How to Pull Off the Two-Wedding-Dress Trend

How to Pull Off the Two-Wedding-Dress Trend

Can’t settle on just one look for your wedding? Good news: You don’t have to.

Wedding traditions are in a state of flux. As couples reconsider how to create an experience during their day that reflects their values and priorities, they are also turning a critical eye toward assumptions about where and how to prioritize their wedding budgets.

For many couples, the most expedient way to cut down on expenses has been to reduce the size of their guest list. By focusing on a smaller ceremony, they are able to put more toward making each element of that ceremony more special. As it turns out, many brides are using those savings to invest in a second wedding dress!

We firmly believe that if there’s any day you should treat yourself, it’s on your wedding day. But we’re also convinced that there are many practical reasons to choose a second gown, including comfort, convenience, and consideration for tradition. So, if this trend still seems counterintuitive to you, here are our top 4 reasons to consider buying more than one dress for your wedding.

Rivet and Logan Lou wedding dresses. Simple and elegant with a touch of lace

1. You can show off more than one look.

While some brides walk into their first appointment with a clear picture of a dress that they have been envisioning since childhood, many other brides quickly find themselves torn between two drastically different looks—a ballgown versus a more fitted silhouette, for instance. Well, why not both?

If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a princess when walking down the aisle but also find yourself drawn to more modern trends, two dresses gives you the freedom to showcase different sides of yourself. You’re a multifaceted bride, after all. Why expect one dress to reflect your whole personality?

Our perfect pairing:

We adore the puffy, transparent sleeves of Rivet, but the rest of the dress is equally stunning with a deep plunge neckline and an open back. To go with it, Logan Lou offers plenty of options. As a two-piece set, you can enjoy the dramatic sparkling top and then pair it with different skirt styles, depending on your overall style.

Idina Mae and Clarabelle wedding dresses. Beautiful lace and long trains

2. Different dresses for different events.

Sometimes switching gowns is a matter of fun, and sometimes it’s a matter of functionality. For instance, if you’re having your ceremony in a religious or otherwise solemn location, you may want to choose a gown that won’t scandalize your grandparents or feel out of place given your setting. Similarly, some features (long sleeves especially) can restrict your movement, or leave you feeling overheated.

In these situations, switching gowns may be the most practical option. Choosing a more formal gown for the wedding and a fun and flirty one for the reception keeps everyone happy, and gives you a second opportunity for a big dress reveal (and who doesn’t love that?).

Our perfect pairing:

For brides who want to look regal during the ceremony, you can’t do better than Idina Mae. With its dramatic skirt and long sleeves, it offers a soft, romantic take on a traditional silhouette. When you’re ready to change it up, Clarabelle continues the theme of allover organic lace, but with a figure-hugging curve and a sheer lace bodice.

Opal Ann and Chelsey wedding dresses

3. One dress to wear, one dress to wear out.

Many brides are torn between the desire to preserve their gown as an heirloom for future generations, and the impulse to get as much mileage out of it as possible on their wedding day—whether that means dancing till the break of dawn, or intentionally rocking the gown for the photo shoot.

We love the idea of choosing a timeless gown for your ceremony that you can keep safe for the future. But if you want to do more adventurous photos, a second gown can give you more freedom of movement, and open the door to possibilities that might not be compatible with dress preservation—an underwater photo shoot, for instance, or having a paint fight with the groom.

Our perfect pairing:

Opal Ann comes with loads of lace, as well as removable sleeves. We think it’s a perfect gown for the boho era, and one that will definitely age elegantly. We like Chelsey for the second gown. Both dresses share a similar neckline, but the transition from lace to a more minimalist aesthetic provides a satisfying contrast. If you wanted to rehem Chelsey afterwards, we think it would make a sentimental choice for a first anniversary date!

Fynn and Gita wedding dresses

4. Make the most of your photography.

Finally, you’re investing a lot in photography and videography for the day. Your photographer is going to be working with you to find good photo opportunities that will help you remember all these special moments. Some of those ideas will be guided by what you can do while wearing your gown or by the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

For instance, if you’ve chosen a dark romantic aesthetic for your wedding, the gown you wear to the ceremony can follow more romantic lines, while you can choose an edgier look for your reception. If this appeals to you, you may want to consider one gown for the ceremony and another gown for the ‘Gram.

Our perfect pairing:

Want to get the absolute most from two different looks? We love the slight edge that Fynn, with its thigh-high slit and off-the-shoulder straps, brings to an otherwise chic design. Meanwhile, Gita continues the off-the-shoulder style, but with a tea-length silhouette and a skirt that is made for twirling.

Who says you have to choose just one?

There’s no rule that says you can wear only one dress for your wedding—and in fact, in many cultures multiple dresses is the norm! So if you’re having trouble reconciling two looks and the different possibilities of each—don’t!

Our TWD-ettes can help you find the right dress(es) for your big day. Whether you’re committing to one dress for the whole day or switching up styles in order to pull off a second dress reveal (who doesn’t love that?), we can guide you toward gowns that match your vision for every part of your day. Contact us today to set up an appointment!