• wedding dress giveaway

    Meet the Winners of Our Wedding Dress Giveaway!

    Our crowdfunding event this summer raised enough funds for us to giveaway four dresses to our brides!

    In July, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our bridal boutique and to help keep our lovely TWD-ettes employed during the pandemic. We promised that for every $250 we raised we would be donating a bridal gown to a bride in need. Our event raised over $1000, meaning we were able to give away four dresses to brides who entered our contest!

    We asked our brides to tell us stories about their engagement and the affect Covid-19 as had in their lives. The stories they shared are heartwarming, courageous, and inspiring. We’re so excited to share them with you!

    1. Tara Berenjian: finding and giving support as a front line ICU nurse.

    Tara’s love story sounds like it comes straight from a rom-com! She met her future fiancé, Michael, while sitting in a coffee shop trying to get over a horrible break up with her ex. She and Michael clicked immediately, and the rest is history!

    Tara with her fiancé Michael

    Tara and Michael became engaged in June, shortly after many of the restrictions lifted. Tara works as an ICU nurse, and has been on the front lines for most of the crisis, even though she is only a year out of school. Because she was worried about contracting Covid and passing it on to her family or to Michael, they were not able to see each other during the early weeks of the pandemic. Even though they weren’t physically together, Tara says Michael was her rock through it all, helping her overcome long days in the ICU ward as she comforted patients during their last hours.

    Tara and Michael

    After everything Tara has been through, we were so excited to be able to offer her a dress from our store. For Tara, she knew she had found the perfect wedding dress the moment she tried it on.

    “I knew my dress was the one because it was the first one that actually made me feel like a real life bride! I never wanted to take it off! I loved other dresses I put on too but this one really gave me the bride feel!”


    As for her experience in the store, she said, “my favorite part about wedding dress shopping was all the enthusiasm and excitement of everyone working at TWD! They were all so helpful in helping me find my dream dress & they were equally as excited as my mom and I when I found it!”

    2. Jennifer Lee: bringing her bridal experience to family in Korea.

    Jennifer met her fiancé, Christian, on the dating app Bumble and have been inseparable ever since. Christian popped the question in the middle of a rose garden while they were on a trip to Kansas City to stay with his brother and his wife.

    Jennifer Lee showing off her engagement ring with her fiancé, Christian

    Jennifer’s heritage is Korean, and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many of her culture’s traditions surrounding proposals and engagements. And as Christian’s family is from Trinidad, this moment of their lives has been bittersweet, as they’ve navigated the joy of betrothal amidst the loss of the shared celebrations they might otherwise have had. Because of this, they are planning to hold second ceremony in Korea so that Jennifer’s relatives, and especially her grandmother, can be there with them.

    Jennifer and Christian together at an event.

    Jennifer found her perfect dress while browsing our selection of gowns before the appointment. The moment she saw it, she knew she had to try it on.

    “As soon as I put the dress on, I instantly fell in love with the dress. It fit perfectly on me and knew that it was the ONE. I also knew my mom and my sister knew it was the one the moment I stepped out of the dressing room.”


    We loved having Jennifer in our store, and where happy to help her find her dress. Jennifer said her favorite part about being in the store was “my stylist being the absolute best and bringing me all the dresses that I would’ve never picked out to try on and making everything go smoothly.”

    3. Tori Finazzi: high school sweethearts who have been together through thick and thin.

    Tori’s submission came to us through a friend who knew her story and wanted her to win a dress. Tori and her fiancé, Jordan, have been together since middle school, and they already know what the words “in sickness and in health” mean from first-hand experience. For the last three years, Tori has been battling a tumor in her hip that has limited her mobility, interfered with work and school, and required multiple surgeries.

    Tori and Jordan together on a trip.

    Throughout it all, Jordan has been by her side, sometimes sleeping on a cot next to her couch to be with her after surgery. And despite her struggles, Tori recently completed her undergrad with degrees in both biology and psychology. Unfortunately, Jordan was laid off due to the Covid pandemic, and Tori has been working as a receptionist and medical assistant at a Covid testing center, despite her condition.

    Tori and Jordan pictured together on vacation.

    We clearly felt this couple was deserving of a dress to help them through their difficulties, and we were so excited for Tori when she found her dress at our store:

    “I knew I had found the perfect dress for me when I could not stop smiling in it. I couldn’t stop touching the dress or keep my eyes off of it. I found something new I loved in it every time I looked at it. Plus, the look on the faces of my support I had brought with me just sealed the deal!”


    As for her experience with us, Tori said, “Thanks to my TWD stylist, Meg, I had so much fun trying on so many beautiful dresses! Every time I think about my experience there I smile because I felt really loved and special that day.”

    4. Angela Rizzi: a Tinder love story come true!

    Angela’s fiancé, Maciej, proposed while they were on a romantic holiday in Mexico back in March. By the time they returned to Michigan, the coronavirus pandemic had arrived in full force. As an ICU nurse practitioner, Angela was immediately deployed to work night shifts in a Covid unit. She contracted the virus and became sick, but was fortunate to experience a quick recovery that allowed her to get back to work.

    Angela and Maciej standing together in front of mountains.

    Unfortunately, as a new airline pilot, Maciej was put on furlough, adding stress to their wedding plans. Throughout it all, Angela has been determined to plan a beautiful wedding, without letting fears about Covid or their financial situation interfere with their big day. We were so happy we could relieve one pressure point by helping her find the perfect gown without needing to worry about the price tag!

    When she came to our store, Angela knew she had found the perfect dress when she tried it on:

    “I did the walk to show my guests at the front of the store and when I came back to my fitting room, I stepped right back up on the pedestal and found myself staring into the mirror. I didn’t even realize what I did initially, but I felt really beautiful and did not want to take the dress off! My mom, sister, future sister-in-law and I all cried when I came out in this dress, which I honestly did not expect; however, I had a real bridal moment in this gown, confirming it was the perfect choice!”


    angela and maciej at a party

    As for her time in our store, we were so delighted to hear that Angela had a wonderful experience, despite the Covid requirements:

    “I wanted to take a minute to tell you about how thrilled I was with the entire White Dress experience. Even with all of the COVID restrictions, my guests and I were able to have a very memorable and fun time! All of the staff at TWD was great, but especially my consultant, Mary. She was truly WONDERFUL! I hope you know she is a gem!!”


    (Yes, we do know, and we agree!)

    Yes, our bridal boutique is open!

    Many brides have been hesitant to search for their dress given the uncertainty of the pandemic. However, we want to reassure all our lovely brides that our store is taking every precaution to keep them and their loved ones safe. This has meant creating new store policies for the pandemic, but by doing so, we have been able to keep our boutique open.

    And, despite the uncertainty, now is actually a really good time to look for your wedding dress! It takes months for a wedding gown to be made, as each one is sewn specifically to the bride’s measurements. Brides who are hoping for a Covid-free wedding next summer, but are putting off buying a gown until the pandemic dies down, may not have enough time left to purchase a gown before their wedding. And, once conditions become safe for us all to resume to normal life, we expect a boom of brides booking appointments, which may make it difficult to reserve a slot.

    So go ahead and book your place today! We would love to help you find your dream dress.

  • national bridal day

    Our Annual National Bridal Sale Is ON!

    Make a reservation to try on dresses from our annual National Bride Day sale, running July 21–25!

    As a bridal boutique, we accumulate a lot of dresses. Each season, designers release a new line, and in order to make room for them, we need to retire some of the previous season’s sample wedding dresses. That’s why, every year, for National Bride Day, we run a special sale of all the sample dresses we have in store—as well as a few that are brand new!

