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A Bride is Never Fully Dressed without her Bridesmaids (Part Two)

Written by: Alek

Are you ready for Round Two?  Good, cause I am too!  In the first part of this series, we chatted about some of the different ways to make your bridesmaids look fabulous on your big day.  Now, we are going to delve into a little bit more creativity – so let’s get to it!

Patterns and Prints

If you are looking for something even a little more diverse than just varying colors and shades and style of dresses, how about mixing in some patterns?!  Though it may not be the look that every bride is seeking, it is definitely worth trying if you are even a teensy bit curious.  A small flowered pattern on a light sundress can be a wonderful addition to an outdoor wedding.

{A perfectly patterned look.  Photo credit here.}

{A fabulous stripe can give you a preppy look.}

{Lovely patterns in a row. Photo credit here.}

The key to this look is to keep the pattern cohesive and coordinated; if you go with too many different bold prints or colors it could become too busy.

Fashion Forward

If you are a girl that likes what you see on the runway, then maybe it is time to think of your wedding aisle as your very own runway!  Bright colors, dresses with fun details, and added accessories can really take your big day to the next level; plus you can all let your inner fashonistas shine through.

{Looking fab in an array of colors, textures, and accessories.  Love!  Photo credit here.}

Some words of advice though: be careful while putting this look together to make sure that you do not go too over board.  (Of course, we totally understand that there are so many fun things in the fashion world that it would be easy to give your girls a little bit of everything; just be sure to give it your best style editor eye.)

{Love the fashionists here!  Photo credit here.}

The bridesmaid dresses below have one simple thing in common – they are simple dresses yet still unique in style.  This makes them more like a blank canvas so it is easy to add some funky fashion flair!

{Super. cute. tights.  Photo credit here.}

Bridesmaid Accessories

So maybe all of these creative ideas are leaving you feeling stressed and confused even though you really do crave a little uniqueness in the overall look.  If this sounds like you, don’t fret – you can still have your girls wear the same dress.   But, how about allowing each girl to express her own personality through accessories?  I mean, what girl doesn’t like a fun pair of shoes, a headband or a unique pair of earrings?  So how is this done you may wonder?  One way to achieve this look is to assign each maid a different accessory (necklace, clutch, flower pin, bouquet, etc.) and have her find it in the color of your choosing.

{What a fun look!  Photo credit here.}

{Very unique!  Photo credit here.}

Or, maybe the girls could all wear the same piece of jewelry but in a variety of coordinating wedding colors.  This creates a cohesive look (yay – less stress!) while still letting your maids add their own personal touch (yay – creativity!).

{Simple and creative.  Photo credit here.}

Remember – at the end of your big day, you want to feel like everything was how you dreamed it would be.  So don’t worry about adhering to nonexistent bridesmaid dress rules. Your wedding should show off your style –from your colors and flowers to your venue and yes, even through your bridesmaids!  Just make sure to have fun during the process – these are the girls that will be by your side on your wedding day.  And what better way to thank them than giving them a great dress and look?!


So, in conclusion of this two part series – the options are endless!  I hope that you have harnessed some ideas to make your bridesmaids look perfect and compliment you on your day.  Oh, and don’t forget that your friends at The White Dress are here to help you every step of the sometimes complicated way!