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Don’t Miss Our March Sample Sale!

Through April 7th, we’re offering amazing deals on off-the-rack dresses.

Spring is nearly here, and that means a new season of bridal gowns is about to drop. We’re looking forward to shopping the collections and bringing in a fresh selection of dresses for our store, but before we can do that, we need to make room. And you know what that means: it’s time for a sample sale!

Here are the details:


How to Pull Off the Two-Wedding-Dress Trend

Can’t settle on just one look for your wedding? Good news: You don’t have to.

Wedding traditions are in a state of flux. As couples reconsider how to create an experience during their day that reflects their values and priorities, they are also turning a critical eye toward assumptions about where and how to prioritize their wedding budgets.

For many couples, the most expedient way to cut down on expenses has been to reduce the size of their guest list. By focusing on a smaller ceremony, they are able to put more toward making each element of that ceremony more special. As it turns out, many brides are using those savings to invest in a second wedding dress!