    It’s a perfect chance for brides to come in and purchase a gown off the rack at a bargain price. If you’re a bride who is shopping on short notice, this may be your only chance to get a dress in time for your wedding! Because these dresses won’t be ordered in, there’s no wait. All you have to do is find a dress in your size, and plan for a few alterations to achieve the perfect fit!

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Just wait till you hear more of the details.

    Over a hundred dresses in sizes 8–24.

    This isn’t a small sale with only a handful of dresses. We have over a hundred dresses that we’re offering brides in sizes ranging from 8–24. They come in every style, too! From dramatic ball gowns to figure-hugging boho slips to little tea-length numbers, you can find a dress to fit any wedding style.

    90% of our dresses are on sale for under $1000, and some are as low as $100! This is an unbeatable opportunity for a bride to get the dress of her dreams without breaking her budget. And just because these sample dresses are nearing the end of their run doesn’t mean you can’t find a statement couture dress! We may be offering you a great deal, but we still want you to look—and feel—fabulous!

    Covid-19 requirements for visiting our bridal boutique safely.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, brides who come to our boutique will need to follow a few safety protocols:

    • Appointment only. Brides must schedule an appointment as we are limiting the number of people in our store at any time.
    • 1–3 people per group, bride included. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, we are limiting the size of groups inside the store at any time. The bride can bring up to two companions along to her appointment.
    • Call or text upon arrival. Because we don’t allow walk-ins, you will need to text us when you arrive. We will open the door for you and escort you to your fitting room!
    • Face coverings required. For the protection of our brides, their friends and families, and our TWD-ettes, we are requiring everyone to wear a face covering at all times. Thank you for being considerate!
    • Remain in the fitting room. Unfortunately, we cannot let our brides browse the wedding dresses at this time. However, our lovely fashionistas know our dresses by heart. They’ll listen to what you have in mind and select dresses that match your vision!

    Want to be prepared? Take a look at our Sample Sale dresses to see what we have on offer! We’ll be doing our best to keep our list up to date with dresses as we add them to the sale, but because these are sample dresses, once we’ve sold them they’re gone for good. So if you see a dress you love, book an appointment right away!

    We look forward to welcoming you to our boutique!

    Although we’ve had to make new arrangements to be safe during the coronavirus pandemic, we are so excited to be welcoming our brides back to our store. And with our National Bride Day sale, there’s never been a better reason to schedule an appointment. So come on in! We’ll be delighted to help you find THE dress—from a safe distance, of course!

  • donating dresses

    We’re Donating 4 Dresses to Brides in Need!

    We’re staying afloat AND giving back during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all of us in different ways. Our front-line and emergency workers have put in extra time to keep essential services running and provide care to those who need it. At the same time, many small businesses have been struggling, with many service industry workers losing their jobs or being put on furlough.

    Fortunately, we live in a great town. In response to the pandemic, the Brighton Downtown Development Authority launched a community crowdfunding initiative to support local businesses. We entered to raise funds to support our TWD-ettes during the time that our shop was closed, and our community responded generously. We wanted a way to show our support as well, and that’s when we hit upon the idea for our dress giveaway!

    Our brides needed support—so we donated dresses!

    Every year, we run a Sample Sale event where we offer brides a chance to buy one of our sample dresses for a bargain. While these aren’t custom-ordered dresses, we do keep them all in excellent condition, and with a few alterations, many brides can find their dream dress without compromising on quality.

    This year, as we planned our sale, we were acutely aware of how many brides were having to change wedding plans because of Covid-19. We heard from brides who were cancelling large venues and opting for small outdoor gatherings for family only instead, brides who had lost work when lockdown began, and brides whose family members were hit hard by the pandemic.

    Our brides are the reason our boutique exists, and we wanted a way to make their day special, even if it wasn’t everything they had always planned. So we found a way to give back to our brides, even as our community came to our support. For our crowdfunding campaign, for every $250 we raised we pledged to donate one of our Sample Sale dresses to a bride in need.

    In the end, our crowdfunding campaign raised over $1000—enough for us to donate four dresses to go to our quarantine brides!

    How can you win a wedding dress? Apply to be selected!

    We want to be sure that our dresses are going to brides who have been significantly affected by the pandemic. So, instead of doing a raffle, we’ll be having a panel of judges select winners. Our judges will be comprised of anyone who donated over $250 to our crowdfunding campaign, as well as some of our community leaders here on Main Street, and TWD’s own Kristy Koryzno!

    If you are a bride who has a story to share, you can apply for one of our dresses. We have over a hundred wedding dresses in our sale section that the brides will be able to choose from, and while many of them are off the rack, there will be some new ones as well!


    Applications for the Dress Giveaway are now closed. Please stay tuned for an upcoming article about the winners! 

    Now that you’ve applied, take a look at our Sample Sale dresses! Our sizes range from 8–24, but if a bride doesn’t find a dress she loves in her size, we can offer her a discount when ordering a dress new. Winners can come in at any time after the deadline, but before August 31, 2020.

    Brighton’s “Small Town, Big Hearts” initiative showed we look after our own.

    If there’s anything we’ve learned from this crowdfunding experience—and the pandemic which triggered it—it’s that our neighbors in Brighton are passionate about supporting their community. On so many occasions, we have been moved by the generosity, the kindness, and the thoughtfulness of those who share this town with us.

    We would like to thank everyone who donated to keep us going during the lockdown. Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in our store and around town.

  • Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

    Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

    We’re hosting a preview trunk show for Stella York on July 17th & 18th. Here’s what you need to know!

    We have exciting news for brides in the southeast Michigan area: this summer, we are proud to be hosting a trunk show featuring dresses from the Stella York design label. This is a special opportunity for brides to come see dresses straight off the runway, before they become available to the public. And brides who are ready to say “yes” on the day might even walk away with a completely unique dress!

    Sounds fantastic, right? It is, and we encourage all brides who are planning February 2021 weddings and later to come in and take a look. Here’s everything you need to know.

    What should I know about Stella York?

    Launched in 2013, Stella York is a line of gowns from Essence of Australia that embody drama and glamour. These designs have won awards around the world for their fresh take on red carpet looks and the attention to detail that goes into every design feature. These are gowns that will make you feel like the star of the show while also satisfying your free-spirited, adventurous side.

    One of the amazing benefits of going to a trunk show is seeing a full line from a designer you truly love. We recommend you take a look at the collection of Stella York gowns we carry in our store. If you’re in love with the style, this is a trunk show you cannot miss.

    What are trunk shows?

    Trunk shows are exclusive events where a designer will bring a collection of gowns to a select number of locations so that brides can take a closer look at their full range. This may include gowns that haven’t been released yet, as well as gowns from previous seasons that are no longer available.

    Most bridal boutiques don’t carry the full selection of gowns from every designer, so this is a chance for brides to try on a dress that might not be available later. If the designer is at the trunk show, it can also be an opportunity to talk about customizations in greater detail.

    What makes a preview trunk show different?

    A preview trunk show is even more unique than the standard variety. In a preview show, the designers are bringing their newest line of gowns straight from the runway and testing them out on audiences as they refine the collection. Stella York typically starts each collection with 50–80 gowns, and then brings them around to a few select locations to get direct feedback from brides.

    We’re one of thirty hand-selected stores in the United States that will have this opportunity! Brides will have a chance to try on dresses that may never appear in the final collection. We’ll be gathering their feedback about the dresses, and the designers will use that input to cut and rework dresses before the next trunk show.

