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A Bride is Never Fully Dressed Without Her Bridesmaids (Part One)

Written by: Alek

So you have the ring and the dress – yay!   Now it is time to find something to accent not only you, but also your whole wedding….the bridesmaid dresses! And while a wedding is full of traditions, having all your bridesmaids in matching dresses is not one you have to adhere to if you don’t want to. Your bridesmaids can act as another accent piece to your wedding. (Who says your closest friends and family can’t be your wedding “accessories”?!)  At The White Dress, our goal is to make them look good, no matter the overall look you are going for.

So here is my advice –don’t be afraid to go bold with your bridesmaids!  (I mean, it is impossible to outshine the bride in her perfect white dress!)  As an experienced bridesmaid I have worn a multitude of dress styles so I thought it would be fun to share all the bridesmaid dress possibilities.  And because there are so many fun options, we decided to break this up into a series of blog posts!  So get ready to get your creative juices flowing!

Same Color, Different Dresses

If you want to keep things looking uniform but also want to let your bridesmaids’ personalities shine, you can achieve this by having all your girls in the same color but different dress styles.

{Recognize this bride?  Our very first Bride of the Month!  Photo credit to Kai Heeringa Photography.}

To make sure you get the colors to match perfectly, it is best to find a designer and a fabric you like.  (Many of our brides love our Alfred Sung collection for that very reason!  Check it out here.)  From there you can tell your bridesmaids to pick any style they like within those restrictions. This look allows for the consistency of your wedding colors but shows off your girls’ personalities.

{We like this combo too – and…they are from the Alfred Sung collection.  Photo credit here.}

And another bonus – because they picked the dress style, they may even have a chance to wear the dress again!

Different Colors, Different Dresses

There is no rule that says all bridesmaids must wear the same color dress.  So unless it is something you want for your day (a bride’s prerogative, of course!) why not let your girls wear various shades of a color you prefer?

{A lovely array of blues.  Photo credit here.}

Feel free to let your girls pick out a dress that shows off their personality.  Because you are after an array of the same color, fabric choice does not matter. If one of your girls prefers chiffon while another likes satin – these two distinct textures just add to the unique look of your overall bridal party.

{An array of pinks, with varying fabrics.  Photo credit here.}

Keep in mind that you may want to take a look at color swatches once girls start picking their dresses to make sure that you have the right amount of light and dark shades being worn to keep things from looking askew.

 {Greens!  So pretty.  Photo credit here.}

{Grays, a classic neutral combo.  Photo credit here.}

{Ok, ok.  We know this photo has been on blogland forevs.  But we love it.  Photo credit here.}

So what do you think?  Are you the bride who is ready to go bold with her bridesmaid dresses?  If so, get ready for some even more creativity in the next post.  Until next time!