettes know our gowns by heart, and can pull a range of options based on your description of a dream dress. You can also look at our selection online prior to your appointment to see your full range of options. This is especially helpful if you’re worried about your ability to describe your ideal gown, or if you’re worried your stylist might miss a potential favorite.

    6. Respect social distancing.

    It’s hard to keep your distance within a fitting room, but nevertheless, it is important to be respectful and try your best. If you’ve brought members of your entourage who are part of your household, social distancing may not be necessary. However, it is important to respect the comfort zones of others, especially other guests in the store, and the stylists who are working with you during your appointment.

    In most places, your stylist will still be there to help you get into your dress, but you should be cautious about the distance being maintained by others, and in general let your stylist approach you when needed.

    7. Have a conversation with your entourage about etiquette.

    Finally, before you invite guests to the store, talk to them about expectations at the store and make sure everyone is on the same page. This moment is about you and your special day, and you don’t want it ruined by a friend or family member who is offended or hurt by the new rules. Having this conversation early can help ease any tension on the day, and keep everyone feeling happy for the appointment.

    Your stylists are doing their best to give you the bridal experience.

    We want all our brides to walk away from their bridal appointments with memories they will treasure for a lifetime. We know that this can be difficult, especially when everyone has to wear a face covering, and when movement and contact are limited. For many, navigating these social situations can add stress and anxiety to what is already an important decision.

    This is why bridal appointment etiquette is so important, especially when there is any uncertainty about what is or isn’t polite behavior. When everyone knows what is expected, it can remove any awkwardness or misunderstanding and help everyone relax and feel more comfortable.

    Bridal appointments during the Covid-19 pandemic are certainly unlike at any other time. But there are still many things that haven’t changed: the love between two people as they prepare for their wedding, the support of family and friends, and the feeling of wonder and joy a bride experiences when she tries on her dress for the first time.

    We hope you’ll have that experience with us.

  • national bridal day

    Our Annual National Bridal Sale Is ON!

    Make a reservation to try on dresses from our annual National Bride Day sale, running July 21–25!

    As a bridal boutique, we accumulate a lot of dresses. Each season, designers release a new line, and in order to make room for them, we need to retire some of the previous season’s sample wedding dresses. That’s why, every year, for National Bride Day, we run a special sale of all the sample dresses we have in store—as well as a few that are brand new!

    It’s a perfect chance for brides to come in and purchase a gown off the rack at a bargain price. If you’re a bride who is shopping on short notice, this may be your only chance to get a dress in time for your wedding! Because these dresses won’t be ordered in, there’s no wait. All you have to do is find a dress in your size, and plan for a few alterations to achieve the perfect fit!

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Just wait till you hear more of the details.

    Over a hundred dresses in sizes 8–24.

    This isn’t a small sale with only a handful of dresses. We have over a hundred dresses that we’re offering brides in sizes ranging from 8–24. They come in every style, too! From dramatic ball gowns to figure-hugging boho slips to little tea-length numbers, you can find a dress to fit any wedding style.

    90% of our dresses are on sale for under $1000, and some are as low as $100! This is an unbeatable opportunity for a bride to get the dress of her dreams without breaking her budget. And just because these sample dresses are nearing the end of their run doesn’t mean you can’t find a statement couture dress! We may be offering you a great deal, but we still want you to look—and feel—fabulous!

    Covid-19 requirements for visiting our bridal boutique safely.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, brides who come to our boutique will need to follow a few safety protocols:

    • Appointment only. Brides must schedule an appointment as we are limiting the number of people in our store at any time.
    • 1–3 people per group, bride included. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, we are limiting the size of groups inside the store at any time. The bride can bring up to two companions along to her appointment.
    • Call or text upon arrival. Because we don’t allow walk-ins, you will need to text us when you arrive. We will open the door for you and escort you to your fitting room!
    • Face coverings required. For the protection of our brides, their friends and families, and our TWD-ettes, we are requiring everyone to wear a face covering at all times. Thank you for being considerate!
    • Remain in the fitting room. Unfortunately, we cannot let our brides browse the wedding dresses at this time. However, our lovely fashionistas know our dresses by heart. They’ll listen to what you have in mind and select dresses that match your vision!

    Want to be prepared? Take a look at our Sample Sale dresses to see what we have on offer! We’ll be doing our best to keep our list up to date with dresses as we add them to the sale, but because these are sample dresses, once we’ve sold them they’re gone for good. So if you see a dress you love, book an appointment right away!

    We look forward to welcoming you to our boutique!

    Although we’ve had to make new arrangements to be safe during the coronavirus pandemic, we are so excited to be welcoming our brides back to our store. And with our National Bride Day sale, there’s never been a better reason to schedule an appointment. So come on in! We’ll be delighted to help you find THE dress—from a safe distance, of course!

  • donating dresses

    We’re Donating 4 Dresses to Brides in Need!

    We’re staying afloat AND giving back during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all of us in different ways. Our front-line and emergency workers have put in extra time to keep essential services running and provide care to those who need it. At the same time, many small businesses have been struggling, with many service industry workers losing their jobs or being put on furlough.

    Fortunately, we live in a great town. In response to the pandemic, the Brighton Downtown Development Authority launched a community crowdfunding initiative to support local businesses. We entered to raise funds to support our TWD-ettes during the time that our shop was closed, and our community responded generously. We wanted a way to show our support as well, and that’s when we hit upon the idea for our dress giveaway!

    Our brides needed support—so we donated dresses!

    Every year, we run a Sample Sale event where we offer brides a chance to buy one of our sample dresses for a bargain. While these aren’t custom-ordered dresses, we do keep them all in excellent condition, and with a few alterations, many brides can find their dream dress without compromising on quality.

    This year, as we planned our sale, we were acutely aware of how many brides were having to change wedding plans because of Covid-19. We heard from brides who were cancelling large venues and opting for small outdoor gatherings for family only instead, brides who had lost work when lockdown began, and brides whose family members were hit hard by the pandemic.

    Our brides are the reason our boutique exists, and we wanted a way to make their day special, even if it wasn’t everything they had always planned. So we found a way to give back to our brides, even as our community came to our support. For our crowdfunding campaign, for every $250 we raised we pledged to donate one of our Sample Sale dresses to a bride in need.

    In the end, our crowdfunding campaign raised over $1000—enough for us to donate four dresses to go to our quarantine brides!

    How can you win a wedding dress? Apply to be selected!

    We want to be sure that our dresses are going to brides who have been significantly affected by the pandemic. So, instead of doing a raffle, we’ll be having a panel of judges select winners. Our judges will be comprised of anyone who donated over $250 to our crowdfunding campaign, as well as some of our community leaders here on Main Street, and TWD’s own Kristy Koryzno!

    If you are a bride who has a story to share, you can apply for one of our dresses. We have over a hundred wedding dresses in our sale section that the brides will be able to choose from, and while many of them are off the rack, there will be some new ones as well!


    Applications for the Dress Giveaway are now closed. Please stay tuned for an upcoming article about the winners! 

    Now that you’ve applied, take a look at our Sample Sale dresses! Our sizes range from 8–24, but if a bride doesn’t find a dress she loves in her size, we can offer her a discount when ordering a dress new. Winners can come in at any time after the deadline, but before August 31, 2020.

    Brighton’s “Small Town, Big Hearts” initiative showed we look after our own.

    If there’s anything we’ve learned from this crowdfunding experience—and the pandemic which triggered it—it’s that our neighbors in Brighton are passionate about supporting their community. On so many occasions, we have been moved by the generosity, the kindness, and the thoughtfulness of those who share this town with us.

    We would like to thank everyone who donated to keep us going during the lockdown. Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in our store and around town.

  • Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

    Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

    We’re hosting a preview trunk show for Stella York on July 17th & 18th. Here’s what you need to know!

    We have exciting news for brides in the southeast Michigan area: this summer, we are proud to be hosting a trunk show featuring dresses from the Stella York design label. This is a special opportunity for brides to come see dresses straight off the runway, before they become available to the public. And brides who are ready to say “yes” on the day might even walk away with a completely unique dress!

    Sounds fantastic, right? It is, and we encourage all brides who are planning February 2021 weddings and later to come in and take a look. Here’s everything you need to know.

    What should I know about Stella York?

    Launched in 2013, Stella York is a line of gowns from Essence of Australia that embody drama and glamour. These designs have won awards around the world for their fresh take on red carpet looks and the attention to detail that goes into every design feature. These are gowns that will make you feel like the star of the show while also satisfying your free-spirited, adventurous side.

    One of the amazing benefits of going to a trunk show is seeing a full line from a designer you truly love. We recommend you take a look at the collection of Stella York gowns we carry in our store. If you’re in love with the style, this is a trunk show you cannot miss.

    What are trunk shows?

    Trunk shows are exclusive events where a designer will bring a collection of gowns to a select number of locations so that brides can take a closer look at their full range. This may include gowns that haven’t been released yet, as well as gowns from previous seasons that are no longer available.

    Most bridal boutiques don’t carry the full selection of gowns from every designer, so this is a chance for brides to try on a dress that might not be available later. If the designer is at the trunk show, it can also be an opportunity to talk about customizations in greater detail.

    What makes a preview trunk show different?

    A preview trunk show is even more unique than the standard variety. In a preview show, the designers are bringing their newest line of gowns straight from the runway and testing them out on audiences as they refine the collection. Stella York typically starts each collection with 50–80 gowns, and then brings them around to a few select locations to get direct feedback from brides.

    We’re one of thirty hand-selected stores in the United States that will have this opportunity! Brides will have a chance to try on dresses that may never appear in the final collection. We’ll be gathering their feedback about the dresses, and the designers will use that input to cut and rework dresses before the next trunk show.

    What that means is that if a bride finds her dream dress and says yes on the day of the trunk show, she could end up with an exclusive gown! However, brides must be ready to make their decisions on the day of their appointment, as the dresses will only be available to try on that weekend.

    What size dresses will I be able to try on?

    The sample size for most designer dresses for this trunk show is more limited than our regular sample size range in the shop.  However, we still do encourage all brides to come in to take a look, as the dresses can be made in a full spectrum of sizes.

    When will my dress arrive?

    One misunderstanding we sometimes have from brides who come to trunk shows is the belief that they will be walking away with the exact dress they tried on. This isn’t the case. While you’re trying on test gowns, you won’t be purchasing them off the hanger. In fact, because of where this falls in the design process, you may have to wait a little longer than usual to have your dress made.

    We recommend brides plan on about seven months before their dress will arrive after the order is placed.  After that, they’ll still need to budget time for fittings and alterations. This means that if your wedding is in 2020, you won’t have time to order from this trunk show.  However, brides planning on a wedding in February 2021 or later will have plenty of time.

    A trunk show is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new collection and maybe even find a one-of-a-kind dress!

    Preview trunk shows are a special chance for brides to be part of the design process. They’re unlike any other bridal event, and give brides a special story to tell about how they found their dream dress.

    However, as we said before, if you are hoping to find your gown at a trunk show, you should be prepared to say yes on the day. If your mom, sister, or best friend, absolutely have to be there for you to make your decision, invite them to come along and get prepared by discussing themes, silhouettes, and dream details.

    And one final note: these shows fill up fast, so get ready to book your appointment slot today. We can’t wait to see you in our store!

  • quaran-tees

    shop online . quaran-tees

    As days go by, we all continue to get restless at home during this quarantine. Many of us incorporate some type of shopping into our lifestyles, whether that is for groceries or to a local clothing boutique. 

    Well, here at The White Dress we wanted a way to brighten your day and bring the shopping to you! We are now offering an online shop on our website!  It is our first leap into e-commerce and we are pumped!  We thought of nothing better to start our little online shop with….  Quarantine T-shirts!  These shirts are super unique to the days we are living in and truly speak to some of us.

    Read the rest…

  • wedding dress style

    march madness . wedding dress style

    Sporting events across the world have cancelled their events, including the beloved NCAA March Madness tournament. Well, here at The White Dress we wanted to bring a little bit of “sport” to the wedding dress world. We have taken it upon ourselves to create a bracket featuring our dresses! There will be a 24 hour voting period for each round via Instagram and Facebook and the gown with the most votes will advance in the bracket!

    Read the rest…

  • bridal boutique

    Blog Series: Part One

    It is Spring of 2020 and you are anxiously awaiting your upcoming wedding. All of the little details are coming together nicely. Then, all of the sudden you become quarantined and haven’t said yes to the dress yet! But do not fear, you can still find that perfect wedding dress you have always dreamed of. Here at The White Dress, we offer a variety of ways to begin shopping for your wedding gown from the comfort of home.

    Read the rest…

  • How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Dream Wedding Dress

    How to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Dream Wedding Dress

    Everything you need to know about bridal fabrics as you shop for your wedding gown.

    So you’re engaged! Congratulations! And now you’re ready to start searching for your dream dress! It’s an exciting time, when most brides love to immerse themselves in the world of styles, themes, silhouettes, and designers as they search for their perfect gown.

    However, one snag for many brides comes when they first encounter descriptions of different fabric types. A fashion aficionado can easily describe the difference between chiffon and crêpe, but other brides would better recognize these terms applied to cakes and French pancakes.

    Even those who stick to the more familiar world of lace can quickly become overwhelmed by the variety of lace available. Embroidered and appliqué lace sound familiar enough, but what about Chantilly or Venetian?

    It’s a confusing world out there, which is why we’ve put together this guide to bridal fabrics. Read up, and once you’ve gained a better understanding of what you’re looking for, come into our boutique to see what these fabrics look like on a dress!

    A note on fabrics and fibers.

    Before we begin, it’s important to make a distinction between fabrics and fibers, because in discussing cloth, these two terms can get confused. Fibers, such as wool, silk, linen, cotton, rayon, and polyester are spun together to create threads, out of which fabrics are woven or knitted.

    Fibers can come from natural sources, such as silk and cotton, or synthetic sources, such as polyester and rayon. They can also be blended together for different advantages. A silk/wool blend will feel softer against the skin than pure wool, but warmer than pure silk, and synthetic blends add strength and durability to fabric helping it last longer.

    Meanwhile, how these fibers are woven together can lead to very different results. Crêpe is a woven fabric which can be made from wool, silk, or polyester. Dupioni is only ever made from silk, while tulle is most commonly made from polyester.

    What we’ll be describing in the rest of this post are the kinds of fabrics that can be woven from various fibers. Silk is often considered the most luxurious fabric, but that doesn’t mean that a dress made from silk is automatically of higher-quality than one made from polyester. Each fiber has its advantages and disadvantages, and the quality of a garment depends more on how well these fabrics are used than on the fiber content itself.

    The best way to decide if a fabric is right for you is to try on a gown. If you like the feel of the fabric against your skin and the way it flows when you move, then don’t worry about the fiber content.

    1. Chiffon.

    One of the lightest fabrics available, chiffon is almost a gauze. As a sheer crêpe (which we’ll get to next), it needs to be layered over an opaque lining fabric, or used in several thicknesses to achieve the desired effect.

    Most often combined with lace, chiffon is the perfect choice for a summer wedding dress that will look light and breezy as you walk down a wooded path to your garden venue.

    hattie Stella York Chiffon Lace Flowy A-Line

    Hattie is our choice for a beautiful gown that builds on layers of chiffon and lace for a flowing, romantic finish.

    2. Crêpe.

    Traditionally, crêpe has been made of tightly-wound fibers, which give it a bunched and slightly crinkly texture that absorbs light for a matte finish. The weight of the fabric can be flowing and light (as with chiffon, which is a type of crêpe), or heavier, leading to a smoother drape. A heavier crêpe also lends itself to more constructed patterns without the shine of satin or the stiffness of dupioni.

    Brooklyn Stella York Crepe Sheath Wedding Gown

    To try on a beautifully designed dress of crêpe, we recommend Brooklyn. This sheath silhouette is elegantly structured with a beautiful halter neckline and a clean, plunging neckline in the front.

    3. Dupioni.

    Crisp and stiff, dupioni has long been a favorite for dress silhouettes that require a lot of construction and a clean finish. Dupioni is made from fine, tightly woven silk fibers in which the threads running the width of the fabric are slightly uneven, leading to a finish with a slight texture and an unmistakable luster.

    Despite its tight weave, dupioni is surprisingly lightweight, making it a perfect choice for dresses that require boning or other structured finishes.

    Justin Alexander Dupioni Ballgown

    Odette uses the fineness of dupoini fabric to create a tightly-gathered waist for a skirt with all the volume of a classic ballgown. Combined with the tailored bodice and a sweetheart neckline, it has all the elements a bride could ask for in a timeless gown.

    4. Lace.

    We all know what lace is, but the variations in style can make even the most fashion-forward brides feel lost. Furthermore, lace has a long history in countries around the world, and the techniques used to create it are as varied as the styled themselves. Here are just a few of the most popular found in bridal fabrics.

    Sheet lace.

    The most common and affordable lace, sheet lace is made of repeating patterns that form a length of fabric that can be cut and sewn like any other. It’s useful as an overlay, although the edges require finishing.

    Lace appliqué.

    Lace appliqué is made by sewing lace shapes onto netting or some lighter form of fabric. This allows for some freedom in the placement of the appliqués, which can be arranged to be more esthetic, or to cover seam lines and other construction details.

    Chantilly lace.

    Chantilly is a traditional French bobbin lace, so-called because it was made by winding and weaving threads from several bobbins around a pattern of pins. Chantilly has a fine mesh background with detailed, outlined patterns.

    Venetian lace.

    Unlike bobbin laces, like Chantilly, Venetian lace is stitched using needle and thread. Traditional patterns for Venetian lace feature scrolling and floral motifs. The style has an elegant, Old World feel to it, but tends to be heavier than Chantilly.

    Embroidered lace.

    Finally, embroidered lace is stitched onto a base using a needle. This construction makes it easier to layer on additional elements, such as beading and sequins, which results in a significant variety among styles.

    Loren dress with lace train

    From designer Lis Simon, Loren is a gorgeous gown featuring sequined lace in the bodice and lace appliques through the skirt and train.

    5. Mikado.

    Mikado is a heavy, lustrous fabric with a beautiful drape that has a long history in bridal fabric. As a twill weave (meaning threads are woven over and under two or more threads at once), Mikado has a slight, diagonal grain that lends itself to a particularly smooth drape.

    Its sheen is brighter than crêpe, but subtler than satin, making it an excellent choice for brides who want to show a sophisticated flare without too much drama.

    Allure Bridals Mikado A-Line

    Laila shows off all the best qualities of Mikado, from its clean lines to its smooth drape. We believe it is a perfect choice for brides who want to revel in understated elegance.

    6. Organza.

    What do you do when you want the structure of dupioni but the translucence of chiffon? You turn to organza, of course. Organza has long been a staple of bridal and eveningwear gowns. The crispness of its weave means that it can be layered for maximum volume without adding too much weight to a dress.

    Brittany stella york organza trumpet mermaid

    Brittany is a perfect example of how to create a dress that is voluminous and light all at once. We love the wrapped construction throughout for the classic mermaid silhouette.

    7. Satin.

    People often use the word “silky” to describe smooth textures, but in the world of fabric, silk is a kind of fiber. However, the smooth, shiny fabric you’re probably thinking about when you think about silk satin.

    Satin is a kind of weave that is made by crossing a thread over several other threads at a time, but under only one. This is what gives satin its smooth finish and soft drape. Dove satin, in particular, is known for its lush texture and soft hand.

    Madison James Satin Ballgown

    For an ultra-luxe gown, we recommend Luciana. Combining the rich feel of dove satin with the romance of beaded applique lace, it’s a gown fit for a princess.

    8. Tulle.

    Traditionally used as fabric for underskirts and ballet tutus, tulle has recently grown in popularity as a fashion fabric in its own right. Stiff and lightweight, it is more of a netting than organza, and can have a very puffy appearance. Its edges are usually left unfinished, giving dresses a more floating appearance.

    Claudine Stella York Lace Tulle Flowy A-Line

    Claudine combines layers of light, rosy tulle with applique lace to create a stunning gown that is the vision of spring.

    Navigating the world of bridal fabrics can be confusing, but knowing what all the terms mean can help you narrow down your options.

    Finding your dream dress can take time, but it helps to go into your bridal appointment knowing what you want. If you’re set on a light, flowing gown, then peruse lace, chiffon, and tulle to your heart’s content. And if you want a dress with lots of luster but low shine, then head for the Mikado.

    That said, don’t be too quick to cross anything off your list. If you’re having trouble envisioning your dream dress, a different fabric can entirely change the look of a silhouette. Let your new fabric knowledge inform your decision, and it may just guide you to the gown you’ve been searching for this whole time.

  • 1920s Vintage-Inspired Wedding Gowns

    16 1920s Vintage-Inspired Wedding Gowns

    Bring old-timey glitz and glam to your wedding with these 20s-inspired gowns.

    It’s the twenties again, and for many brides that’s an inspiration point for vintage venues and roaring receptions. When it comes to style and fashion, most of us have immediate associations with each decade of the 20th century. The 40s are pin curls and birdcage veils, the 50s introduced tea-length swing dresses, the 60s mod fashion and miniskirts, and so on.

    But of all these styles, the 20s are some of the most iconic, bringing to mind opulent parties and Gastby-like extravagance. It’s a fun decade to choose as a theme for a wedding at any time of year, and is likely to be especially popular this decade.

    So, are you looking for the perfect 1920s vintage-inspired gown for your wedding? Here are our top picks from our store.

    1. Kendell.

    kendell lis Simon lace sheath

    For a classic 1920s look, Kendell ticks all the boxes. The sheath style mimics the drop-waisted look of flapper dresses, while the beaded lace of the skirt recalls the classic art deco style. Pair this with a beaded headband, and you’ll look like a fashion plate from last century.

    2. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh allure bridals lace sheath

    This dress is all about that lace (and, OK, the perfect sweetheart neckline, too). The large, detailed design of the lacework on Kayleigh is perfect for your vintage wedding, and the silhouette leaves plenty of room for a piece of statement jewelry—like large chandelier earrings.

    3. Josey

    Lis Simon Chiffon Flowy A-Line

    The 1920s might be best known for its extravagance, but that doesn’t mean the whole decade was that way. We like Josey for an alternate take on the decade that still conjures up feelings of a time gone by. Perfect this look with a cap veil, simpler jewelry, and finger waves.