    What that means is that if a bride finds her dream dress and says yes on the day of the trunk show, she could end up with an exclusive gown! However, brides must be ready to make their decisions on the day of their appointment, as the dresses will only be available to try on that weekend.

    What size dresses will I be able to try on?

    The sample size for most designer dresses for this trunk show is more limited than our regular sample size range in the shop.  However, we still do encourage all brides to come in to take a look, as the dresses can be made in a full spectrum of sizes.

    When will my dress arrive?

    One misunderstanding we sometimes have from brides who come to trunk shows is the belief that they will be walking away with the exact dress they tried on. This isn’t the case. While you’re trying on test gowns, you won’t be purchasing them off the hanger. In fact, because of where this falls in the design process, you may have to wait a little longer than usual to have your dress made.

    We recommend brides plan on about seven months before their dress will arrive after the order is placed.  After that, they’ll still need to budget time for fittings and alterations. This means that if your wedding is in 2020, you won’t have time to order from this trunk show.  However, brides planning on a wedding in February 2021 or later will have plenty of time.

    A trunk show is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new collection and maybe even find a one-of-a-kind dress!

    Preview trunk shows are a special chance for brides to be part of the design process. They’re unlike any other bridal event, and give brides a special story to tell about how they found their dream dress.

    However, as we said before, if you are hoping to find your gown at a trunk show, you should be prepared to say yes on the day. If your mom, sister, or best friend, absolutely have to be there for you to make your decision, invite them to come along and get prepared by discussing themes, silhouettes, and dream details.

    And one final note: these shows fill up fast, so get ready to book your appointment slot today. We can’t wait to see you in our store!

  • quaran-tees

    shop online . quaran-tees

    As days go by, we all continue to get restless at home during this quarantine. Many of us incorporate some type of shopping into our lifestyles, whether that is for groceries or to a local clothing boutique. 

    Well, here at The White Dress we wanted a way to brighten your day and bring the shopping to you! We are now offering an online shop on our website!  It is our first leap into e-commerce and we are pumped!  We thought of nothing better to start our little online shop with….  Quarantine T-shirts!  These shirts are super unique to the days we are living in and truly speak to some of us.

    Read the rest…

  • wedding dress style

    march madness . wedding dress style

    Sporting events across the world have cancelled their events, including the beloved NCAA March Madness tournament. Well, here at The White Dress we wanted to bring a little bit of “sport” to the wedding dress world. We have taken it upon ourselves to create a bracket featuring our dresses! There will be a 24 hour voting period for each round via Instagram and Facebook and the gown with the most votes will advance in the bracket!

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  • bridal boutique

    Blog Series: Part One

    It is Spring of 2020 and you are anxiously awaiting your upcoming wedding. All of the little details are coming together nicely. Then, all of the sudden you become quarantined and haven’t said yes to the dress yet! But do not fear, you can still find that perfect wedding dress you have always dreamed of. Here at The White Dress, we offer a variety of ways to begin shopping for your wedding gown from the comfort of home.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Veil Styles

    Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Veil Styles

    How to choose a wedding veil style for any dress.

    You’ve chosen your dress, now it’s time for the extras. None of your other accessories are more important than the veil, which can transform your look entirely. While it’s important to coordinate the style of veil with the style of gown you’ve chosen, usually you have some latitude for self-expression. Most wedding dresses look lovely with several different wedding veil styles.

    That’s why choosing your wedding veil is all about determining your personal wedding style. Are you looking for something formal and dramatic? Fun and flirty? A little bit whimsical? There are wedding veil styles to suit every mood and venue. Below we look at just a few of the more popular lengths and ways to customize your veil.

    Bird Cage Wedding Veil: 4-9″

    This short and flirty wedding veil, also sometimes called a bandeau veil, really stands out. It’s always quite short, but it can cover just the eyes, skim the nose or fall at the jawline. It’s often made of a net or lace rather than the traditional tulle, leaving more of the bride’s face visible.

    There’s no reason you can’t wear a bird cage wedding veil at a traditional church ceremony, and it’s also the perfect complement for a shorter dress and a city hall wedding. A bird cage veil is a good choice for a bride who likes the vintage look, or even something just a little different.

    Blusher Wedding Veil: 30″

    The blusher wedding veils is also known as an angle veil or wedge veil. Although it has vintage appeal, it’s not overly formal. It falls over the face, so it’s a good choice for the bride who wants that dramatic moment when her face is revealed at the end of the aisle.

    Brides can also add a blusher to a longer veil, like Kate Middleton did on her wedding day. It can be held in place by a dramatic headpiece or just a simple comb, depending on the look the bride wants. Because it’s so customizable, the blusher is an enduringly popular wedding veil style.

    Fingertip Wedding Veil: 38-40″

    It makes sense that a lot of wedding dresses save the drama for the back. After all, people will be looking after you as you process down the aisle. When you’re choosing a veil, it’s important that the length and fabric don’t obscure any important back detail.

    That’s why fingertip veils remain so popular. Not as heavy or long as chapel or cathedral veils, they still fall low, just below the hips and at the fingertip as the name implies. The length allows any design on the back of the bride’s gown to show through the sheer tulle. Fingertip veils are similar to ballet veils, which are just few inches longer.

    Floor-Length Wedding Veil: 72″

    A floor-length veil just reaches the floor, hitting at the same place as the bride’s dress.  This style is dramatic but not overwhelming, adding extra volume to your look, but still preserving a streamlined silhouette.

    This wedding veil style is a nice choice for a bride that wants the Disney princess look but isn’t interested in the chapel or cathedral veil, which can be a lot to manage. Floor length veils look lovely with sheath dresses especially, and are a good choice for nontraditional venues, like beaches, where you might want length but not fabric dragging in the sand.

    Chapel Wedding Veil: 90″

    Have you chosen a shorter dress but still want the look of a train? A chapel-length veil gives the illusion of a train, but can be taken off during the reception when you want more freedom of movement. Chapel-length veils are not overly long, but they do extend slightly beyond the hem of the bride’s gown.

    Lovely and traditional, a chapel length veil never goes out of style. It’s also adaptable to many different venues and types of weddings, just as pretty in a ballroom as it is in a garden. It also provides plenty of space for different embellishments, which can dramatically change the look of the veil.

    Cathedral Wedding Veil: 108-120″

    When you want to look like a queen on your wedding day, choose a cathedral-length wedding veil. This is undoubtedly the most dramatic style, associated with royalty and over-the-top celebrations. It looks stunning during the ceremony and makes for incredible pictures.

    A cathedral wedding veil can be worn with many different styles of wedding dress, but it pairs most naturally with ball gowns and more elaborate dresses. However, there are many different styles of cathedral veil, and some look just right with less ornate gowns.

    Get creative with color and embellishments.

    Whatever wedding veil style you choose, remember that your veil is a beautiful place to add some color to your wedding look. We all remember Angelina Jolie’s fabulously illustrated veil, and you can be just as fearless. Try colorful embroidery or blush tulle to make a statement.

    Different embellishments also radically change the look of a veil. Whether you want the sparkle of Swarovski crystals or the delicate leaves and petals of hand-embroidered flowers, you can choose a veil that perfectly matches the style of your dress and wedding.

    Use a fitting appointment to test-run your hairstyle with a veil.

    Sometimes you just have to see how a veil looks with your gown. And, since how you style your hair will impact the look and feel of your wedding veil, it may be appropriate to use a fitting appointment or a day of bridesmaid shopping as a chance to test the two together. Do a hair and make-up run through at the salon, and then come into The White Dress to see how different veils pair with your wedding tresses. We’re happy to help you find the veil of your dreams.

