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Welcome back lovelies!  It’s another fabulous edition of Bride of the Month!  We put a big emphasis on fabulous as our next bride, Cailyn, had a destination that many brides and grooms can only dream of.  We are talking about the wonderful Disney World.  Cailyn was such a fantastic bride to work with, and we loved hearing about her Disney vision every time she visited.  We also couldn’t help but swoon over Cailyn’s dress, one of our favorite wedding dresses in the shop and such a perfect match for her fairy tale venue.  Before we go on, we must give credit to the Cassie Peech & Company for the ah-mazing photos.  Now onto Cailyn and Anthony’s wedding story!


The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Body Types

Finding the best wedding dress style by body type

Your wedding day is all about you! That means everything should suit you perfectly, from the appetizers to the dress. There are some things that you likely know already about your dream wedding gown, like whether it will be traditional or modern, casual or formal. But how can you know what dress style will be the most flattering?

First of all, what is or isn’t “flattering” will partly depend on what you want to draw attention to. One woman may feel shy about her décolletage while another might prefer to flaunt it. Similarly, one woman may love her hips, while another woman may feel more self-conscious. Remember that suggestions on “flattering” styles are often designed to enhance some features and downplay others, but it’s up to you to decide which features you want to be the focus.

But even when you know what you want to emphasize, some dresses simply aren’t cut in a way that will fit that figure. That’s not your body’s fault—it’s just how the dress style was made. Choosing the right dress for your body type is less about trying to conform your body to a dress, and more about picking a dress that’s built for your body.

So, with that in mind, it’s important to remember that there are no hard-and-fast rules. However, there are certainly some general guidelines that can help you find a wedding dress style that works with your body type, and not against it.

A-Line: The universally flattering dress

Like a rosy pink blush, there is one dress style that looks good on everyone. The A-Line silhouette is the most traditional and universally flattering wedding dress style. It has a fitted bodice and a skirt that flares out to form an ‘A’ shape at the waist, which gives the style its name. It’s easy to wear and, with different details, can look either fresh and modern or romantic and traditional. The neckline also has a big impact on the look of this dress – a plunging V can make the otherwise traditional style quite sexy, while a high neckline makes the shape fit for a modern princess.

Wedding dress styles for an Hourglass

An hourglass figure is curvy but proportional, with a small waist and equally balanced hips and bust. If this describes you, you should look toward a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress that will flatter your curves. A ball gown can also look stunning by cinching in right at your waist. However, you should avoid empire waist dresses and sheath styles, which won’t give your figure enough definition or balance.

Wedding dress styles for a Pear Shape

If you have a small waist but hips that are wider than your bust, styles that highlight your waist and skim over your hips can create a balanced, proportional effect. A ball gown or A-line dress will both flatter, regardless if the skirt style is more bell shaped or flowy. Pretty details on the bodice and neckline will also help draw attention toward your face, like beading or lace applique.

More fitted styles, like trumpet or mermaid dresses, can be an option for women who love their hips, but keep in mind that you will likely need to alter the bust down after choosing a size that will work with your hips; this can be a challenge depending on the fabrication of the bodice. Also, you should avoid boxy, drop-waist styles, as these will hide your best curves.

Wedding dress styles for a Rectangle Shape

Slender women with smaller busts and slim hips can wear a variety of dress styles. The question is what look you would like to achieve. A ball-gown or trumpet style dress can create the illusion of a more curvaceous figure, while a sheath or flowy A-line dress can look elegant and understated. While you may have an enviably wide range of options, you should consider details carefully. Large embellishments, like giant ruffles or flowers, can overwhelm a slim figure.

Wedding dress styles for an Apple Shape

An apple shaped woman is fuller in the middle. The best wedding dresses for this body type create the illusion of a waist while skimming the hips and emphasizing the bust. For instance, you may find an empire waist or flowy A-line silhouette, which nips in at the narrow part of the ribs, is a good choice, as well as the classic A-line. The dramatic lines and small waist of a ball gown can also flatter, but the material and neckline matter. Depending on how they are cut, some ball gown styles can make you appear larger than you actually are, or they can pinch in places and feel uncomfortable.

Wedding dress styles for the Heart Shape

A heart-shaped woman, sometimes also called an inverted triangle, has a full bust and narrow hips. Like the pear-shaped woman, the important thing is to create a proportional look. You can try for a ball gown or an A-line dress to balance your frame. Scooping necklines can be particularly flattering on heart-shaped women, who should avoid high necked dresses. Also similar to the pear-shaped woman, if you go with a trumpet or mermaid style, be aware that you will likely need to alter the hip down to fit your shape.

Wedding dress styles for petite women

Petite women stand under 5’ 4”. They may struggle to find the best wedding dress for their body type, because some of the figure-flattering tricks that suit taller women won’t work as well on their small frames. For instance, the ball gowns that balance a pear-shaped figure, may overwhelm you.