    4. Clarice

    boho lace wedding gown with full skirt

    Sometimes you want to evoke a feeling about a decade without directly copying every element. This is what we think when we see Clarice. The sand-colored under-dress gives the dress the sepia tones of an old photograph, while the lace overlay has an heirloom quality that can’t be denied.

    5. Kirstie

    Kirstie allure bridals lace sheath

    The 1920s were a golden decade, so what better than a golden dress to remember it by? We think Kirstie brings just the right kind of luster to your wedding day, with a gorgeous lace overlay that is era-perfect. Combine your smokey eye makeup with dark lipstick, and you’ll have just the right style to match the theme of the evening.

    6. Jude

    Lis Simon Lace Sheath Wedding Dress

    Looking for a gown with a relaxed fit and statement deco lace? All we can say is: Hey, Jude! This dress combines all the elements you need for a 1920s theme. From the loose silhouette to the vintage lace pattern, no one will be able to mistake this dress as being a throwback to any other decade. To make it perfect, plan on finger curls for your hair and a feathered headband.

    7. Nala

    lacy boho wedding dress with bardot neckline

    If we’re being honest, Nala seems to span decades. The silhouette has the long, column design and layers on layers of lace that were familiar in the post-Edwardian decade (although you can bet no dress from that time would have had bare shoulders like this one!). Fashions don’t change overnight, which makes this the perfect dress for stepping from one decade into the next.

    8. Reagan

    allure bridals

    That classic drop-waist 1920s style isn’t for everyone, but if you want to still call up that look, we suggest going for a dress dripping in vintage lace. That’s Reagan for you. It’ll be more of a stretch to tie this dress in with your theme, but we think this is a clever cross-over for anyone who wants a 20s vibe but can’t let go of the mermaid silhouette.

    9. Caydence

    beaded boho wedding gown

    It’s hard to beat Caydence for that perfect 1920s vintage wedding dress look. This dress has everything: a beaded art deco overlay, the illusion of a dropped waist, and a deep V neckline that is perfect for showing off strings of pearls. We’d love to see this paired with over-the-elbow gloves for an ultra-glamorous finish.

    10. Keegan

    Lace Trumpet/Mermaid

    We’ve shown you plenty of dresses with that iconic 1920s beaded lace look, and we’re not done. However, we think Keegan takes it to a new level with a gorgeous train and detachable sleeves in a variety of styles. There’s all sorts of ways you can change this look up to match your theme, so it’s a great choice to let your creativity shine.

    11. Nerissa

    Nerissa Lillian West Crepe Sheath

    Like many of our previous selections, Nerissa is a modern twist drawing on 1920s themes. In this case, we’ve chosen it for the flowing skirt and statement beadwork on the bodice. We believe this dress will look perfect when styled with some era-appropriate jewelry or a vintage headpiece.

    12. Aimee

    Aimee Madison James Lace Sheath

    The column silhouette on Aimee combined with the beaded overlay is the perfect combination of elegance and glamour. This dress can be styled simply for a more subtle evocation of the 1920s, or you can add any variety of accessories to match the look to perfection.

    13. Carolita

    lace sheath

    The train on Carolita is everything we could ever have hoped for in a vintage dress, while the low back provides a sexy, modern edge. We see this look pairing well with statement jewelry and a long, dramatic veil.

    14. Indra

    lace sheath wedding gown

    Indra is yet another dress that includes the perfect scalloped lace detailing for your 1920s theme. Add sparkle to this dress with a bejeweled belt, and finish off with chandelier earrings or a beaded headdress.

    15. Lynley

    Lillian West Lace Sheath

    Like many of these dresses, we chose Lynley for the lace. However, we also like the trapeze neckline, which gives this style a more modern vibe. Try stacking some bangles along with an upper arm cuff to finish off the look.

    16. Sasha

    Madison James lace

    Finally, Sasha. We love the simple lines on this dress, the cap sleeves, and the scoop neckline. While the lace brings in that vintage look, we think a cap veil would top this off nicely. Don’t forget to add some glamour with era-appropriate makeup.

    Chose the perfect accessories to be sure you nail your 1920s vintage vibe.

    As with almost any dress style, choosing the right accessories is key. The right veil, head piece, earrings, or statement necklace can tie everything together and sell the vintage look you’re going for. They’re also the perfect way to incorporate your “something old.”

    Talk to your family about any heirloom jewelry pieces that may have been passed down from a great-grandmother. Or, if you don’t have anything in the family, think about hitting up some antique stores and looking for statement pieces. You might even be able to find something form the right era to bring some authenticity to your outfit.

    If you’d like to try on any of our gowns, book an appointment. We’d be thrilled to help you try on our wedding dresses and offer personalized style tips to pull everything together for your big day.

  • 10 Incredible Ball Gown Wedding Dresses that Are a Dream Come True

    10 Incredible Ball Gown Wedding Dresses that Are a Dream Come True

    You’re not dreaming: these ball gowns really are like a fairy tale come to life.

    Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and nothing fulfills this dream more than a ball gown silhouette. A perennial favorite, this gown consistently wins over even the brides who thought they wanted a more modern silhouette.

    It’s not just that the timeless style of a ball gown often wins out over the trends of the day, it also happens to be one of the most flattering silhouettes on the market. The structured style usually means extra boning and support through the bodice, while the wide skirts accentuate the waistline.

    Even if you’re not planning to go with a ball gown for your wedding, this style is worth trying on, just to see what it feels like. You never know—it may surprise you!

    1. Blake.

    Mikado silk ball gown with long train and trailing buttons

    Let’s start with show-stopper, shall we? Blake is a breathtaking design from Justin Alexander, featuring a beaded illusion back and a mile-long train. Made from luxurious Mikado silk, this dress needs few embellishments to shine. However, if we could add just one accessory, it would have to be over-the-elbow gloves to complete the glamorous look.

    2. Ophelia

    Flowing ballgown with beaded back

    Do you prefer romance to glamour? Ophelia, by Allure Bridals, has that in spades. We love how strings of beads fill in the low back on this dress, while the lace bodice gracefully transitions into layers of foaming tulle. The fabrics and embellishments on this gown are a perfect balance of textures, all adding up to a truly unforgettable look.

    3. Ivette.

    Tulle ball gown with multi-layered skirt

    For a different take on lace and tulle, take a look at Ivette. This gown by Lis Simon features a skirt in two tiers, adding depth and dimension to the classic silhouette. The lace corset top provides a structure that neatly contrasts with the airiness of the tulle. We love the simplicity of the gown styled just as it is, but a belt at the waistline would also be the perfect place to add some bling.

    4. Marlow

    Want to incorporate a little color into your look? We love the warm peach tones of Marlow’s tulle skirt. We especially love the multi-layered look of the skirt with tiered hemlines making it look as though the bride has stepped out of a fairy tale. The embellishment at the waistline perfectly accentuates the waist without interrupting the flow of the gown.

    5. Scarlet

    Scarlet Madison James Lace Ballgown

    All-over lace is uncommon for a ball gown, but Scarlet from Madison James pulls off this style to perfection. The spaghetti straps on the bodice give this dress a delicate appearance, while the lace overskirt adds depth and dimension. We recommend keeping the accessories minimal for this dress, especially if you’re going for a bohemian look for your wedding.

    6. Pennie

    Pennie Allure Bridals lace ballgown

    All-over lace, sweat heart neckline, spaghetti straps, boho vibe—on the surface, Pennie and Scarlet have a lot in common, but it doesn’t take more than a glance to see that they are strikingly different dresses. In particular, we love the distinct banded pattern of the lace, which is perfectly accented by the satin belt at the waistline.

    7. Rosemarie

    rosemarie Madison James

    This gown is a study in contrasts. Rosemarie features a boned lace bodice and a skirt of thick Mikado silk that provides all the volume you could ask for. At once delicate and constructed, this gown makes a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

    8. Ginny

    Stella York Lace Ballgown

    Ginny by Stella York is a vision of lace and tulle, but the detail that really sets it apart is the stacked diamante strings that drape across the shoulders. With a deep sweetheart neckline and a boned bodice, this dress is perfect for brides who want lots of romantic sparkle on their wedding day. Pair with a tiara or chandelier earrings to up the sparkle.

    9. Maura

    maura sincerity satin ballgown

    Forget about looking like a princess—Maura will make you feel like a queen! This ultra-glamorous dress combines a brocaded satin skirt with an illusion back for a style that is chic and sexy all at once. A row of fabric-covered buttons run from the boat neck all the way to the edge of the long train. We would love to see this matched with a cathedral length veil for maximum drama.

    10. Jodie

    If we had to pick our favorite detail from Jodie, it would have to be the way the lace from the bodice trails into the weightless tulle skirt. Utterly romantic, this dress would be delightful for a spring wedding. Given the style of this dress, we recommend keeping accessories minimal, but a long, light veil might be just perfect for the ceremony.

    There’s no end to variety when you choose a ball gown silhouette.

    For good or bad, many brides, when they think of a ball gown, have one type of dress in mind. Maybe that’s their dream dress that they envision themselves wearing as they walk down the aisle, or maybe it’s exactly the style they most want to avoid. Either way, what often surprises them is just how many styles of ball gowns there are within that silhouette.

    From chic to glamorous to romantic, this silhouette will never leave you short of options. And while they can be dressed up with a range of accessories, ball gowns can also be deceptively simple if the bride chooses a style with clean lines and minimal embellishments.

    So, don’t cross the ball gown silhouette off your list until you try it. It may just change your mind.

  • 6 Dramatic Veil Styles to Impress Your Wedding Guests

    6 Dramatic Veil Styles to Impress Your Wedding Guests

    Everything you need to know about choosing, wearing, and styling a jaw-dropping veil.

    Every bride wants to have that moment when they try on the perfect dress and know that it’s the one. For many brides, however, that moment doesn’t come until they try on the veil. That’s the moment they first feel like a bride, and the reality sinks in that they really are getting married.

    Veil styles change just like wedding dresses, and most recently, the biggest trend is for long, dramatic veils. Floor length, chapel length, cathedral length—anything long and sweeping. However, there’s more to veil styles than length, and it’s important to find the right one for your dress to have the right effect. Here are six different styles of long, dramatic veils to inspire your search.

    1. Long and ultra-sheer.

    dramtic long sheer veil

    One of the magical qualities of ultra-long veils is that, unlike birdcage or blusher veils, which tend to be of stiffer tulle to generate height, long veils are made of soft fabric so that they can drape beautifully and flow out behind the bride as she walks.

    The simplest style of these veils is usually worn farther back on the head, and has few embellishments—if any. Because there isn’t any beading or lace to weigh it down, these ultra-light veils form a billowing backdrop to the bride in all her wedding pictures. Simple, yet stunning.

    2. Elegant edges.

    long veil with lace appliqué edges

    A simple veil has its charms, but what if you want something with a little more embellishment? Finding a veil with lace appliqué edging will have a slightly less billowing and ethereal look, but that may be just right if you want your veil to fan out behind you in a shape that repeats the cut of your train.

    For instance, we love how this style from Allure Bridals pairs with the train of this figure-fitting gown. The added lace helps give shape to the veil and balances the otherwise simple cut of the gown.

    3. Dotted with appliqués.

    Long veil with dotted lace appliques

    One of the more modern veil trends is a dotted style—one in which lace or bits of sparkle are scattered down the entire length of the veil. Depending on the design, the decoration can look like stars, falling snow, or flower petals.

    Case in point: this beautiful veil from Belaire Bridal, features a sprinkling of lace appliqués throughout that add depth and interest to the veil. It’s a beautiful look that looks charming with form-fitting or A-line silhouettes.

    4. Romantic mantillas.

    beautiful cathedral length mantilla wedding veil

    A mantilla is a veil of Spanish origin that is worn further forward on the head, but which does not cover the face. The history behind them has made them a romantic and popular choice for many brides, especially those who are planning on a more traditional church ceremony.

    A traditional mantilla is often all-over lace, often with a scalloped edge to frame the face. This beautiful mantilla veil from Belaire Bridal is a perfect example of this style. We love how the lace edging frames the face for a beautiful old-world look.

    5. Heirloom lace.

    Gorgeous long veil featuring an edging of Venice lace.

    You may have to turn to your family for this one. Many brides decide to have their veil be the “something old” of their wedding, choosing to wear the same veil as their mother or grandmother, or else having pieces of lace from these veils incorporated into her own.

    If you can’t find heirloom lace from your family, look for a style that uses vintage-quality lace, such as this one from Belaire Bridal. After all, with Venice lace of this quality, it may be your own wedding veil that supplies the heirloom lace for future generations.

    6. Cathedral-length for full drama.

    dramatic cathedral-length veil

    Finally, if the deepest desire of your heart is to wear a long veil that trails the entire length of the aisle, a cathedral-length veil is for you. As its name implies the length of this veil is designed to help the bride from being lost when surrounded by a large cathedral.

    Because of this, think carefully about your venue before you jump on one. If you’re planning a ceremony in an outdoors location, a veil of this length is likely to get caught on undergrowth, or become filled with sand. And if you’re getting married in a smaller chapel, be sure there’s enough space for your wedding party to be able to step around your veil during the ceremony.

    That said, if your venue is grand enough to allow it, then don’t hold back. This veil from Allure Bridals goes all-out, with a veil long enough to impress Princess Kate herself.

    Budget wisely for your showpiece accessory.

    A super long veil is sure to impress your wedding guests and leave your groom speechless. Keep in mind, however, that longer veils cost more than shorter ones. As such, you may find the veil of your dreams competing against your perfect dress for a portion of your budget.

    To avoid this, think about dress styles that are simpler so as not to compete with the drama of your veil. A flowing A-line dress will likely cost less than a ball gown, due to the and is more likely to compliment the draping, figure-hugging silhouette of a long, soft veil.

    Most importantly, find a veil that you’re comfortable wearing, and that suits your gown. No matter how exciting the trend may be, remember that your veil should be a reflection of your own personality, not a sign of the times.

  • 8 Ways to Change Your Bridal Look from Ceremony to Reception

    8 Ways to Change Your Bridal Look from Ceremony to Reception

    Want to switch up your bridal look without buying a second dress? We’ve got you covered.

    If you’ve been to more than one wedding, you’re probably well aware that the ceremony and reception are two very different events. What works in one—dramatic trains, cathedral-length veils—will quickly become a hassle in another. On top of practical concerns, many brides also feel that the expectations about what they should be wearing are different in each location. Many brides want to wear a more traditional, conservative style in church, and save the more trendy or revealing styles for the reception.

    Some brides have gone so far as to buy two entirely different dresses for each venue, but this is obviously an expensive option that is out of the price range for many of our brides. We’ve also worked with enough brides to know how many of them never want to take off their dream dress once they’ve found it. Instead, they’re looking for creative ways to change up their look from day to evening—and we are here for it.

    We’ve created a round-up of creative ways to change your wedding look between ceremony and reception. And just like your wedding style, these are easy to mix and match!


    1. Wear a lace topper or jacket during the ceremony.

    Your ceremony venue may have a dress code about what is considered appropriate to wear—especially if your ceremony is more traditional or religious. Convention aside, many brides themselves want a more demure look for the ceremony. This can be a problem if you’ve also got your heart set on a strapless dress with a plunging back. Fortunately, a lace jacket is here for the rescue. We love the look of lace sleeves for the ceremony, but they can be constricting once you hit the dance floor. Lace toppers give you the best of both worlds!

    2. Add a splash of color for the reception.

    White is the traditional color for brides, but conventions in this regard are beginning to shift as more and more brides strive to incorporate more personal details into their bridal look. While you probably want to keep the traditional look for the wedding, the reception is the perfect place to add a colorful sash, incorporate some of your bouquet flowers into your hair piece, or throw on a bright pair of shoes.

    bride wearing bright red shoes.

    3. Put on your party shoes.

    Speaking of shoes, you may want to consider a few different options for your wedding day. Depending on your dress style, you may not see much of your feet during the ceremony, and you may even want to have a pair of boots ready if you plan to hike out into the middle of a meadow or through a field of freshly-fallen snow for your pictures. But once you’re ready to dance the night away, you want to be sure your shoes won’t let you down. Look for comfort, but also think about adding some sparkle and color to your footwear. Just be sure that you pay attention to heel height, as this will affect the look of your hemline.

    4. Glam up your makeup.

    Makeup styles often vary greatly from day to night. In broad daylight, simpler, more natural makeup styles fare best, because the strong light is likely to make heavier makeup more noticeable. But once evening falls, that simple makeup may make your features harder to distinguish in the dim lighting. Plus, the reception is just the right time to pop on a bold lip color or add some smoky eyeshadow to your look. Whatever you choose, make sure you practice the two different looks ahead of time so that you know they will work together.

    bride wearing veil and hair piece

    5. Substitute veil for tiara.

    Veils are a romantic and dramatic way to style a wedding dress, and one of the key elements to pull the look together for a ceremony. But once the ceremony is over, a long veil can quickly get in the way and become a hindrance during dinner and dancing. Fortunately, it’s easy to remove a veil and substitute it with another stunning hair piece. So, if you’re torn between a tiara or tulle, why not plan on both?

    6. Change up your jewelry and add a bit of bling.

    Once you start changing up your look, you may realize that some of your accessories don’t fit the style as well as you had planned. Chandelier earrings may be too much with a tiara, for instance, or you may want a statement necklace that would be too much for church. Adding and removing jewelry is an effective way to customize your bridal look and make it all your own.

    7. Let your hair down.

    Choosing a hair style can be tough. Up? Down? Half up and half down? Why not one of each. Pick a sleek style for the ceremony, then pull the bobby pins out for the reception. Be ready to touch your style up with a curling iron, or have a plan for adding in a new hair piece.


    8. Wear a removable train or overskirt.

    Two-piece bridal outfits are becoming more popular as they allow brides to switch up their entire silhouette from day to night. Maybe you wanted a full ball gown for the church, but a short party dress for the reception? Have at it. Or, for a similar and faster way to change up your bridal style, try a removable train or overskirt. These are less pricy options that still allow for the dramatic day-to-night transformation you want, and are easier to work with than two different skirts.

    There’s a lot you can do with just a few changes.

    Some brides are interested in a dramatic costume change between the church and the reception. Others want only subtle alterations that make it easier to move around in a crowded room. Either way, altering your wedding look doesn’t have to be a major ordeal. In fact, you can accomplish a lot with just a few of the changes we mentioned above.

    Whether you choose to keep your bridal look the same or change it entirely is up to you. This is your day—express yourself however you choose.

  • How to Stay Warm for Your Winter Wedding

    How to Stay Warm for Your Winter Wedding

    Furs and muffs and cloaks—oh my!

    While spring and summer tend to be peak wedding season, there’s something undeniably charming about getting married in the winter. The long, dark nights make indoor reception venues feel cozy, and if you’re lucky enough to have snow on the ground, the pictures can be enchanting.

    However, there is a downside. Your winter wonderland shoot may look magical, but it will hardly feel that way if you’re shivering from tiara to toes. And, while one of our beautiful long-sleeved gowns may help keep your arms covered, it’s not enough to protect you from a chill winter wind.

    Fortunately, a winter wedding gives you the opportunity to create a unique wedding look that will make your big day one to remember. Here are some of our top style tips to help you nail the look for your winter wedding.

    1. Go for the drama: voluminous cloaks.

    You want to feel like a princess on your wedding day? Nothing says “regal” like a long cloak. If you plan to have a longer photo shoot outside, a cloak will not only look stunning, it will keep you toasty warm as well. If you choose this option, keep an eye out for one with a deep hood for added drama. This style goes well with many dresses, but we think it pairs best with an A-line silhouette or with graceful, flowing styles.

    2. Keep it trendy: short capes.

    Capes have been making the fashion rounds for a few years now, and we think they are a perfect fit for wedding ensembles as well. Because they’re shorter than cloaks, they balance out the full skirts of a ball gown silhouette very well. Alternatively, a chic cape will fit nicely with a sheath. If you like the look of a cape, you’ll probably need to think about the length and style carefully, so that it will complement and enhance the silhouette of your wedding dress.

    bride wearing a short fur jacket

    3. Toasty fingers: fur muffs.

    Do you know what pairs well with a cape? Muffs. They’re cute, cozy, and the fur ads a great contrasting texture to your outfit. If you really like the look, you could get some for your whole bridal party. They’re a fun accessory that will keep everyone warm while you capture the perfect picture to remember the day.

    4. Ditch the cold shoulder: fur wraps.

    While we’re discussing fur, let’s spare a moment to sing the praises of fur wraps. These are a flexible option for brides that aren’t planning to spend a lot of time outside, but still want something to throw over their shoulders to keep off a chill breeze. Best of all, it will compliment any silhouette, so if you’re looking for a last-minute option, this is a safe choice.

    bride wearing fur wrap

    5. Bring the bling: sequined boleros and metallic jackets.

    Of course, something should be said of the classic coat. If you’re planning to wear a coat with your dress, the cut of your coat is very important. Long, wool coats have a slim, chic silhouette, but they won’t pair well with a ball gown.

    You may also be thinking of a pure white coat to match your dress, but another option would be to invest in a shorter jacket or bolero with metallic tones—rose gold leather or silver sequins, for instance. It’s a great way to bring out some of your accent jewelry, and the sparkle will add a glow to your winter wedding pictures.

    bride wearing sequined bolero

    6. Elegant to the elbows: long gloves.

    We mentioned earlier that long-sleeved wedding gowns are a popular choice for winter weddings, but if you have your heart set on a dress without sleeves, we have another suggestion for you: opera gloves. These an elegant choice for the ceremony and photos, but they’re easy to remove once the reception rolls around and you’re ready to rock the dance floor.

    7. Don’t forget about footwear: boots and tights.

    Finally, be prepared to change your footwear a few times as you move from indoor to outdoor locations. While you’ll probably be eager to wear your sparkliest heels for your big day, these aren’t likely to hold up well in a snow drift. Instead, think about searching for a pair of white ankle boots to fit your look.

    Stockings and tights are important as well. Depending on how many layers your dress has you may want to wear something a little thicker than sheer.

