Welcome to The White Dress.

We love to work with our brides and their bridesmaids to create that perfect wedding day look.  Our entire goal is to make the experience fun, stress-free, and memorable.  That is why we designed the shop to be all that it is.  So, take a peek!  We think you’ll like what you see.

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Photo Tour

{All photos below are compliments of ignited Photography and Noreen Owens Photography.  Thanks you amazing photographers you!}

{Outside our shop.}

{Our front door – come on in!}

{A view of the shop.}

{Hello wedding dresses.}

{And yet another rack of wedding dresses.}

{Hello bridesmaid dresses.}

{One of our four private fitting rooms.}

{Another private fitting room.}

{One of our jewelry and accessory racks – we love to accessorize at TWD!}

{A close up of some of our fabulous headpieces.}

{So true.}

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