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Get Ready for The White Dress WHITE Friday Sale!

White Friday Sale

PLUS, don’t miss our hyper sale deals on sample dresses, running Nov. 29–Dec. 30.

We know that holiday season means many brides are shopping sales, hoping to find gifts for all their friends and family without bursting their budget. And, while wedding planning doesn’t usually fall in the same expense category, we know that a good deal is always a welcome surprise—especially if it leaves you with a little left over to put toward a special gift for your fiancé.

This year, we’re offering our usual WHITE Friday sale, as well as an exciting offer for our sample sale dresses that will start on Giving Tuesday and run through the end of the year. Read about the details below, and book an appointment with us during the holiday season for a chance to save on your wedding gown!

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WHITE Friday at The White Dress

For brides who come in the weekend after Thanksgiving (Friday the 25th–Saturday the 26th), we’ll be offering $100 off all ordered gowns.  So, if you’ve been on the fence about a gown, this is a good time to come in and make up your mind! Also, all brides who say yes will get a complimentary pair of “bride” earrings, and our veil selection is also on rare sale – 20% off for ordered veils!

The White Dress boutique

Sample Dress Hyper Sale!

Starting Tuesday, November 29th, a selection of gowns will be hyper discounted in our annual Off the Rack sample wedding dress sale! For the first week of our sale (Nov. 29–Dec. 4), selected dresses will be $99, but each subsequent week, the prices will go up $100. This means that if you see a gown you like, you should act fast!

Never been to a sample sale? Here’s what you need to know.

“Wait,” we hear you asking, “what’s a sample sale?” While many bridal boutiques run sample sales, they may be new to you if you’ve never been wedding dress shopping before (either for yourself or with a friend). Sample sales are an amazing way to find a great deal on a bridal gown, and are an especially good option if you’re planning a wedding on short notice and don’t have time to order in a new gown. That said, shopping a sample sale isn’t like your typical bridal experience. Here’s a few things you should know before you go book an appointment.

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1. The gown you buy is the gown you leave the store with.

Typically, when you go wedding dress shopping, the bridal boutique will have sample gowns for you to try on. Once you find your dress, they take your measurements and then send those in to the designer, so that your final dress can be made just for you. But in a sample sale, the gown you buy is the sample gown itself! You’ll be walking out of the store, gown in hand, no wait times necessary.

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2. Sample gowns run in a limited size range.

When boutiques order sample gowns, they’re usually trying to order dresses in a size that will be close enough for the widest range of brides possible. Bridal shops are used to clipping in sample dresses when they’re too large or using extenders in the back when they’re too small, so that brides can get a sense of what the final gown will look like.

We will have a range of sizes available during the hyper sale—from size 10 to 26.  If you are looking for our exact collection that is always on sale, you can always check out our ongoing Sale Page ( BUT, keep in mind that not all of these will be on hyper sale.

Ideally, you should be looking for a dress that already matches your size, or one that can be taken in by 2–3 sizes to fit your proportions. Trying to size down further than that will be more difficult, and it is usually not possible to size up more than one size—unless you have a very creative seamstress!

3 wedding dresses

3. Sample gowns are still great quality!

The main reason bridal shops sell sample gowns has to do with space. We can only have so many gowns in our store, so if we want to order in new sample gowns from the latest collection, we have to do something to make room. As for which gowns go on the rack, they can be anything from our most popular gowns that are starting to show signs of wear, to ones that are about to be discontinued by our designers.

We order in a lot of new dresses, which means we have quite a high turnover on our sample rack. While the dresses that go on the sample sale won’t be the newest gowns of the year, you can still expect to find dresses that follow all the latest design trends.

wedding dresses inside the boutique

4. Expect some signs of wear.

The dresses in our store get tried on by a lot of brides, and it’s impossible to keep them in perfect condition that whole time. However, we do take very good care of our gowns. We want our brides to feel beautiful when they’re trying them on, and of course we want to keep them in good condition for the sale as well.

That said, it is important to give the gown a good inspection before you buy so you can see what might need to be fixed in alterations. For instance, a dusty hemline won’t be a problem if you need to take the hem up anyway. A missing button can be replaced, or a small hole in the lace can be covered by an appliqué. You should also plan to get your dress dry cleaned so that it is as spotless as possible before you make any alterations.

5. View alterations as an opportunity!

Because sample gowns aren’t brand new (and aren’t at a brand new price), most brides will have to budget a little more for alterations than they usually would, especially if they have to take the dress in by several sizes. So, since you’re altering your dress anyway, why not use this as an opportunity to make it more your own? These alterations can also be an easy way to fix signs of wear while adding originality to the design.

For instance, you could incorporate heirloom lace from your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, add a unique pin to replace a loose or missing piece of beading, or add corset laces in the back to make alterations easier.

The White Dress Boutique

Don’t wait to book your appointment!

Sale season is expected to be a busy time for our store, so if you’re hoping to get a good deal on your dress, make your appointment now! While our bookings for WHITE Friday + Saturday are expected to fill quickly, our Sample Sale will be running all through December. If you would prefer a quieter appointment, consider booking during the week! You’ll get the same great deal on a Thursday as you would on a Saturday, and may even have better options if you beat the weekend rush! Just remember that all sales are final, and that once a sample dress is gone, it’s gone for good.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Your guide to the classic silhouettes and how to find the right style for you.