    Celebrate the winter wonderland wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

    With enough winter accessories to keep you toasty in a blizzard, there’s nothing to hold you back from enjoying your perfect day. But before you can decide what to wear to keep warm, you need to pick out your dress. Come schedule an appointment at our bridal salon in Brighton, Michigan, and we can guide you through a selection of dresses in every silhouette and style.

  • Trend Alert: Long-Sleeved Bridal Gowns

    Trend Alert: Long-Sleeved Bridal Gowns

    Long sleeves are an elegant, stylish choice for your wedding dress. Should you try them?

    Long-sleeved wedding dresses are having a moment. Maybe it’s the long, graceful lines they add to a silhouette, or perhaps it’s the parade of gorgeous long-sleeved Royal wedding gowns, but either way, many brides are choosing this style for their big day.

    That said, while many brides are eager to hop on the trend, new styles sometimes come with some unexpected caveats—like how a tight, fishtail gown may be hard to dance in, or how a cathedral-length veil may not be appropriate for the beach.

    For long-sleeved wedding dresses, brides should bear two things in mind. First, even lace sleeves can be too warm in the summer. Think about wearing pantyhose: even the sheerest styles still put a barrier between your skin and a cooling summer breeze. Lace sleeves are the same.

    Second, long-sleeves are often more constricting on bridal styles than what most brides are used to from casual wear. This is because the sleeves tend to be fitted more closely, as well as being made from material that has less stretch to it. So, if you planned to do a lot of dancing, or if you had a special photoshoot planned that might require more freedom of movement for your arms, you will want to be careful about what sleeve style you choose.

    However, if neither of those considerations are a concern for you, then the long-sleeved style may be perfect for your wedding. So, whether you’re in love with the illusion lace of Kate Middleton’s gown or the clean, couture simplicity of Meghan Markle’s, we carry a variety of gowns with long sleeves in our store. Here are just a few you can try on at our bridal boutique in Brighton, MI.

    Lacy A-lines

    lacy A-line long-sleeved wedding gowns

    From left to right: Felice, Audrina, and Maxine.

    The Felice gown will have you looking and feeling like a princess all day. The lace sleeves are mostly sheer but with perfectly placed appliqué details along the upper arm and cuffs. The A-line skirt gives the dress a graceful flare without the full drama of a ball gown.

    With a similar lacy A-line style, the Audrina dress matches full lace sleeves with bare shoulders for an elegant look that is the epitome of romance. The all-over lace on this gown adds to the appeal without complicating the silhouette.

    On the other hand, if you want a more structured look, Maxine combines sheer sleeves and lace details with a plain skirt that is dramatic in its simplicity. Meanwhile, the deep V neckline and plunging back keep this style from being two demure.

    Chic, Boat Neck Fit-and-Flares

    chic boat neck wedding dresses with long sleeves

    Clockwise from top left: Melina, Jolie, Dominique, and Marlee.

    There’s something chic and elegant about a boat neck that is hard to match with other styles. Case in point: Melina. Apart from a long train and fabric-covered buttons down the back, there’s not much embellishment to this dress. That said, Melina doesn’t need it. This dress makes a statement with minimalism, and the effect speaks loud and clear.

    From the front, Jolie looks much the same, with clean lines and a stunning silhouette. But the illusion back features a gorgeous appliqué for brides who want a touch more bling on their wedding gown. Want a similar, minimalist style but with all-over lace? Dominique is an enchanting blend of the two that will leave your partner speechless.

    Finally, if you can’t make up your mind between the beauty of a boat neck and the romance of a sweetheart neckline, Marlee is the best of both worlds. The dress is a beautiful fit and flare silhouette with a sweetheart neckline, but with a lace overly featuring the boat neck style.

    Graceful flowing A-lines.

    graceful flowing A-line wedding gowns with long sleeves

    From right to left: Arwyn, James, and Jelena.

    Long lacy sleeves, a sweetheart neckline with just a hint of a plunge, and a flowing chiffon skirt, Arwyn is one of our most romantic gowns. For a gown in a similar style, we love how the James gown shines in winter scenery. It features a V neckline in front and back, along with sleeves with a denser lace for a look with more coverage.

    For a more bohemian look, Jelena combines long lace sleeves with an illusion back and plunging neckline. Its carefree style is perfect for a beach wedding, where the sleeves might be the perfect balance between the summertime heat and a cool breeze coming off the water.

    Figure-hugging, illusion-back dresses.

    figure hugging long-sleeved wedding dresses

    Clockwise from top left: Delphina, Danika, Haven, and Emilee.

    Finally, there are some gowns that manage to blend the modesty of a long-sleeved gown with the allure of an open back. First on our list is Delphina, a gown whose design elements include not only an illusion back and side cutouts, but detachable full-length sleeves.

    Meanwhile, the Danika dress saves some of the drama for the godet train. Combined, the neckline and back are the perfect blend of sweet and sexy. Want something even more jaw-dropping? Haven is an absolutely scintillating dress that hugs every curve and isn’t shy about it at all.

    Finally, Emilee skips the illusion and goes straight for the plunging back. We also love the stunning lace detail in the train—a design element that won’t be overlooked as you’re walking down the aisle.

    Long-sleeved bridal gowns are a trend we expect to stick around.

    We love a long-sleeved wedding gown. If any of these styles capture your imagination as a possible dream dress, schedule an appointment with us today. We’d be delighted to help you try on any of our styles, and we can even help you with ideas to accessorize the dress from ceremony to reception. And don’t forget to ask about any discontinued styles we may have in our store. You may just be able to find the long-sleeved wedding gown of your dreams at a bargain price.

  • 12 Utterly Gorgeous Boho Gowns for Unconventional Brides

    12 Utterly Gorgeous Boho Gowns for Unconventional Brides

    Fresh, breezy, and romantic, these dresses are the perfect look for a modern boho bride.

    Effortless and natural, the trademark look of a boho bride is to make it seem as if she took all of ten minutes to look like the goddess of spring. There’s a lot of appeal to this aesthetic, especially for a bride who wants something unusual for a gown, but doesn’t want to stress about whether every hair is perfectly in place.

    That said, while many brides want an unconventional look, that doesn’t mean they want to hunt through vintage racks and secondhand shops to find their wedding gown. Some brides do! But many others still want that moment in the bridal boutique with their mother and their maid of honor where they try on their dream dress and the realization that they’re getting married settles in for the first time.

    The good news is that you can have both. While you may not have thought of finding your boho dream dress at a bridal boutique, our location in Brighton, MI has a selection of gorgeous boho gowns to match your wildest dreams. Here’s a selection of our favorites.

    flowing boho gown with lace top for beach wedding

    1. Jelena

    A barely-there lace top with a flowing chiffon skirt, this gown is the perfect choice for a summer wedding. Simple yet stunning, if your wedding plans involve walking barefoot down a beach rather than in heels down an aisle, this is the dress for you.

    beautiful boho wedding gown with train and open back

    2. Beatrix

    Want the whimsy but have a hard time letting go of that traditional train? Beatrix combines the boho style you’re looking for with the dramatic effect you want to achieve as you walk down the aisle. Best of all, it’s still breezy and lightweight enough to transition effortlessly from church to a garden reception.

    beaded boho wedding gown

    3. Caydence

    Beaded boho dresses are some of our favorites, combining the delicacy of lace with a subtle, pearly sheen. The art nouveau patterns on this dress give it a slightly 1920s vibe—an era well-known for bohemian living. If you want a light look with just an edge of glamour, this one’s for you.

    boho wedding dress with column silhouette

    4. Casia

    If you want a gown to make you feel like a Grecian goddess, Casia is the one you’re looking for. A bedazzled lace top with delicate crystal straps and a breezy column skirt that won’t weigh you down, this dress combines the natural beauty of the boho style with the elegance and grace of a classic muse. Simply inspirational.

    boho lace wedding gown with full skirt

    5. Clarice

    Boho wedding dresses are identified as much by their unusual use of lace as by their clean lines and simple styling. Clarice is our favorite example of that kind of look: a bold lace overlay with an oyster underlay gives this dress a memorable look. And the sweetheart neckline combined with an A-line skirt keeps the overall style from becoming too complicated.

    lacy boho wedding dress with bardot neckline

    6. Nala

    Nothing says “boho” like off-the-shoulder Bardo sleeves, as seen in our lovely Nala dress. Combined with clouds of lace, this gown feels airy and delicate—just what you want on your perfect day. While this dress can certainly be accessorized for a more elaborate look, we recommend keeping it styled down for the true boho vibe.

    flowing boho wedding dress with off-the-shoulder straps

    7. Tamara

    Speaking of off-the-shoulder, we love Tamara for that detail and so much more. The flowing chiffon skirt pairs perfectly with the fitted lace top, and the sweetheart neckline adds the perfect touch of romance to this dreamy dress. We can imagine this dress in almost any location, from beach to barn, making it a great choice for any bride who is eager to buy her gown but hasn’t picked her venue yet.

    figure-hugging boho gown with sheath silhouette

    8. Jesibel

    Boho dresses aren’t all flowing columns. We like this elegant sheath for its curve-hugging style as well as for its intricate lace patterns. It has an undeniable allure while remaining light and essentially effervescent. Keep your hair loose and pair it with just the right headpiece, and you’ll hit just the effect you’re aiming for.

    layered boho wedding dress with open back

    9. Robyn

    Robyn is another weightless sheath dress that we love. This white-on-white-on-white gown pairs a beautiful lace underskirt with a sheer, embellished overskirt to create a multi-layered silhouette. Meanwhile, the plunging back takes this dress from pretty to downright sexy. Simple jewelry and a flower crown would give this the perfect style for your boho wedding.

    chiffon boho wedding dress with lace bodice

    10. Hayden

    While we’re on the subject of flower crowns, we think that would be the perfect boho wedding accessory to style Hayden. With its simple lace bodice and flowing chiffon skirt, we couldn’t imagine a gown more carefree and spring-like. And if the train is too long, taking the hem up would be a straightforward alteration to give this exactly the look you want.

    tulle boho wedding gown with plunging sweetheart neckline

    11. Trudy

    The gauzy tulle on Trudy combined with the plunging neckline of the top strikes a perfect balance between innocent and daring. The embellished bodice adds just the right amount of structure and detail, while the warm fabric tones give it a slightly unconventional feel.

    boho wedding dress with flutter sleeves

    12. Clementine

    The fluttery off-the-shoulder straps on Clementine are the perfect boho touch you’re looking for in your wedding gown. We love how the layers of lace and tulle add dimension and depth to this dress. Absolutely elegant.

    Let us make your search for the perfect boho wedding dress as effortless as the look itself.

    One of the best advantages about shopping at a bridal boutique is that it allows you to relax and enjoy the experience while the style experts at the store help make your dream a reality. If that’s the experience you’re looking for, come book an appointment with us. We can bring out these or any number of similar boho gowns for you to try on.


  • our top 11 wedding gowns for plus-sized brides

    Our Top 11 Wedding Gowns for Plus-Sized Brides

    Because every body deserves a beautiful gown.

    Every bride deserves to feel like the belle of the ball on her wedding day. Unfortunately, many plus sized brides have difficulty enjoying their search for the perfect dress. After days of trying to envision what a sample size dress will look like once it’s made to the right size, or having to choose from a limited range of styles that don’t match the vision they had for their dress, it’s not hard to realize why these brides begin to wonder if they’ll ever find their dress.

    It shouldn’t be this way. That’s why we carry a full line of plus sized wedding gowns by designer Stella York. Our favorite thing about this collection is that it confidently ignores every rule about what plus sized brides should wear, and instead offers the full range of silhouettes. So whether you want a mermaid or a sheath, layers of lace and tulle or chic satin, you can find a dress that makes you feel like the belle of the ball.

    plus-sized bride in flowing lace gown

    1. Petunia: an A-line daydream in lace and organza.

    If you want a graceful, flowing dress that flatters your figure while leaving you with enough breathing room to dance the night away, Petunia checks all the boxes. Its A-line silhouette is more relaxed than a full-on ball gown, while the layers of tulle and extra long train give it the volume and drama you want for your wedding day.

    plus-sized bride in beaded strappy gown

    2. Val: beaded, strappy, and glamorous.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of a mermaid gown to show off your curves, Val is not one to miss. It has all the right details: sequined embroidery for just the right amount of sparkle, a plunging sweetheart neckline, strings of beaded, off-the-shoulder straps, and a long train with exactly the amount of dramatic flair you’d expect from this style.

    plus-sized bride in blush-colored dress

    3. Marlowe: tiered tulle in tones of blush.

    Looking for a dress with all of the volume but none of the weight? Marlowe is the dress for you. Layers of rosy tulle are finished with a horsehair hem that ads just the right amount of couture structure to the dress without dragging anything down. Diamante beading throughout lends subtle flashes of sparkle to a gown already bold enough to demand attention.

    plus-sized bride in sheath gown

    4. Arwyn: simple grace and elegance.

    Not every bride wants a dramatic gown. If you want an understated gown that won’t steal the spotlight from your own natural beauty, Arwyn is worth a closer look. Made from lightweight chiffon, it’s a subtle and delicate choice for brides who believe less is more. But that’s not to say this gown is plain: the full length lace sleeves are the perfect detail to remind you that this dress is more than meets the eye.

    plus-sized bride in long gown with train and sweetheart neckline

    5. Iris: cap sleeves and a cameo back.

    Lacy and lightweight, Iris is a all about the romance. It features a deep sweetheart neckline that transitions into lacy cap sleeves and a gorgeous illusion back with fabric buttons. Finish off the look with a crystal belt that ties at the back. With a flattering A-line silhouette, this dress is the perfect summer dress for a garden wedding.

    plus-sized bride in satin gown with off the shoulders straps

    6. Kira: a chic ball gown with the perfect off-the-shoulder straps.

    For those who dream of a fairytale ball gown, Kira offers a clean and classic silhouette that hits all the right notes. From its sweetheart neckline to the graceful off-the-shoulder straps, Kira doesn’t need a lot of embellishments to shine. And with a cinched in waist, it’s designed to set off your figure to advantage.

    plus-sized gown with dramatic back

    7. Gigi: for the ultimate fairytale ball gown.

    It would be hard to find a more princess-perfect dress than this. With a gorgeous corset back, a deep sweetheart neckline, and sparkling beads glittering throughout, Gigi checks every box on your fairytale gown wish list—and that’s before we get to the cathedral-length train!

    plus-sized bride wearing boho gown

    8. Cherie: scalloped lace combined with a beaded, boho style.

    This dress has so many details to love: from the unique, scalloped design of the lace to the plunging illusion neckline and the cloth buttons down the back, Cherie has a lot to offer. And don’t miss the subtle beadwork that adds just a glint of glamour to modernize the traditional lace.

    plus sized bride wearing gown with lace back and flared skirt

    9. Vika: lace upon lace with a flaring silhouette.

    This dress has layers. Look closely, and you’ll see that the lace in this dress has been layered for a subtly dynamic, multidimensional look. But possibly our favorite feature is the sheer back panel that adds an alluring touch to an already stunning gown. Vika’s flaring, trumpet silhouette is flattering and graceful and great for brides who want a hint of mermaid but with still enough room to dance.

    plus-sized bride wearing fit and flare gown with sweetheart neckline

    10. Kenzie: classic, floral lace A-line.

    For Kenzie, the lace steals the show. This dress features a classic, A-line silhouette with clean lines and a long train, but the floral detailing on the lace is enough to elevate this look to another level. And if you want to add even more romance, consider a lace up back instead of cloth buttons.

    plus-sized bride in fairy tale ball gown

    11. Marsha: the sequined ball gown that pulls out all the stops.

    If you’re set on sparkle, Marsha is the dress with enough sequins to make your heart soar. And it doesn’t stop there: lace, tulle, and organza combine to create the full ball gown silhouette of your dreams, and even the back features dazzling intertwined straps that add an edge of glamour to a showstopper of a dress.

    Your perfect match is out there. Let us help you find it.

    The world of plus sized gowns is growing ever more varied as brides continue to demand a wider range of styles. We’re excited to offer dresses that flatter brides of every shape and size without compromising style. Because when it comes to finding a beautiful gown that gives you confidence on your big day, you shouldn’t be short on options.

  • Best Michigan Wedding Locations for the Fall

    Best Michigan Wedding Locations for the Fall

    You don’t have to venture far afield to plan a beautiful destination wedding close to home.

    Fall is possibly the best time of year to be in Michigan. The temperature drops just enough to cut through the summer humidity, the leaves turn every shade from pale gold to bright red, and somehow the sky seems to always be a clear and cloudless blue. Combine that with the return of cozy seasonal comfort foods, and for many brides, it’s simply the perfect time of year to plan a Michigan wedding.

    While Michigan isn’t a tourist destination for many people, those of us in the state know how stunning its natural beauty can be—especially at the height of color season. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a gorgeous getaway weekend wedding, here are a few Michigan destinations that may make your autumn dreams come true.

    Northern Michigan: Traverse City, Old Mission Peninsula, Lake Charlevoix, and Michigan Wine Country

    For brides looking to head north, Traverse City is an obvious destination. Not only will your guests have plenty of opportunity to enjoy scenic views of Lake Michigan, you also have your pick of wineries to host wedding events, from the bachelor and bachelorette parties, to the rehearsal dinner, to a day-after wine tasting.

    Brides and grooms hoping to get married in the cherry capital of the United States have plenty of option to choose from, but here are a couple of the most stunning.

    Cathedral BarnCathedral Barn wedding venue, Traverse City

    Just as its name sounds, Cathedral Barn combines vaulting church architecture with a rustic barn character for a country chic style that is hard to beat. Even better, it is located in the Historic Barns Park, which offers several other scenic spots for everything you could want for a picture perfect wedding.

    Chateau Chantal

    chateau chantal wedding venue

    Of course, if you’re in Traverse City, you will want to take a drive up Old Mission Peninsula to visit the wineries. Possibly the best known is Chateau Chantal, its stunning vineyards and breathtaking lake views. Even better, they are a special boutique wedding venue for intimate weddings of 42 or less. Or, if you have a larger party in mind, you can use their space to host a bridal shower or champagne brunch.

    Castle Farmscastle farms

    Northern Michigan is probably not the place you’d expect to host a castle wedding, but this state is full of surprises. As a wedding venue, Castle Farms is unquestionably one of the most romantic. Built in 1918 as a model dairy farm, its stone barns and castles were based on those found in Normandy, France, and the extensive grounds make it an ideal location for weddings of any size.

    Heading to the U.P.: Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior, and Mackinac Island.

    Every Michigander knows that “up north” is a relative term, and for many that means the Upper Peninsula. It’s a perfect place to head for fall color, but it can also get chilly this time of year, so be prepared to plan a bridal ensemble that includes a warm jacket!

    Mackinac Island

    the inn at stonecliffe mackinac island

    Anyone heading across the bridge will want to stop by the historic Mackinac Island, which is open to visitors until late October. The island offers several stunning wedding venues, with The Inn and Stonecliffe pictured here.

    Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Lake Superior

    pictured rocks chapel rock


    For some couples, the best church is the great outdoors. And there are few places in Michigan more naturally beautiful than Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. If you’ve dreamed of a beach wedding, there are some Up North wedding planners who can help you arrange your special day.

    West Coast: Grand Rapids, Fall Breweries, and Lighthouses.

    Michigan is known for many things, microbreweries among them. Why not plan an Oktoberfest wedding in some of Michigan’s western cities most known for their beer culture? Alternatively, plan your pictures to feature gorgeous lighthouses and Michigan dunes against a backdrop of fall color.

    The Veranda at Whitcomb, Saint Joseph

    If you’ve ever wanted to get married on a beach with the picture perfect lighthouse in the background, Saint Joseph has just the spot for you. The lighthouse at Whitcomb looks like it belongs on a post card, and The Veranda at Whitcomb venue can help you arrange your day to perfectly suit your dreams.

    Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids

    Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is home to many stunning wedding venues, and as the recently-crowned “Beer City, USA,” it’s bound to be an exciting place to plan a wedding. But possibly the most beautiful location in the city is the Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. With several location to choose from, you can plan a wedding of any size.

    Southeast Michigan: There’s no place like home.

    Of course, our own corner of Michigan is also a perfect spot for a wedding, as we covered in our previous post about Southeast Michigan wedding venues. From the glitz and glam of Detroit to the beautiful barn locations around Ann Arbor, there are more plenty of gorgeous venues to choose from, no matter your wedding style.

    And when you’ve found your dream venue, we hope your next destination is our boutique to find the perfect dress to match. Whether you’re planning for a crisp and clear fall day, or a sultry Indian summer, we can find the gown to match.

  • 16 Fantastic Wedding Venues for Brides in Southeast Michigan

    16 Fantastic Wedding Venues for Brides in Southeast Michigan

    From Brighton to Ann Arbor to Detroit, don’t miss these gorgeous venues for Michigan brides.

    There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, and while the dress is certainly the highlight for most brides, the venue provides the backdrop that sets the tone and style for the whole day. Bridal magazines are full of glossy pictures of event venues that range from luxe and formal to whimsically casual. But if you thought you had to make a trip to some outlandish destination to find the venue of your dreams, Michigan might just surprise you.

    We frequently ask our brides where they plan to have their ceremony and reception, because their answer will affect what dress they choose for their big day. Here are a few of the top local choices we hear from our brides here in Southeast Michigan.

    1. Brewery Becker

    Brewery Becker wedding venue in Brighton, MI

    With a rustic chic feel, Brewery Becker is the perfect reception venue for any beer-loving couple. Located in downtown Brighton, MI, it’s sure to be a popular choice with your guests. While the event space is limited, the rates are very affordable, leaving more room in your budget for a band!

    2. Cobblestone Farm

    Ann Arbor, Michigan wedding venue at Cobblestone Farms

    Cobblestone Farm is another venue that offers the perfect blend of country elegance. Run by Ann Arbor’s Parks and Recreation department, it is available for events throughout the year and can hold up to 220 guests.

    3. Dearborn Inn

    The Dearborn Inn wedding venue in Dearborn, MI

    Run by Marriot, the Dearborn Inn is a wonderful choice for brides who want to choose a classic ballroom for their wedding reception. With special room rates for wedding guests, it is a convenient choice for those who have a long distance to travel, or who want to enjoy themselves without worrying about the drive home.

