phase 3 construction

TWD Construction Phase 3 : Building and Painting and Picking Things Out

Written by: Kristy

How’s that for a long blog post title?  But really, that is what Phase 3 felt like…a really long time jammed packed with lots of odds and ends.  (Maybe I should actually say “Phases 3 through 200”, but that would be a slight exaggeration, no?)

Anyway, back to the construction/renovation update…  After the original interior walls came down, new ones had to go up!

{Look, I am helping put walls up!}

 We have planned for the shop to be mostly open to give it a nice airy feeling, but of course, the dressing rooms need to be walled up, along with what we are calling our “reveal rooms”.

{Here is a reveal room in a really rough form.  It will get loads prettier, I promise.}

And just what is a reveal room, you ask?  Well, they are the perfect place for our girls to twirl and swirl and flaunt their lovely selves in our gorgeous dresses!  So, that may be a bit vague, but basically, each dressing room will open up to its own private reveal room which will be furnished with mirrors, pedestals, and some comfy seating for the folks that accompany our brides to the shop.  Make sense?

So, walls were going up which means we needed to figure out what color they would eventually be.  I knew from the get-go that I wanted a pink and gray colored boutique.  Pink, because if you know me, you just know that pink is going to be involved.  And gray because I think it compliments the pink well, is a neutral, and also… so the entire shop doesn’t explode in pink.  (Sometimes I can get a tad carried away with pink.  I know the world doesn’t necessarily agree with my pink craze, so I am trying to keep that in mind when choosing décor.)

{See, pink explosion!  Don’t worry, we aren’t going there.
However, I do think this is lovely.  Source for photo here.}

In any case, picking out the paint swatches was loads of fun, and we finally settled on the perfect shades for the various areas of the shop!

{Shades of pink and gray.  See the sparkle in the background?  You’ll see some of that in the shop too!}

 Our very first painting task was to get the exterior in shape before the weather got too cold.  And thankfully, we had quite a few lovely fall days this year!  So we got to work painting the back of the building transforming it from old yellow brick to a lovely shade of gray.   It took quite a few days and many helpers, but slowly, we made the transformation.  And I can’t forget to thank my two aunts that came to help us out with all of that brick!  (Thank you Aunt Pat and Aunt June!!)

{Here we are painting!}

Overall, I think it really turned out beautiful!  It has a much more modern feel to it now.  And because the bricks on the back of the building all had different textures, it really gave the gray paint a nice dimension so each brick doesn’t look exactly the same shade of gray.  Anyway, we were very pleased with the final product.

{Pleased as punch.}

 So after the exterior of the back of the building was painted, it was time to move on to the front of the building.  But you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that update, so stay tuned for details on the ah-mazing (in my humble opinion) transformation along with some fun photos detailing all the progress!

And lastly, all photos except “pink explosion” and “pleased as punch” are credited to the fabulous Laura Vernon.  (Thanks Laura!)