Sample Sale Announcement + White Friday & Saturday!

Sample Sale Announcement + White Friday & Saturday!

Winter sale season is here. Stop into our boutique to check out our Sample Sale (November 16th–27th) PLUS our White Friday & Saturday sale (November 26th-27th only)!

We can hardly believe 2021 is nearly over, but with the close of the year we’re running two exciting sales to kick off the holiday season. The coming weeks are a big shopping season, and who doesn’t love finding a bargain?

This is especially true for brides on a budget. Wedding dresses are expensive, and sometimes that means brides have to make difficult decisions. But a sale means your budget can stretch just a little farther, putting your perfect dress just within reach. There’s a lot of opportunities this month to find your wedding gown, so schedule your appointment while slots last!

Sample Sale: November 16th–27th

First off, we’re excited to announce our latest Sample Sale, which will be running through November 27th. Sample dresses are ones we order into the store at the beginning of a season for our brides to try on. But as the end of a season nears, we need to clear out our inventory to make way for the next round of designs.

The good news for our brides is that we offer deeper discounts than usual on these gowns. Plus, because designers discontinue their old designs after a certain period, this may be your last chance to find a classic dress from one of your favorite designers. Finally, we sell sample dresses off the rack, so if you’re looking for a dress on a short timeline, this is an opportunity to still have a classic wedding dress.

White Friday & Saturday Sale: November 26th-27th

Next up, we know that the days directly after Thanksgiving are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. That’s why we’re hosting our WHITE Friday & Saturday sale, where every bride gets $150 off ordered gowns. (Note: Does not apply to Sample Sale gowns, which are off the rack, but our Sample Sale will still be going on, so you can still get a great discount!)

Schedule an appointment with us to break up a busy day of shopping! What better way to start the holidays than finding your wedding gown.

Sales are a great time to score a deal, but if you’re not ready to make a decision, just come and enjoy the experience!

One of the joys of running a bridal shop is being part of our brides’ big day. We love listening to our brides, consulting with them about the best style, and guiding them toward a gown that will make them feel perfect as they walk down the aisle.

But we also know there are big emotions attached to that decision. Sometimes, amidst all the expenses of wedding planning, finding a gown at just the right price point can be a big win—just a little bit of savings to help put your mind at ease. But other times, the pressure to find a good deal can leave a bride feeling conflicted. No bride wants to feel like they chose their gown just because it was on sale.

That’s why we at The White Dress are absolutely committed to making our space a “pressure free” zone. We want you to be able to come in and shop our sales to your heart’s content, but if you aren’t ready to make your decision, you are still free to walk away and come back later.

Sometimes, you need to try on a few dresses to know what you really want. If you find your dream dress at one of our sales, then everyone wins! And if you need longer to think about it, come in and enjoy the big start to the holiday season. That’s a win, too.