    4. Grosse Pointe War Memorial

    The Gross Point War Memorial wedding venue near Detroit, MI

    If you’re dreaming of a beautiful garden wedding at an elegant and historic venue, the Grosse Point War Memorial is a stunning choice. Located on the gorgeous Alger estate and feature lakefront views, this venue is a perfect choice for ceremony, reception, and pictures.

    5. The Henry Ford

    The Henry Ford wedding venue near Detroit, MI

    Speaking of historic, nothing evokes Michigan history quite like The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. With a choice of three different venues—The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation for lovers of classic automobiles and invention, Greenfield Village for history buffs, and Lovett hall for those who prefer grand ballrooms—this location has an option for every bride.

    6. Howell Opera House

    The Howell Opera House wedding venue near Howell, MI

    Built in 1881, the Howell Opera House is a truly timeless choice. The first floor, which has been recently renovated, can hold up to 150 wedding guests. With several options available for rent, you will have plenty of space for guests, music, and dancing.

    7. Inn at St. Johns

    The Inn ar St. John's near Plymouth, MI

    Located just north of Plymouth, MI, the Inn at St. John’s is a beautiful venue adjacent to the Catholic chapel of St. John’s. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants a church wedding with a reception ballroom and guest lodging nearby. It even offers special packages for couples looking for a Friday wedding!

    8. Lazy J Ranch

    The Lazy J Ranch wedding venue near Milford, MI

    Are you planning a country theme for your wedding? Take a look at the Lazy J Ranch. With a homey, back woods vibe, it’s the perfect spot for an easy going wedding where even the bride can kick back and just have fun. Additional rental options include hayrides, which makes it an especially good choice for family-friendly affairs.

    9. Misty Farms

    The Misty Farms wedding venue near Ann Arbor, MI

    Just six miles outside of downtown Ann Arbor, the Misty Farms venue features historic barns, pastoral countryside, and a gorgeous pond. With room in the barn for up to 130 guests, and a tent option that can accommodate 250, it has the flexibility to hold large and small weddings alike.

    10. Mt. Brighton

    The Mt Brighton wedding venue near Brighton, MI

    We always love a chance to call attention to one of our own local venues, and there are few spots better suited for Brighton brides that Mt Brighton itself. With sweeping views of golf courses and ski slopes, it’s a perfect all-seasons spot for anyone who wants a venue with a view.

    11. Noah’s Event Center

    A wedding set up at Noah's Event Venue near Southfield, MI

    With venues in both Auburn Hills and Southfield, Noah’s Event Center features elegant, modern spaces with plenty of room for large wedding events and a complete array of all the audiovisual essentials you might need for your event.

    12. Planterra

    The Planterra conservatory set up for a wedding near Oakland, MI

    If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married surrounded by the lush interior gardens of a gorgeous glass conservatory, Planterra is the venue that can make that fantasy come true. The greenhouses are available year round, which means you could be married surrounded by trees and flowers while snow falls softly outside.

    13. The Meeting House

    The Meeting House wedding venue near Plymouth, MI

    If you’re planning a large wedding with everyone you could possibly invite in attendance, The Meeting House in downtown Plymouth, MI offers a ballroom that can hold up to 300 guests. Family owned and operated since 1961, they’ve been a top pick of Michigan brides for decades. Why not carry on the tradition?

    14. Vinology

    Vinology resturant in Ann Arbor, MI set up for a wedding party

    On the other hand, if you’re planning a small ceremony with just your closest friends and family, Vinology in downtown Ann Arbor might be just the space. You can rent individual rooms with a capacity of 16–60 guests, or the entire restaurant for up to 130 people. Or, if that’s not enough space, why not book a room for your rehearsal dinner?

    15. Waldenwoods

    Waldenwoods wedding venue in Southeast Michigan

    Do you want your wedding day to be a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Walenwoods offers a complete retreat. Located on 400 acres of rolling countryside and featuring a private, spring-fed lake, your guests can stay overnight in one of the lodge houses all while enjoying any number of outdoor activities from swimming to boating to golf.

    16. Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

    Zingerman's Cornman Farms set up as a wedding venue near Ann Arbor, MI

    For an intimate farm wedding, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms provides a venue oozing with rustic charm. From the 1834 Greek Revival Farmhouse to the goat parlor where guests can enjoy the farm animals, a wedding at Cornman Farms will provide charming photo opportunities for the wedding couple and a memorable day for all who attend.

    Michigan wedding venues have a charm and class all of their own.

    Truly, Michigan has wedding venues that can rival the best of their class all over the country, and with price points to match any budget. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a country barn wedding or a ritzy venue that recalls Detroit’s golden days, you will not be short of options.

    And, once you’ve chosen your perfect venue, come to us to find the perfect dress to match. From a flowing, romantic sheath dress to the princess ball gown of your dreams, we have just the style for you.

  • what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding

    What to Do with Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

    Your wedding day has come and gone. What should you do with your gown now?

    While not usually the most expensive line item on a bride’s wedding budget, the wedding gown is the most emotionally significant purchase for almost every bride. And yet, after all the shopping, fitting, and expense, most brides wear their gown once and then aren’t sure what to do with them.

    Fortunately, as this is a problem every bride has faced, there are plenty of ideas for brides to work with. If you don’t know what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding day passes, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

    1. Preserve it.

    No matter how careful the bride, her gown is usually pretty dirty by the end of the wedding. Not only has she been wearing it all day, but who knows where she might have gone for her wedding photos. Most brides start by taking their dress to a professional cleaner, but while this still will take care of the dirt and grime, it won’t keep the gown from growing yellow over time or (heaving forbid!) gaining a bit of mildew.

    Gown preservation not only cleans the gown, it gives it an added layer of protection to keep it heirloom quality for decades to come.

    2. Alter it.

    Some brides pick a style for their wedding dress with the intent of altering it so that they can wear it again after the wedding. By raising the hemline or reusing fabric from the train to construct sleeves or a bolero, brides can achieve a whole new look while retaining the perfect fit they worked so hard to achieve.

    3. Sell it.

    You might love your dress, but that doesn’t mean you want to keep it stored in the back of your closet for the rest of your life. Selling your dress is not only a great way to make back some of your wedding expenses, it can also help to pad out your budget. If you know you’ll be selling your dress after the wedding, you can feel a little more comfortable making a big splurge.

    4. Donate it.

    Feeling charitable? Consider donating your dress! There are several amazing charities all across the country looking for donated wedding dresses, including Brides Across America, which provides gowns for military brides, Wish Upon a Wedding, which helps couples facing serious or life-altering illnesses, and Brides Against Breast Cancer, which helps fund breast cancer causes.

    No matter which charity you choose, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your dress went to a good cause and helped make another bride’s day that much sweeter.

    5. Repurpose it.

    Over the years, brides have found all kinds of creative ways to get a second use out of their wedding dress. Here are just a few of the most popular:

    • Jewelry. Why not take a piece of lace or a bit of beading and turn it into a piece of custom jewelry? It’s the perfect way to carry those fond memories with you wherever you go—literally! And speaking of carrying, why not turn part of your dress into a chic clutch?
    • Artwork. Of course, you’ll want to put your wedding photographs up all over your home. But why not include your gown as well? Maybe you can frame a piece of lace, or cut sections to use in a shadowbox collage.
    • Household items. One of the oldest home-making traditions surrounding wedding gowns is to turn the fabric into throw pillows, bed runners, or even an extra special table cloth. While these needs are mostly taken care of by guest registries these days, it’s still a lovely idea for incorporating your gown into your new home.
    • Christening gown. Another old and famous wedding gown tradition is to use either the train or the veil (or both) to sew a christening gown for the couple’s first baby. This is an adorable way for couples to celebrate their expanding family and can lead to some darling baby pictures.
    • Lingerie. Interested in a more seductive option for your wedding dress? Given the amount of lace on most wedding gowns you should have more than enough to work with, and depending on how you constructed the bodice of your dress, you may be able to fashion a corset from the boning and ribbon laces.

    6. Trash it.

    This trend has taken off in the past few years and is the most daring idea we’ve seen so far. Trashing the wedding gown is the opposite of preserving it: Brides arrange for another photoshoot with their wedding where they go on a wild adventure that is destined to result in a ruined wedding gown. This could include something as simple as painting a new house (imagine all the colors!) or something more romantic, like an underwater shoot, or one of the bride walking along the beach with her train trailing in the surf.

    Depending on your partner or your group of friends, you could save your gown trashing for a special date on your first anniversary, or invite everyone over for a gown trashing party. It’s a fun way to say goodbye while also creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

    There are many ways you can keep loving your gown after your wedding.

    Your wedding gown is probably the most emotionally significant clothing purchase of your life. Whether you preserve it give it away, or trash it, your ultimate decisions should help you enjoy your gown in a way that leaves you with the happiest of memories.

  • Understanding Your Wedding Dress Fitting Timeline

    Understanding Your Wedding Dress Fitting Timeline

    When should you first see a seamstress to have your wedding dress fitted in time for the big day?

    You’ve found your dream dress, put in the order, and after months of waiting, it’s finally arrived. For most brides, this is the first time they’re able to try their gown on in their size, rather than in whatever sample size was available to them in the bridal boutique. But even trying on your actual dress in a size that is closer to your body, almost every dress requires alterations of some kind, and these can have a dramatic effect on the final product.

    Most brides know this, of course, and are eager to set up their first appointment with a seamstress to begin the alterations process. But while it does take several weeks to get the dress just right, it’s important to time the appointments carefully—especially if you expect to change sizes in the final weeks before the wedding. Schedule your first fitting too soon, and your dress may not fit the way you want it on your big day. But, leave it too long, and you may have to compromise on some of your major alterations.

    It’s typical for a bride to have three to four fittings to get everything just right. Most of this can be handled in the last two to three months before the wedding. Even knowing this, most brides can feel anxious about their schedule as the big day nears. So, if you want a more detailed breakdown of your wedding dress fitting timeline to ease your mind, read on.

    3–4 months to go: Bespoke customizations.

    Some brides order a dress that’s close to what they want, but still need some significant alterations to be their dream gown. For instance, a bride may want to incorporate a dramatic contrasting color into the dress, add sleeves, or change the neckline. While these are all doable for an experienced seamstress, they do require extra time. And because these changes affect other parts of the dress, some of them must be done before any other adjustments can take place.

    If you know your dress will require customizations, talk to your seamstress early to get an idea for how much time she will need to fashion these alterations. However, if you found a dress that was practically perfect in any way (save the fit), you probably don’t need to schedule your first appointment so early.

    2–3 months to go: Major alterations.

    For most brides, their first fitting will be about two to three months out. At this fitting, the seamstress goes over every aspect of the dress from head to toe to see what needs to be altered. Even though dresses are ordered in a size that is close to body measurements, most brides will still need to adjust for every nuance of her figure. And since it takes several months for the arrival of the wedding gown after an order is placed, it’s more than likely that the bride’s measurements will have changed in the meantime.  Even a small change in size can impact the fit of a gown as there is little to no give or stretch in the fabrics of wedding gowns.

    Don’t forget to bring the undergarments and shoes you plan to wear for the wedding! The height of your shoes and the way you stand in them will affect how the dress falls and are crucial to getting the hem just right. Plus, the amount of structure and padding (or lack thereof!) will change how the dress falls.

    By the time the seamstress finishes pinning shoulders, bust, waist, hip, and hem, many brides are left wondering if any part of their dress won’t be altered by the time the fitting is over. This may be overwhelming for you, but don’t worry. Your seamstress knows what she’s doing and has seen it all before.

    1 month to go: Minor adjustments.

    After the major heavy lifting is done, it’s time to make the final tweaks. Maybe you want to fine tune the neckline of your dress or raise the length of your sleeves by a quarter inch. It’s hard to make these adjustments until the major ones are taken care of, but now that they’re out of the way, your gown should be close to the ideal you had envisioned.

    With one month to go you still have plenty of time to get the details perfect, so don’t be afraid to discuss any reservations you may have with your seamstress.

    2 weeks to go: Final fitting—final check.

    In most cases, the final fitting is more of a quality check to be sure that everything done in the prior fittings has turned out according to plan. The last thing anyone wants is for the bride to discover a problem with one of the adjustments on her wedding day. But, if there is still something that needs adjusting, the final fitting is the bride’s last chance to make the change.

    Getting your fit just right is key to feeling comfortable on your big day.

    It may seem like a lot of work, but remember that you’ll be in your dress all day. Getting the fit right won’t just improve the appearance of the dress on your wedding day—it will also make it more comfortable. The last thing you need as you’re walking down the aisle is for your dress to be anything short of perfection. So plan plenty of time to get your alterations done, and you won’t second guess yourself on your big day.

  • When Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress?

    When Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress?

    Your big day is on the calendar. Should you already have a wedding dress?

    Among the number of big milestones you’ll pass on the way to your wedding day, perhaps the one that looms largest for most brides is that of finding a designer wedding dress. For most brides, it’s both an exciting and anxious time of the wedding planning, as it brings to the surface any number of childhood dreams and adult insecurities.

    Because of this, many brides are eager either to buy the dress right away, or put the shopping trip off till the last possible minute. However, both these approaches can lead to some unfortunate consequences down the road. So, if you’re wondering when the best time is to buy your wedding dress, here are a few pointers.

    1. Set your wedding date.

    For most brides, this is the easy one. You get engaged, and the absolute first priority is to pick a date to share with your friends and family. However, some couples like to take things a little slower and put off setting the date till they have a few other details arranged—including the wedding dress.

    This isn’t the worst decision you can make, but it can still backfire. For instance, what if you find a gorgeous, breezy dress perfect for a beach wedding, only to set a date in the middle of winter? Or what if you find a beautiful dress, but are not quite ready to order it, and then life circumstances cause you to push the wedding off for another year or two? By the time the day comes to order, you may no longer be able to have the dress you want as it is no longer available.

    We strongly recommend that brides not start wedding dress shopping until they have a date on the calendar. So long as it’s not coming up really quick, you’ll still have plenty of time.

    2. Choose your wedding venue.

    After the date, the venue is the most important decision for most brides. The wedding venue not only determines the size and style of the wedding, it can also have a significant bearing on the date.

    Some venues book up months or even a year in advance. If you have your heart set on a location, you may even find yourself planning your wedding date around the venue. And when it comes to your dress, the venue will have a huge impact.

    After all, if your reception is in a barn without air conditioning, you may regret choosing a poofy ball gown. And if you’re getting married on a beach, you may want to reconsider your plans for a cathedral-length train.

    3. Give yourself time for the dress to be made —and altered.

    For many women, their wedding dress is the first and only piece of custom sewing they ever purchase. These aren’t ready-to-wear purchases, but rather custom gowns sewn as an order is placed. Because of this, brides should expect to wait between 6-7 months for their dress to arrive after they’ve ordered it, and that still doesn’t count the time it takes to do fittings and alterations.

    Brides usually have about three fitting appointments to get their dress just right. The first covers the most major alterations, such as adding sleeves or making an adjustment to the neckline, and adjusting any fit issues. The second fitting is to review any and all changes to the dress and finalize the fit, and the third is to ensure everything is just right. Taken together, these rounds of tailoring can take as much as three to four months.

    Because of all the work involved, we recommend brides order their dresses between twelve and nine months in advance of their wedding, but after they’ve set their date. You can still order dresses closer to the wedding, but your options may be more limited, and it’s best to spare yourself the stress of a rush delivery.

    Three months to go and no dress? Here are your options.

    Of course, many brides find themselves looking for a dress with just a couple months—or even weeks!—to spare. In these cases, you may still be able to find a gown, but you may have to set aside some of your visions of a “perfect” dress and focus on the available options.

    Typically, the best option for brides on a limited timeline is to start looking for sample sales. These are the dresses that are on the rack in the bridal salon for brides to try on, and salons typically run a sample sale on some of their older styles when they’re trying to clear out their store rooms for new inventory.

    That said, just because a style is “old” doesn’t mean it isn’t still lovely. Just keep in mind that whatever you try on will have to be a pretty close fit, as your timeline for alterations is also shortened. You may be able to make a few adjustments, but you’re largely going to be wearing what you try on in the store.

    Another option that is sometimes available, but shouldn’t necessarily be 100% relied upon, is that many of our designers have a few of the more popular wedding dresses in stock, meaning that we have the ability to get them within a few weeks of the date the order is placed.  Again, while this is not always the case, it has worked for many of our brides in the past and we love being able to offer a brand new dress in a shorter time period.

    If you’ve exhausted these options, think about hitting up some vintage or second-hand stores. You may get lucky and find just the right dress!

    Spare yourself the last-minute stress and buy your dress in advance.

    For some brides, the dress they wear on their wedding day isn’t a big priority, which means they’re happy to compromise on the style, especially if it means cutting down a big budget item. But if you have a specific vision for how you want your designer wedding gown to be, give yourself the time you need to see it fulfilled.

    Find your venue, pick your date, then call us. We can help you find the dress of your dreams.

  • 8 mistakes brides make when planning a wedding

    8 Mistakes that Brides Make Planning a Wedding

    Avoiding common mistakes that brides make before the big day

    As magical as your wedding day is, it’s also a big job. Unless you’re a professional wedding planner, it’s unlikely you’ve thrown an event of this size before. There’s lots of resources out there for brides-to-be, but are you prepared to avoid these common pitfalls? Here are eight mistakes brides make when planning a wedding—and how you can avoid them.

    Mistake 1: Buying before Budgeting

    It’s great you found your perfect venue, but will you have enough money left for your favorite band? You’ve been dreaming about this day for a long time, but now that it’s finally here you may have to trim your Pinterest board a bit. Set a budget before booking or buying anything.

    Handling wedding finances can put a lot of stress on an engaged couple. Instead of treating your budget (or partner) like a dream-killer, sit down and focus on what brings you the most joy when you imagine your wedding day. Is it having a huge crowd, driving away in a vintage car, or wearing the perfect gown? Prioritize what makes you happy and cut the rest.

    Mistake 2: Choosing a dress before choosing a venue

    You bought the ballgown of your dreams. Nothing could be a better match—except your fiancée of course. Then you realize you want to say your vows on the beach by your reception venue. Suddenly you realize your watered silk train will be dragging in wet sand.

    Before setting an appointment at a bridal salon, make some key decisions about your big day. Do you want to dance the night away in a beautifully decorated barn, or a formal ballroom? Your choice of venue can have a big impact on the kind of wedding gown you want to wear.

    Mistake 3: The wedding diet

    Sure, your wedding is a big day. You’re spending a fortune on professional photography, and you want to look amazing. But, beware. Too many brides plan to lose unrealistic amounts of weight before their wedding, which can be unhealthy and dangerous.

    Even if you are committed to shedding some pounds before the wedding, don’t buy your wedding gown in your ‘goal’ size. Wedding gowns can usually be taken in if you do lose weight, but a gown that’s too small may not be alterable. So give yourself some breathing room when you order. A size up is always better than a size down.

    Mistake 4: Not sending thank you notes

    Really, nobody needs Miss Manners to tell them that this one is a mistake. The surprising thing is how often brides forget to send thank you notes anyway. The whirlwind of parties and showers preceding the wedding bring so many gifts. It’s easy to forget to send letters of thanks to all your guests.

    Establish some sort of system, so that you can remember what came from who, and when. You don’t want to thank your aunt for the salad servers that came from your grandma. Ideally, someone will take notes as you open your presents at your showers. Then consolidate the information in a planner for easy reference.

    Mistake 5: Cutting costs by hiring a budget tailor

    Your wedding gown is a huge investment—emotionally and financially. Make sure that whoever you hire to alter it knows what they are doing. Otherwise you may be left brokenhearted by a botched job that can’t be fixed.

    If your bridal salon doesn’t handle alterations in-house, do a little research before taking your dress anywhere for alterations. You can check popular sites like the Knot, ask fellow brides, and look at online reviews. Whoever you end up picking should have years of experience altering formal gowns. They should also be able to help you select the right bustle for your dress.

    Mistake 6: Registering too quickly

    When you’re combining two households it’s easy to accumulate a lot of doubles. Before you register, take some time to evaluate what you have. You might be surprised to learn that your fiancée already owns a perfectly serviceable blender or set of highball glasses.

    Once you’ve got a clear idea of what the two of you need for your new home, take your time building a registry together. Ideally you will fill your list with quality items that will last for years. The first big showers won’t happen until shortly before the wedding, so there’s no need to rush.

    Mistake 7: Letting your relatives run the show

    Yes, your family may be contributing the wedding financially, and they certainly are excited. That doesn’t mean they get to tell the two of you what to do on your big day. The wedding is a great time for you and your fiancée to establish yourselves as an adult couple.

    Be sensitive to your families’ needs, but put each other first. If you know your significant other is going to hate something, don’t let your family pressure you into it. Patterns of behavior that you develop now will stay with you for years, and it’s time to set some healthy boundaries. You might benefit from seeing a qualified couple’s counselor, who can help you navigate these emotionally turbulent waters.

    Mistake 8: Getting hung up on the details

    Repeat this to yourself now: something will go wrong. It doesn’t matter how much you pay or how much you plan; wedding days usually contain a few unwanted surprises. Still, even if your brother is partying a little too hard, or you get a drop of red wine on your gown, remember that this is still the day that you’re marrying the love of your life.

    Whatever goes wrong, your wedding day marks a huge step forward for you and your partner. It’s not the details that make the day so magical. It’s the look in your love’s eyes as you walk down that aisle. Don’t get hung up on the details and distracted from what’s really important.

  • Everything a Bride Needs to Know About Bustles

    Everything a Bride Needs to Know About Bustles

    Prepare for your bridal appointment by learning about bustle styles.

    There’s no sweeter moment at the wedding reception than that tender first dance between the new husband and wife. But, it takes more than the perfect song to make the first dance memorable. Without a bustle artfully holding your gown in place, you’ll never be able to show off those spins and dips you’ve been practicing.

    A good bustle lets you dance the night away without tripping over your train like Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. But how much do you know about bustling a dress? It’s not that hard to learn the ropes – or ribbons! With a little preparation, you’ll know just what to ask about bustles at your bridal appointment.

