finishing touches

TWD Construction Phase 6: The ( Almost ) Finishing Touches

Written by: Kristy

Things are changing quickly around TWD these days.  I can’t believe it has only been a few weeks since my last post with the mega-changes around the shop!  I must say that the finishing touches of a renovation project are – by far – the best part.  It is really starting to come together!

Here are some photos of the progress this week:

First, we had a bunch of our furniture arrive!

{Here are the delivery guys – who by the way, did not really like that they had to carry all of the boxes downstairs.  But the floor wasn’t in yet and there was no place for them to go.  Sorry guys.}

 Then the wood floor was installed!  Oh, how I swoon over the floors.  I would hug them if I could.

{Here they are, post-installation, pre-cleaning!}

Then, the dress racks started to get some attention – with white trim.  I do love me some white trim.

{One of my helper-bee aunts hard at work filling the holes left by the nail gun.  Speaking of which, I think someone should invent a way to be able to shoot nails into wood trim without the need to refill the hole and then repaint it.  Am I the only that thinks this? Hmmmm.}

Our sewing projects have begun!  Curtains, pillows, cushion covers, etc. are in the works.

{Here is mom hard at work!}

The pedestals are being finished!  They might be one of my most favorite parts of the shop.  There is nothing like trying on gorgeous dresses perched on a pedestal.  It just makes me want to start swirling right now…

{Pedestals in progress!}

 Then, the carpet was installed.  Carpet will greet your feet in the TWD reception and in the reveal and dressing rooms.

{Carpet tacks.  This photo may seem quite boring to you; however, we pulled up SO many of these from the previous carpets we pulled out it was almost painful to see them put more down.  Those were a P.A.I.N. to pull out.  Oh, and I technically can’t complain because my dear husband pulled out the most of them.  Thanks sweetie!}

{Here is the carpet being installed!}

The rest of the ceiling tiles were put in.

{In process ceiling!}

And one of the biggest new developments this past week or so?  The TWD website was launched!  Now, when you sign onto our site, you are greeted by our friendly home page instead of just the blog.


And of course, it is only fitting to give another shout out to my web designers, build/create studios!  Ian and Eric of build/create were so great to work with and somehow managed to interpret my jumbled up confusing description of what I wanted the TWD website to embody, and then made. it. work.  (The Tim Gunn way.)  I am still awed by the amazingness that is And though their jobs are not quite done (keep your eye on the TWD Facebook page:!), I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out.  It is exactly everything I wanted the TWD website to be.  Ok, I will stop gushing now.

And that, my friends, is a wrap!  Can’t wait to show you the final shop photos, complete with before and after shots.  (Does anyone else love ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos as much as I do?)