  • October

    October – A Month in Review

    During the Month of October, The White Dress contributed over $1,000 to BCPP, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners!  BCPP is rooted to the early prevention and awareness of breast-cancer-causing products used by females every day. BCPP is the leading science-based policy and advocacy organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

    Think about it: mascara, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hairsprays, and perfumes – just to name a few…and we use it all, oftentimes on a daily basis! How many of these products are truly toxic and can be correlated to breast cancer? In their most recent study, BCPP set out to unveil the toxicity of fragrance in several beauty products specifically marketed towards women and girls. According to BCPP, “fragrance chemicals made up the vast majority of chemicals linked to harmful chronic health effects in the beauty and personal care products that were tested.”   (https://www.bcpp.org/resource/right-to-know-exposing-toxic-fragrance-chemicals-report/)

    Knowledge is power; together we can be our own best health advocate. We at The White Dress are proud to contribute to this incredible organization. As seen on our Instagram @thewhitedressmi, brides who said YES to the dress participated in our Pink Ribbon Party to win a variety of prizes towards the promotion by pulling their choice of a pink ribbon.  On top of that, we donated to BCPP for each dress purchased during our promotional period.

    Sending a great big THANK YOU and congratulations to all the #realTWDbrides who said YES to their wedding dress this past October!  Welcome to the TWD family!

    Until next time,

    Kristy & The TWD-ettes


    To learn more about BCPP and how you can become involved please click the link https://www.bcpp.org/

  • cailyn bride of the month


    Welcome back lovelies!  It’s another fabulous edition of Bride of the Month!  We put a big emphasis on fabulous as our next bride, Cailyn, had a destination that many brides and grooms can only dream of.  We are talking about the wonderful Disney World.  Cailyn was such a fantastic bride to work with, and we loved hearing about her Disney vision every time she visited.  We also couldn’t help but swoon over Cailyn’s dress, one of our favorite wedding dresses in the shop and such a perfect match for her fairy tale venue.  Before we go on, we must give credit to the Cassie Peech & Company for the ah-mazing photos.  Now onto Cailyn and Anthony’s wedding story!

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  • the white dress bridal


    Welcome back to another fabulous edition of The White Dress Bridal – Bride of the Month!  We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we last saw our next BOTM, Paula.  She was a wonderful bride to work with all the way from finding the perfect wedding dress through alterations to wishing her the best of luck and congratulations when she took her dress just days before the big day!  We were so happy when we saw Paula’s application to be the next BOTM in the mail.  Plus the wedding photos…  who wouldn’t want to have a Northern Michigan wedding?!  Going from the beach to the woods all in one day sounds like a blast and made for some truly amazing photos.  Speaking of the amazing photos, we have to give all the credit to Meg of Paxton Photography.  Now onto Paula and Christopher’s wedding day!

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  • What to Expect from Your Bridal Boutique

    What to Expect from Your Bridal Boutique

    How to find the best bridal boutique for your wedding dress shopping experience.

    Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day should be an experience every bride remembers for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many brides remember it as a period of stress and anxiety, where stores and dresses blur together and the final dress decision feels less like a calm and confident moment and more like a desperate leap of faith.

    Bridal gown shopping shouldn’t feel that way. While choosing a wedding dress may never be the most stress-free moment, a good bridal boutique can do a lot to help brides relax and approach their decision with grace and clarity. If you’re wondering what to look for in a good bridal boutique, here are some of the top signs that they’re looking out for their bride’s best interests.

    1. They are there to help, not to pressure you into a sale.

    Choosing your wedding dress should be about your big day—not about a commission. If you feel like your bridal stylist is pushing you to make a purchase, it only adds stress to your decision and complicates your day.

    As a bride, you’re probably already balancing so many factors in your dress shopping experience. You want a dress that speaks to your personality, but you also want one that wows your family, friends, and (most importantly) your partner. It’s understandable that this decision will be a difficult one, and that you will turn to your stylist for advice. But to trust that advice, you need to know it’s coming from a place where you and your happiness are the first priority.

    Good stylists working on a commission know how to reconcile this conflict of interests. But our opinion is that it’s better not to put the bride in that position to begin with. If you work with a bridal boutique where the stylists aren’t under the pressure of a commission, you’re more likely to receive the pressure-free advice you need.

    2. They are respectful of your budget.

    Most brides are shopping for a dress with a specific price point in mind. After all, their dress is only one of numerous costs associated with their wedding, and they’re well aware of how far their budget needs to stretch.

    When you go into a bridal boutique, your stylist should ask what your price range is, and then focus on presenting styles that meet that range. To begin with, this is just good salesmanship. If you fall in love with a dress you can’t afford, you’re more likely to leave the shop with a poor experience.

    More importantly, you need to be able to make a decision that works for you. That means finding a dress that makes you feel amazing—but that’s also within your price range. If the dress is beautiful but isn’t one you can afford, it only accomplishes one of those two things.

    3. They help you with accessories and styling tips.

    When it comes to establishing your wedding look, your dress is the most significant piece of the puzzle—but it isn’t the last. The right accessories can pull a dress together in a unique way that makes it all your own.

    Good stylists know how to show off a dress so that the bride can envision all its possibilities. That may mean adding a belt to show off a waist, adding a bolero to cover cold shoulders during the ceremony, or helping the bride decide between a veil and a tiara (or both!).

    Accessories can also help accentuate or downplay your features. Working with a stylist who understands how your accessories will affect the final look of your wedding gown will help you feel more reassured as you envision the dress on your big day.

    4. They listen to your concerns.

    It’s hard to know when the small doubts in the back of your mind are just wedding dress jitters, or a sign of something being really wrong with your dress. This is why it’s so important to have someone who can listen to any hesitations you might have and work with you to find a dress that puts those fears to rest.

    While it’s natural to have second thoughts, your stylist can help you distinguish between the ones that are worth listening to, and those that will go away once you become more used to seeing yourself in the mirror wearing a wedding dress.

    5. They are transparent about all the costs involved.

    Buying your wedding dress is a significant purchase, and it’s important to understand all the costs involved. Some brides will buy their dresses only to be surprised by expenses they hadn’t planned on, such as alterations, steaming and storage. These costs may be only a fraction of the dress price, but they still add up.

    Before you sign your dress contract, one of the managers at your bridal boutique should sit down and talk everything through with you so that you can be confident in your purchase and don’t have to worry about any surprises after you’ve made the big commitment. If you’re wondering what they should discuss with you, this conversation should cover the cost of the dress itself including sales tax, any terms of your payment plan should you need to make multiple payments, shipment and delivery information, and steaming and alteration costs.

    While some bridal boutiques offer some of these as complimentary services, others may include a fee. Because of this, it’s important to talk everything through. Your bridal boutique should be forthcoming about any extra charges, and happy to answer questions you may have about their services.

    Finding your dream dress shouldn’t be a nightmare.

    When your big day arrives, you don’t want to look at your wedding dress and think about all the stress you went through to find it. Instead, you want to slip into a wedding dress that’s already full of beautiful memories. Finding a bridal boutique that can make your experience the first in a long series of wonderful moments will help you feel your best as you walk down the aisle.

  • wedding gown boutique


    We are so happy to be back with a new Bride of the Month!  It has been a few months, but we definitely have not forgotten about any of our wonderful brides.  Our next real TWD bride, Ramona, had a fantastic beach wedding in South Carolina.  Her simple chiffon from our wedding gown boutique fit perfectly with the beach venue and only enhanced the bride’s natural beauty.  We also can’t help but be a little jealous of Ramona’s sunny wedding day!  If only we could get some of that sun during this long cold winter.  Credit for these fabulous photos goes to Charleston Photo Art.  Now onto Ramona and Mark’s wedding day!

