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Where is all the cute wedding hair?

Written by: Kristy

Where, you ask?  Well, I found it!  While casually checking out the latest from The Knot, I happened to spot the most gorgeous hair inspiration photos for your wedding.  (Or for those of us post-wedding, for any other special occasion!)  So, stop jibber-jabbering already, right?  Mmm, k.  Here goes.

Oh, and all photo credits go to The Knot.

First, the photo that caught my eye.  I just love the idea of incorporating a casual element, like a braid, in such a fancy pants way!  And I have heard more than one bride tell me she has been thinking about a braid in her hair for her big day.  (You know who you are, lovelies!)

{Love the braid!}

Next up, a total 180 – the glam shoot.  I love the simplicity of this look.  And I love the fact that it reminds me of having your hair done whilst listening to Ella’s soothing voice as you prep for your big day.  Pretty scene, no?  (And yes, Ella Fitzgerald and I are on a first name basis.)

{Oooooh, soft waves.}

Ok ladies, I’d say the long and low side pony is another frequently requested look for a bride’s big day.  And for a good reason – it is so pretty!  It is fun, yet elegant.  And this inspiration photo is probably my favorite side pony ‘do.

{Sigh.  Gorgeous.}

 Ready for romance?  Then, here is a way to infuse that romantic look into your hair.  This inspiration photo features curls that are loosely tucked under.  Is it just me or does this model remind you of Juliette?  (You know, of Romeo and Juliette?)

{This is pure hair romance!}

 Now onto one that I have a personal affection for – a curly hairstyle!  If you have curly hair like I do, you totally understand how hard it can be to figure out how to make your hair: 1) Not be frizzy for your big day; 2) Make it look schmancy; and 3) Make it still look like yourself!  I think this look could work to accomplish all three of these goals.  Ok, I am off my soapbox now.  Let’s take a peek.

{Loooove it!  And that cute headband/hair bling doesn’t hurt either!}

And to end this short lil’ post – another braid!  This look totally reminds me of the perfect destination wedding look.  Or if you are going uber casual.  Or if you are going uber formal.  Hey, you are the bride – rock what you want!  Any which way, this inspiration look is fab.u.lous.

{Beautiful braid + hair flower.  Fun!}

Well, my friends, we could spend hours swooning over lovely hair photos, but I guess we should stop for now.  But do tell – what’s your favorite look?