Want to know just who you will be shopping with when you visit The White Dress?  Read along to get to know more about the gals at The White Dress.  And because we just love nicknames, we call ourselves, the TWD-ettes.  Feel free to call us the bridal dream team if you wish.

Kristy, Owner and Bridal Style Expert

Kristy PhotoKristy has been dreaming of wedding dresses since she was a little girl.  Never once did she think she would be lucky enough to be surrounded by their beauty on a day-to-day basis.  But as fate had it, her dream came true when she opened up The White Dress in 2011.  Though she loves just about all aspects of running her boutique, her favorite part is working with her girls.  “Seeing the dresses come to life and be loved by another is so rewarding.  And making their dream dress a reality is the best!”  Kristy’s loves outside of weddings?  Puppies, chocolate, and all things pink!



Marissa, Shop Assistant Manager

Marissa is one of the friendly gals that will greet you when you walk into our lovely boutique.  She wears many hats here at TWD, so you can spot her walking around the boutique keeping our little shop in order… as well as behind our front desk checking out TWD clients.  And if you have ever called TWD, you have most likely spoken with Marissa as well!  She is meticulous not only when it comes to keeping the boutique looking its best, but also keeping things organized behind the scenes as well.  Her favorite part about working at TWD?  “I love seeing the brides in all the dresses, especially when they have the dress on – they just glow!”  Marissa is an avid ballerina (and a good one at that), has a thing for cute shoes, and loves dessert so much, sometimes she skips dinner just for a sweet treat.


Meg, Bridal Style Expert

Meg is another friendly face that will greet you at The White Dress.   Brides love her positive and calming energy during bridal appointments – which is perfect for those brides that may be a bit nervous when trying on dresses for the first time.  But calm you will be with Meg at the helm of your appointment.  Her main goal?  “I just want to make each and every bride have a dream wedding dress shopping experience!  Every girl deserves to feel like a princess during their quest to find the perfect dress and I love to be able treat them that way.”  Outside of TWD, Meg likes to hang out with her husband and two adorable daughters.  And when she can, she finds time to hunt down some fashion bargains!  (Talk about a master shopper!)

Ashley, Bridal Style Expert

Ashley is another fabulous TWD-ette and Bridal Style Expert that you will meet when you come to our boutique.  Ashley has loved weddings since she was a little girl and has a stack of bridal magazines that will rival any wedding-enthusiast!  Her passion for bridal fashion shines through when helping our brides on their wedding dress journey – she has a knack for making everyone around her feels comfortable, especially the bride!  And we can bet that by the end of your appointment with Ashley, you will feel like you just had a fun time hanging out with a friend!  And that is what Ashley loves best about working at TWD – working with each bride to help find that dream dress by listening to each bride’s likes, dislikes, needs, and wants.  Fun fact about Ashley?  She adores all animals and is even a foster parent to rescue dogs and cats!


Annie, Bridal Style Expert

Annie PhotoIf you are looking for someone who was born to be in the bridal industry (really!), then Annie is your gal!  Annie joined the TWD team in 2014, but has been part of the bridal world since she was a little girl when her mother owned a local bridal boutique.  She learned at a very young age all the ins and outs of wedding dresses, the various customizations that can be done, and most importantly, just how very special being a bride actually is!  Annie is the perfect gal to guide you on your wedding dress journey – she has a vast knowledge of dress silhouettes, fabric types, and is oftentimes using that knowledge to pull the perfect dress for her brides.  Her interests outside of TWD include dance, crafting, and hanging out with her new husband.


Katelyn, Bridal Style Expert

Meet Katelyn, another member of the TWD Bridal Style Team!  Her high energy and love for bridal is apparent from the moment you meet her.  “Wedding dress shopping should be fun!” she says.  This positive mentality always makes her appointments big on the fun-factor and low on the stress-factor.  Her favorite part about working with brides is, of course, that moment when the bride finds the one!  “I just love to see the emotion on a bride’s face – whether it is tears of joy or just that lit up bright and excited smile – it makes me feel honored to have been part of such a major moment in her life!”  Outside of TWD, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her friends and family, including her young daughter and son.