    Read the rest…

  • probably Marissa


    Welcome back lovelies!  It’s another exciting edition of Bride of the Month!  And we cannot help but gush about our next bride, our very own TWD-ette Marissa!  If you have ever come into The White Dress, you have probably met Marissa at some point.  Everyone here was so excited for her and couldn’t wait to help her pick out her wedding dress.  With so many choices, Marissa had a tough decision ahead of her.  But we think you can agree that she made an excellent choice and made for a beautiful bride.  Before we get started, we want to give credit for the amazing photos: Matt and Ashley Photography, you rock!  Now let’s get started with Marissa and Kyle’s love story! Read the rest…

  • bride of the month


    Welcome to this month’s edition of Bride of the Month!  We are so excited to introduce our next real TWD bride, Carrie!  Her wonderful photos are proof that her wedding was full of fun and laughter.  We wish we could have been there to join in on the fun!  Before we get into the fun, we want to give a shout out to the ah-mazing photographer, Simone Boos Photography.  Now onto Carrie and Nick’s love story!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding gowns michigan


    We are back with another fun edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  This month we are featuring Felicia.  Though it was one of the hottest days in June, Felicia rocked it out and was such a beautiful bride!  Felicia’s dress, a classic lace trumpet silhouette with a beaded belt for just a touch of sparkle, was a great fit for her.  We loved looking through the photos of the fun-loving couple, from the first look to the reception.  We know you will enjoy them too!  Before we start, we must recognize Brooke Foorman Photography for the fantastic photos.  Now let’s get started with Felicia and Eric’s love story…

    Read the rest…

  • wedding dress sample sales


    Hello lovelies!  Between all the TWD-ettes’ babies being born and the busy summer season, it has been some time since we last posted about one of our wonderful brides.  But, we are finally back to share our next FANTASTIC Bride of the Month – real TWD bride, Katherine. Her big day happened to be on one of the windiest days in November, but this ended up creating some stunning photos!  To give credit where it is due, the photos were taken by Kellie Saunders Photography.  Without further ado, we give you Katherine and Mark’s big day!

    Read the rest…

  • wedding gown


    Ladies, it has been a l-o-n-g time since we last posted our Bride of the Month!  But we definitely didn’t want to leave the next lovely bride waiting any longer…so here she is!  Be ready to sit back and enjoy looking at photos that are from a warmer season than we are currently experiencing!  Before we commence, we want to give credit where it is due…all photos below are compliments of Molly Lyn Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • DIY bride


    It’s been a long time – and boy have we missed you all!  But, we are back and we have a FABULOUS Bride of the Month to share with all of you – that of real TWD bride, Haleigh.  Her lovely wedding unfolds below, and one of the best parts?  Haleigh was a DIY bride.  (We just love all the little details that she put into her big day!)  So get ready to be inspired…Haleigh truly proves you can have a gorgeous wedding on a budget.  Oh, and before we move forward, all the beautiful photos below are by Brittni Marie Photography.  Ok, let’s go:

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  • kristen bride of the month


    Could we be more in love with the wedding photos from our next Bride of the Month!?  {The answer is no.}  We think you will also fall in love with the love story of Kristen and Rob – so be prepared to swoon over some gorgeous photos!  TWD Owner, Kristy worked with Kristen on her wedding dress journey and she recalls that after she described her wedding dress vision, she had a hunch that the gown Kristen did end up choosing could be a front-runner!  Kristen’s wedding gown perfectly suited her and her wedding, and she made the dress look simply perfect!  Ok, let’s get this BOTM started!  Oh, and before we begin – all the stunning photography below was captured by Carrie House Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • bridal shop Ann Arbor


    It is with lots of love that we introduce you to our next Bride of the Month!  Rachael is TWD-ette Marissa’s sister and her wedding dress journey was filled with lots of fun with every visit!  Her time at TWD began long before she even was engaged, helping us with large events and stopping by to say hello and visit the dresses!   After we found out about her engagement, we were super excited to figure out which dress she would choose – and she chose a beautiful, beautiful gown…which was made even more beautiful by her wearing it!  We can’t wait to show you her ah-mazing wedding photos, shot by the so-talented Margaret Newton Photography.  So, let’s begin!

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  • the white dress Brighton michigan


    This month we are featuring one of our wonderful brides, Danielle.  Every time Danielle visited The White Dress, she was filled with lots of positive energy – and her dress search was extra fun as her dress was a sample gown in our store!  As we say, we are always happy when our sample gown has a good home to go to.  Before we go into Danielle’s feature, I must say – you are in for a treat!  This wedding is filled with beautiful details and gorgeous photography by Tim Kamppinen Photography.  Without further ado, we introduce you to the love story of Danielle and Andy…

    Read the rest…

  • bride of the month the white dress


    We are back with another lovely TWD Bride, Ashleigh!  And this time we are going to mix things up a little bit.  Instead of showing off her beautiful wedding photos, we are going to showcase Ashleigh’s beautiful wedding video.  {It’s a nice change, no?}  Before we begin though, one of the things we remember most about Ashleigh is that she had her hair and makeup styled by Shine Salon which, if you have ever been to TWD, you know that this adorable little salon is located in the same building as TWD!  We remember seeing her on her wedding day and were able to give her a hug and well wishes just before she got married!  {And let us say, that was such a fun treat!  It is rare when we get to see our brides on their actual wedding day!}  Now, it is time to read all about Ashleigh and Matt’s big day in this edition of Bride of the Month:

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  • ann arbor bridal boutique


    Welcome to another edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are proud to introduce you to Mary, who was married on a lovely Fall day last year.  She picked out a stunning Lis Simon gown at our Ann Arbor Bridal Boutique – it was simple, shimmery, and beautiful!  Her wedding reception was held at Waldenwoods and the love between the couple is apparent in the lovely photos you are about to see!  Which, by the way, were taken by Sabreena Konsdorf.  So, let’s get started!

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  • wedding dress store brighton michigan

    The TWD Promise

    Written by: Kristy

    Remember that day a few months ago when I posted an “Ask the TWD-ettes” image so if anyone wanted to ask us a question about the bridal world or wedding dresses or anything else?  No?  That’s ok, it was a long time ago and time flies when you are having fun at TWD!  But, the good news is that we are finally here with one of the most frequently asked questions that we get…but first, some background!

    At TWD, we have a genuine love and care for all the brides and bridal parties we work with.  That is why we go the extra mile to make each and every visit to TWD special.  Typically you only get to travel along the wedding dress journey once in your life and we believe that it should be special, memorable, stress-free, and fun!  In short, you deserve the TWD Experience – which is what you will get from your first visit, through fittings, and finally, before we hug you goodbye a few days before your big day!  For those of you that have visited our store, you know that is what you get when you come to TWD, wedding dress store Brighton Michigan because you have experienced it first-hand.  And for those of you who have yet to visit our shop, we can’t wait to get an opportunity to  prove to you that this is who we are and what we are all about!

