Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

Calling All Brides: Stella York Trunk Show Coming Up

We’re hosting a preview trunk show for Stella York on July 17th & 18th. Here’s what you need to know!

We have exciting news for brides in the southeast Michigan area: this summer, we are proud to be hosting a trunk show featuring dresses from the Stella York design label. This is a special opportunity for brides to come see dresses straight off the runway, before they become available to the public. And brides who are ready to say “yes” on the day might even walk away with a completely unique dress!

Sounds fantastic, right? It is, and we encourage all brides who are planning February 2021 weddings and later to come in and take a look. Here’s everything you need to know.

What should I know about Stella York?

Launched in 2013, Stella York is a line of gowns from Essence of Australia that embody drama and glamour. These designs have won awards around the world for their fresh take on red carpet looks and the attention to detail that goes into every design feature. These are gowns that will make you feel like the star of the show while also satisfying your free-spirited, adventurous side.

One of the amazing benefits of going to a trunk show is seeing a full line from a designer you truly love. We recommend you take a look at the collection of Stella York gowns we carry in our store. If you’re in love with the style, this is a trunk show you cannot miss.

What are trunk shows?

Trunk shows are exclusive events where a designer will bring a collection of gowns to a select number of locations so that brides can take a closer look at their full range. This may include gowns that haven’t been released yet, as well as gowns from previous seasons that are no longer available.

Most bridal boutiques don’t carry the full selection of gowns from every designer, so this is a chance for brides to try on a dress that might not be available later. If the designer is at the trunk show, it can also be an opportunity to talk about customizations in greater detail.

What makes a preview trunk show different?

A preview trunk show is even more unique than the standard variety. In a preview show, the designers are bringing their newest line of gowns straight from the runway and testing them out on audiences as they refine the collection. Stella York typically starts each collection with 50–80 gowns, and then brings them around to a few select locations to get direct feedback from brides.

We’re one of thirty hand-selected stores in the United States that will have this opportunity! Brides will have a chance to try on dresses that may never appear in the final collection. We’ll be gathering their feedback about the dresses, and the designers will use that input to cut and rework dresses before the next trunk show.

What that means is that if a bride finds her dream dress and says yes on the day of the trunk show, she could end up with an exclusive gown! However, brides must be ready to make their decisions on the day of their appointment, as the dresses will only be available to try on that weekend.

What size dresses will I be able to try on?

The sample size for most designer dresses for this trunk show is more limited than our regular sample size range in the shop.  However, we still do encourage all brides to come in to take a look, as the dresses can be made in a full spectrum of sizes.

When will my dress arrive?

One misunderstanding we sometimes have from brides who come to trunk shows is the belief that they will be walking away with the exact dress they tried on. This isn’t the case. While you’re trying on test gowns, you won’t be purchasing them off the hanger. In fact, because of where this falls in the design process, you may have to wait a little longer than usual to have your dress made.

We recommend brides plan on about seven months before their dress will arrive after the order is placed.  After that, they’ll still need to budget time for fittings and alterations. This means that if your wedding is in 2020, you won’t have time to order from this trunk show.  However, brides planning on a wedding in February 2021 or later will have plenty of time.

A trunk show is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new collection and maybe even find a one-of-a-kind dress!

Preview trunk shows are a special chance for brides to be part of the design process. They’re unlike any other bridal event, and give brides a special story to tell about how they found their dream dress.

However, as we said before, if you are hoping to find your gown at a trunk show, you should be prepared to say yes on the day. If your mom, sister, or best friend, absolutely have to be there for you to make your decision, invite them to come along and get prepared by discussing themes, silhouettes, and dream details.

And one final note: these shows fill up fast, so get ready to book your appointment slot today. We can’t wait to see you in our store!