    Not all wedding gowns need a bustle

    Not every bride wants to bustle her dress, and not every wedding gown needs a bustle. If your dress doesn’t have a train, or it only has a baby train, you won’t need a bustle. These types of wedding dresses allow for greater freedom of movement overall, which some brides appreciate.

    Other gowns may be constructed of a lightweight fabric that can be managed without a bustle. For instance, on some gowns a seamstress can attach a loop to the underside of the train which secures around your wrist. This lets you elegantly lift your gown while keeping your hands free.

    Think about the bustle when you pick your gown

    The bustle can really change the look of the gown and how it functions. At your bridal appointment, talk to your stylist about how your dress will be bustled. Most dresses allow for a few different options, but you should make sure you like your choices. You may spend most of your wedding day with the gown bustled.

    Perhaps you love the gown but decide that you don’t like how it would look or feel with a bustle. Gowns with long dramatic trains can look stunning during the ceremony, yet may feel like too much to manage all day, even with a bustle. In that case, consider buying a second gown just for the reception.

    There are two main types of bustle

    Although there are many styles of bustle, all are of two main types: the under bustle and the over bustle. An over bustle has one or more fasteners on the top of the train that get lifted up and hooked to the fabric on the outside of the gown. An under bustle folds the train under itself, attaching to the underside of the gown.

    Some bustles are much more complicated in design, and they can add substantially to the cost of alterations. As a savvy bride, you are probably already budgeting for alterations, but be sure to ask specifically about the bustle. An experienced seamstress can give you a good estimate.

    What are the most common bustle styles?

    Although there are many different styles of bustle, not all suit every gown. Still, you will have a lot of options to choose from, so here’s a quick introduction to five popular bustles.

    • The American Bustle: Best for ball gowns, or gowns with long trains, the American bustle is a type of over bustle. It gathers the train and attaches it to the skirt of the dress, creating a waterfall of material down the back.
    • The French Bustle: This style is recommended for mermaid, sheath, and A-line gowns. It’s an under bustle, with hidden fasteners that create a small billow in the back of the dress.
    • Victorian Bustle: This elaborate style works best on a very full ball gown. The train is gathered and attached at multiple points down the back of the dress, creating beautiful and striking folds.
    • Ballroom Bustle: A universally adaptable style, this bustle flips the trailing skirt under the ballgown and attaches it to the inside of the dress, as if hemming it. It’s lovely on its namesake, the ballgown, but it works on much simpler dresses as well.
    • The Bow Bustle: This is essentially the American bustle, but with the addition of a bow. The train is gathered and attached with a sash, adding a pretty detail to the bustle. It looks best on an A-line dress.

    If you have trouble visualizing how any of these styles would work on your dress, do a run through at your alteration’s appointment. The tailor can pin the bustle into the dress, so that you can see a variety of different looks.

    Don’t forget you’ll have to DIY

    You’ll have an expert to create the bustle for you, but remember that on your big day someone else will have to secure your train before your reception. That’s why it’s good to do a test run when your bustle is especially complicated. You don’t want to damage the fragile fabric.

    Bring someone you trust to your final alteration’s appointment. He or she can have the tailor show them how to attach the bustle and supervise their attempts. That way everything will go more smoothly when it really matters.

    Ready to try a few styles for yourself?

    Done reading about bustles and want to see a few in the wild? There’s nothing like trying on a gown to help you envision how your dress might look and feel while bustled. Call us today to set up your bridal appointment at The White Dress. Our expert staff can help you find the right dress and answer all your questions about alterations.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Veil Styles

    Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Veil Styles

    How to choose a wedding veil style for any dress.

    You’ve chosen your dress, now it’s time for the extras. None of your other accessories are more important than the veil, which can transform your look entirely. While it’s important to coordinate the style of veil with the style of gown you’ve chosen, usually you have some latitude for self-expression. Most wedding dresses look lovely with several different wedding veil styles.

    That’s why choosing your wedding veil is all about determining your personal wedding style. Are you looking for something formal and dramatic? Fun and flirty? A little bit whimsical? There are wedding veil styles to suit every mood and venue. Below we look at just a few of the more popular lengths and ways to customize your veil.

    Bird Cage Wedding Veil: 4-9″

    This short and flirty wedding veil, also sometimes called a bandeau veil, really stands out. It’s always quite short, but it can cover just the eyes, skim the nose or fall at the jawline. It’s often made of a net or lace rather than the traditional tulle, leaving more of the bride’s face visible.

    There’s no reason you can’t wear a bird cage wedding veil at a traditional church ceremony, and it’s also the perfect complement for a shorter dress and a city hall wedding. A bird cage veil is a good choice for a bride who likes the vintage look, or even something just a little different.

    Blusher Wedding Veil: 30″

    The blusher wedding veils is also known as an angle veil or wedge veil. Although it has vintage appeal, it’s not overly formal. It falls over the face, so it’s a good choice for the bride who wants that dramatic moment when her face is revealed at the end of the aisle.

    Brides can also add a blusher to a longer veil, like Kate Middleton did on her wedding day. It can be held in place by a dramatic headpiece or just a simple comb, depending on the look the bride wants. Because it’s so customizable, the blusher is an enduringly popular wedding veil style.

    Fingertip Wedding Veil: 38-40″

    It makes sense that a lot of wedding dresses save the drama for the back. After all, people will be looking after you as you process down the aisle. When you’re choosing a veil, it’s important that the length and fabric don’t obscure any important back detail.

    That’s why fingertip veils remain so popular. Not as heavy or long as chapel or cathedral veils, they still fall low, just below the hips and at the fingertip as the name implies. The length allows any design on the back of the bride’s gown to show through the sheer tulle. Fingertip veils are similar to ballet veils, which are just few inches longer.

    Floor-Length Wedding Veil: 72″

    A floor-length veil just reaches the floor, hitting at the same place as the bride’s dress.  This style is dramatic but not overwhelming, adding extra volume to your look, but still preserving a streamlined silhouette.

    This wedding veil style is a nice choice for a bride that wants the Disney princess look but isn’t interested in the chapel or cathedral veil, which can be a lot to manage. Floor length veils look lovely with sheath dresses especially, and are a good choice for nontraditional venues, like beaches, where you might want length but not fabric dragging in the sand.

    Chapel Wedding Veil: 90″

    Have you chosen a shorter dress but still want the look of a train? A chapel-length veil gives the illusion of a train, but can be taken off during the reception when you want more freedom of movement. Chapel-length veils are not overly long, but they do extend slightly beyond the hem of the bride’s gown.

    Lovely and traditional, a chapel length veil never goes out of style. It’s also adaptable to many different venues and types of weddings, just as pretty in a ballroom as it is in a garden. It also provides plenty of space for different embellishments, which can dramatically change the look of the veil.

    Cathedral Wedding Veil: 108-120″

    When you want to look like a queen on your wedding day, choose a cathedral-length wedding veil. This is undoubtedly the most dramatic style, associated with royalty and over-the-top celebrations. It looks stunning during the ceremony and makes for incredible pictures.

    A cathedral wedding veil can be worn with many different styles of wedding dress, but it pairs most naturally with ball gowns and more elaborate dresses. However, there are many different styles of cathedral veil, and some look just right with less ornate gowns.

    Get creative with color and embellishments.

    Whatever wedding veil style you choose, remember that your veil is a beautiful place to add some color to your wedding look. We all remember Angelina Jolie’s fabulously illustrated veil, and you can be just as fearless. Try colorful embroidery or blush tulle to make a statement.

    Different embellishments also radically change the look of a veil. Whether you want the sparkle of Swarovski crystals or the delicate leaves and petals of hand-embroidered flowers, you can choose a veil that perfectly matches the style of your dress and wedding.

    Use a fitting appointment to test-run your hairstyle with a veil.

    Sometimes you just have to see how a veil looks with your gown. And, since how you style your hair will impact the look and feel of your wedding veil, it may be appropriate to use a fitting appointment or a day of bridesmaid shopping as a chance to test the two together. Do a hair and make-up run through at the salon, and then come into The White Dress to see how different veils pair with your wedding tresses. We’re happy to help you find the veil of your dreams.

  • 5 Things Say Yes to the Dress Gets Wrong

    5 Things Say Yes to the Dress Gets Wrong

    What the popular wedding dress reality series does—and doesn’t—get right about dress shopping.

    There’s an undeniable appeal to Say Yes to the Dress, from the beautiful gowns, to the dramatic tensions between members of the entourage, to the final triumphant moment when the bride sees herself in her perfect wedding gown. You’ve probably seen plenty of episodes and clips over the years, and if you’re like many brides-to-be, you’ve probably indulged a SYTTD binge since your fiancé popped the question.

    The show gets some things very right: the need to have a vision for your dress but also be open to new possibilities, the way a dress changes once you put on the veil, the many ways you can customize a dress to meet your vision, etc.

    However, it’s also responsible for a number of increasingly common misconceptions. If you’ve picked these ideas up from SYTTD, you will probably need to reset expectations before your first bridal appointment. Here are some of the most common.

    1. Expect to try on more than three dresses.

    In the format of the show, brides usually try on about three dresses which they show their entourage. This is because the show can only spend so much time on each dress, and they want to edit the story to present the most interesting narrative. The bride probably tried on much more than the three dresses you saw in the show, and she may even have tried them on in a different order. But after watching so many brides find “the one” by their third dress, many brides are becoming discouraged when they don’t find their own dress within a similar timeframe.

    At our bridal boutique, the average bride tries on about twelve to fifteen dresses before she settles on the perfect one. She may spend the first five or six just trying to find the silhouette she likes best. And she may try on as many dresses in two or three boutiques before coming to us.

    Of course, you may find your dress in the first one you try on. If that’s the case, you’re one lucky bride! But if it takes you longer—don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to try on a couple dozen dresses before making your decision.

    2. Don’t bring a huge entourage.

    The number of people brides bring with them on SYTTD is simply overwhelming. It’s typical to see at least three or four friends and family members arrive with the bride (usually some combination of her mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, maid of honor, and sister), but this crowd can quickly balloon to include all the bridesmaids, male friends and family members, or even bridal consultants and stylists. It’s amazing they all fit into the room.

    Of course, with so many people present, it’s no wonder things get dramatic. Personalities collide, and it’s impossible to please everyone. It may make for good TV, but it’s a stressful and draining experience for the bride.

    Instead of bringing with you everyone who wants to come, bring only those people whom you most trust, whose input you can’t do without, and who will make the day special for you. Keep your group small—only one or two people—and if you have other friends or family who want to be part of the experience, consider inviting them for another occasion, such as an appointment in which you play with accessories and celebrate finding “the one”.

    3. Your budget has to cover more than the dress.

    Speaking of fittings, these can be a major expense—especially if you’re having alterations done. Add in other budget items, such as the veil, shoes, and accessories, and the total may surprise you.

    This aspect of budget planning is often glossed over in the show. Brides come in with a budget, buy a dress that’s nearly exactly that price, and then celebrate because they’re $100 “under budget.” It’s true that sometimes we see the consultants cautioning the bride about the cost of alterations—especially significant ones—but it’s rare anyone mentions the cost of a veil. (Side note: The veils at TWD range from $50 – $500.)

    Obviously, the finer points of budgeting are not of particular interest to the show or the viewers, but they are very important for you, the bride. Don’t be taken by surprise. When you plan for your budget, include room for these extra expenses, and talk about your expectations with the bridal assistant at your boutique.

    4. Brides have a right to be “picky.”

    The montage of a bride turning down a series of dresses without trying them on is a staple of SYTTD. When a bride says “no” a dozen times in a row, it’s easy to get the impression that she’s simply too hard to please.

    However, there are two problems with the portrayal that the bride is “too picky”. The first is that your bridal assistant does need feedback about what you do or do not like to see in a dress in order to truly help you. If you can be specific about what it is you like or dislike, they will be able to find a dress to match your dreams more quickly. We like opinions!

    And, of course, the second problem with the idea that the bride is “too picky”, is that your bridal gown is a big purchase, and one you should feel absolutely certain about. If you don’t like a dress, it’s fine to turn it down and keep looking. When you find “the one,” you’ll be glad you held out.

    That said, if you do turn a dress down, avoid saying you hate it—especially if you’re in the boutique, showing it off to your friends and family. It may not be your style, or you may not like how it looks on you, but the bride in the next fitting room may be dying to try it on.

    Furthermore, dresses often look very different on your body than they do on the hanger. This is one thing SYTTD gets right: if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to put the dress on. After all, you have nothing to lose.

    5. Walking out of the store without a dress isn’t a failure.

    Finally, the goal of any good bridal boutique is to help you come to a decision you’re happy with. The idea that leaving a boutique without a dress is a failure—punishment, perhaps, for being overly choosy in your dress—is one that puts the bridal store’s need to sell dresses above the bride’s need to find one she loves.

    And there is no need to feel the pressure to buy on your first visit just to save some money either! We know that there are bridal shops who have added incentives for buying on your first visit. If you need time to think about it, do so! You should never feel like you have to say yes just to save a few hundred dollars.

    There are any number of reasons why you may need to walk out the door without a dress. Maybe you didn’t find the one you were looking for. Maybe the pressure has become overwhelming, and you need to step away to make up your mind. Or maybe you need your mother, or your grandmother, or your best friend to be in the room with you when you make the decision.

    Side note: We always recommend shopping with all of your VIPs for this very reason. It’s impossible to recreate that moment when you know its “the one,” so even if you need to utilize a video call, it is best to go shopping with the mindset that you could find your dream dress.

    Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t feel pressured into signing anything if you’re not ready. In fact, if you do feel the pressure, that’s as good a reason as any to leave.

    Shopping for your dress should be a fun, memorable, and relaxing experience.

    Watching the drama is one of the most entertaining parts of Say Yes to the Dress. But your own experience should be as drama-free as possible. You should enjoy yourself, and it’s hard to do that if you’re not relaxed. Furthermore, it’s hard to know you’ve made the right decision if you’re under a lot of pressure from your entourage or your bridal assistants.

    Because we know that when you feel your best, you can say “yes” with your whole heart and no regrets.

  • 7 Tips to Make Your Wedding Dress Style All Your Own

    Easy and authentic touches to create a custom gown.

    Every bride wants to have a look that expresses her unique style. Finding a show-stopping dress is just the start—next you have to make the look your own. When you take it to the tailor it will be fitted to your body and altered to suit your personal style, giving most women a once-in-a-lifetime chance to add bespoke details to a garment.

    Even if you like the way the dress looks right now, and don’t want to do any major alterations, you still can make small changes to make your dress one-of-a-kind. Customizing your wedding dress doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming either. With pretty little touches it’s easy to get a personalized look for your wedding day.

    1. Pick a theme for your wedding.

    One of the easiest ways to keep your look personal but cohesive is to choose a theme for your wedding. Are you and your partner fans of Shakespeare or Star Wars? Do you share a beloved pet? Work in subtle references to your passions in your signature cocktail, table names, desserts, and décor. Once you know your theme it’s easy to add a few personal touches to your bridal look, with a coordinating pin, flowers, or hair piece.

    2. Find a personal item to add to your dress.

    Following in the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition, many brides like to incorporate heirlooms into their gown. This might be a small brooch that gains a new life as a belt embellishment, a special necklace or bracelet, or a small embroidered detail that imitates a loved one’s handwriting.

    Some brides choose to add a panel of vintage fabric to their wedding dress, usually from their mother or grandmother’s gown. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the past—and the future.

    3. Think about how you want to include bridal colors.

    Every bride has her colors. Adding something to your dress in a coordinating hue, like a wrap or a sash, instantly creates a custom look. If you are getting your bridesmaid dresses from the same bridal salon where you chose your dress, they may be able to help you find something to match. For instance, some places will dye shoes the color of the bridesmaid dresses. If you’re brave enough for a really bold color statement, you can add an underskirt to your dress in a fabric that matches your wedding colors.

    4. Discuss alteration possibilities.

    Sometimes the easiest way to take the look from off-the-rack to custom is to have it altered. A skilled seamstress can dramatically change the look of a dress by adding a new neckline or sleeves, but can also make more subtle changes like replacing a zipper with a button-closure.

    If you went dress shopping close to home, your bridal boutique probably knows a tailor nearby who can work with you to achieve your perfect look. If you bought your dress farther afield, you may need to do your own research. Just make sure that you find someone with experience altering gowns and special occasions dresses. It’s worth every penny.

    5. Customize your bustle.

    Did you know that there are different kinds of bustles? There are American bustles, French bustles, Austrian bustles, ballroom bustles, train-flip bustles and more. Each bustle in unique and changes the look of your wedding dress. Seamstresses are most likely to offer to do either the American or French bustle, as those are most common, but you can ask them to show you other styles as well. Just remember that not every dress is compatible with every type bustle.

    6. Accessorize!

    Maybe you don’t want to make any changes to the dress itself. After you’ve found the perfect dress, it might be hard to improve on it. Instead, why not accessorize beautifully? Gorgeous bangles, a stunning muff, a tiara, or a cathedral veil can make a lasting impression on your friends and family. You could even add some sparkle with a bejeweled belt, or a splash of color with a sash that matches your bridal colors.

    This may also be the moment to add drama to your outfit with a pair of chandelier earrings or a statement necklace. Just be sure your look balances well—you don’t need to wear all your jewelry at once!

    7. Switch up your ceremony and reception looks.

    For most brides, once they put their dress on, they never want to take it off. Nevertheless, they may still want one look for the chapel, and another for the reception. Of course, your dress will look different once it’s bustled, but there are other ways you can refresh your style without undergoing a complete costume change.

    If you have a rustic reception venue, why not trade your veil for a flower wreath? You may also want to wear understated jewelry for the ceremony, but add some bling for the party. Swapping out accessories is a great way to change up your look without having to choose between elegant and flashy.

    Pulling it all together for a day that’s uniquely yours

    Your wedding dress style should reflect your personality and your relationship. Whether you’re in a ball gown or a simple sheath, let your style shine through. Whimsical details make the day memorable for everyone, and these days anything goes. If you want serve ice cream sandwiches instead of cake, walk down the aisle to the opening bars of your favorite theme song, or have your Pomeranian as ring-bearer, you can!

    Your dress should but just as much your own as any other part of the wedding. A touch of color, a vintage accessory, or a line of buttons are the perfect finishing touches. So, customize your dress however you like! The most important thing is that on your wedding day you celebrate the start of a new life with your love.

  • October

    October – A Month in Review

    During the Month of October, The White Dress contributed over $1,000 to BCPP, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners!  BCPP is rooted to the early prevention and awareness of breast-cancer-causing products used by females every day. BCPP is the leading science-based policy and advocacy organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

    Think about it: mascara, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hairsprays, and perfumes – just to name a few…and we use it all, oftentimes on a daily basis! How many of these products are truly toxic and can be correlated to breast cancer? In their most recent study, BCPP set out to unveil the toxicity of fragrance in several beauty products specifically marketed towards women and girls. According to BCPP, “fragrance chemicals made up the vast majority of chemicals linked to harmful chronic health effects in the beauty and personal care products that were tested.”   (https://www.bcpp.org/resource/right-to-know-exposing-toxic-fragrance-chemicals-report/)

    Knowledge is power; together we can be our own best health advocate. We at The White Dress are proud to contribute to this incredible organization. As seen on our Instagram @thewhitedressmi, brides who said YES to the dress participated in our Pink Ribbon Party to win a variety of prizes towards the promotion by pulling their choice of a pink ribbon.  On top of that, we donated to BCPP for each dress purchased during our promotional period.

    Sending a great big THANK YOU and congratulations to all the #realTWDbrides who said YES to their wedding dress this past October!  Welcome to the TWD family!

    Until next time,

    Kristy & The TWD-ettes


    To learn more about BCPP and how you can become involved please click the link https://www.bcpp.org/

  • 10 Things You Need to Know about Wedding Dress Alterations

    10 Things You Need to Know about Wedding Dress Alterations

    What every bride should know before her first fitting

    Most brides already know they are going to need to get their dress altered even before they go gown shopping. But, there may be some things that they don’t already know about wedding dress alterations. Before you’re hit with a surprise more unpleasant than a pin stuck in the wrong place, read our list of ten things to know about the alteration process.

    1. Not too early and not too late

    You already know that you should gown shop well in advance of the wedding. Once that gorgeous dress has come in, don’t wait until the last minute to make necessary alterations. Most quality seamstresses have a long list of clients and it may take some time for her to complete the work. Plan for the alterations to take several months from the first fitting to the final one.

    Still, if you go too early for wedding dress alterations, the dress may not fit properly on your wedding day. A dress that fit like a glove six months ago might be too loose or too tight on the morning of your wedding. Leave yourself some time between the alterations and the big day – but not too much.

    2. Finding a seamstress or tailor

    Many bridal salons, but not all, offer alterations on the wedding dresses that they sell. While we have a few contracted seamstresses at The White Dress, we do have several trusted external seamstress we work with who can make those essential adjustments.

    It is good to keep in mind that some brides order their dress in a town that’s quite a ways away from where they live or where they plan to have their wedding. Because of this, it may be necessary for you to look for a seamstress or tailor closer to home, which can help save travel time back and forth from all of those necessary bridal fittings.

    If this is the case for you, be careful to find someone with experience in wedding dresses and formal eveningwear. Ask friends, check reviews, and meet with the seamstress in person before turning over your wedding gown. Your wedding dress is a huge investment and an emotionally significant garment. Don’t risk bad alterations ruining it beyond repair.

    3. Bring your shoes and your undergarments

    Don’t show up to your wedding dress fitting without your shoes and your undergarments. A different bra or rigid shapewear can make a huge difference to the fit of the dress. Similarly, even an inch or two difference in heel-height can dramatically change the ideal hemline for your gown. The hem should just graze the ground with your shoes on, so make sure you are wearing your Cinderella slippers as they do the pinning.

    4. Alterations are a chance to make your dress one-of-a-kind

    A skilled seamstress or tailor can make your wedding dress truly unique. During the wedding dress alterations, you can often add sleeves or straps, replace a zipper with a corset back, add buttons, and choose a unique bustle style. These bespoke details make your gown stand out from the crowd.

