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10 Incredible Ball Gown Wedding Dresses that Are a Dream Come True

You’re not dreaming: these ball gowns really are like a fairy tale come to life.

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and nothing fulfills this dream more than a ball gown silhouette. A perennial favorite, this gown consistently wins over even the brides who thought they wanted a more modern silhouette.

It’s not just that the timeless style of a ball gown often wins out over the trends of the day, it also happens to be one of the most flattering silhouettes on the market. The structured style usually means extra boning and support through the bodice, while the wide skirts accentuate the waistline.

Even if you’re not planning to go with a ball gown for your wedding, this style is worth trying on, just to see what it feels like. You never know—it may surprise you!

1. Blake.

Mikado silk ball gown with long train and trailing buttons

Let’s start with show-stopper, shall we? Blake is a breathtaking design from Justin Alexander, featuring a beaded illusion back and a mile-long train. Made from luxurious Mikado silk, this dress needs few embellishments to shine. However, if we could add just one accessory, it would have to be over-the-elbow gloves to complete the glamorous look.

2. Ophelia

Flowing ballgown with beaded back

Do you prefer romance to glamour? Ophelia, by Allure Bridals, has that in spades. We love how strings of beads fill in the low back on this dress, while the lace bodice gracefully transitions into layers of foaming tulle. The fabrics and embellishments on this gown are a perfect balance of textures, all adding up to a truly unforgettable look.

3. Ivette.

Tulle ball gown with multi-layered skirt

For a different take on lace and tulle, take a look at Ivette. This gown by Lis Simon features a skirt in two tiers, adding depth and dimension to the classic silhouette. The lace corset top provides a structure that neatly contrasts with the airiness of the tulle. We love the simplicity of the gown styled just as it is, but a belt at the waistline would also be the perfect place to add some bling.

4. Marlow

Want to incorporate a little color into your look? We love the warm peach tones of Marlow’s tulle skirt. We especially love the multi-layered look of the skirt with tiered hemlines making it look as though the bride has stepped out of a fairy tale. The embellishment at the waistline perfectly accentuates the waist without interrupting the flow of the gown.

5. Scarlet

Scarlet Madison James Lace Ballgown

All-over lace is uncommon for a ball gown, but Scarlet from Madison James pulls off this style to perfection. The spaghetti straps on the bodice give this dress a delicate appearance, while the lace overskirt adds depth and dimension. We recommend keeping the accessories minimal for this dress, especially if you’re going for a bohemian look for your wedding.

6. Pennie

Pennie Allure Bridals lace ballgown

All-over lace, sweat heart neckline, spaghetti straps, boho vibe—on the surface, Pennie and Scarlet have a lot in common, but it doesn’t take more than a glance to see that they are strikingly different dresses. In particular, we love the distinct banded pattern of the lace, which is perfectly accented by the satin belt at the waistline.

7. Rosemarie

rosemarie Madison James

This gown is a study in contrasts. Rosemarie features a boned lace bodice and a skirt of thick Mikado silk that provides all the volume you could ask for. At once delicate and constructed, this gown makes a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

8. Ginny

Stella York Lace Ballgown

Ginny by Stella York is a vision of lace and tulle, but the detail that really sets it apart is the stacked diamante strings that drape across the shoulders. With a deep sweetheart neckline and a boned bodice, this dress is perfect for brides who want lots of romantic sparkle on their wedding day. Pair with a tiara or chandelier earrings to up the sparkle.

9. Maura

maura sincerity satin ballgown

Forget about looking like a princess—Maura will make you feel like a queen! This ultra-glamorous dress combines a brocaded satin skirt with an illusion back for a style that is chic and sexy all at once. A row of fabric-covered buttons run from the boat neck all the way to the edge of the long train. We would love to see this matched with a cathedral length veil for maximum drama.

10. Jodie

If we had to pick our favorite detail from Jodie, it would have to be the way the lace from the bodice trails into the weightless tulle skirt. Utterly romantic, this dress would be delightful for a spring wedding. Given the style of this dress, we recommend keeping accessories minimal, but a long, light veil might be just perfect for the ceremony.

There’s no end to variety when you choose a ball gown silhouette.

For good or bad, many brides, when they think of a ball gown, have one type of dress in mind. Maybe that’s their dream dress that they envision themselves wearing as they walk down the aisle, or maybe it’s exactly the style they most want to avoid. Either way, what often surprises them is just how many styles of ball gowns there are within that silhouette.

From chic to glamorous to romantic, this silhouette will never leave you short of options. And while they can be dressed up with a range of accessories, ball gowns can also be deceptively simple if the bride chooses a style with clean lines and minimal embellishments.