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming. Buying a gown can feel so momentous that it’s difficult to even know where to start. Fortunately, this is why we usually recommend brides begin by choosing a silhouette. Narrowing down your chosen gown by shape will immediately bring focus to your search so that you have more energy to think about other details, like the color, fabric type or overall style.

When it comes to silhouettes, there’s a lot of advice out there about what you should or shouldn’t wear based on your body shape. If these rules are helpful for you, feel free to consider them! However, you should not feel that any silhouette is “off limits” because of your figure. Often, the rules about what you can or can’t wear say more about the beauty standards of those who write them (and about what they believe should be showcased or hidden) than about what will actually look flattering on your body.

Second, despite this, almost every woman will have her own preferences when it comes to what she does or doesn’t want to emphasize—and that’s fine, too! The goal is to feel your absolute best on your wedding day. Some women feel their best when they’re pushing the limits, and others feel their best in whatever is most comfortable. You won’t feel yourself if you’re not in a zone that works for you.

All that said, we do encourage brides to keep an open mind. Time and again, we’ve seen brides try on something they never expected to wear and be absolutely blown away by how they look. If you try on a couple dresses in the silhouette that you thought would be perfect for you and nothing clicks, switch it up and take a twirl in something different. You might be in for a surprise!

ballgown long-sleeves dresses on different models

Ballgown: Dazzling and dramatic.

Does the ballgown even need an introduction? With its full skirts and cinched-in waist, it’s one of the most iconic silhouettes out there—especially for those who want to go full princess on their big day. It’s also an incredibly flattering shape for almost every body type because the volume of the skirt creates such a contrast with the more structured top.

Just because it’s a ballgown, however, doesn’t mean it has to be traditional. Sansa, for instance, is a beautiful boho ballgown featuring long lace sleeves and a low-cut illusion back. Combined with the oversized botanical lace, it’s a dress that will be a showstopper in more ways than one.

A-line dresses with deep v-neck

A-Line: Simple and classic.

Of all silhouettes, the A-line is one of the least fussy, so if your focus is on comfort, this is a good place to start. The A-line usually has a more fitted bodice, and then flares out at the natural waistline. While underskirts can add volume, it’s usually a more relaxed style than a full ballgown, while still offering some of the definition around the waist and support in the bust.

For an example of this dress in our store, we recommend Lyona, which features a deep sweetheart neckline with an illusion plunge, beaded lace appliqués, and delicate spaghetti straps.

Flowy A-line dress. Dreamy and romantic

Flowy A-Line: Dreamy and romantic.

Trends change, and currently, the flowy A-line is having a moment. More relaxed than the classic A-line, these dresses are often made of softer fabrics, like chiffon or charmeuse, or designed to feature cloud-like layers of tulle and lace. This makes them fall naturally within the boho trend, which already leans heavily on these elements.

Few dresses exemplify breezy boho better than August, one of our newest dresses from Lillian West. This gown combines the flowing lines of this silhouette with a bold geometric lace with distinct art deco vibes. We adore the off-the-shoulder sleeves for that added bit of romance.

Beautiful fit and flare dress, curvy and dynamic

Fit and Flare: Curvy and dynamic.

Some brides love the general style of the A-line, but want a slightly snugger fit through the hips. This can be a gorgeous way to bring a little more tailoring to your gown while still leaving plenty of room for movement in the skirt.

Cami is a perfect example of this silhouette. If you look closely, the placing of the lace is densest around the more closely fitted portions of the dress, and then trails away as the skirt opens. Other features we love? The deep illusion plunge and the Bardot neckline.

Trumpet dress with a long train

Trumpet: Sexy and unique.

If you want a truly figure-hugging gown, this is the style for you. A trumpet gown, also known as a “mermaid,” is fitted through the thighs before flaring dramatically at the bottom. A truly unmistakable silhouette, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a statement as you walk down the aisle.

Our current pick for this look is Tinsley—a head-turning dress if ever there was one. We adore the corsetry boning in the bodice, as well as the low scoop of the illusion backline. The beaded lace on this gown enhances the glamour, while the lace appliques trailing down to the hemline bring the romance.

Sheath dress. Elegant, simple and beautiful

Sheath: Elegant and chic.

After the drama of the above, you may be asking: what if I want something a little more minimalist? There’s no rule about sheath gowns that says they have to be plainer than others, but we do find that, with their clean lines, they are a natural fit for brides who want to be bold in their simplicity.

Wonder what we mean? Just take a look at Gina. With a slightly scooped square neckline, narrow waistband, and cloth-covered buttons running the full length of the train, this dress is a perfect example of a gown that says more with less.

Not sure what sounds best for you? Come in for a consultation.

If reading these descriptions has left you feeling like you want to try them all, we get it. There’s something to love with every option. Hopefully one of these spoke to you, but if you’re feeling like they all did, then it may be time to come on in and try them on for yourself.

Our TWD-ettes can show you each of the dresses featured above, as well as help you find a gown that feels like it was made for you. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started.