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We couldn’t be more excited to be back with another gorgeous TWD Bride of the Month!  And trust us, this wedding was worth the wait.  After all, you are about to be immersed in some of those dreamy wintry wedding photos that we here at TWD just can’t get enough of!  (So we are warning you now – be prepared to swoon a little.)

And before we begin, we have to give credit where credit is due.  All the ah-mazing images you are about to see were shot by the talented John and Maura of Stoffer Photography.


{See?  So much wintry gorgeousness!}

So, back to it – Kori was one of our very first brides – and we can hardly believe that she is offficially a Mrs. now!  Oh how time flies…

{Meet Kori.}

Kori and Joe got married on a wonderful wintry day in December.  And with any bride who gets married in Michigan – you just never know what the weather will be like!  But luckily for Kori and Joe – their winter wedding was showcased beautifully with the snow of the season!

{Love sweet – and snowy – love.}

So, we have to ask – how did you and Joe meet?

Well, it is a long story…filled with lots of strange coincidences, but a long story short – we actually met on E-Harmony.  We both feel so lucky to have found each other!  We have so much in common that it is sad to think we might never have met.

Yay for true love and fate!  So, what was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

I know it sounds totally cliche, but saying our vows and getting announced for the first time as a married couple was so touching to both of us!  It was kind of the culmination of all of the hard work and planning that went into our wedding day.  Saying those words and being official made absolutely everything worth it!

{Here comes the bride!}

{Exchanging rings.}

{The kiss.}

{Officially Mr. and Mrs.}

And if I could pick another memorable moment – dancing to “Shout!” with all of our friends and family with our band was pretty sweet as well.  They played the extended version of the song and I am fairly certain that my Grandmother lost a shoe mid-jump!  A wonderful memory, for sure!

So, back to the beginning – what was the most difficult part of wedding planning?

I think that is a tie between choosing the reception location and the invitations.  The invitations were a stressor because we accidentally forgot to put in one piece of the invitation in the envelope – after we had already licked them shut.  So we ended up having to steam each envelope over a pot of boiling water to re-open each envelope.  Grrr, it was a pretty ridiculous fiasco!

{See the wedding day bliss here?  It makes all the wedding planning stress worth it!}

And the best part of wedding planning?

My favorite part was getting to pick out all the little details that made our wedding uniquely “us”.  We did some DIY crafts – they were special to Joe and I.

{Such stunning flowers.}

{Love the little signs on top!}

Let’s hear more about your wedding!  If you could re-live the day, what would you have done differently?

I would have worn comfier shoes – beauty does not have to be pain!  I think I would have also gone for a little jog or something the morning of the wedding.  You have so many emotions the day of…nerves, excitement, curiosity, and trying to remember those vows…I think a little decompressing workout the morning of the wedding would have been helpful.

{The infamous shoes.  Cute, but maybe not so comfy…}

{Mom and sisters help Kori get ready for the day!}

{The lovely bow.}

{Checking herself out as a bride!}

Good advice!  What other advice would you give to future brides?

Well, everyone says this…and I am sure it is a perspective thing…but seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Everything comes together in the end, and you will probably not notice the almonds in the salad or whether the flowers were mint green versus pistachio green.

{Hmmm, are the greens in the bouquet pistachio green or mint green?}

Another bit of advice – be sure to dance a BUNCH with your new husband!  You will definitely remember time spent together…so keep the focus on on your new love and the start of your new life!

{Enjoying the first dance.}

{The dip.}

Oh, and enjoy every step in the process, especially the dress hunting – TWD makes it a lot of fun!

{Kori and her girls.}

{Another one of those gorgeous winter scenes.  It makes just walking completely swoon-worthy!}

Speaking of wedding dresses, how did you know that yours was “the one”?

I just felt pretty in it!  It was fresh, form-fitting and had a few touches of vintage that I had wanted.  My mom and siblings helped quite a bit with narrowing choices down.  My brother was always the first to tell me when a dress was not for me.

{The bride and groom on the move.}

{Squeezing into the car!}

{Walking to their reception at the Howell Opera House.}

{How stunning is this photo?  We are loving the lights!}

And we have to know – why did you want to become a TWD Bride of the Month?

Because the staff at TWD truly were a special part of our day.  They made everyone in our wedding feel beautiful, important, and cared for.  Not a singe detail was left untouched.  Thanks TWD!

{This is wedding day bliss… captured in a photo.}

{Sigh.  Gorgeous bride and groom.  Gorgeous winter backdrop.  Oh. so. pretty!}

Many congratulations Joe and Kori!


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