    All of this being said, we wanted to address a bridal store trend that we have heard in recent months that is making its way around the country.  Maybe you have heard of it; maybe you haven’t.  Here is how the scenario usually plays out:

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  • sarah

    Welcome to this month’s edition of Bride of the Month!  We are excited to share with you another beautiful wedding from another beautiful TWD bride!  Sarah married her love, Camron, on a lovely summer day.  (Don’t you love when the weather cooperates?!)  Anyway, long before the actual beautiful day you are about to see, Sarah visited TWD, bridal boutique Ann Arbor Michigan.  We remember her visit because she looked stunning in dress after dress.  (She had quite a challenging decision on her hands!)  But we still remember when she tried on her actual dress – it was like the dress was made for her!  You will soon see for yourself just how lovely Sarah looked in her dress on her wedding day, so let’s commence!  Oh, and we can’t forget to give credit where it’s due – all images below are from Eileen Cote Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • The White Dress Bridal Shop


    What can we say about this beautiful wedding that you are about to see?  Filled with love.  A beautiful and beaming bride.  A happy and handsome groom.   Filled with tons of little details.  SUCH a beautiful setting.  Happiness just shines through these gorgeous photos and we couldn’t be happier to show you all the beauty that is Elizabeth and Trevor’s wedding.  Sigh, this is what weddings are all about – making it your own, enjoying every moment, and love, love, love!  Elizabeth was the sweetest bride and we remember her very first visit to TWD when she was so surprised to find her dress!  Her mother and sisters were so sweet, and tears were shed by all once Elizabeth donned her beautiful dress.  The experience was made even sweeter when the headpiece worn by her grandmother was hand-delivered to the shop by her Dad in that very same appointment – it was a  perfect match for Elizabeth and really complimented the dress she fell in love with.  Ok, I am sure we could continue our swooning and adoration of Elizabeth and this gorgeous wedding, but why don’t we just let you see how beautiful it was for yourself.  As such, let’s commence this month’s Bride of the Month!  Oh, and we must give credit to the fabulous gal who captured these photos – Kristeen Marie Photography.

    Read the rest…

  • Bridal Boutique Michigan

    TWD Turns Three!

    Written by: Kristy

    About a week ago, I got a fabulous email.  It was from Matt and Ashley Photography.  {Who happen to be two of the best – and quite possibly two of our favorite – photographers around.}   And it was… the link to our Anniversary Photos!  It has been just over a month since our little celebration and we got excited all over again as we flipped through the ah-mazing photos!!  So we thought we’d share the party for our Bridal Boutique Michigan with those of you who couldn’t make it that fun night in December!

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  • clare

    Are you ready?  Ready to be blown away by some beautiful wedding photos?  We are!  And it is no surprise that we are secretly in love with this gorgeous wedding belonging to TWD bride, Clare, and her new husband, Erik, in the latest edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We enjoyed every moment Clare was in our shop – with her super fun personality, we always had a great time!  And as it happens with our brides, it was sad to say goodbye to Clare when she was ready to get married!  {What can we say, we get attached to our brides!}  So when Clare decided to apply for our Bride of the Month, we were only too excited to peruse her gorgeous photos and get her feature written!  So, without further ado, let’s get this started!  Oh, and we must give photo credits to Dusty Brown Photography.

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  • bridal store


    Are you ready for a dash of patriotism and a wedding full of sentimental touches?  We certainly are!  Our latest Bride of the Month, Melissa, was married last Spring to the love of her life, Jesse.  Jesse, a military man, wore his dress blues for the wedding, and – dare we say it – looked just dashing!  We enjoyed working with Melissa on her wedding dress journey – and even though we had only known Melissa for the length of her first appointment at TWD, Bridal store, it was almost like her dress chose her – the dress just seemed to fit her personality!)  And of course, every time she wore her gown, she just glowed!  So, without further ado, let’s showcase this lovely wedding!  (All photos below were taken by Anderson Studios.)

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  • The White Dress Brighton Michigan


    Can we just say how excited we are for our next Bride of the Month?!  The lovely and oh-so bubbly Emma visited TWD almost two years ago on the search for her perfect dress, and find it she did!  Her beautiful Liz Fields tulle gown was light-weight and had just enough whimsy to match Emma’s personality perfectly!  We had such a fun time with Emma each time she visited TWD – she even came back for a Real TWD Bride Fashion Show so she could wear her lovely dress again!  Her wedding was a lovely affair, and we just can’t wait to share it with you.  So, let us get started.  Oh, and before we forget to mention it, all the photos below were taken by Dick’s Studio of Ithaca.

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  • Brighton bridal boutique


    Are you ready for another TWD Bride of the Month?  We sure are – so let us introduce you to Lindsay!  When Lindsay first visited The White Dress, Brighton Bridal Boutique, she came with a large entourage filled with wonderful friends and family – it was a super fun appointment in which she said yes to her fabulous sparkly, ruffly, and all-girly gown!  We also got the opportunity to outfit her bridesmaids, who wore all different dresses by Alfred Sung in the same color and fabric.  (Love showcasing each girl’s personality and style, don’t you?!)  It was always a fun time when Lindsay came to The White Dress, so we were super excited when she came back a few months ago with one of her recently engaged friends.  Lindsay is proof that when you become a TWD bride, you are always welcome back at The Brighton Bridal Boutique!  Ok, let’s get this feature started!  (Please note that all images are by Timeless Expressions Photography.)

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  • dress sale near me


    It has been a looooong time since our last Bride of the Month, and for that please accept our sincerest apologies!  {With summer wedding season in full swing, we are having a hard time keeping up with our blogging!}  So, without further ado, let us introduce to you the latest TWD bride, Jamie!

    Jamie visited our shop many moons ago and was married last summer to her love, Andrew.  In fact, it has been such a long time from when we first met her, when she came back with her friend {a new TWD bride} a few months ago, we found out she had a little bun in the oven!  Congratulations to Jamie and Andrew on their soon-to-be new little one…and on their marriage, which we can’t wait to share with you – starting now!

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  • our new video

    We are so beyond super excited to announce our brand new video!  We hope it will give you a little insight into TWD, what we are all about, what our wonderful brides have to say about their experience with TWD, and lots more!  Enjoy!

  • bridal stores in michigan


    We are super excited to be back with another beautiful wedding featured as our Bride of the Month!  Why are we so excited you may wonder?  Because this wedding is so full of life and love and fun…we wish we could have  been invited!  Helen married her love, Mark, last summer, and the photography here captures all of the excitement of their gorgeous wedding day.  Helen (and all of her wonderful bridesmaids) were so much fun to be around – all of us at TWD enjoyed working with Helen and her girls in the months leading up to the big day.  So without further ado, let’s start!

    Oh, and all photo credits go to Christine Dias Photography (formerly Harper Grace Photography).

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  • bridal shop michigan


    We are super excited to be back showcasing another real TWD bride in this latest edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month.  Paige was wed last January and wore one of our favorite gowns for a winter wedding.  Every time Paige came into our Bridal shop Michigan, she was as calm as could be…and very, very excited to be getting married to her best friend.  She was a true joy to work with and we loved seeing her big day came to life in this BOTM!

    And one final note, all the photos in the post below are compliments and work of Lori Taylor of LA’s Photography.  So without further ado, let’s commence Paige’s story!

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  • wedding gown boutique michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are excited to share with you real TWD, wedding gown boutique Michigan bride, Teri’s, gorgeous wedding day!  Teri was a TWD “original” bride – meaning she purchased her dress with us in our very first year as a bridal boutique…oh the love that we have for those girls!  {Sorry to digress, but we have to share the love when it’s due!}  And one more final note – all the images below were taken by the wonderful Matt Mollan of Mollan Photography.  So now, without further ado, let’s get started!