Lisa, Bridal Style Expert

Lisa is one of our newer members of the TWD Bridal Style Team, having joined us in 2016.  She is a true lover of all fancy dresses, with bridal gowns taking the cake!  If you are lucky to work with her, you may notice how she simply thinks each dress is beautiful, the bride making the dress even more so!  Her calm nature is sure to help any bride who is anxious to try on dresses for the first time.  So why does Lisa like working at The White Dress?  “It’s exciting, almost like a treasure hunt.  I love when I help a bride find the dress that makes her feel beautiful and unique!  It’s pure joy for everyone in the room!”  Outside of work, Lisa loves traveling to warm climates, reading, and being with her family.


Mary, Bridal Style Expert

Mary PhotoMeet Mary!  Mary joined the TWD Bridal Style Team in 2016 with a background in fashion design.  Her passion for bridal really shines when she is working one on one with her brides – she has that knowledge of fabrics, silhouettes, and styles.  Plus, she has a knack for pulling wedding dresses that are a little outside-of-the-box, but that brides instantly fall in love with!  Her patience and friendly nature will make your bridal appointment fun and stress-free!  So why does she love working with brides?  “Brides are the happiest people and I love making them even happier by creating a wonderful bridal shopping experience.  Bringing joy to them just makes me happy!”  Besides her love for bridal, Mary is an avid sewer (hello fashion design!), enjoys volunteering and a good relaxation session in front of the TV.



Krystin, Bridal Style Expert

Krystin started working at The White Dress in 2017.  Though TWD is not her only job – she works in real estate too – Krystin just couldn’t get away from the bridal world after she was done planning her own wedding.  “It is just such a fun environment to be in – working with brides on their wedding dress hunt is so much fun!”  And fun you will have with Krystin – her good nature and friendly smile go a long way to make your time here at TWD enjoyable!  Krystin is a big animal lover.  She has two dogs and a cat, plus she is foster mom for kittens!


Lea, Shop Admin

Lea has been with The White Dress since January 2017 and chances are you’ve probably chatted with her because she is one of the main gals who answers the phone when you call our boutique.  Besides a quick conversation here and there though, you may not get tons of one-on-one time with Lea, but if you’ve bought your dress here she’s probably had a hand in making your order complete and she most definitely knows your name!  We all love her because she works hard making TWD life smoother and more organized in so many ways!  Her favorite part about working at TWD?  “All the beautiful dresses…and the amazing team I get to work with every day too!”  Her interests outside of work include all things Disney, movies, music, and spending time with family – pets included!


Cathy, Steaming and Receiving Manager

Though Cathy is Kristy’s mother, she is well qualified for her position.  “I even had to interview for it!” she exclaims.  But a better person to help you find your wedding dress couldn’t be found.  Her expertise as a seamstress has helped her realize not only what flatters each unique figure, but also what alterations might be able to happen to make each dress perfect for each bride.  “I just love working with brides and their mothers – seeing their faces light up when they just know that the dress is THE dress is such a special moment.”  More about Cathy?  She lives for the sun (with sunscreen, of course!), loves to sew, and enjoys winding down in tub filled with bubbles!


Robyn, Steaming and Receiving Assistant

Meet Robyn, one of the resident “TWD Steam Queens”!  (Hey, it can be tiring steaming dresses all day long, so these ladies definitely deserve the royal title!)  She started at TWD in May 2017 and fun fact, she is one of our brides!  (Her gorgeous wedding will take place in October.)  Like many of her fellow TWD-ettes, Robyn is a huge dog-lover and we all love hearing the funny anecdotes about her fur-baby Desmond!  Her flair for organizing, attention to detail, and fun personality make her a perfect fit for TWD!  Outside of work, she enjoys boating with her family and friends and, of course, snuggling with Desmond and her fiancé …not necessarily in that order!

Ciara, Shop Intern

Though Ciara isn’t here all the time, when she is here, she is busy helping her fellow TWD-ettes keep the shop tidy and in order.  Her behind-the-scenes work makes life easier for everyone at TWD…and we all love her infectious smile!  Ciara is a senior at Hartland High School and is active in the band, playing the flute.  One of Ciara’s favorite parts about working at TWD?  “Seeing all of the brides glow when they find their perfect dress!”  After school, she wants to purse a business degree in college.  Outside of The White Dress and school, Ciara loves country music, all things car related, shopping at Bath and Body Works, and of course, her two little dogs!





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