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Welcome to another installment of TWD’s Bride of the Month!  We are excited to share with you real TWD, wedding gown boutique Michigan bride, Teri’s, gorgeous wedding day!  Teri was a TWD “original” bride – meaning she purchased her dress with us in our very first year as a bridal boutique…oh the love that we have for those girls!  {Sorry to digress, but we have to share the love when it’s due!}  And one more final note – all the images below were taken by the wonderful Matt Mollan of Mollan Photography.  So now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Teri 21

{Meet Teri.}

So first let’s chat about your dress!  How did you know it was the one?

Well, my mom and I come from a long line of indecisiveness…and picking out a wedding dress wasn’t any different.  But after I put on my dress my mom made the comment that she didn’t think I needed to try any other dresses.  That was my sign that I had found the dress!  Also, just wanting to wear my dress around the house for fun is another sign that you picked the right one.

Teri 17

{The dress!  A closeup of the train.}

Teri 16

{Don’t you just love buttons on the back of dresses?  We do!}

Teri 13

{Putting the dress on…}

Teri 14

{…and the shoes!}

Teri 20

{The complete look.}

Now onto your man… how did you meet your Mr.?

Just like most couples, we met in college.  Chris and I both attended Oakland University and met through some mutual classes we had together.  We both majored in business and we were in the same minors program…so our paths kept crossing!

Teri 11

{The beautiful wedding decor.}

Teri 24

{Walking down the aisle.}

Teri 5

{Part of the wedding ceremony.}

What was your favorite and most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Well…there were so many great moments that I hope to never forget, but one in particular was when Chris was saying his vows.  He unintentionally emphasized the last word … “when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.”  The entire room erupted in laughter!

Teri 25

{Sealed with the kiss.}

Teri 26

{It’s official!}

 If you could relive your wedding day again (if only!), what would you do differently?

Nothing!  Everything was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every single moment of the day.  It really is a shame how fast the day goes!

Teri 8

{The new Mr. and Mrs.!}

Teri 9

 {A great view of Oak Pointe Country Club, where the wedding was held.}

 What advice would you give to future brides?

A couple things actually!  First, start planning as early as possible.  Second, always read vendor reviews.  They can speak volumes about a business’s quality and professionalism.  I’d also say, don’t worry about all of the little details…sometimes it is what it is.  And lastly, don’t do something just because it is tradition or it is what everyone else is doing.  We chose cookies over cake and we mixed things up by doing away with the grand entrance and bouquet and garter toss.  Your wedding day should be about you as a couple, so make it your own!

Teri 32

{As noted above, they chose cookies instead of cake.}

Teri 7

 {The bridal party.}

Teri 6

 {The bride gets a lift from the boys.}

Teri 18

{The girls.}

Teri 22

{The boys.}

Teri 12

{The bride’s gorgeous bouquet.}

 What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

Dress shopping of course!  Shopping for my prom and homecoming dresses was always a blast.  I would go with my sisters and we always enjoyed those experiences.  Dress shopping for my wedding dress was, not surprisingly, even more exciting!  My own “The White Dress experience” was perfect.  The atmosphere of the store was perfect and it made the shopping experience one to remember.  The dress I chose was perfect for me and the TWD team did a wonderful job assisting me in finding my dress and making it a perfect fit!

Teri 29

Teri 28

{Love is sweet.}

What was the most difficult part of your wedding planning process?

Oh, the guest list – hands down.  Trying to please all parties without hurting any feelings was a challenge.  However, after lots of planning and arranging and discussing, it turned out well.

Teri 27

 {Enjoying the sweet moments as a newly married couple!}

Teri 31

{A little alone time.}

Teri 10

{A sunset smooch.}

Why do you want to be a TWD Bride of the Month?

One of my favorite memories of the entire wedding planning experience was dress shopping with my mom at The White Dress.  I was so excited and thought about my dress for months!  In the weeks leading up to the wedding I would find myself wandering around my parent’s house in my perfect dress trying to get an idea of how I would look and feel on the big day!  I still adore my dress and if given the chance, I would wear it all over again!  I hope every bride enjoys her day as much as I enjoyed mine!

Teri 30

{Congratulations Teri and Chris!}

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