    Remember, it’s not advisable to buy a dress you want to make major changes on, even though some simple wedding dress alterations can improve a dress you already love. If there’s something that you can’t live without, be sure to confirm it can be added during the alterations process before you buy your gown.

    5. Budget for alterations, not just the dress

    Complicated alterations, like taking a dress down several sizes, can cost hundreds of dollars, and even simple changes like a hem can be over two-hundred dollars. Wedding gowns are complicated creations, with delicate, hard-to-work-with fabrics and detailing. When you budget for the dress of your dreams, be sure to plan for what you will spend on wedding dress alterations as well. Otherwise you might be hit with a surprising bill later.

    6. You shouldn’t go alone

    Wedding dress alterations aren’t an exciting event. You don’t need a gaggle of bridesmaids helping you choose between sewn-in cups or a strapless bra. Still, you could use an expert eye to make sure everything looks good before the big day. Bring your mother, a sister, or another close confidant along for support.

    Also, be sure the maid-of-honor comes with you for the final fitting so that she can learn how to bustle the wedding gown. There are a variety of bustle styles, and some are quite complicated. A little practice means you won’t be struggling with ribbons and buttons on your big day.

    7. Get a custom-made veil

    While many brides find their perfect veil while they are gown shopping, some high-end wedding dress alteration shops can create a custom veil for the bride-to-be. A custom veil can incorporate personal details, like material from your mother’s wedding dress, and be exactly as long or short as you would like. If you didn’t feel like any of the options you spotted at your bridal salon suited you, ask your tailor whether a custom veil is an option.

    8. Ask your tailor about wedding dress preservation

    Some bridal alteration shops will also preserve your dress for you after the wedding. This process of cleaning, treating, pressing and preserving the gown will protect it from yellowing, dust and damage. The service is more expensive than conventional dry-cleaning, but it’s the only way to ensure that this precious memento will last until your 50th wedding anniversary. If they offer such a service, make a plan to return after the honeymoon so that your dress can be properly preserved.

    9. Trust the process

    Going into your early fittings with an expectation that your gown will feel and fit perfectly is only going to set you up for disappointment. All experienced seamstresses have a method that works well for them – some may not want to alter the hem before the bodice fits perfectly.  Others may leave beads and lace off the part of the dress that is being altered and won’t sew them back in place until they are positive of the fit to save doing the work multiple times.  Many sew the bustle in your dress in stages. Understanding these things and trusting your seamstress will go a long way to ease stress during those final months before the wedding day.

    10. Speak up

    Though all of the points made above are true, if something is of concern to you, speak up!  Because alterations on a wedding gown take time, your tailor may work on it over several weeks in between fittings and if you wait too long, it may be too late. If you are worried about the fit of the gown, the way the bustle looks, or even the price of alterations, the sooner you say something, the better. After you authorize your tailor to do the work, he or she will move ahead with what you agreed upon and it may be too late to change anything at a later date.

    Relax and enjoy the alterations process

    Getting your wedding dress altered can feel like one more tedious task on your long wedding checklist. Still, try to take time to enjoy the experience. A wedding dress is often the most beautiful gown a woman will ever wear, and one of the few that will be tailored to fit her exact form. Each alteration appointment gets you closer to that moment when you walk down the aisle looking like a princess.

  • cailyn bride of the month


    Welcome back lovelies!  It’s another fabulous edition of Bride of the Month!  We put a big emphasis on fabulous as our next bride, Cailyn, had a destination that many brides and grooms can only dream of.  We are talking about the wonderful Disney World.  Cailyn was such a fantastic bride to work with, and we loved hearing about her Disney vision every time she visited.  We also couldn’t help but swoon over Cailyn’s dress, one of our favorite wedding dresses in the shop and such a perfect match for her fairy tale venue.  Before we go on, we must give credit to the Cassie Peech & Company for the ah-mazing photos.  Now onto Cailyn and Anthony’s wedding story!

    Read the rest…

  • The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Different Body Types

    The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Body Types

    Finding the best wedding dress style by body type

    Your wedding day is all about you! That means everything should suit you perfectly, from the appetizers to the dress. There are some things that you likely know already about your dream wedding gown, like whether it will be traditional or modern, casual or formal. But how can you know what dress style will be the most flattering?

    First of all, what is or isn’t “flattering” will partly depend on what you want to draw attention to. One woman may feel shy about her décolletage while another might prefer to flaunt it. Similarly, one woman may love her hips, while another woman may feel more self-conscious. Remember that suggestions on “flattering” styles are often designed to enhance some features and downplay others, but it’s up to you to decide which features you want to be the focus.

    But even when you know what you want to emphasize, some dresses simply aren’t cut in a way that will fit that figure. That’s not your body’s fault—it’s just how the dress style was made. Choosing the right dress for your body type is less about trying to conform your body to a dress, and more about picking a dress that’s built for your body.

    So, with that in mind, it’s important to remember that there are no hard-and-fast rules. However, there are certainly some general guidelines that can help you find a wedding dress style that works with your body type, and not against it.

    A-Line: The universally flattering dress

    Like a rosy pink blush, there is one dress style that looks good on everyone. The A-Line silhouette is the most traditional and universally flattering wedding dress style. It has a fitted bodice and a skirt that flares out to form an ‘A’ shape at the waist, which gives the style its name. It’s easy to wear and, with different details, can look either fresh and modern or romantic and traditional. The neckline also has a big impact on the look of this dress – a plunging V can make the otherwise traditional style quite sexy, while a high neckline makes the shape fit for a modern princess.

    Wedding dress styles for an Hourglass

    An hourglass figure is curvy but proportional, with a small waist and equally balanced hips and bust. If this describes you, you should look toward a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress that will flatter your curves. A ball gown can also look stunning by cinching in right at your waist. However, you should avoid empire waist dresses and sheath styles, which won’t give your figure enough definition or balance.

    Wedding dress styles for a Pear Shape

    If you have a small waist but hips that are wider than your bust, styles that highlight your waist and skim over your hips can create a balanced, proportional effect. A ball gown or A-line dress will both flatter, regardless if the skirt style is more bell shaped or flowy. Pretty details on the bodice and neckline will also help draw attention toward your face, like beading or lace applique.

    More fitted styles, like trumpet or mermaid dresses, can be an option for women who love their hips, but keep in mind that you will likely need to alter the bust down after choosing a size that will work with your hips; this can be a challenge depending on the fabrication of the bodice. Also, you should avoid boxy, drop-waist styles, as these will hide your best curves.

    Wedding dress styles for a Rectangle Shape

    Slender women with smaller busts and slim hips can wear a variety of dress styles. The question is what look you would like to achieve. A ball-gown or trumpet style dress can create the illusion of a more curvaceous figure, while a sheath or flowy A-line dress can look elegant and understated. While you may have an enviably wide range of options, you should consider details carefully. Large embellishments, like giant ruffles or flowers, can overwhelm a slim figure.

    Wedding dress styles for an Apple Shape

    An apple shaped woman is fuller in the middle. The best wedding dresses for this body type create the illusion of a waist while skimming the hips and emphasizing the bust. For instance, you may find an empire waist or flowy A-line silhouette, which nips in at the narrow part of the ribs, is a good choice, as well as the classic A-line. The dramatic lines and small waist of a ball gown can also flatter, but the material and neckline matter. Depending on how they are cut, some ball gown styles can make you appear larger than you actually are, or they can pinch in places and feel uncomfortable.

    Wedding dress styles for the Heart Shape

    A heart-shaped woman, sometimes also called an inverted triangle, has a full bust and narrow hips. Like the pear-shaped woman, the important thing is to create a proportional look. You can try for a ball gown or an A-line dress to balance your frame. Scooping necklines can be particularly flattering on heart-shaped women, who should avoid high necked dresses. Also similar to the pear-shaped woman, if you go with a trumpet or mermaid style, be aware that you will likely need to alter the hip down to fit your shape.

    Wedding dress styles for petite women

    Petite women stand under 5’ 4”. They may struggle to find the best wedding dress for their body type, because some of the figure-flattering tricks that suit taller women won’t work as well on their small frames. For instance, the ball gowns that balance a pear-shaped figure, may overwhelm you.

    The key for petite brides is all about where the waistline hits – too high and it will shorten you while too low can lead to a disproportionate top and bottom half.   We also recommend embracing drama on a smaller scale. For instance, an A-Line dress will have a similar feel to a ball gown on a petite woman. A sheath or flowy A-line dress with understated details will also flatter. Simple designs with fluid lines elongate the frame and help the bride stand tall.


    Knowing your body type shouldn’t limit you

    Finding the best wedding dress style for different body types means celebrating every bride and her unique beauty. We want every woman to shine on her wedding day and feel confident in the dress she chooses. Still, just because we can make recommendations based on our professional experience, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the dress that you want. After all, the best wedding dress for your body type is the one that makes you feel like a beautiful bride!

  • 11 Wedding Dress Appointment Etiquette Tips

    11 Wedding Dress Appointment Etiquette Tips

    Worried about making a social faux pas at your wedding dress appointment? Here are some tips to set your mind at ease.

    If you’ve never gone shopping for a wedding dress before, you may be feeling some anxiety about your upcoming appointment. Not only are you searching for a stunning bridal gown, you’re also about to engage in one of the great wedding planning traditions. As such, it will probably be very different from any other shopping experience you’ve ever had, which is why knowing the expectations ahead of time can be a relief.

    Fortunately, as intimidating as it may seem at first, being prepared for your first appointment is not as difficult as you might think. Shopping for your wedding dress can be a stressful, wonderful experience. But if you’re wondering about the correct wedding dress appointment etiquette, here are some tips to set you straight.

    1. Always make an appointment.

    It’s one thing to step into a bridal boutique just to take a look a quick look around in order to decide whether you want to come back later. But showing up and expecting to try on dresses without an appointment is a major lapse in etiquette. Trying on wedding dresses requires the full attention of a bridal stylist, and if they’re all busy helping other brides, they won’t be able to give you the attention you need.

    If it’s a slow period (early in the morning on a Wednesday), they may still be willing to slip you in, if they aren’t already booked. But there’s no guarantee they’ll have a space, and in any case, setting an appointment is far more considerate.

    2. Check with the store about their picture policy.

    You may be so excited during your appointment that you want to send pictures to all your friends, but some bridal boutiques have a policy against taking pictures. This is for a few reasons: if they’re the only boutique in the area to carry a certain selection of gowns, they may not want their competitors to know what they have. Or, if they work with a designer, that label may worry about other designers imitating their style.

    There’s also a more pragmatic reason some stores may not want you taking selfies: they can disrupt some of the other brides and make the occasion feel less private. So, if you want to take pictures, ask about the store’s policy when you call to book your appointment. If they’re happy for you to snap a selfie, have at it! But if they ask you not to, it’s important to respect their request.

    3. Do you research (and bring pictures).

    Bridal stylists want to help you find your dream dress. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’re going to have a hard time pulling selections that match your tastes! So, before you go to your first appointment, look through some bridal magazines or create a Pinterest board of your favorite styles. You will have so many styles to choose from that narrowing your choices down to a silhouette or a fabric choice can go a long way.

    4. Dress appropriately.

    Undergarments are important for your appointment. Your stylist will be helping you in and out of the wedding dresses, so you want to be sure your underwear isn’t anything you would feel embarrassed to be seen wearing. Shaping undergarments such as Spanks are also important, as they will affect the way a dress looks on you.

    5. Be on time, and be respectful of your appointment slot.

    Most boutiques will put you down for an hour and a half appointment when you call to book, and they will probably have brides booked after you. Because of this, if you arrive late, they probably won’t be able to extend your appointment. So, to get the most from your experience, be punctual and respect the limitations of your appointment.

    6. Don’t hide your budget.

    Some brides avoid disclosing their budget under the misapprehension that their stylist is trying to convince them to spend more than they had planned. Instead, the truth is the total opposite! Your stylist wants to help you find a dress you’re happy with, and if they push you toward something beyond your budget, it’s only likely to end badly for both of you.

    Trust your stylist to be working in your best interest, and be honest about your budget. If you have some flexibility—wonderful. But if there’s a hard limit to what you can afford, let your stylist know so she can guide you to dresses that meet your budget.

    7. Give feedback (politely).

    While we’re on the subject of honesty, let your stylist know what you think of her selections. From her perspective, there’s nothing worse than pulling dress after dress and receiving a blank response or a bland “it’s nice.” Let her know what you do and don’t like about the dresses she pulls, and it will help her find something closer to what you want.

    At the same time, there’s no need to be overly critical of the dresses. The gown you just called “ugly” in the middle of the shop may be the dress the bride next to you has been dying to try on. Remember that everybody’s tastes are different, and that you can express your own without tearing someone else’s down.

    8. Eat something!

    Never try to go wedding dress shopping when you’re hungry. You may be trying to keep a slim profile for your appointment, but if you skip breakfast you’re likely to feel too exhausted and hangry to make a good decision. Instead, come prepared: eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a small snack in case you start feeling tired. You’ll have a better experience if you keep your energy up.

    9. Let your stylist select the dresses.

    When you first walk into a store full of beautiful gowns, it’s tempting to want to start pulling them off the racks to try them on. Resist the temptation! Bridal stores are full of dresses, and stylists need to keep them organized. Instead, trust your stylist to find the dress that matches your tastes, and don’t start browsing yourself unless invited.

    10. Respect the other brides in the store.

    Remember that you’re not the only bride with an appointment. Everyone in the store is facing the same decision you are, and everyone wants their shopping experience to feel magical. So, while you should feel excited about your experience and finding your dress, also be considerate of those around you. Make sure to mention the same to anyone coming with you so that they know not to stir up too much commotion in the store.

    11. Enjoy your experience!

    Finally, remember that shopping for your wedding dress is meant to be a beautiful, wonderful experience. Set your fears aside and keep in mind that your stylist is there to make you feel comfortable. Wedding dress shopping etiquette is there to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and to help your appointment go as smoothly as possible. So don’t have fun and enjoy yourself! You may be about to find your perfect dress.

  • the white dress bridal


    Welcome back to another fabulous edition of The White Dress Bridal – Bride of the Month!  We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we last saw our next BOTM, Paula.  She was a wonderful bride to work with all the way from finding the perfect wedding dress through alterations to wishing her the best of luck and congratulations when she took her dress just days before the big day!  We were so happy when we saw Paula’s application to be the next BOTM in the mail.  Plus the wedding photos…  who wouldn’t want to have a Northern Michigan wedding?!  Going from the beach to the woods all in one day sounds like a blast and made for some truly amazing photos.  Speaking of the amazing photos, we have to give all the credit to Meg of Paxton Photography.  Now onto Paula and Christopher’s wedding day!

    Read the rest…

  • How Do You Decide Who to Invite Wedding Dress Shopping

    How Do You Decide Who to Invite Wedding Dress Shopping?

    Wedding dress shopping: should you go solo, or bring all your bridesmaids?

    You’ve said “yes,” set the big date, and now you’re ready to find the prefect dress. It’s an exciting time for any bride, and wedding dress shopping is often a highlight of their wedding planning experience.

    But as eager as the bride is to find the gown of her dreams, it’s common for her friends and family to want to join her for the experience as well. With so many people hoping to come with you on your journey, how do you choose who to bring?

    Selecting the group for your wedding dress appointment can be tricky, but it’s important to have just the right people with you as you try on dresses. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind when inviting guests.

    Forget about should: what do you want?

    First of all, don’t feel pressured into bringing anyone along if you don’t actually want them there. This is especially true if someone in your group has strong opinions and isn’t on board with the style you’ve chosen for your wedding; they may spend more time arguing against your choices than being supportive.

    Similarly, you may have friends or family who want to join in just to be a part of it. Even if they love every dress you try on, having so many people in the room can change the mood of the occasion. Maybe you just wanted to bring a small group of one or two people, but your cousin has invited herself and half your bridal party expect to come as a matter of course. It’s OK to politely draw a line and let your entourage know there will be other occasions to celebrate, but this one needs to be small.

    Talk to your boutique about how many people they can accommodate.

    Of course, if you are planning to bring a very large number of people with you while you go dress shopping, you should probably ask your boutique how many they can accommodate. Most bridal salons expect the bride to bring one to three people with them on their appointment, and a larger crowd can be an unexpected challenge to the store, and could even cause problems for other brides.

    If you’re planning on bringing a larger group with you, ask about arrangements when you call to make your appointment. If the boutique only has limited space, you may have no choice but to choose your entourage carefully. However, with advance notice, the shop may be able to fit you in on a day with fewer appointments, and can arrange to have a few extra chairs brought in so your group isn’t left standing.

    Save the entourage for another appointment type.

    That said, large groups are best saved for other occasions. You may find it easier to make your decision with fewer people around. If you want to give your entire bridal party a chance to see your dress, think about bringing them back once you’ve ordered it for a celebratory “this is my dress!” appointment. You could also set up an appointment to pick out bridesmaids’ dresses where you also hang out in your gown. This will give your girls time to enjoy the shopping experience with you, while also giving them something to try on as well.

    Is there someone you need to be present to make your big decision?

    Some brides, to avoid the above scenario, go bridal dress shopping on their own. Doing so certainly cuts down on the crossfire from conflicting input, and many brides feel it helps them stay true to their vision, rather than making a choice to please someone else.

    However, if you know you can’t make a decision without input from a specific person, it is better to bring that person with you on your first trip rather than ask them to come back once you’ve narrowed down your dress choices. It can be difficult to recreate that overwhelming sense of wonder, excitement, and giddiness you feel when you look into the mirror and see yourself in your wedding gown for the first time. If that’s a moment you’ve always wanted to share with your mom, your sister, or your best friend, have that person with you.

    The golden rule of thumb: do what makes you most comfortable.

    Trying on your wedding gown for the first time and knowing it’s “the one” is an unforgettable experience. But making the final choice is a big moment, and many brides struggle to make a confident decision when there are too many conflicting opinions in the room. So, do what it takes to make your experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

    Whether that means coming along, with your grandma and maid of honor, or with a small group of close friends, the choice is yours.

  • What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

    What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

    How to be prepared and stay comfortable for your wedding dress appointment.

    Your first wedding dress appointment is coming up, and amid all your excitement about trying on wedding gowns, one important consideration is often overlooked: what should you wear?

    Good preparation is the key to having an enjoyable, memorable experience at your bridal appointment. You want to feel your best so that you can look your best, and that means thinking carefully about what you wear while shopping. And, since trying on wedding dresses is unlike any other shopping experience, we’re here to provide some of the guidance you need so that you can have a fabulous time during your appointment.

    1. A simple dress that’s easy to get in and out of.

    You’re going to spend a lot of time taking clothes on and off, so you want to avoid the hassle of struggling in and out of multiple layers of tight clothing as much as possible. This makes a simple dress that doesn’t require a lot of fuss the perfect choice for your bridal appointment.

    Why a dress, you ask? Why not a blouse and a skirt, or a comfortable pair of jeans?

    Well, for one, a dress is just one article of clothing, which usually makes it simpler to slip in and out of. But the other reason you want to wear a dress has to do with the undergarments you’ll probably be wearing, which brings us to point number two.

    2. Shapewear and other “day of” undergarments.

    Many brides plan to wear form-shaping undergarments on their wedding day to keep their look polished. If you already have these garments picked out, wearing them to your bridal appointment can help you get a sense of how they’ll work with your dress.

    Of course, you may not be planning to wear much of anything under your wedding dress, and that’s perfectly fine. But even if you decide to forego form-shaping undergarments, or even a bra on your wedding day, you will still want to have something on for your appointment.

    After all, you won’t be alone in that fitting room. While the bridal stylist has probably had plenty of experience helping half-clothed customers in and out of their dresses, you’ll probably feel more comfortable wearing some nude-colored boy shorts than a thong.

    3. A strapless bra.

    You don’t want to be fussing with bra straps when trying on wedding gowns. Even if you aren’t planning on a strapless dress, a strapless bra is a more flexible styling alternative. You may have had your heart set on lace sleeves, only to be swept away by an illusion neckline, so it’s good to keep your options open.

    That said, even if you don’t have a strapless bra that you like, bridal studios usually carry a few different bra styles in store to help accommodate unusual dress styles. However, it’s no guarantee that the store bra will fit well or show the dresses off to their full advantage. So, while you can rely on them in a pinch, it’s best to come with your own.

    4. Flats (but bring heels with you).

    You’re probably going to spend a lot of time on your feet, so comfortable shoes are a must. Flats are ideal, because their design means you don’t have to worry about lacing or unlacing.

    However, if you already have your wedding shoes, or if you know what style you plan to wear, bringing those shoes with you can help when trying on a dress. If you plan to wear six-inch stilettos, they will change the way you old your body and affect how you walk. While you don’t want to wear them all day, having them on while trying on dresses is a smart move.

    5. Bring your wedding-day jewelry.

    Accessorizing is all part of the dress shopping fun. Of course, there will be items you can try on in-store, but you may also have jewelry picked out. For instance, if you plan to wear a show-stopping pair of chandelier earrings, you’ll want to make sure they work with your dress.

    Or, maybe you plan to wear a special locket from you grandmother on your wedding day. In that case, you will need to make sure that it fits the neckline of your dress and doesn’t conflict with any of the design elements. You don’t have to wear your jewelry the entire time you’re in the store, but you should have them on-hand in case you find your dress.

    6. Hair simple, makeup light.

    Brides face a little bit of a conundrum when it comes to their hair and makeup for bridal appointments. On the one hand, if you’re about to spend hours staring at yourself in a mirror under strong lights, no makeup could leave your face looking pale and washed out. And if you’re sporting a bad case of bed-head, it’s unlikely you’ll feel good about any of the dresses you try on.

    On the one hand, if you’re going to be pulling dresses on and off all day, it’s sure to mess up your hair and smear your makeup. Wearing an elaborate hair style is a bad idea, since it’s sure to end up a mess, and there’s always the possibility of catching a pin in the fine lace of a gown. Similarly, full contouring with a bold lip is likely to end up smeared all over the ivory satin and chiffon of a half dozen dresses before the appointment is over.

    The best course is to do a simple version of however you plan to wear your hair for the day. You can leave your hair down but give it a quick go-over with the curling iron before you come in, or you can bring a couple pins and a hairband so you’re ready to sweep it up into a messy bun when the time comes.

