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What Is a Trunk Show? The Bridal Insider Event You Don’t Want to Miss

Trunk shows are a special opportunity to see more of a designer’s collection.

If you’ve been around the bridal world for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard someone mention the words “trunk show” in mixed tones of awe and excitement—and you may be wondering what they are and whether you should go to one! Well, let us let you in on one of bridal’s open secrets: trunk shows are your best opportunity to see a designer’s collection, where the majority of the dresses showcased are not regularly available at the bridal shop.

If you have your heart set on a particular designer, know your ideal aesthetic, or are just interested in every single dress you see from that designer, a trunk show might just make your dream a reality. So, if you’re interested in learning more about trunk shows, here are our top six FAQs to help you make up your mind.

1. Why attend a trunk show?

In any given year, a bridal designer will come out with a collection featuring a dozen or more (and in some cases, many more) new gowns. Of those, bridal boutiques will carry only a portion, which they select based on what’s popular in their area and among their clientele. For instance, as a Michigan bridal shop, we know many of our brides have outdoor weddings in the summer, so we may pick up more dresses that are suitable for that style of wedding, and as such we prioritize selecting for those dresses from a range of designers.

However, at a trunk show, the featured designer brings their full collection, which means that brides are able to try on gowns that wouldn’t otherwise be carried in the store. In some special cases, the designer or a designer representative is even in attendance at the trunk show, and is available to discuss special alterations to a gown, like switching out sleeves or incorporating a detail from a different dress in the collection. If you have something special in mind, a trunk show is the time to come and ask!

2. Are trunk shows like any other bridal appointment?

Yes…and no. Trunk shows feature one particular designer, so if you aren’t interested in that designer, it may be best to schedule your appointment for a different time. But just because you’re at a certain designer’s trunk show doesn’t mean you can’t try on dresses from other collections! It’s best to think of trunk shows as a bridal appointment with more dresses from one designer available, but it won’t be exclusive to that designer.

At The White Dress, our full collection of dresses is still available even during a trunk show, and our stylists will always consider offering options from the full collection here at TWD, not just what the trunk show may have. It may even help you come to a decision if you’re able to compare the trunk show gowns to some of your runners up.

3. How often does The White Dress throw a trunk show?

We usually throw one or two trunk shows a year, so if you see us post about one, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss! For the last few years we’ve done shows with the designer Stella York. If they’re a designer you follow, it’s likely we’ll feature their collection at some point in the coming months!

This year we’re looking into the possibility of throwing a plus-sized show, which would be truly unique for many brides in our area. We’re already proud of our plus-sized wedding dress collection, and love being able to give women a more representative range of gown sizes to try on. Keep an eye on our social channels if we’re able to pull it off!

4. What makes trunk shows at The White Dress so special?

We tend to host Stella York trunk shows once or twice a year, and these ones tend to be really unique! Unlike a normal trunk show where the designer is featuring their current collection, our preview shows are for collections that don’t yet exist. Instead, they’re a work in progress. The designer is in the store to gather feedback from brides about what they do or don’t like, and that feedback is taken into consideration as the designer finalizes their collection.

Many of the gowns you see at a preview trunk show won’t make it to the final collection. In fact, it’s likely that they’ll already be altered before the next preview show. This means that if you say yes to your dress at a preview show, you may be getting the only version of that gown to exist!

5. Is there anything I should do to prepare for a trunk show?

Do your research! It’s always good to have a general idea of what you’re interested in so you can make the most of your time. We recommend checking out the designer’s page so that you can see which dresses they will bring with them. You may also want to book an appointment with your bridal boutique ahead of a trunk show so that you can get a sense of their collection and make some early decisions about what you do or don’t like. That way you can be more focused for the trunk show itself.

6. Are trunk shows a sale?

Most of the time, trunk shows are not a sale. Especially for our Stella York shows, because the designer is still putting so much work into developing the collection, the bargain comes from finding something unique rather than cutting a good deal. On occasion, a trunk show purchase may come with a discount so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you’re looking for a discounted dress, try hitting up a sample sale! Sample sales are when bridal shops sell off some of their old inventory to make way for new gowns. Sample sales dresses are also the only types of dresses that you can buy directly off the rack to take home with you—ideal for brides on a tight timeline.

Trunk shows: the ultimate win-win-win for brides, boutiques, and designers!

Trunk shows definitely live up to their hype. As a bridal shop, we love being able to offer our brides an exclusive look at our designer’s collections, and of course the designers benefit from hearing your feedback as well. Trunk shows are also just a fun day to be in the store. There’s a lot of buzz and excitement going around, and that energy may be just the confidence boost you need to say yes to your dress! If you’re convinced that a trunk show is right for you, follow us on Instagram and Facebook so that you don’t miss out—especially as appointments often go quickly.

And if you can’t wait or want to explore our collection before a trunk show comes around, go ahead and set up an appointment! Your dream dress may already be ready and waiting.