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We are super excited to be back showcasing another real TWD bride in this latest edition of TWD’s Bride of the Month.  Paige was wed last January and wore one of our favorite gowns for a winter wedding.  Every time Paige came into our Bridal shop Michigan, she was as calm as could be…and very, very excited to be getting married to her best friend.  She was a true joy to work with and we loved seeing her big day came to life in this BOTM!

And one final note, all the photos in the post below are compliments and work of Lori Taylor of LA’s Photography.  So without further ado, let’s commence Paige’s story!

Paige 5

{Meet Paige.}

As a former bride, what advice would you give to future brides?

Just relax and remember the real reason for your big day!  In today’s world of Pinterest, Google, and the seemingly millions of different ideas floating around the Internet, sometimes it is easy to forget what they day is all about!  Don’t forget about the reason behind the celebration – love!

Paige 9

{We adore this moment.  Mom helps the bride get dressed.}

Paige 8

{Father and daughter.}

Paige 2

{Love, love, love!}

Paige 3

{What can we say?  We LOVE shoes…especially these!}

Now onto another aspect of wedding planning…what was the most difficult part?

I would say that the most difficult part of wedding planning for me was setting priorities.  I sometimes found myself getting caught up in tiny details rather than major tasks.  It is so important to remember what the day is all about!

Paige 31

{Some of the details.}

Paige 32

{This dessert spread is making us hungry…yum-o!}

What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

My favorite part of the process was getting to showcase our style and highlight the most important aspects of our lives.  We loved finding ways to add our own personal touch, such as favorite foods or old photographs.

Paige 29

{Pretty florals.}

Paige 30

{More pretty florals.}

Paige 36

{The rings.}

Ok, now onto your man!  How did the two of you meet?

Well, Matt had been my brother’s friend for years, but we actually met on an annual canoe trip in Roscommon, MI.  We always joke that if he could fall for me after three days of camping in the hot July heat, we could conquer anything!

Paige 16

{The ceremony begins.}

We know it is near impossible to choose…but what was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

As cliche as it may sound, the moment I saw Matt at the end of the aisle is a moment I will never forget!  Any of the nervous feelings I had just melted away and I was completely at ease.  The tears began to fall and in that moment, I knew that love is truly the most magical feeling and I am so lucky to share that feeling with my best friend!  It was, by far, the happiest moment of my life to date.

Paige 12

Paige 13

{Kissing the bride.}

Paige 20

{Ringing the bell together!}

Paige 26

{Mr. and Mrs.}

If you could do your day all over again, would you have done anything differently?

Yes!  I would have focused much more on Matt and I.  There was so much happening on our wedding day, that it was very easy to get sidetracked.  I wish I had taken a few more moments to truly appreciate just being together.

Paige 19

{A moment together.}

Paige 15Paige 17

{The bride and her girls.}

Paige 10

{The groom and his men.}

Paige 18

{With the littlest members of the bridal party.}

Paige 34

{Dancing with Dad.}

Paige 33

{Cake time!}

Ok, so now onto one of our favorite parts of the wedding – how did you know that your “white dress” was the one?

 I tried on many dresses in all of the different styles, but my “white dress” was the only one that brought me to tears!  The second I saw myself in my dress, I knew it was the one I would be wearing when I said “I do”!  And even though my future husband had absolutely no idea what my dress looked like, he said the second he saw me walking down the aisle, it was exactly how he imagined I would look!

Paige 1

 {Paige’s white dress.}

Paige 41

{Love this photo of the dress!  And the bride and groom!}

Paige 23

{Best friends.}

 So we have to know – why did you want to be a TWD Bride of the Month?

During my wedding planning, TWD became a sanctuary for me.  I felt so relaxed and had such an amazing experience with every visit!  I really felt like my dress had absorbed some of the TWD energy and helped me to relive that same feeling on my wedding day!  Plus,  I wanted to share what an amazing day we had, and hopefully inspire your future brides-to-be!

Thanks for your kind words, Paige!  We can only hope our future brides will get some of that energy too!  

Paige 21

 {Love sweet love!}

Paige 24

{Congratulations to Paige and Matt!}

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