A bride and her bridesmaids celebrate a bachelorette weekend in Brighton, MI.

How to Spend a Bachelorette Weekend in Brighton, MI

Planning a bachelorette getaway trip with your gals? Brighton, MI has plenty to offer.

When it comes to destination vacations, bachelorette hot spots like Nashville or Vegas may be the first to spring to mind. But for our Michigan girlies who want to plan a weekend together without breaking the bank, there’s locations much closer to home that can promise a great time—and don’t require booking a flight!

We’ve had our bridal boutique in Brighton for over a decade now, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what our town has to offer. Whether you’ll only be in town for a night or want to make a full weekend out of it, here are our top bachelorette weekend recommendations.

Browse our breweries!

It’s no secret that Michigan is a great state for beer lovers. Brighton has several downtown options, many of which offer special events during different nights of the week including live music, charcuterie board classes, and pub quizzes. Why not have a pub crawl!

  • Brewery Becker. A microbrewery with a tap room and biergarten, Brewery Becker offers an excellent selection of artisanal beers. Enjoy their bill of fare, or order from one of the downtown restaurants, many of which will deliver right to your table.
  • Four Circles. Did charcuterie board classes pique your interest? Four Circles has a lively event calendar that’s worth checking out before you commit to a date.
  • Block Brewing. Looking for a larger venue? Block Brewing boasts plenty of space for a bustling craft brewing scene. Great if you want to book for a large party.
  • Coming Soon… Grand River Brewery! A brewery and gastropub featuring live music, we’re excited about this newest addition to the downtown Brighton pub scene, which is just 2 doors down from The White Dress!

Relax with a self-care day!

Wedding planning is stressful, so why not step away from it all with some thorough pampering? Whether your ideal self-care involves a massage, a yoga session, or green time among your favorite plants, we have something to refresh your soul.

  • London Beauty. Ready for a spa day? Rent the space and treat yourself to facials or a makeup party. They also regularly host events, so take a look at their calendar!
  • Buff City. Why not bring spa day home with you? At Buff City, you can host a party where you make your own bath bombs and go home with a custom bar of soap!
  • Planning a big night? Start out by getting blowouts or having your nails done at Tribute or Studio FRWD. Check out their full services for other options, like facials or massages.
  • Why not book a yoga studio for a private group glass? Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, as well as a fun group activity that is inclusive of a range of fitness levels. Check out Brighton Yoga Center or Yoga Center for Healthy Living as a couple local options.
  • The Succulents Shoppe. Who doesn’t love a good succulent: charming, easy to care for, and great for bringing a little of nature into your home! The Succulents Shoppe offers private parties with group projects where you can create a living decoration to bring home.
  • Permanent Jewelry Bar with Lolly Ella. Want to combine a spa day with a permanent jewelry experience? Lolly Ella offers a party package that includes cocktails, 30-minute facials, and a ring or bracelet.

Plan an activity!

Looking for something more high-energy? Prepare to mix it up with group activities of all sorts. From vintage throwbacks to modern classics, you won’t be short of entertainment!

  • The Arcade. A must-visit for all lovers of classic arcade video games, The Arcade also includes coin-operated pinball machines.
  • Rollerama & Zap Zone. From skating to laser tag, Brighton’s Zap Zone complex has it all. Contact them to learn more about party options.
  • Ice Skating at Kensington Valley Ice House. Ice skating remains a popular hobby in Michigan, making it a great activity for your group.
  • Escape Room Brighton. Perfect for more intimate groups of 2–8 people, choose from five different themed rooms and work together to find a way out before your hour is up!
  • Rent MJR Theater. Have a group of 30 or more? You can rent the theater to watch the latest blockbuster, or bring your own movie to watch it on the big screen!

Enjoy the outdoors!

They don’t call us #PureMichigan for nothing! If you’re a nature lover, we have plenty of outdoor sports to suit your fancy, no matter the time of year. From kayaking to hiking, paddle boarding to horseback riding—even skiing!—there’s plenty to do in our area for you and your bachelorettes!

  • Brighton Recreation Area. This beautiful park includes nine lakes, campsites, and thirty-five miles of trails for a day of hiking, boating, and horseback riding.
  • Bishop Lake. Part of the Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake deserves a special shout out for being a great swimming location for anyone keen on a day of lying around in the sun.
  • Planning a winter getaway? The Mount Brighton Ski Resort features not just skiing slopes, but also plenty of restaurants for a cozy trip.

Explore Downtown Brighton Nightlife!

Of course, no matter how you spend your day, you’ll still want to make evening plans! Despite our small town charm, Brighton also has a lively night life, with a number of bars—and even one with dueling pianos!

  • The Pound. In case you can’t tell from the name, this is the place to go to for all you burger lovers out there!
  • Jameson’s. A classic Irish pub, this spot takes it up a notch by featuring dueling piano performances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Lu + Carls. A beloved Brighton hangout with live music and DJs, the decor is spot-on for the dog lovers out there.
  • Looking for something more elevated? Label promises a satisfying mix of authentic comfort food and craft cocktails.
  • Voted the best burgers in Livingston County, Champs also offers exotic burgers for adventurous eaters including turkey, buffalo, elk, and venison.

Go farther afield!

Much as there is to do in Brighton, there’s also plenty of other nearby attractions here in Michigan. Some of our favorites include:

Don’t forget to book a visit to The White Dress!

Finally, if you’re in town, why not make shopping part of your trip! Much like our town, our bridal boutique boasts a depth and breadth of gowns and other items that my surprise you. From the latest trends fresh from Bridal Market and lots of off the rack jewelry, to a body inclusive range of sample dresses, we’re committed to providing small-town service with big-city selection. Book an appointment with us today to get started.