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  • bridal store michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month. This time we are featuring the wonderful wedding of Katie and Tim! We remember when Katie came into our shop (well over a year ago now) to try on gowns – she was between two dresses that were extremely different in style, and ended up with a gorgeous lace ballgown! (As a side note, we think she made the best choice!) We also had the pleasure to work with Katie and her bridesmaids who wore a lovely pop of yellow to compliment the military blues worn by the groom. And we always give credit where credit is due – all the photos below are compliments of Christinas Photography. So now, without further ado…let’s commence this month’s BOTM!

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  • bride of the month


    It is with great pleasure that we share with you this next Bride of the Month!  Every time that Erin entered TWD, we could feel her energy and enthusiasm for her wedding, and just life in general!  We had a blast with her (and her mom!) from the initial visits in which she found “the one” all the way through alterations and our final hug goodbye.  We are super excited to showcase her lovely wedding in all its glory, as captured by the seriously amazing Ksenija Savic!  Ok, we can’t hold off any longer…let’s begin!

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  • bridal boutique brighton Michigan


    Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are super excited to showcase this wedding because the bride, Ruthie, was the 2nd bride ever to purchase her dream dress at The White Dress Bridal boutique Brighton Michigan!  {Oh, the memories!}  Ruthie was a complete blast to work with every time she visited our little shop.  Enthusiasm and positivity radiated from her as evidenced by her ever smiley face.  What else can we say – Ruthie was one glowing bride and we are so happy to show you her wedding story.  And one more thing before we get started – all the photos below were taken by L.A.’s Photography.

    So, without further ado…

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  • bride, bridesmaid dresses michigan


    We couldn’t be more excited to be back with another gorgeous TWD Bride of the Month!  And trust us, this wedding was worth the wait.  After all, you are about to be immersed in some of those dreamy wintry wedding photos that we here at TWD just can’t get enough of!  (So we are warning you now – be prepared to swoon a little.)

    And before we begin, we have to give credit where credit is due.  All the ah-mazing images you are about to see were shot by the talented John and Maura of Stoffer Photography.


    Read the rest…

  • bridal gown sample sale


    We are back with another installment featuring one of TWD’s beautiful brides – Katie!  (Did we ever say how much we love our jobs?  Who wouldn’t want to swoon over gorgeous wedding photos?  And the best part is that we have had such a long term relationship with each and every bride that we feature, that seeing the wedding photos make us a little teary eyed.)  And I digress again…

    Now back to our Bride of the Month.  We met the very lovely Katie in one of our first months of being open!  She worked with one of TWD’s bridal gown sample sale and very talented bridal style experts, Aleksandra.  In her words…

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  • bride of the month the white dress


    We are beyond excited to finally announce The White Dress’s very first official Bride of the Month!  The oh-so-lovely Cara has graciously allowed us to feature her wedding!  Be prepared for some gorgeous photos ahead.

    A few general notes before we begin.  First of all, to make these posts a bit more “user-friendly” we have decided to follow a question and answer format…jammed packed with lots of beautiful wedding photos, of course!  And secondly, all of the below photos were taken by Bobbi Rattai Photography.

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  • the white dress bridal boutique

    Simply Charming or Beautifully Bold

    Written by : Aleksandra

    Deciding on what jewelry to wear on your wedding day can be overwhelming.  A necklace and earring combo?  A bracelet?  What about the statement necklace?  (We understand it can be tough!)  Just remember that the  main goal with your accessories is to compliment your wedding dress, while still reflecting your personal style.  And as you may have suspected, there are no set rules for jewelry on your big day!  You should definitely feel free to bring your every day fashion choices to your special day.

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  • bridal market the white dress bridal shop

    Bridal Market Recap: Spring 2012

    Written by: Kristy

    So, we’ve been back from Bridal Market in Chicago for a few weeks now and I haven’t yet reported the latest and greatest in bridal world.  Never fear though, I am back with the recap!

    Pictures are better than words (sometimes) so I thought it would be best to let the photos do the talking.  But first, a high level summary.  There were lots and lots and lots of dresses – textured dresses were still all the rage, lace is huge, back interest was showing up everywhere…and the very exciting news?  There were a lot more options for those of you looking for dresses with straps, sleeves, or just something different than a strapless dress!

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  • bridesmaid dresses the white dress

    A Bride is Never Fully Dressed without her Bridesmaids (Part Two)

    Written by: Alek

    Are you ready for Round Two?  Good, cause I am too!  In the first part of this series, we chatted about some of the different ways to make your bridesmaids look fabulous on your big day.  Now, we are going to delve into a little bit more creativity – so let’s get to it!

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  • grand opening event

    The White Dress Grand Opening Event

    Written by: Kristy

    Even though it has been over a month since our Grand Opening Event, I am still floating around near Cloud 9 about it all – it was such a fab week!  And of course, I can’t keep that all in, so I must spill the beans to you…even if I am just sharing all the wonderful photos and vendors that helped make our event an event!

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  • shop bridesmaid dresses at The White Dress

    A Bride is Never Fully Dressed Without Her Bridesmaids (Part One)

    Written by: Alek

    So you have the ring and the dress – yay!   Now it is time to find something to accent not only you, but also your whole wedding….the bridesmaid dresses! And while a wedding is full of traditions, having all your bridesmaids in matching dresses is not one you have to adhere to if you don’t want to. Your bridesmaids can act as another accent piece to your wedding. (Who says your closest friends and family can’t be your wedding “accessories”?!)  At The White Dress, our goal is to make them look good, no matter the overall look you are going for.

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  • the white dress bridal shop

    And the winner is . . .

    So as many of you know, today is the day that I am announcing the winner of our raffle!  Each bride that found her perfect dress at The White Dress this week was entered into the raffle to receive half off her wedding dress!  And it has been one exciting week – we couldn’t be happier with all the events that took place, the people that visited, the vendors that helped out – all to make The White Dress’s Grand Opening Celebration one fabulous event!  So, if you visited the shop and/or helped out in any way, please know, from the bottom of my heart, how thankful I am!

    So… get to it already, right?!

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  • the white dress bridal shop

    Big Announcement for the TWD Grand Opening Celebration Week!

    Written by: Kristy

    After debating and thinking and holding this news in, I finally decided I should tell you!  (Well, our official Grand Opening Celebration week starts tomorrow after all…)  And since I have been hinting at possible discounts and promotions for a few weeks now… here they are!

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  • sample wedding gowns for sale

    TWD’s First Fashion Show!

    Written by: Kristy

    As I slowly wake up this morning (without an alarm clock, yay!) I think all the excitement from yesterday is starting to hit me!  Yesterday was a busy and exhausting, but oh so fun day!  For those of you that don’t know, The White Dress was part of the vendor team at the Here Come The Brides bridal show that took place at Brighton High School yesterday.  And better yet, we had our very first fashion show!  (I still can’t believe that happened; who would have ever thought I would be putting on a fashion show?  This was a dream in motion people!)

    So what was our day like yesterday?  Well, I am glad you asked!

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  • bridal gowns michigan

    Where is all the cute wedding hair?

    Written by: Kristy

    Where, you ask?  Well, I found it!  While casually checking out the latest from The Knot, I happened to spot the most gorgeous hair inspiration photos for your wedding.  (Or for those of us post-wedding, for any other special occasion!)  So, stop jibber-jabbering already, right?  Mmm, k.  Here goes.

    Oh, and all photo credits go to The Knot.

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  • bridal wonderland

    TWD Construction Update 7: Nearing Completion!

    Written by: Kristy

    Alright, I know you must be confused.  TWD has been open for a full two weeks and I haven’t yet finished writing about the transformation of our shop from construction central to bridal wonderland!  So, without further ado…

    The weeks leading up to our “soft” opening were crazy!  (Dare I say cray-cray on the blog?  I think yes, because it was beyond crazy and definitely reached cray-cray level.)