So, don’t cross the ball gown silhouette off your list until you try it. It may just change your mind.

6 Dramatic Veil Styles to Impress Your Wedding Guests

Everything you need to know about choosing, wearing, and styling a jaw-dropping veil.

Every bride wants to have that moment when they try on the perfect dress and know that it’s the one. For many brides, however, that moment doesn’t come until they try on the veil. That’s the moment they first feel like a bride, and the reality sinks in that they really are getting married.

Veil styles change just like wedding dresses, and most recently, the biggest trend is for long, dramatic veils. Floor length, chapel length, cathedral length—anything long and sweeping. However, there’s more to veil styles than length, and it’s important to find the right one for your dress to have the right effect. Here are six different styles of long, dramatic veils to inspire your search.

1. Long and ultra-sheer.

dramtic long sheer veil

One of the magical qualities of ultra-long veils is that, unlike birdcage or blusher veils, which tend to be of stiffer tulle to generate height, long veils are made of soft fabric so that they can drape beautifully and flow out behind the bride as she walks.

The simplest style of these veils is usually worn farther back on the head, and has few embellishments—if any. Because there isn’t any beading or lace to weigh it down, these ultra-light veils form a billowing backdrop to the bride in all her wedding pictures. Simple, yet stunning.

2. Elegant edges.

long veil with lace appliqué edges

A simple veil has its charms, but what if you want something with a little more embellishment? Finding a veil with lace appliqué edging will have a slightly less billowing and ethereal look, but that may be just right if you want your veil to fan out behind you in a shape that repeats the cut of your train.

For instance, we love how this style from Allure Bridals pairs with the train of this figure-fitting gown. The added lace helps give shape to the veil and balances the otherwise simple cut of the gown.

3. Dotted with appliqués.

Long veil with dotted lace appliques

One of the more modern veil trends is a dotted style—one in which lace or bits of sparkle are scattered down the entire length of the veil. Depending on the design, the decoration can look like stars, falling snow, or flower petals.

Case in point: this beautiful veil from Belaire Bridal, features a sprinkling of lace appliqués throughout that add depth and interest to the veil. It’s a beautiful look that looks charming with form-fitting or A-line silhouettes.

4. Romantic mantillas.

beautiful cathedral length mantilla wedding veil

A mantilla is a veil of Spanish origin that is worn further forward on the head, but which does not cover the face. The history behind them has made them a romantic and popular choice for many brides, especially those who are planning on a more traditional church ceremony.

A traditional mantilla is often all-over lace, often with a scalloped edge to frame the face. This beautiful mantilla veil from Belaire Bridal is a perfect example of this style. We love how the lace edging frames the face for a beautiful old-world look.

5. Heirloom lace.

Gorgeous long veil featuring an edging of Venice lace.

You may have to turn to your family for this one. Many brides decide to have their veil be the “something old” of their wedding, choosing to wear the same veil as their mother or grandmother, or else having pieces of lace from these veils incorporated into her own.

If you can’t find heirloom lace from your family, look for a style that uses vintage-quality lace, such as this one from Belaire Bridal. After all, with Venice lace of this quality, it may be your own wedding veil that supplies the heirloom lace for future generations.

6. Cathedral-length for full drama.

dramatic cathedral-length veil

Finally, if the deepest desire of your heart is to wear a long veil that trails the entire length of the aisle, a cathedral-length veil is for you. As its name implies the length of this veil is designed to help the bride from being lost when surrounded by a large cathedral.

Because of this, think carefully about your venue before you jump on one. If you’re planning a ceremony in an outdoors location, a veil of this length is likely to get caught on undergrowth, or become filled with sand. And if you’re getting married in a smaller chapel, be sure there’s enough space for your wedding party to be able to step around your veil during the ceremony.

That said, if your venue is grand enough to allow it, then don’t hold back. This veil from Allure Bridals goes all-out, with a veil long enough to impress Princess Kate herself.

Budget wisely for your showpiece accessory.

A super long veil is sure to impress your wedding guests and leave your groom speechless. Keep in mind, however, that longer veils cost more than shorter ones. As such, you may find the veil of your dreams competing against your perfect dress for a portion of your budget.

To avoid this, think about dress styles that are simpler so as not to compete with the drama of your veil. A flowing A-line dress will likely cost less than a ball gown, due to the and is more likely to compliment the draping, figure-hugging silhouette of a long, soft veil.

Most importantly, find a veil that you’re comfortable wearing, and that suits your gown. No matter how exciting the trend may be, remember that your veil should be a reflection of your own personality, not a sign of the times.