The key for petite brides is all about where the waistline hits – too high and it will shorten you while too low can lead to a disproportionate top and bottom half.   We also recommend embracing drama on a smaller scale. For instance, an A-Line dress will have a similar feel to a ball gown on a petite woman. A sheath or flowy A-line dress with understated details will also flatter. Simple designs with fluid lines elongate the frame and help the bride stand tall.


Knowing your body type shouldn’t limit you

Finding the best wedding dress style for different body types means celebrating every bride and her unique beauty. We want every woman to shine on her wedding day and feel confident in the dress she chooses. Still, just because we can make recommendations based on our professional experience, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear the dress that you want. After all, the best wedding dress for your body type is the one that makes you feel like a beautiful bride!

11 Wedding Dress Appointment Etiquette Tips

Worried about making a social faux pas at your wedding dress appointment? Here are some tips to set your mind at ease.

If you’ve never gone shopping for a wedding dress before, you may be feeling some anxiety about your upcoming appointment. Not only are you searching for a stunning bridal gown, you’re also about to engage in one of the great wedding planning traditions. As such, it will probably be very different from any other shopping experience you’ve ever had, which is why knowing the expectations ahead of time can be a relief.

Fortunately, as intimidating as it may seem at first, being prepared for your first appointment is not as difficult as you might think. Shopping for your wedding dress can be a stressful, wonderful experience. But if you’re wondering about the correct wedding dress appointment etiquette, here are some tips to set you straight.

1. Always make an appointment.

It’s one thing to step into a bridal boutique just to take a look a quick look around in order to decide whether you want to come back later. But showing up and expecting to try on dresses without an appointment is a major lapse in etiquette. Trying on wedding dresses requires the full attention of a bridal stylist, and if they’re all busy helping other brides, they won’t be able to give you the attention you need.

If it’s a slow period (early in the morning on a Wednesday), they may still be willing to slip you in, if they aren’t already booked. But there’s no guarantee they’ll have a space, and in any case, setting an appointment is far more considerate.

2. Check with the store about their picture policy.

You may be so excited during your appointment that you want to send pictures to all your friends, but some bridal boutiques have a policy against taking pictures. This is for a few reasons: if they’re the only boutique in the area to carry a certain selection of gowns, they may not want their competitors to know what they have. Or, if they work with a designer, that label may worry about other designers imitating their style.

There’s also a more pragmatic reason some stores may not want you taking selfies: they can disrupt some of the other brides and make the occasion feel less private. So, if you want to take pictures, ask about the store’s policy when you call to book your appointment. If they’re happy for you to snap a selfie, have at it! But if they ask you not to, it’s important to respect their request.

3. Do you research (and bring pictures).

Bridal stylists want to help you find your dream dress. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’re going to have a hard time pulling selections that match your tastes! So, before you go to your first appointment, look through some bridal magazines or create a Pinterest board of your favorite styles. You will have so many styles to choose from that narrowing your choices down to a silhouette or a fabric choice can go a long way.

4. Dress appropriately.

Undergarments are important for your appointment. Your stylist will be helping you in and out of the wedding dresses, so you want to be sure your underwear isn’t anything you would feel embarrassed to be seen wearing. Shaping undergarments such as Spanks are also important, as they will affect the way a dress looks on you.

5. Be on time, and be respectful of your appointment slot.

Most boutiques will put you down for an hour and a half appointment when you call to book, and they will probably have brides booked after you. Because of this, if you arrive late, they probably won’t be able to extend your appointment. So, to get the most from your experience, be punctual and respect the limitations of your appointment.

6. Don’t hide your budget.

Some brides avoid disclosing their budget under the misapprehension that their stylist is trying to convince them to spend more than they had planned. Instead, the truth is the total opposite! Your stylist wants to help you find a dress you’re happy with, and if they push you toward something beyond your budget, it’s only likely to end badly for both of you.

Trust your stylist to be working in your best interest, and be honest about your budget. If you have some flexibility—wonderful. But if there’s a hard limit to what you can afford, let your stylist know so she can guide you to dresses that meet your budget.

7. Give feedback (politely).

While we’re on the subject of honesty, let your stylist know what you think of her selections. From her perspective, there’s nothing worse than pulling dress after dress and receiving a blank response or a bland “it’s nice.” Let her know what you do and don’t like about the dresses she pulls, and it will help her find something closer to what you want.

At the same time, there’s no need to be overly critical of the dresses. The gown you just called “ugly” in the middle of the shop may be the dress the bride next to you has been dying to try on. Remember that everybody’s tastes are different, and that you can express your own without tearing someone else’s down.

8. Eat something!

Never try to go wedding dress shopping when you’re hungry. You may be trying to keep a slim profile for your appointment, but if you skip breakfast you’re likely to feel too exhausted and hangry to make a good decision. Instead, come prepared: eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a small snack in case you start feeling tired. You’ll have a better experience if you keep your energy up.