    Some of you may have noticed our countdown to opening signs – and as soon as we put those up, we were on hyperspeed.  It was both really exciting and really stressful since putting a timeline on our opening was such a finite amount of time.  But, it was a necessary deadline since we really wanted to be open for Downtown Brighton’s Ladies Night Out!  (We knew this would be a perfect way to start, and it didn’t disappoint!)  But each day I changed the number, I grew more nervous of the mountain of tasks that lay ahead.

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  • The White Dress

    More Press for TWD !

    Ok, I will admit it.  I have been silent on the blog for way too long.  And though I may have a good reason for it (ahem, I just opened up shop a week ago!) it still makes me wish I had an extra hour in every day (ok, who am I kidding?  I wish I had 10 extra hours in my day right now!) just so I could blog about all the fun wedding topics that are constantly swirling in my head!  I digress…

    Back to the real reason for the post – The White Dress made headlines once again!  I feel so honored to have been featured by two local news organizations – the Brighton Patch and Livingston Daily News.

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  • michigan bridal store

    We are open! We are open! We are open!

    Written by: Kristy

    Did you hear?  We are open!!

    It is hard to believe that December 1 has arrived, my friends, but after months of planning and preparing and researching and renovating and painting and buying and choosing and pressing and tagging and decorating and…(I could go on, but I will spare you), The White Dress, Michigan bridal store has arrived!  And you know what?  It feels fantastic!

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  • finishing touches

    TWD Construction Phase 6: The ( Almost ) Finishing Touches

    Written by: Kristy

    Things are changing quickly around TWD these days.  I can’t believe it has only been a few weeks since my last post with the mega-changes around the shop!  I must say that the finishing touches of a renovation project are – by far – the best part.  It is really starting to come together!

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  • bridal store Michigan

    TWD : Opening Soon!

    Written by: Kristy

    Big, big, BIG announcement today!  We have finally decided to count down the days to our grand opening!!  I feel like I need to make it even more official.  So here it is, officially official:

    The White Dress will be open for business beginning on December 1, 2011!

    (Ok, now can I get a big ol’ YIPEEEE?!  No?  Well, I am going to do it solo then!  YIPPPPEEEEE!!)

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  • bridal shops in Brighton

    Our first Bride of the Month!

    If you have been browsing the site lately, I am sure you have stumbled upon our very first Bride of the Month!  However, in order to fully live out what being a White Dress Bride of the Month means, we are re-posting the feature here.  Enjoy!

    So full disclosure.  As I am sure you have figured out, how can we possibly have a Bride of the Month when we have barely been open yet?  (We can’t fool you, smarty pants.)  Well, it’s true.  Our very fist Bride of the Month didn’t get her dress at The White Dress, Bridal Shops in Brighton.  But, that doesn’t make her any less fabulous (as you will soon see).  And Christine graciously decided to give us a hand by showing all of you just what being Bride of the Month means.  Thank you Christine!

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  • exterior painting

    TWD Construction Phase 5: An Update and Exterior Painting

    Written by: Kristy

    Oh.  Hello there.  Remember me?  Sorry, for the lack of construction/renovation updates lately – things have been happening so fast I can barely keep up.  But trust me.  This is a gooooood thing!

    So, a quick update before I go onto the fun exterior painting pics (which took place almost a month ago now!).  Here are some of the happenings at the shop!

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  • bridal store brighton michigan

    TWD is Hiring!

    Written by: Kristy

    Do you have a passion for bridal fashion?  Do you swoon over every wedding dress you see?  Are you the type of person that gets excited just opening a wedding invitation in anticipation of the joy of being part of that special couple’s wedding day?  If these statements sound like you, then you may be a perfect fit for The White Dress bridal store Brighton Michigan!

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  • painting

    TWD Construction Phase 4 : Painting!

    Written by: Kristy

    It is getting brighter and more colorful at The White Dress these days!  (Yay!)  And as I have already stated, I am such a visual person, so I am sure you can imagine just how exciting it was to paint the interior walls!  I was so excited, in fact, that I decided to post a fun little visual for you all.  You see, as we drained one paint can after another, we decided to keep a running tally of paint cans.  And as the shop bloomed, it was both rewarding and fun to see our little paint stack grow!   So, I wanted to share the fun with with you too.

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  • phase 3 construction

    TWD Construction Phase 3 : Building and Painting and Picking Things Out

    Written by: Kristy

    How’s that for a long blog post title?  But really, that is what Phase 3 felt like…a really long time jammed packed with lots of odds and ends.  (Maybe I should actually say “Phases 3 through 200”, but that would be a slight exaggeration, no?)

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  • done with demo

    TWD Construction Phase 2: Done with Demo!

    Written by: Kristy

    The one thing about renovations that I love? That every day it gets closer to actually looking like my vision for The White Dress! As I worked my last days at my current job, I looked forward to the daily text messages containing photos of the work being done at the shop. It was so thrilling to see it all come together – and of course, to imagine the time that it will actually become a bustling shop filled with hopeful brides. Eeks, so exciting!

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  • bridal market recap

    Bridal Market Recap: Fall 2011

    Written by: Kristy

    After attending Bridal Market last week, I think I can safely summarize it all in two words – ruffles and flowers!  And though there were still many lovely simple frocks, dresses with drama are all the rage this season!

    Ok, before I get too engrossed in discussing dress deets (is it possible to be too engrossed?  I didn’t think so.), I should probably go into a little bit of background as to what Bridal Market is.  I wouldn’t want to leave you in the dark!

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  • TWD Construction Phase 1: Demolition

    Written by: Kristy

    Who knew renovations could be so much work?  (This is coming from someone who clearly has not done construction/renovations before…)  I definitely have a new-found respect for anyone who does manual labor!

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  • the white dress bridal

    Furniture and Fabric Fun

    Written by: Kristy

    Last weekend, The White Dress Bridal became more defined, aesthetically speaking.  How did this happen, you wonder?  Well, by taking two very important and much-anticipated planning trips with my mother – one to Ikea and another to Chicago’s own “fabric warehouse”.  Both places helped us scout out what exactly we think we wanted to use to decorate and furbish our lovely little boutique!

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  • TWD makes headlines!

    Written by: Kristy

    Was it front page newspaper news?  Well no…but in my mind, it was just as great!  Read on for the background story and news article.

    A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from Tom Tolen, a reporter for the online news site, the Brighton Patch {http://brighton.patch.com/}.  Tom wanted to interview me about The White Dress bridal store in Brighton Michigan!  Of course, I was more than stoked to chatter away about the boutique, as Tom quickly found out.

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  • bridesmaid dresses michigan

    Hello World !

    Written by: Kristy

    At long last, The White Dress is here!  Ok, maybe it hasn’t seemed so “at long last” to you.  And technically, we aren’t officially “here” since we are still under construction.  Well, technicality, schmech-nicality.  I am just delighted to be writing my first blog post as owner of The White Dress!

    First, allow me an introduction.  My name is Kristy and I am the very excited and proud creator of The White Dress, Michigan bridal shops.  I currently work as an accountant, but have always dreamed about opening up a bridal boutique to help brides look for their dream; well, their dream dress anyway!  I am a native of Michigan; but I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois which means that I am counting down the days for the move back to my home state.  And just so you can get to know me a little bit better, here are some tidbits about me: I love dogs, but don’t own any.  I almost always wear a skirt or dress.  I love to laugh.  I love fashion.  And most of all, I love weddings.

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