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Are you ready for another TWD Bride of the Month?  We sure are – so let us introduce you to Lindsay!  When Lindsay first visited The White Dress, Brighton Bridal Boutique, she came with a large entourage filled with wonderful friends and family – it was a super fun appointment in which she said yes to her fabulous sparkly, ruffly, and all-girly gown!  We also got the opportunity to outfit her bridesmaids, who wore all different dresses by Alfred Sung in the same color and fabric.  (Love showcasing each girl’s personality and style, don’t you?!)  It was always a fun time when Lindsay came to The White Dress, so we were super excited when she came back a few months ago with one of her recently engaged friends.  Lindsay is proof that when you become a TWD bride, you are always welcome back at The Brighton Bridal Boutique!  Ok, let’s get this feature started!  (Please note that all images are by Timeless Expressions Photography.)

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{Meet Lindsay.}


{See?!  We told you her gown was sparkly, ruffly, girly goodness!}

So tell us, how did you meet your man?

It was a random week night about six years ago.  I was out to eat at a restaurant with some friends and I noticed Brian who was out with his guy friends.  I remember thinking, “I don’t know who that is, but I need to meet him!”  After that, a mutual friend introduced us and he asked me out the next day.  The rest is history!  I am SO glad I decided to go out that fateful Thursday night.


{We can NOT resist the shoe shot!}

On to the wedding, what was your most favorite part of wedding planning?

I really enjoyed all of the wedding planning, so my favorite “part” was watching the day come together.  I have so many great wedding planning memories with Brian and also my friends and family – everyone was just so supportive – it was great!  Of course, finding my dress was, by far, the most special memory during wedding planning.


{A close up of the earrings.}

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{Getting dressed for the big day with Mom!}

So speaking of your wedding dress, how did you know it was “the one”?

For me, it was easy!  As soon as I put it on, I just knew – with the sparkles and the tulle – it had me written all over it!  Of course, then the tears started rolling in – happy tears of course – from me and my mom and my friends…it just sealed the deal.  There was no question that this dress was the one for me!

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{Lindsay and her maids.}

What did you find to be the most difficult part of wedding planning?

Well, we hired a wedding planner who made this whole process a complete breeze, so I can’t say that anything was too difficult.  But maybe narrowing down the guest list – that was certainly a challenge because we didn’t want to leave anyone out, but we couldn’t invite everyone either.

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{The wedding begins.}

TEP 2-88

{The vows.}

TEP 2-134

{The kiss.}

TEP 2-189

{The ring bearer needed some sweet persuasion during the ceremony!}

So what advice do you have to offer future brides?

Relax and enjoy!  It all works out in the end.  Be sure to take a moment or two on your wedding day to stop and look around.  (Absorb all the love!)  And finally, don’t delay the planning!  If the budget allows, hire a planner – that really helped me with the stress!  Oh and one more thing – have family leave you messages on a video that you can watch later.  Since the day goes by so fast, you don’t always have the opportunity to have a long conversation with all of your guests.  So capturing their advice and words on our actual wedding day was just so special!

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{The bridal party.}

TEP 3-66

{Love those first kisses as Mr. and Mrs.!}

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{The party begins!}

TEP 4 (37)

{The happy new couple!}

If you could relive your day all over again (if only!), what would you do differently?

I would have had another person/friend video tape some of our day.  We had an awesome videographer but there were just some moments that I wish were captured!

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{Hesitantly giving the first bite.  I think the cake smashing ensued shortly after this!}

TEP 4 (149)

{Toast time!}


{The cake topper.}


{Brian and Lindsay’s wedding tree.}


{A meaningful bouquet charm.}

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

So many!  I feel so blessed to have had my parents around to share in this day with me!  And speaking of loved ones, I loved having all of my relatives in town for our day – we are a close family and we just don’t have the opportunity to be all together very often.  Another fun memory is that my girlfriends surprised me with a “special dance” from my bachelorette party – an inside joke, but it was really fun!  And of course the tearful moments were memorable as well – I loved seeing Brian cry (he’s so sensitive it melts my heart).  And I loved dancing with my Dad – the song we danced to (Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong) still makes me cry every time I hear it!

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{The first dance.}

TEP 4 (160)

{Cherishing the moment.}

TEP 4 (170)

{Look at that dress!  This photo showcases the bustled train perfectly!}

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{The bride and her father have a tearful dance.}

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{Bride and groom have a chance to relax.}

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{Bouquet toss.}

TEP 4 (258)

{Finding the garter!}

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{Love little girls at weddings!  How adorable is this?}

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{Dancing with the bride!}

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{The groomsmen celebrate!}

And finally, why did you want to be a TWD Bride of the Month?

I feel honored to be one of TWD’s brides!  And I love being able to represent yet another bride who loved every part of the wedding process!  And of course because I had the prettiest dress ever!  (Just kidding!  Kind of.)  🙂

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{Congratulations Lindsay and Brian!}

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