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I Just Got Engaged! When Should I Shop for My Dress?

Engagement season is between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but be careful of shopping too soon!

Between Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, the next few months mark a special season when many couples choose to take their relationships to the next level. For many newly engaged brides, the list of to-dos that lands on their plate in the immediate aftermath of announcing their plans to family and friends can quickly feel overwhelming. Of these decisions, the one they are asked most is: have you found your dress?

Wedding dress shopping is fun, so it’s no surprise that so many brides are excited to get started. But shopping too early—or before you’ve made some other major decisions—can lead to problems down the road. Here are three big things you should have pinned down before you start shopping for a wedding dress, and three decisions you can save till later.


Featured Collection: Adore by Justin Alexander

One of our favorite designers is back with gowns more stunning than ever before. Check out the latest from Adore by Justin Alexander.

As you can easily imagine, we love a good wedding! And this fall featured a spectacular one between Justin Warshaw, the President and Lead Designer of Justin Alexander, and his bride, Kelsey Anne Turchi. Of course, all of Kelsey’s looks were fabulous, and designed by the team at Justin Alexander. We thought we’d take this as an opportunity to share with you some of the latest designs we carry in our store—plus a few that evoke a similar vibe to the looks Kelsey chose for her nuptials.