9. Let your stylist select the dresses.

When you first walk into a store full of beautiful gowns, it’s tempting to want to start pulling them off the racks to try them on. Resist the temptation! Bridal stores are full of dresses, and stylists need to keep them organized. Instead, trust your stylist to find the dress that matches your tastes, and don’t start browsing yourself unless invited.

10. Respect the other brides in the store.

Remember that you’re not the only bride with an appointment. Everyone in the store is facing the same decision you are, and everyone wants their shopping experience to feel magical. So, while you should feel excited about your experience and finding your dress, also be considerate of those around you. Make sure to mention the same to anyone coming with you so that they know not to stir up too much commotion in the store.

11. Enjoy your experience!

Finally, remember that shopping for your wedding dress is meant to be a beautiful, wonderful experience. Set your fears aside and keep in mind that your stylist is there to make you feel comfortable. Wedding dress shopping etiquette is there to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and to help your appointment go as smoothly as possible. So don’t have fun and enjoy yourself! You may be about to find your perfect dress.


Welcome back to another fabulous edition of The White Dress Bridal – Bride of the Month!  We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we last saw our next BOTM, Paula.  She was a wonderful bride to work with all the way from finding the perfect wedding dress through alterations to wishing her the best of luck and congratulations when she took her dress just days before the big day!  We were so happy when we saw Paula’s application to be the next BOTM in the mail.  Plus the wedding photos…  who wouldn’t want to have a Northern Michigan wedding?!  Going from the beach to the woods all in one day sounds like a blast and made for some truly amazing photos.  Speaking of the amazing photos, we have to give all the credit to Meg of Paxton Photography.  Now onto Paula and Christopher’s wedding day!


How Do You Decide Who to Invite Wedding Dress Shopping?

Wedding dress shopping: should you go solo, or bring all your bridesmaids?

You’ve said “yes,” set the big date, and now you’re ready to find the prefect dress. It’s an exciting time for any bride, and wedding dress shopping is often a highlight of their wedding planning experience.

But as eager as the bride is to find the gown of her dreams, it’s common for her friends and family to want to join her for the experience as well. With so many people hoping to come with you on your journey, how do you choose who to bring?

Selecting the group for your wedding dress appointment can be tricky, but it’s important to have just the right people with you as you try on dresses. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind when inviting guests.

Forget about should: what do you want?

First of all, don’t feel pressured into bringing anyone along if you don’t actually want them there. This is especially true if someone in your group has strong opinions and isn’t on board with the style you’ve chosen for your wedding; they may spend more time arguing against your choices than being supportive.

Similarly, you may have friends or family who want to join in just to be a part of it. Even if they love every dress you try on, having so many people in the room can change the mood of the occasion. Maybe you just wanted to bring a small group of one or two people, but your cousin has invited herself and half your bridal party expect to come as a matter of course. It’s OK to politely draw a line and let your entourage know there will be other occasions to celebrate, but this one needs to be small.

Talk to your boutique about how many people they can accommodate.

Of course, if you are planning to bring a very large number of people with you while you go dress shopping, you should probably ask your boutique how many they can accommodate. Most bridal salons expect the bride to bring one to three people with them on their appointment, and a larger crowd can be an unexpected challenge to the store, and could even cause problems for other brides.

If you’re planning on bringing a larger group with you, ask about arrangements when you call to make your appointment. If the boutique only has limited space, you may have no choice but to choose your entourage carefully. However, with advance notice, the shop may be able to fit you in on a day with fewer appointments, and can arrange to have a few extra chairs brought in so your group isn’t left standing.

Save the entourage for another appointment type.

That said, large groups are best saved for other occasions. You may find it easier to make your decision with fewer people around. If you want to give your entire bridal party a chance to see your dress, think about bringing them back once you’ve ordered it for a celebratory “this is my dress!” appointment. You could also set up an appointment to pick out bridesmaids’ dresses where you also hang out in your gown. This will give your girls time to enjoy the shopping experience with you, while also giving them something to try on as well.

Is there someone you need to be present to make your big decision?

Some brides, to avoid the above scenario, go bridal dress shopping on their own. Doing so certainly cuts down on the crossfire from conflicting input, and many brides feel it helps them stay true to their vision, rather than making a choice to please someone else.

However, if you know you can’t make a decision without input from a specific person, it is better to bring that person with you on your first trip rather than ask them to come back once you’ve narrowed down your dress choices. It can be difficult to recreate that overwhelming sense of wonder, excitement, and giddiness you feel when you look into the mirror and see yourself in your wedding gown for the first time. If that’s a moment you’ve always wanted to share with your mom, your sister, or your best friend, have that person with you.

The golden rule of thumb: do what makes you most comfortable.

Trying on your wedding gown for the first time and knowing it’s “the one” is an unforgettable experience. But making the final choice is a big moment, and many brides struggle to make a confident decision when there are too many conflicting opinions in the room. So, do what it takes to make your experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Whether that means coming along, with your grandma and maid of honor, or with a small group of close friends, the choice is yours.