    As for makeup, keep it simple. Light foundation, a little blush, and some black eyeliner will help you from feeling washed out under the lights, but it’s also unlikely to smudge.

    When deciding what to wear wedding dress shopping, put comfort and confidence first.

    We all want to enjoy ourselves at our wedding dress appointment, but the reality is that trying on gowns for your big day can be physically and emotionally draining. Dressing well for your bridal appointment can go a surprisingly long way toward making your experience more rewarding.

    So, dress for success! Think about what you need to feel comfortable, but also be ready with whatever you’re planning to wear for the day. That way, when you try on your perfect dress at The White Dress for the first time, you won’t find yourself distracted by bad hair or painful shoes. Enjoy the experience! It’s what you came for.

  • What to Expect from Your Bridal Boutique

    What to Expect from Your Bridal Boutique

    How to find the best bridal boutique for your wedding dress shopping experience.

    Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day should be an experience every bride remembers for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many brides remember it as a period of stress and anxiety, where stores and dresses blur together and the final dress decision feels less like a calm and confident moment and more like a desperate leap of faith.

    Bridal gown shopping shouldn’t feel that way. While choosing a wedding dress may never be the most stress-free moment, a good bridal boutique can do a lot to help brides relax and approach their decision with grace and clarity. If you’re wondering what to look for in a good bridal boutique, here are some of the top signs that they’re looking out for their bride’s best interests.

    1. They are there to help, not to pressure you into a sale.

    Choosing your wedding dress should be about your big day—not about a commission. If you feel like your bridal stylist is pushing you to make a purchase, it only adds stress to your decision and complicates your day.

    As a bride, you’re probably already balancing so many factors in your dress shopping experience. You want a dress that speaks to your personality, but you also want one that wows your family, friends, and (most importantly) your partner. It’s understandable that this decision will be a difficult one, and that you will turn to your stylist for advice. But to trust that advice, you need to know it’s coming from a place where you and your happiness are the first priority.

    Good stylists working on a commission know how to reconcile this conflict of interests. But our opinion is that it’s better not to put the bride in that position to begin with. If you work with a bridal boutique where the stylists aren’t under the pressure of a commission, you’re more likely to receive the pressure-free advice you need.

    2. They are respectful of your budget.

    Most brides are shopping for a dress with a specific price point in mind. After all, their dress is only one of numerous costs associated with their wedding, and they’re well aware of how far their budget needs to stretch.

    When you go into a bridal boutique, your stylist should ask what your price range is, and then focus on presenting styles that meet that range. To begin with, this is just good salesmanship. If you fall in love with a dress you can’t afford, you’re more likely to leave the shop with a poor experience.

    More importantly, you need to be able to make a decision that works for you. That means finding a dress that makes you feel amazing—but that’s also within your price range. If the dress is beautiful but isn’t one you can afford, it only accomplishes one of those two things.

    3. They help you with accessories and styling tips.

    When it comes to establishing your wedding look, your dress is the most significant piece of the puzzle—but it isn’t the last. The right accessories can pull a dress together in a unique way that makes it all your own.

    Good stylists know how to show off a dress so that the bride can envision all its possibilities. That may mean adding a belt to show off a waist, adding a bolero to cover cold shoulders during the ceremony, or helping the bride decide between a veil and a tiara (or both!).

    Accessories can also help accentuate or downplay your features. Working with a stylist who understands how your accessories will affect the final look of your wedding gown will help you feel more reassured as you envision the dress on your big day.

    4. They listen to your concerns.

    It’s hard to know when the small doubts in the back of your mind are just wedding dress jitters, or a sign of something being really wrong with your dress. This is why it’s so important to have someone who can listen to any hesitations you might have and work with you to find a dress that puts those fears to rest.

    While it’s natural to have second thoughts, your stylist can help you distinguish between the ones that are worth listening to, and those that will go away once you become more used to seeing yourself in the mirror wearing a wedding dress.

    5. They are transparent about all the costs involved.

    Buying your wedding dress is a significant purchase, and it’s important to understand all the costs involved. Some brides will buy their dresses only to be surprised by expenses they hadn’t planned on, such as alterations, steaming and storage. These costs may be only a fraction of the dress price, but they still add up.

    Before you sign your dress contract, one of the managers at your bridal boutique should sit down and talk everything through with you so that you can be confident in your purchase and don’t have to worry about any surprises after you’ve made the big commitment. If you’re wondering what they should discuss with you, this conversation should cover the cost of the dress itself including sales tax, any terms of your payment plan should you need to make multiple payments, shipment and delivery information, and steaming and alteration costs.

    While some bridal boutiques offer some of these as complimentary services, others may include a fee. Because of this, it’s important to talk everything through. Your bridal boutique should be forthcoming about any extra charges, and happy to answer questions you may have about their services.

    Finding your dream dress shouldn’t be a nightmare.

    When your big day arrives, you don’t want to look at your wedding dress and think about all the stress you went through to find it. Instead, you want to slip into a wedding dress that’s already full of beautiful memories. Finding a bridal boutique that can make your experience the first in a long series of wonderful moments will help you feel your best as you walk down the aisle.

  • wedding gown boutique


    We are so happy to be back with a new Bride of the Month!  It has been a few months, but we definitely have not forgotten about any of our wonderful brides.  Our next real TWD bride, Ramona, had a fantastic beach wedding in South Carolina.  Her simple chiffon from our wedding gown boutique fit perfectly with the beach venue and only enhanced the bride’s natural beauty.  We also can’t help but be a little jealous of Ramona’s sunny wedding day!  If only we could get some of that sun during this long cold winter.  Credit for these fabulous photos goes to Charleston Photo Art.  Now onto Ramona and Mark’s wedding day!

    Read the rest…

  • probably Marissa


    Welcome back lovelies!  It’s another exciting edition of Bride of the Month!  And we cannot help but gush about our next bride, our very own TWD-ette Marissa!  If you have ever come into The White Dress, you have probably met Marissa at some point.  Everyone here was so excited for her and couldn’t wait to help her pick out her wedding dress.  With so many choices, Marissa had a tough decision ahead of her.  But we think you can agree that she made an excellent choice and made for a beautiful bride.  Before we get started, we want to give credit for the amazing photos: Matt and Ashley Photography, you rock!  Now let’s get started with Marissa and Kyle’s love story! Read the rest…

  • bride of the month


    Welcome to this month’s edition of Bride of the Month!  We are so excited to introduce our next real TWD bride, Carrie!  Her wonderful photos are proof that her wedding was full of fun and laughter.  We wish we could have been there to join in on the fun!  Before we get into the fun, we want to give a shout out to the ah-mazing photographer, Simone Boos Photography.  Now onto Carrie and Nick’s love story!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding gowns michigan


    We are back with another fun edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  This month we are featuring Felicia.  Though it was one of the hottest days in June, Felicia rocked it out and was such a beautiful bride!  Felicia’s dress, a classic lace trumpet silhouette with a beaded belt for just a touch of sparkle, was a great fit for her.  We loved looking through the photos of the fun-loving couple, from the first look to the reception.  We know you will enjoy them too!  Before we start, we must recognize Brooke Foorman Photography for the fantastic photos.  Now let’s get started with Felicia and Eric’s love story…

    Read the rest…

  • wedding dress sample sales


    Hello lovelies!  Between all the TWD-ettes’ babies being born and the busy summer season, it has been some time since we last posted about one of our wonderful brides.  But, we are finally back to share our next FANTASTIC Bride of the Month – real TWD bride, Katherine. Her big day happened to be on one of the windiest days in November, but this ended up creating some stunning photos!  To give credit where it is due, the photos were taken by Kellie Saunders Photography.  Without further ado, we give you Katherine and Mark’s big day!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding gown


    Ladies, it has been a l-o-n-g time since we last posted our Bride of the Month!  But we definitely didn’t want to leave the next lovely bride waiting any longer…so here she is!  Be ready to sit back and enjoy looking at photos that are from a warmer season than we are currently experiencing!  Before we commence, we want to give credit where it is due…all photos below are compliments of Molly Lyn Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • DIY bride


    It’s been a long time – and boy have we missed you all!  But, we are back and we have a FABULOUS Bride of the Month to share with all of you – that of real TWD bride, Haleigh.  Her lovely wedding unfolds below, and one of the best parts?  Haleigh was a DIY bride.  (We just love all the little details that she put into her big day!)  So get ready to be inspired…Haleigh truly proves you can have a gorgeous wedding on a budget.  Oh, and before we move forward, all the beautiful photos below are by Brittni Marie Photography.  Ok, let’s go:

    Read the rest…

  • kristen bride of the month


    Could we be more in love with the wedding photos from our next Bride of the Month!?  {The answer is no.}  We think you will also fall in love with the love story of Kristen and Rob – so be prepared to swoon over some gorgeous photos!  TWD Owner, Kristy worked with Kristen on her wedding dress journey and she recalls that after she described her wedding dress vision, she had a hunch that the gown Kristen did end up choosing could be a front-runner!  Kristen’s wedding gown perfectly suited her and her wedding, and she made the dress look simply perfect!  Ok, let’s get this BOTM started!  Oh, and before we begin – all the stunning photography below was captured by Carrie House Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • bridal shop Ann Arbor


    It is with lots of love that we introduce you to our next Bride of the Month!  Rachael is TWD-ette Marissa’s sister and her wedding dress journey was filled with lots of fun with every visit!  Her time at TWD began long before she even was engaged, helping us with large events and stopping by to say hello and visit the dresses!   After we found out about her engagement, we were super excited to figure out which dress she would choose – and she chose a beautiful, beautiful gown…which was made even more beautiful by her wearing it!  We can’t wait to show you her ah-mazing wedding photos, shot by the so-talented Margaret Newton Photography.  So, let’s begin!

    Read the rest…

  • the white dress Brighton michigan


    This month we are featuring one of our wonderful brides, Danielle.  Every time Danielle visited The White Dress, she was filled with lots of positive energy – and her dress search was extra fun as her dress was a sample gown in our store!  As we say, we are always happy when our sample gown has a good home to go to.  Before we go into Danielle’s feature, I must say – you are in for a treat!  This wedding is filled with beautiful details and gorgeous photography by Tim Kamppinen Photography.  Without further ado, we introduce you to the love story of Danielle and Andy…

    Read the rest…

  • bride of the month the white dress


    We are back with another lovely TWD Bride, Ashleigh!  And this time we are going to mix things up a little bit.  Instead of showing off her beautiful wedding photos, we are going to showcase Ashleigh’s beautiful wedding video.  {It’s a nice change, no?}  Before we begin though, one of the things we remember most about Ashleigh is that she had her hair and makeup styled by Shine Salon which, if you have ever been to TWD, you know that this adorable little salon is located in the same building as TWD!  We remember seeing her on her wedding day and were able to give her a hug and well wishes just before she got married!  {And let us say, that was such a fun treat!  It is rare when we get to see our brides on their actual wedding day!}  Now, it is time to read all about Ashleigh and Matt’s big day in this edition of Bride of the Month:

    Read the rest…

  • ann arbor bridal boutique


    Welcome to another edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are proud to introduce you to Mary, who was married on a lovely Fall day last year.  She picked out a stunning Lis Simon gown at our Ann Arbor Bridal Boutique – it was simple, shimmery, and beautiful!  Her wedding reception was held at Waldenwoods and the love between the couple is apparent in the lovely photos you are about to see!  Which, by the way, were taken by Sabreena Konsdorf.  So, let’s get started!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding dress store brighton michigan

    The TWD Promise

    Written by: Kristy

    Remember that day a few months ago when I posted an “Ask the TWD-ettes” image so if anyone wanted to ask us a question about the bridal world or wedding dresses or anything else?  No?  That’s ok, it was a long time ago and time flies when you are having fun at TWD!  But, the good news is that we are finally here with one of the most frequently asked questions that we get…but first, some background!

    At TWD, we have a genuine love and care for all the brides and bridal parties we work with.  That is why we go the extra mile to make each and every visit to TWD special.  Typically you only get to travel along the wedding dress journey once in your life and we believe that it should be special, memorable, stress-free, and fun!  In short, you deserve the TWD Experience – which is what you will get from your first visit, through fittings, and finally, before we hug you goodbye a few days before your big day!  For those of you that have visited our store, you know that is what you get when you come to TWD, wedding dress store Brighton Michigan because you have experienced it first-hand.  And for those of you who have yet to visit our shop, we can’t wait to get an opportunity to  prove to you that this is who we are and what we are all about!

    All of this being said, we wanted to address a bridal store trend that we have heard in recent months that is making its way around the country.  Maybe you have heard of it; maybe you haven’t.  Here is how the scenario usually plays out:

    Read the rest…

  • sarah

    Welcome to this month’s edition of Bride of the Month!  We are excited to share with you another beautiful wedding from another beautiful TWD bride!  Sarah married her love, Camron, on a lovely summer day.  (Don’t you love when the weather cooperates?!)  Anyway, long before the actual beautiful day you are about to see, Sarah visited TWD, bridal boutique Ann Arbor Michigan.  We remember her visit because she looked stunning in dress after dress.  (She had quite a challenging decision on her hands!)  But we still remember when she tried on her actual dress – it was like the dress was made for her!  You will soon see for yourself just how lovely Sarah looked in her dress on her wedding day, so let’s commence!  Oh, and we can’t forget to give credit where it’s due – all images below are from Eileen Cote Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • The White Dress Bridal Shop


    What can we say about this beautiful wedding that you are about to see?  Filled with love.  A beautiful and beaming bride.  A happy and handsome groom.   Filled with tons of little details.  SUCH a beautiful setting.  Happiness just shines through these gorgeous photos and we couldn’t be happier to show you all the beauty that is Elizabeth and Trevor’s wedding.  Sigh, this is what weddings are all about – making it your own, enjoying every moment, and love, love, love!  Elizabeth was the sweetest bride and we remember her very first visit to TWD when she was so surprised to find her dress!  Her mother and sisters were so sweet, and tears were shed by all once Elizabeth donned her beautiful dress.  The experience was made even sweeter when the headpiece worn by her grandmother was hand-delivered to the shop by her Dad in that very same appointment – it was a  perfect match for Elizabeth and really complimented the dress she fell in love with.  Ok, I am sure we could continue our swooning and adoration of Elizabeth and this gorgeous wedding, but why don’t we just let you see how beautiful it was for yourself.  As such, let’s commence this month’s Bride of the Month!  Oh, and we must give credit to the fabulous gal who captured these photos – Kristeen Marie Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • Bridal Boutique Michigan

    TWD Turns Three!

    Written by: Kristy

    About a week ago, I got a fabulous email.  It was from Matt and Ashley Photography.  {Who happen to be two of the best – and quite possibly two of our favorite – photographers around.}   And it was… the link to our Anniversary Photos!  It has been just over a month since our little celebration and we got excited all over again as we flipped through the ah-mazing photos!!  So we thought we’d share the party for our Bridal Boutique Michigan with those of you who couldn’t make it that fun night in December!

    Read the rest…

  • clare

    Are you ready?  Ready to be blown away by some beautiful wedding photos?  We are!  And it is no surprise that we are secretly in love with this gorgeous wedding belonging to TWD bride, Clare, and her new husband, Erik, in the latest edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We enjoyed every moment Clare was in our shop – with her super fun personality, we always had a great time!  And as it happens with our brides, it was sad to say goodbye to Clare when she was ready to get married!  {What can we say, we get attached to our brides!}  So when Clare decided to apply for our Bride of the Month, we were only too excited to peruse her gorgeous photos and get her feature written!  So, without further ado, let’s get this started!  Oh, and we must give photo credits to Dusty Brown Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • bridal store


    Are you ready for a dash of patriotism and a wedding full of sentimental touches?  We certainly are!  Our latest Bride of the Month, Melissa, was married last Spring to the love of her life, Jesse.  Jesse, a military man, wore his dress blues for the wedding, and – dare we say it – looked just dashing!  We enjoyed working with Melissa on her wedding dress journey – and even though we had only known Melissa for the length of her first appointment at TWD, Bridal store, it was almost like her dress chose her – the dress just seemed to fit her personality!)  And of course, every time she wore her gown, she just glowed!  So, without further ado, let’s showcase this lovely wedding!  (All photos below were taken by Anderson Studios.)

    Read the rest…

  • The White Dress Brighton Michigan


    Can we just say how excited we are for our next Bride of the Month?!  The lovely and oh-so bubbly Emma visited TWD almost two years ago on the search for her perfect dress, and find it she did!  Her beautiful Liz Fields tulle gown was light-weight and had just enough whimsy to match Emma’s personality perfectly!  We had such a fun time with Emma each time she visited TWD – she even came back for a Real TWD Bride Fashion Show so she could wear her lovely dress again!  Her wedding was a lovely affair, and we just can’t wait to share it with you.  So, let us get started.  Oh, and before we forget to mention it, all the photos below were taken by Dick’s Studio of Ithaca.

    Read the rest…

  • Brighton bridal boutique


    Are you ready for another TWD Bride of the Month?  We sure are – so let us introduce you to Lindsay!  When Lindsay first visited The White Dress, Brighton Bridal Boutique, she came with a large entourage filled with wonderful friends and family – it was a super fun appointment in which she said yes to her fabulous sparkly, ruffly, and all-girly gown!  We also got the opportunity to outfit her bridesmaids, who wore all different dresses by Alfred Sung in the same color and fabric.  (Love showcasing each girl’s personality and style, don’t you?!)  It was always a fun time when Lindsay came to The White Dress, so we were super excited when she came back a few months ago with one of her recently engaged friends.  Lindsay is proof that when you become a TWD bride, you are always welcome back at The Brighton Bridal Boutique!  Ok, let’s get this feature started!  (Please note that all images are by Timeless Expressions Photography.)

    Read the rest…

  • dress sale near me


    It has been a looooong time since our last Bride of the Month, and for that please accept our sincerest apologies!  {With summer wedding season in full swing, we are having a hard time keeping up with our blogging!}  So, without further ado, let us introduce to you the latest TWD bride, Jamie!

    Jamie visited our shop many moons ago and was married last summer to her love, Andrew.  In fact, it has been such a long time from when we first met her, when she came back with her friend {a new TWD bride} a few months ago, we found out she had a little bun in the oven!  Congratulations to Jamie and Andrew on their soon-to-be new little one…and on their marriage, which we can’t wait to share with you – starting now!

    Read the rest…

  • bridal stores in michigan


    We are super excited to be back with another beautiful wedding featured as our Bride of the Month!  Why are we so excited you may wonder?  Because this wedding is so full of life and love and fun…we wish we could have  been invited!  Helen married her love, Mark, last summer, and the photography here captures all of the excitement of their gorgeous wedding day.  Helen (and all of her wonderful bridesmaids) were so much fun to be around – all of us at TWD enjoyed working with Helen and her girls in the months leading up to the big day.  So without further ado, let’s start!

    Oh, and all photo credits go to Christine Dias Photography (formerly Harper Grace Photography).

    Read the rest…

  • bridal shop michigan


    We are super excited to be back showcasing another real TWD bride in this latest edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month.  Paige was wed last January and wore one of our favorite gowns for a winter wedding.  Every time Paige came into our Bridal shop Michigan, she was as calm as could be…and very, very excited to be getting married to her best friend.  She was a true joy to work with and we loved seeing her big day came to life in this BOTM!

    And one final note, all the photos in the post below are compliments and work of Lori Taylor of LA’s Photography.  So without further ado, let’s commence Paige’s story!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding gown boutique michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are excited to share with you real TWD, wedding gown boutique Michigan bride, Teri’s, gorgeous wedding day!  Teri was a TWD “original” bride – meaning she purchased her dress with us in our very first year as a bridal boutique…oh the love that we have for those girls!  {Sorry to digress, but we have to share the love when it’s due!}  And one more final note – all the images below were taken by the wonderful Matt Mollan of Mollan Photography.  So now, without further ado, let’s get started!

    Read the rest…

  • bridal store michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month. This time we are featuring the wonderful wedding of Katie and Tim! We remember when Katie came into our shop (well over a year ago now) to try on gowns – she was between two dresses that were extremely different in style, and ended up with a gorgeous lace ballgown! (As a side note, we think she made the best choice!) We also had the pleasure to work with Katie and her bridesmaids who wore a lovely pop of yellow to compliment the military blues worn by the groom. And we always give credit where credit is due – all the photos below are compliments of Christinas Photography. So now, without further ado…let’s commence this month’s BOTM!

    Read the rest…

  • bride of the month


    It is with great pleasure that we share with you this next Bride of the Month!  Every time that Erin entered TWD, we could feel her energy and enthusiasm for her wedding, and just life in general!  We had a blast with her (and her mom!) from the initial visits in which she found “the one” all the way through alterations and our final hug goodbye.  We are super excited to showcase her lovely wedding in all its glory, as captured by the seriously amazing Ksenija Savic!  Ok, we can’t hold off any longer…let’s begin!

    Read the rest…

  • bridal boutique brighton Michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are super excited to showcase this wedding because the bride, Ruthie, was the 2nd bride ever to purchase her dream dress at The White Dress Bridal boutique Brighton Michigan!  {Oh, the memories!}  Ruthie was a complete blast to work with every time she visited our little shop.  Enthusiasm and positivity radiated from her as evidenced by her ever smiley face.  What else can we say – Ruthie was one glowing bride and we are so happy to show you her wedding story.  And one more thing before we get started – all the photos below were taken by L.A.’s Photography.

    So, without further ado…

    Read the rest…

  • bride, bridesmaid dresses michigan


    We couldn’t be more excited to be back with another gorgeous TWD Bride of the Month!  And trust us, this wedding was worth the wait.  After all, you are about to be immersed in some of those dreamy wintry wedding photos that we here at TWD just can’t get enough of!  (So we are warning you now – be prepared to swoon a little.)

    And before we begin, we have to give credit where credit is due.  All the ah-mazing images you are about to see were shot by the talented John and Maura of Stoffer Photography.


