painting sticks

TWD Construction Phase 4 : Painting!

Written by: Kristy

It is getting brighter and more colorful at The White Dress these days!  (Yay!)  And as I have already stated, I am such a visual person, so I am sure you can imagine just how exciting it was to paint the interior walls!  I was so excited, in fact, that I decided to post a fun little visual for you all.  You see, as we drained one paint can after another, we decided to keep a running tally of paint cans.  And as the shop bloomed, it was both rewarding and fun to see our little paint stack grow! So, I wanted to share the fun with with you too.

And just for full disclosure – these are only some of the paint cans we used for the interior painting.  Which, of course does not even consider all the paint cans we used for outside the building.  And of course, no paint cans were harmed in the making of the above video.   (Sorry, the corny joke lover in me had to do it…)

Lastly, a huge giant extra big THANKS to my Aunt for helping me out in this extremely large paint project!  Without her expert help, I would have probably ended up in a tizzy covered in more paint than I was already covered in.  (And trust me, I was already covered in paint.  So yes, I am extremely thankful!)