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TWD-ette Pick: Favorite Gowns for Spring Weddings

Are you planning a spring wedding? Our bridal stylist and manager, Annie, talks about the latest trends and style tips for Michigan brides.

Spring is perhaps the most romantic—and most challenging—season to plan a wedding. On the one hand, it symbolizes new beginnings, and the flowers just coming into bloom practically set the tone. On the other hand, it’s the most volatile season, especially in Michigan’s northern climate: you can enjoy a sunny, 70-degree day in February followed by a snowstorm in May.

Spring brides need to be comfortable in any kind of weather. In general, you’ll want to keep the vibe bright, light, and airy, while still allowing yourself options to cover up. Off-the-shoulder straps are often really popular in spring, because they’re in between long sleeves and strapless styles. Slits are also a growing trend, and can be a fun option for late spring as the weather grows more predictably warm. Spring is also the perfect season for brides who want to move away from winter whites and ivories and begin incorporating some color into their gowns.

With these tips in mind, I’ve gone through our collection and pulled my top 7 picks for spring wedding dresses. If you’re planning a wedding for this season, here’s a good place to start!

Blond woman in wedding dress with thigh-high slit and beaded lace

Angelina: a thigh-high slit with beaded lace.

I love the slit on Angelina. This trend is up-and-coming and bold, but the flowy outside layer still gives you a sense of coverage and safety. I also love how it’s not super-fitted, allowing the tulle to create a more airy effect. However, my favorite detail is the intricate beading on the bodice that trails into the skirt. This is a good option for brides who don’t want to go straight to floral lace. The wavy pattern lightens the overall look without overpowering the dress.

Blond woman in wedding gown featuring statement neckline and oversized lace

Memphis: a statement neckline with oversized lace.

It’s not often you see a really unique neckline like Memphis: straight across and strapless, but with a deep plunge for dramatic effect. Despite the plunge, the structure of the bodice is very secure, so you can enjoy having a different and beautiful design feature without worrying about showing too much cleavage. The bold floral lace is a new twist on the full blooms of springtime. While some brides are sometimes hesitant about a ballgown for a spring/summer dress, this one is surprisingly light on the body and doesn’t feel heavy at all. We carry it in ivory but it also comes in a soft warm color.

Blond woman in wedding gown, form fitting trumpet silhouette with thick shoulder straps and cherry blossom lace pattern detail

Monika: form fitting yet flowy.

If you’re looking for more of a trumpet silhouette, Monika is more fitted than the others. I love that she offers a thicker strap with more lace details, which can be worn on the shoulder, or draping off. Speaking of the lace, it comes with a delicate, cherry blossom pattern that is particularly appropriate for spring. At the bottom, the dress flares out with pleated tulle, which helps give the whole style an airy feeling. And, if you’re looking for that hint of color, ours comes in a rosy light pink with ivory over top.

Brunette in lace bodice gown

Natasha: sweet and simple.

While we love a striking neckline and bold lace, Natasha is a reminder that simplicity can make a statement, too. She features a sweetheart lace top with pretty blossoms which once again remind me of freshly blooming spring gardens. Contrasting the details of the top, the bottom is all soft chiffon. While some fabrics can feel dense or heavy like satin, this fabric keeps it light and clean, which is a great trend for late spring. You can easily imagine the skirt blowing in the breeze and feeling beautiful. And for one last detail, this gown features a cutout lace train in the back, adding interest to the back hemline.

Brunette in wedding gown, covered in lace, featuring cap sleeves, narrow bow at waistline and keyhole back

Clementina: one for the lace lovers.

If you love lace, Clementina is the gown for you. The all-over pattern certainly makes her stand out, but what I think makes her perfect for spring in particular is her cap sleeves. These add a super feminine touch and can give you a little extra warmth if it is a little cool that day. I also love all her other dainty details, from the narrow bow at her waistline to the beautiful keyhole back—there’s just little surprises everywhere!

Blond woman in wedding gown with dimensional lace, off-the-shoulder neckline, and bow at the back.

Charmaine: the showstopper.

Oh, she is dramatic. Charmaine features three-dimensional lace, and an alterable neckline that can be either off-the-shoulders or strapless. However, the statement piece that sets this gown apart is the bow at the back. I love how this gives a little something extra for brides who don’t plan to wear a veil or who don’t want a lot of accessories. This gown offers a compromise by giving a dramatic flourish to the back of the dress while keeping your hair veil-free, if the bride so chooses.

Blond woman in wedding gown featuring off the shoulder straps, optional sleeves, intricate lace and bead details and sparkling tulle

Elara: the dress that has it all.

For those who want to have plenty of styling options, Elara is your dress. She’s got off-the-shoulder straps, to which you can also attach long lace sleeves. Or, you can remove both for a fully strapless look. Switching between the styles is as easy as snapping them on or off, so you can wear the sleeves for your ceremony, the off-the-shoulder straps for photos, and then go strap-free when you’re ready to dance at the reception. As for the dress itself, I love how the small, intricate lace and the beaded details make it pop. There’s also a whole under layer of sparkle tulle that will do wonders in the springtime light. Best of all? It has pockets!

Your personal style never goes out of season.

At the end of the day, your wedding is your day, no matter the season. Along the way you will make so many individualized choices based on your venue and your personal aesthetic, which is why I am of the mindset that the time of year doesn’t have to determine what you do or don’t do. If you want to wear a veil down to the floor even though it’s raining outside because it’s spring, do it anyway! You will regret it if you don’t.

Be vocal with your consultant about what you want, and try it on! Figure out what you like and what you won’t like. Even if you think it will feel more like winter, try it anyway! It might feel different from what you expected, and you’re not committing to anything just by giving it a test run. At The White Dress, we’re here to help you realize your vision. So if you’re ready to explore your possibilities, book an appointment with us today!