    Read the rest…

  • bridal gown sample sale


    We are back with another installment featuring one of TWD’s beautiful brides – Katie!  (Did we ever say how much we love our jobs?  Who wouldn’t want to swoon over gorgeous wedding photos?  And the best part is that we have had such a long term relationship with each and every bride that we feature, that seeing the wedding photos make us a little teary eyed.)  And I digress again…

    Now back to our Bride of the Month.  We met the very lovely Katie in one of our first months of being open!  She worked with one of TWD’s bridal gown sample sale and very talented bridal style experts, Aleksandra.  In her words…

    Read the rest…

  • bride of the month the white dress


    We are beyond excited to finally announce The White Dress’s very first official Bride of the Month!  The oh-so-lovely Cara has graciously allowed us to feature her wedding!  Be prepared for some gorgeous photos ahead.

    A few general notes before we begin.  First of all, to make these posts a bit more “user-friendly” we have decided to follow a question and answer format…jammed packed with lots of beautiful wedding photos, of course!  And secondly, all of the below photos were taken by Bobbi Rattai Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • the white dress bridal boutique

    Simply Charming or Beautifully Bold

    Written by : Aleksandra

    Deciding on what jewelry to wear on your wedding day can be overwhelming.  A necklace and earring combo?  A bracelet?  What about the statement necklace?  (We understand it can be tough!)  Just remember that the  main goal with your accessories is to compliment your wedding dress, while still reflecting your personal style.  And as you may have suspected, there are no set rules for jewelry on your big day!  You should definitely feel free to bring your every day fashion choices to your special day.

    Read the rest…

  • bridal market the white dress bridal shop

    Bridal Market Recap: Spring 2012

    Written by: Kristy

    So, we’ve been back from Bridal Market in Chicago for a few weeks now and I haven’t yet reported the latest and greatest in bridal world.  Never fear though, I am back with the recap!

    Pictures are better than words (sometimes) so I thought it would be best to let the photos do the talking.  But first, a high level summary.  There were lots and lots and lots of dresses – textured dresses were still all the rage, lace is huge, back interest was showing up everywhere…and the very exciting news?  There were a lot more options for those of you looking for dresses with straps, sleeves, or just something different than a strapless dress!

    Read the rest…

  • bridesmaid dresses the white dress

    A Bride is Never Fully Dressed without her Bridesmaids (Part Two)

    Written by: Alek

    Are you ready for Round Two?  Good, cause I am too!  In the first part of this series, we chatted about some of the different ways to make your bridesmaids look fabulous on your big day.  Now, we are going to delve into a little bit more creativity – so let’s get to it!

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  • grand opening event

    The White Dress Grand Opening Event

    Written by: Kristy

    Even though it has been over a month since our Grand Opening Event, I am still floating around near Cloud 9 about it all – it was such a fab week!  And of course, I can’t keep that all in, so I must spill the beans to you…even if I am just sharing all the wonderful photos and vendors that helped make our event an event!

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  • shop bridesmaid dresses at The White Dress

    A Bride is Never Fully Dressed Without Her Bridesmaids (Part One)

    Written by: Alek

    So you have the ring and the dress – yay!   Now it is time to find something to accent not only you, but also your whole wedding….the bridesmaid dresses! And while a wedding is full of traditions, having all your bridesmaids in matching dresses is not one you have to adhere to if you don’t want to. Your bridesmaids can act as another accent piece to your wedding. (Who says your closest friends and family can’t be your wedding “accessories”?!)  At The White Dress, our goal is to make them look good, no matter the overall look you are going for.

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  • the white dress bridal shop

    And the winner is . . .

    So as many of you know, today is the day that I am announcing the winner of our raffle!  Each bride that found her perfect dress at The White Dress this week was entered into the raffle to receive half off her wedding dress!  And it has been one exciting week – we couldn’t be happier with all the events that took place, the people that visited, the vendors that helped out – all to make The White Dress’s Grand Opening Celebration one fabulous event!  So, if you visited the shop and/or helped out in any way, please know, from the bottom of my heart, how thankful I am!

    So… get to it already, right?!

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  • the white dress bridal shop

    Big Announcement for the TWD Grand Opening Celebration Week!

    Written by: Kristy

    After debating and thinking and holding this news in, I finally decided I should tell you!  (Well, our official Grand Opening Celebration week starts tomorrow after all…)  And since I have been hinting at possible discounts and promotions for a few weeks now… here they are!

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  • sample wedding gowns for sale

    TWD’s First Fashion Show!

    Written by: Kristy

    As I slowly wake up this morning (without an alarm clock, yay!) I think all the excitement from yesterday is starting to hit me!  Yesterday was a busy and exhausting, but oh so fun day!  For those of you that don’t know, The White Dress was part of the vendor team at the Here Come The Brides bridal show that took place at Brighton High School yesterday.  And better yet, we had our very first fashion show!  (I still can’t believe that happened; who would have ever thought I would be putting on a fashion show?  This was a dream in motion people!)

    So what was our day like yesterday?  Well, I am glad you asked!

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  • bridal gowns michigan

    Where is all the cute wedding hair?

    Written by: Kristy

    Where, you ask?  Well, I found it!  While casually checking out the latest from The Knot, I happened to spot the most gorgeous hair inspiration photos for your wedding.  (Or for those of us post-wedding, for any other special occasion!)  So, stop jibber-jabbering already, right?  Mmm, k.  Here goes.

    Oh, and all photo credits go to The Knot.

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  • bridal wonderland

    TWD Construction Update 7: Nearing Completion!

    Written by: Kristy

    Alright, I know you must be confused.  TWD has been open for a full two weeks and I haven’t yet finished writing about the transformation of our shop from construction central to bridal wonderland!  So, without further ado…

    The weeks leading up to our “soft” opening were crazy!  (Dare I say cray-cray on the blog?  I think yes, because it was beyond crazy and definitely reached cray-cray level.)

    Some of you may have noticed our countdown to opening signs – and as soon as we put those up, we were on hyperspeed.  It was both really exciting and really stressful since putting a timeline on our opening was such a finite amount of time.  But, it was a necessary deadline since we really wanted to be open for Downtown Brighton’s Ladies Night Out!  (We knew this would be a perfect way to start, and it didn’t disappoint!)  But each day I changed the number, I grew more nervous of the mountain of tasks that lay ahead.

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  • The White Dress

    More Press for TWD !

    Ok, I will admit it.  I have been silent on the blog for way too long.  And though I may have a good reason for it (ahem, I just opened up shop a week ago!) it still makes me wish I had an extra hour in every day (ok, who am I kidding?  I wish I had 10 extra hours in my day right now!) just so I could blog about all the fun wedding topics that are constantly swirling in my head!  I digress…

    Back to the real reason for the post – The White Dress made headlines once again!  I feel so honored to have been featured by two local news organizations – the Brighton Patch and Livingston Daily News.

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  • michigan bridal store

    We are open! We are open! We are open!

    Written by: Kristy

    Did you hear?  We are open!!

    It is hard to believe that December 1 has arrived, my friends, but after months of planning and preparing and researching and renovating and painting and buying and choosing and pressing and tagging and decorating and…(I could go on, but I will spare you), The White Dress, Michigan bridal store has arrived!  And you know what?  It feels fantastic!

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  • finishing touches

    TWD Construction Phase 6: The ( Almost ) Finishing Touches

    Written by: Kristy

    Things are changing quickly around TWD these days.  I can’t believe it has only been a few weeks since my last post with the mega-changes around the shop!  I must say that the finishing touches of a renovation project are – by far – the best part.  It is really starting to come together!

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  • white wedding dress with a black flower on the left hip

    TWD : Opening Soon!

    Written by: Kristy

    Big, big, BIG announcement today!  We have finally decided to count down the days to our grand opening!!  I feel like I need to make it even more official.  So here it is, officially official:

    The White Dress will be open for business beginning on December 1, 2011!

    (Ok, now can I get a big ol’ YIPEEEE?!  No?  Well, I am going to do it solo then!  YIPPPPEEEEE!!)

    Read the rest…

  • bridal shops in Brighton

    Our first Bride of the Month!

    If you have been browsing the site lately, I am sure you have stumbled upon our very first Bride of the Month!  However, in order to fully live out what being a White Dress Bride of the Month means, we are re-posting the feature here.  Enjoy!

    So full disclosure.  As I am sure you have figured out, how can we possibly have a Bride of the Month when we have barely been open yet?  (We can’t fool you, smarty pants.)  Well, it’s true.  Our very fist Bride of the Month didn’t get her dress at The White Dress, Bridal Shops in Brighton.  But, that doesn’t make her any less fabulous (as you will soon see).  And Christine graciously decided to give us a hand by showing all of you just what being Bride of the Month means.  Thank you Christine!

    And one last very important note.  All photographs, unless otherwise noted, are by Kai Heeringa Photography based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  (And as you will see, Kai and Kayley are jaw dropping ah. maz. ing.)

    So, without further ado…

    {Meet Christine.}

    Christine wed her now husband, PJ, on September 3, 2011.  It was a lovely, but hot (and we mean H-O-T) day.  Still, with the love that was in the air at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm, the guests at Christine and PJ’s wedding only remember the very touching wedding ceremony.

    {Are those tears drops?  Or something else…}

    Before we delve into the rest of the gorgeous wedding photos, let’s take a step back in Christine and PJ history…

    Christine met PJ during her senior year at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  And though the sparks started flying almost instantly, they were headed into a long distance relationship as they each went different ways post-college.  Christine ended up in New York City for a year, and then moved back to Michigan to get her degree in Nursing.  PJ on the other hand, had one more year to finish up at school before he spent a short stint in Ohio (in his home town) which was followed by a move to Washington, D.C.  After three years in their long distance relationship, Christine finally had the opportunity to meet PJ in Washington, D.C. where she started her first nursing job.

    {Captured by the lovely Katie Campbell.}

    Christine felt sure that as soon as this move happened, PJ would propose.  Well, we all know what the antsy girlfriend gets – more wait time!  However, their relationship flourished as they were finally able to spend time together on a weekly basis for the first time since college.  But wait Christine did.

    About two years after Christine’s move to the Nation’s capital, PJ popped the question!  As they both shared a love of Scrabble, PJ decided to use this classic board game to surprise Christine with his first word, “M-A-R-R-Y  M-E”.  Christine couldn’t have been more thrilled with his surprise, and their 13 month engagement began.

    {An engagement photo.  Katie Campbell Photography.}

    Christine jumped in head first having been anticipating getting married for quite some time.  Her first decision?  The venue!  This item on the checklist was a bit troublesome for the couple though.  After finding what they thought was their perfect venue, they put down a deposit and started working on the rest of the details for their day.  Then a few weeks later, a bump in the wedding planning road – the venue had a strong possibility of closing.  Both Christine and PJ were crushed as they had started dreaming about their perfect wedding at that particular location.  But instead of risking their money and wedding day dreams, they decided to pull out of this location, and moved on to Plan B.  (And Plan B, was oh so amazing as you will see below!)  So, Christine’s advice:

    Do not stress out too much when something goes wrong!  Everything happens for a reason and even with our seemingly huge setback in the first month of planning, everything turned out perfectly – I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding!

    Another big decision?  The wedding colors!  Christine choose the unique combo of purple and green.

    {Christine with her girls.}

    Christine decided each girl could choose which bridesmaid dress they wanted to wear, but had them all made out of the same fabric and color.  This provided a cohesive look, yet also added some visual interest in the photos.  And let’s not forget that each girl really got to show her personality and personal style through her dress!   Props to Christine for allowing this creativity!

    {Don’t you just love how the purple pops with the green?  It is like the trees were ready for Christine’s wedding!}

    {The girls get some props.  Which were also a nice bit of shade from the sweltering sun and heat.}

    {The bride’s shoes are even showing off the primary wedding color.}

    When Christine looks back on her wedding day, she recalls vividly her wedding ceremony, as the most memorable moment of the day:

    The weather was so beautiful and we were surrounded by all of our loving friends and family; PJ and I stood across from each other throughout the ceremony.  I believe that at that moment, I was the happiest I have ever been.  I remember looking at him the entire time and smiling from ear to ear.

    {Here comes the bride.}

    {Christine was all smiles – no tears – on her big walk!}

    {Exchanging wedding bands.}

    And their love was felt by all that day…starting with getting ready!  It seemed that nothing could get Christine nervous, worried, or stressed.  (Another exemplary quality for brides – staying calm and relaxed on your wedding day!)

    {Christine bonding with her girls before she dons the dress.}

    And what we all have been waiting for…the dress shots!  Christine’s gown was made of shimmering taffeta, and featured a glamorous scooped neck and bejeweled waistline, which turned out perfect for the hot  and sunny day they were blessed with.  Beside the fact that taffeta is a lighter weight material, she literally did glow in her love that day.

    {The gown from afar.}

    {And a close up.}

    {Getting help with the clasp.  Every bride needs pampering moments like this on her wedding day!}

    {Christine checks out her beautiful self in photos right after she officially became a bride with wedding dress and veil!}

    {The touching moment when father sees daughter for the first time as a bride.}

    Now you may be wondering – where are the boys?  Well, of course I am partial to the girls and their pretty photos, but I musn’t forget the handsome men.  So, here you go.

    {Here is the handsome fellow.  Meet PJ.}

    {PJ knows how to rock a photo sesh.}

    {And here are the rest of the men.}

    {Very GQ.}

    Now, back to the girls; more specifically, the bride!  Christine had a small bridal portrait session with Kai and Kayley before the wedding ceremony.  (Again, I can’t get over how they capture every moment so stunningly.  Is that even a word?  If not, then it should be because these photographs are just stunning. ly.  I think the “ly” gives it some panache, don’t you?)

    {On the front porch looking gorg-gorg-gorg!}

    Christine’s bouquet was comprised primarily of green hydrangeas and white roses, with pops of purple throughout.  It was a magazine-worthy bouquet, made by the lovely folks at Heavenly Scent.  Another bonus for having your wedding at such a beautiful location.

    {The top model look.}

    And after the sweet ceremony, more photographs were taken!  (So here’s a note brides – get ready for lots of smiling and standing and posing on your wedding day.  But don’t fret – it is totally worth it to get photos like these.)  After a few scenic photos were snapped at Heavenly Scent’s beautiful property, the bridal party boarded a party bus which would tote them around town for more photos…and some good cheer.

    {Breathtaking, no?}

    {Finally getting a moment alone as Mr. and Mrs.}


    {Enjoying the first sweet moments as husband and wife.}

    {I just can’t get enough of these two!  Happiness, love, and joy come bursting through their photos.}

    {Amazing photo, no?}

    Ok, enough with the cute kissing couple photos.  (But I do secretly love the love they capture.)  And because I can’t get enough of Kai and Kayley’s work, here are some more picture-perfect photos of the day.

    {The whole gang.}

    {Strike a pose.}

    {Wedded bliss.}

    After the photo session, the party bus escorted the bridal party to Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor, where the wedding reception took place.  While the reception decor kept the same purple and green theme from the ceremony, Christine and PJ added a more glamourous atmosphere in the evening, with sparkly manzanita tree centerpieces, silver chivari chairs, and crystals placed tastefully throughout.

    {The head table.}

    {One of the tablescapes.}

    The celebration began with speeches from the bride’s father, both the Maid and Matron of Honor (Christine’s only sister and best friend), and the Best Man (PJ’s brother).  There was lots of laughter and a few tears, but all words were extremely heartfelt.

    {Christine and PJ enjoy the father of the bride greeting.}

    {The Best Man gets lots of laughs.}

    {And what is a best friend speech without tears?}

    Dinner was served shortly after the speeches, and then it was time for cake!

    {The cake.}

    And this tasty treat is where Christine offers more advice to all you future brides:

    If I had to relive my wedding all over again, I would have had a piece of cake…or tried to save one for later.  This might sound a little crazy, but this was the only complaint I had looking back on my perfect day.  After eating a full dinner and then socializing and dancing the night away, I forgot to ask to have a piece set aside for me.  The day after our wedding, PJ and I realized the only cake we had was the bite during our cake cutting!

    So, brides remember: eat cake!  Or at least ask to have a slice or two ushered up to your room for a tasty treat at the end of your perfect day.  You will probably be hungry anyway, and you might as well savor one more final moment of your first day as husband and wife.

    The night was soon coming to a close, but the party was going strong.  It seemed the dance floor was hopping all night, with one song after another pulling guests onto the dance floor.

    {The first dance.}

    {The Matron of Honor helping a young guest break it down.}

    And as a side note – this is one of my favorite photographs.  It perfectly captures the celebratory and joyful mood of the day.  Plus, what girl doesn’t like to twirl?!

    {Dancing merrily.}

    And since I have spent so much time focused on the lovely Christine, I thought it appropriate to end this post with a photograph of her man.  The man that completes her life.  The man she will grow old with.  And if this photograph is any evidence, the man she will dance all of life’s dances with.

    {Can’t you just feel the happiness?}

    • Closing Credits

    Kai Heeringa Photography – Grand Rapids, MI

    Ceremony Location
    Heavenly Scent Herb Farm – Fenton, MI

    Bouquets and Boutonnieres
    Heavenly Scent Herb Farm – Fenton, MI

    Reception Location
    Weber’s Inn – Ann Arbor, MI

    Weber’s Inn – Ann Arbor, MI

    Reception Decor and Rentals
    Chivari Chair Rental – Ann Arbor, MI
    Special Occasions – Grand Blanc, MI
    Bella I’venti – Brighton, MI

  • exterior painting

    TWD Construction Phase 5: An Update and Exterior Painting

    Written by: Kristy

    Oh.  Hello there.  Remember me?  Sorry, for the lack of construction/renovation updates lately – things have been happening so fast I can barely keep up.  But trust me.  This is a gooooood thing!

    So, a quick update before I go onto the fun exterior painting pics (which took place almost a month ago now!).  Here are some of the happenings at the shop!

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  • bridal store brighton michigan

    TWD is Hiring!

    Written by: Kristy

    Do you have a passion for bridal fashion?  Do you swoon over every wedding dress you see?  Are you the type of person that gets excited just opening a wedding invitation in anticipation of the joy of being part of that special couple’s wedding day?  If these statements sound like you, then you may be a perfect fit for The White Dress bridal store Brighton Michigan!

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  • painting sticks

    TWD Construction Phase 4 : Painting!

    Written by: Kristy

    It is getting brighter and more colorful at The White Dress these days!  (Yay!)  And as I have already stated, I am such a visual person, so I am sure you can imagine just how exciting it was to paint the interior walls!  I was so excited, in fact, that I decided to post a fun little visual for you all.  You see, as we drained one paint can after another, we decided to keep a running tally of paint cans.  And as the shop bloomed, it was both rewarding and fun to see our little paint stack grow! So, I wanted to share the fun with with you too.

    And just for full disclosure – these are only some of the paint cans we used for the interior painting.  Which, of course does not even consider all the paint cans we used for outside the building.  And of course, no paint cans were harmed in the making of the above video.   (Sorry, the corny joke lover in me had to do it…)

    Lastly, a huge giant extra big THANKS to my Aunt for helping me out in this extremely large paint project!  Without her expert help, I would have probably ended up in a tizzy covered in more paint than I was already covered in.  (And trust me, I was already covered in paint.  So yes, I am extremely thankful!)

  • phase 3 construction

    TWD Construction Phase 3 : Building and Painting and Picking Things Out

    Written by: Kristy

    How’s that for a long blog post title?  But really, that is what Phase 3 felt like…a really long time jammed packed with lots of odds and ends.  (Maybe I should actually say “Phases 3 through 200”, but that would be a slight exaggeration, no?)

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  • done with demo

    TWD Construction Phase 2: Done with Demo!

    Written by: Kristy

    The one thing about renovations that I love? That every day it gets closer to actually looking like my vision for The White Dress! As I worked my last days at my current job, I looked forward to the daily text messages containing photos of the work being done at the shop. It was so thrilling to see it all come together – and of course, to imagine the time that it will actually become a bustling shop filled with hopeful brides. Eeks, so exciting!

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  • bridal market recap

    Bridal Market Recap: Fall 2011

    Written by: Kristy

    After attending Bridal Market last week, I think I can safely summarize it all in two words – ruffles and flowers!  And though there were still many lovely simple frocks, dresses with drama are all the rage this season!

    Ok, before I get too engrossed in discussing dress deets (is it possible to be too engrossed?  I didn’t think so.), I should probably go into a little bit of background as to what Bridal Market is.  I wouldn’t want to leave you in the dark!

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  • TWD Construction Phase 1: Demolition

    Written by: Kristy

    Who knew renovations could be so much work?  (This is coming from someone who clearly has not done construction/renovations before…)  I definitely have a new-found respect for anyone who does manual labor!

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  • the white dress bridal

    Furniture and Fabric Fun

    Written by: Kristy

    Last weekend, The White Dress Bridal became more defined, aesthetically speaking.  How did this happen, you wonder?  Well, by taking two very important and much-anticipated planning trips with my mother – one to Ikea and another to Chicago’s own “fabric warehouse”.  Both places helped us scout out what exactly we think we wanted to use to decorate and furbish our lovely little boutique!

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  • TWD makes headlines!

    Written by: Kristy

    Was it front page newspaper news?  Well no…but in my mind, it was just as great!  Read on for the background story and news article.

    A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from Tom Tolen, a reporter for the online news site, the Brighton Patch.  Tom wanted to interview me about The White Dress bridal store in Brighton Michigan!  Of course, I was more than stoked to chatter away about the boutique, as Tom quickly found out.

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  • The White Dress logo

    Hello World !

    Written by: Kristy

    At long last, The White Dress is here!  Ok, maybe it hasn’t seemed so “at long last” to you.  And technically, we aren’t officially “here” since we are still under construction.  Well, technicality, schmech-nicality.  I am just delighted to be writing my first blog post as owner of The White Dress!

    First, allow me an introduction.  My name is Kristy and I am the very excited and proud creator of The White Dress, Michigan bridal shops.  I currently work as an accountant, but have always dreamed about opening up a bridal boutique to help brides look for their dream; well, their dream dress anyway!  I am a native of Michigan; but I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois which means that I am counting down the days for the move back to my home state.  And just so you can get to know me a little bit better, here are some tidbits about me: I love dogs, but don’t own any.  I almost always wear a skirt or dress.  I love to laugh.  I love fashion.  And most of all, I love weddings.

    Read the rest…

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